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Damon Dash Bio

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Damon Dash Biography: Damon Anthony Dash is an American record producer, director, film producer, and actor, best known for co-foundering of Roc-A-Fella along with Jay-Z and Kareem Burke.

If I asked you about the HipHop Roc-a-Fella master, Damon Dash you’d probably freeze in your tracks…

Don’t you just hate not knowing how some much-publicized personalities just vanish without trace – and there’s no info on the web at all? 

That’s where I come in. 

I’m pumped to release our brand new Bounce Mojo Bio of one of our favorite heavyweight producers, Damon Dame Dash. 

You’re going to learn all about:

  • His early life
  • His family
  • The ups (but mainly downs of his previous relationships)..
  • Juicy Gossip they definitely won’t tell you on TV!

Lots more…

Let’s dive in and find out!

Who Is Damond Dash?

Damon Anthony “Dame” Dash Born in New York City, is an American entrepreneur, film producer, director, actor, and record executive best known as the co-founder of Roc-A-Fella.

Who Is Damond Dash
Photo By: celebrityinsider.org
Expert On: Producing, Directing, Acting
Profession: YouTuber
Martial Status: Divorced
Date of Birth: May 3, 1971
Current Occupation: Record Executive and Producer
Nationality: American
Languages: English
Religion: Agnostic
Religion: Agnostic
Height: 6’0’’
Eye Colour: Dark Brown
Zodiac Sign: Taurus
Net Worth:
Place Of Birth: New York City
Siblings: Bobby Dash

The Young Damon Dash

Young Damon Dash
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Damon Dash was once a huge figure in the world of Hip-hop and R&B. 

He’s worked with numerous big names like Jay-Z, Kanye, and many more. 

His accent from the ground up came from his “learned hustle” – growing up on the streets.

Young Damon Dash
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Before he became the man he is today, this kid swept floors in barbershops and delivered newspapers to earn change. 

He caught a glimpse of the hustles his mother survived on before she unfortunately died due to an asthma attack when he was 15.

The small black kid on the sidelines is now a business mogul. 

Young Damon Dash
Photo By: thesource.com

How big of a mogul is this guy? 

Well for starters, he owns a record label, five clothing and shoe companies, a vodka company, a Swiss watch company, a film-production company, and a television-production company. 

This ragtag heavy hitter got himself made alright! 

Damon Dash Family & Relationships


Damon Dash Relationships
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Raquel Horn

Damond Dash is currently engaged to his 2005 girlfriend, Raquel “Rocky” Horn. 

This creative director of Poppington produces films together with Damond Dash. 

Poppington is a clothing line that she and Damond co-own. 

She’s one of the producers of Honor Up, the action adventure film Damon Dash wrote and directed with his cousin Stacey Dash. 

Rocky is also listed on Dash’s next movie “A Shot For Justice” as a producer. She’s worked on the short film Mafietta: Rise of a Female Boss and the documentary The Bluroc Festival.

They’re expecting their first child together.

Damon Dash Relationships
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Rachel Roy

Damon Dash and Rachel Roy were married from 2005 to 2009. 

The 10-year court battle has yet to determine a winner in this divorce. 

The once in love and inseparable couple are now clashing over child support payments with Dash ‘on a low’ financially. 

Fashion Designer Rachel Roy was just an intern when she met Dash at the Rocawear clothing store. 

Dash was part owner of Rocawear along with his former labelmate and business partner, Jay Z. 

Tha marriage between the two didn’t last long. 

The NY Daily news reported that Dash filed for divorce in Manhattan Supreme Court in March 2009. 

Apparently, it was money that drove a wedge between them… 

Rachel’s lack of interest in money matters may have been why her ex-husband managed to mount up a lot of financial trouble. 

Dash was once worth $50 Million but that money went down the drain as he stated openly he was in massive debt from failed business deals. 

In 2005, Damon Dash sold his shares in the Rocawear clothing line to fellow co-founder Jay Z – the same year he married Rachel. 

Dash owed $2 Million in state taxes, and foreclosure of his two Tribeca Condos by the bank came in at the same time too! 

The divorce immediately turned bitter. 

It involved allegations of abuse and child endangerment. 

Damon Dash Relationships
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Aaliyah Dana Haughton

“We’re just friends”

Aaliyah wanted to keep her and Dash’s relationship private. 

It’s understandable since she had just filed for annulment in 1995 of her former marriage with R. Kelly. 

After her passing in a very unfortunate plane crash, Damon Dash fully disclosed they were not “just friends.” 

He had intentions of marrying her. 

They began dating in 2001 where Aaliyah was just 21-years old and Damon was 8 years her senior. 

Aaliyah went to Damon’s East Hampton home a few weeks before the plane crash. 

It was the home he shared with Jay-Z.

After shooting in the Bahamas for the music video “Rock the Boat,” Aaliyah, seven of her teammates, and the pilot sadly crashed on Aug 25, 2001. 

She had wrapped the shoot early and decided to head back to the US a day earlier than her scheduled flight. 

The plane had too much weight and crashed within a minute of take off. 

Soon it was discovered that her pilot had traces of cocaine and alcohol in his system – he was deemed incapable of flying. 

Simply tragic.


Damon Dash Family
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Ava Dash

Damon Dash Family
Photo By: popularsuperstars.com

Born in 1999, Ava Dash is another rising star. 

She’s worked in collaboration with Ugg for The Teen Project and has been signed under the Elite Model Management. 

Ava is also matey with actress, Peyton List. 

This 20-year old actress is well on the road to becoming a supermodel. 

One time, her daddy blocked her on instagram saying he thought it was her mother Rachel disguised as Ava.

Tallulah Ruth Dash

Damon Dash Family
Photo By: bckonline.com

Tallulah, Ava’s younger sister, is said to be a “Stacy Dash” mini me. Her blond-ish colored hair, hazel eyes and caramel complexion is really the trademark of former Black american princess’ Stacy Dash. 

This Trump-loving and self-hating sell-out beauty Stacy Dash got out of the spotlight pretty quickly as people hated her for her trash views. 

Now, Tallulah is steadily making a name for herself. The beautiful 8 year old was signed to the youth division of LA Models’ roaster.

We can see why – what a stunner.

Damon “Boogie” Dash II

Damon Dash Family
Photo By: i.ytimg.com

Dash II is the son of Damond and former girlfriend, Linda Williams. 

Boogie is a star in Growing Up Hip Hop. 

Father and son have bumped heads since Boogie’s alcohol and drug problems were made more public.

Dash Sr. had to intervene and place him into rehab saying “If he doesn’t go to rehab, y’all not seeing him no more. I’m not gonna help put money in his pocket to buy drugs because kids are dying out here, it’s not just liquor.”  

Lucky Dash

Damon Dash Family
Photo By: media.gettyimages.com

Son of Damon Dash and former girlfriend, Cindy Mendoza. 


Damon Dash Family
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Bobby Dash

Bobby Dash is an actor that’s well known for State Property (2002) and State Property: Blood on the Streets (2005)

Damon Dash Family
Photo By: vh1.mtvnimages.com

Jeremy Dash

Jeremy was born on May 24, 1981 in New York City.  This actor and producer is known for Cop Out (2010), Blue Bloods (2010) and Power (2014).

Family Feud. That’s what this is. Damon had a lot of friction going on between his brothers, Jeremy and Bobby. 

“I do nothing but make history, and they downplay everything I do.” said Damon in an episode of the VH1 series Family Therapy. 

Damon picks up an unconscious resentment coming from the two. 

Damon believes they’re just jealous of his Roc-a-Fella fame and fortune. 

But older brother Bobby and the youngest half-brother Jeremy see things a little differently. 

In the series, Damon is shown abusing his superiority towards the family. 

It comes off as disrespect and arrogance, to be fair.

The two are left with no choice but to defend themselves from personal attacks coming for the high-and-mighty Damon. 

Who is the rmost authentic man of the three? 

Their feud is a product of this toxic masculinity and no one’s willing to listen! 

“Acting that way, pushes us away.” says Bobby to Damon. 

Later on, it’s seen that the family dynamics between them have improved TREMENDOUSLY. 

The brothers finally achieved an emotional breakthrough.

Damon Dash Education

The boy from Harlem was a scholarship student at the South Kent School in Connecticut for a time. He started in the entertainment business when he was just 19. Together with his cousin Darian Dash, they started Dash Entertainment. 

After finding record company executives uninterested, they quit the business.

Damon Dash Career

Early 1990s – Jay-Z

Dame Dash worked as Jay Z’s manager and business partner at Roc-A-Fella Records. In 1999, they went on a tour for Jay Z which made an easy $19 Million. 

Their relationship became bitter as a result of a conflict of interest. 

The first issue was in 2004 when Def Jam recordings purchased Roc-A-Fella Records. Jay Z then took on the job of President. The second was when Jay Z bought out Dash’s stake in Rocawear.  

2014 – Blind Debit 

Dash was involved with Blind Debit, a fingerprint payment application in April 2014. Dez White was the developer. 


Dash founded this media collective which encompasses a variety of subcomponents including: a magazine, America Nu; a web design firm, VNGRD79; and a record label division called BluRoc Records. DD172 also includes an art gallery.

Damon Dash Scandals & Controversies

Damon Dash vs. Josh Webber 2019

Damon Dash is charged a whopping $7 Million for a defamation lawsuit filed against him! 


Director Josh Webber can accurately account the losses he’s had due to Damon’s defamatory comments on social media. 

He says he lost a $6 Million investment “which specifically references the actions of Dash as the reason the contract was terminated,” plus another small gig worth $275,000.

Webber decided that Dash’s following on social media also contributed to his losses and so charged a dollar for every follower – 535,000 Instagram followers and 30,000 subscribers on Youtube. So, Webber cashes in additional damages worth $565,000.

In total, he’s seeking $6.84 million for himself, and another $565,000 for Muddy Water Pictures, Webber’s company.

Damon Dash vs. Rachel Roy court battles 2009 – 2019

After long court battles going on for years, Roy was awarded SOLE custody of their kids in 2015. 

Dash was given very limited visitation rights with his two daughters. 

In just 3 days after losing custody of his children, Dash crossed swords with Roy again. He sued his ex-wife for $2.5 Million claiming that she mismanaged their shared business together. 

In another attempt to fight Rachel Roy, Dash claimed she threatened him with a knife. 

He also said Roy drove drunk endangering their youngest daughter, Tallulah. 

As a result of these barrage of attacks, Roy and her kids were granted a restraining order against Damon Dash. 

A restraining order.

That’s how bad it was…

And if you think that’s an end to it…

There’s more. 

Dash filed papers requesting the court to lower his payments for child support. He also wants Roy to pay him back the money he gave her. 

In November 2019, Dash was arrested for failure to pay child support of more than $400,000. He was coincidentally in New York after being arrested on two warrants, a completely unrelated Federal Court appearance. 

The first one was issued in April 2015 in the case of his ex-girlfriend, Cindy Morales to which he owed an accumulated $62,553 for the past 3 years. 

The 2nd warrant was issued in March 2019. It was for the case of Rachel Roy in the Bronx Family Court. Damon was ordered to pay her $341,991 and $25,000 for attorney fees. 

And just to get out of that fiasco, Dash reportedly paid more than $1 million for his release.

Dash vs. Director Lee Daniels 2018

Despite his subsequent success, Dash settled a suit against Lee Daniels requesting $5 Million to recover his initial $2 Million investment. 

Obviously, with interest. 

It was said that Lee received financial support early in his career from Dash and missed repaying him. 

Dash vs. Linda Williams 2014

Dash was ordered to pay $50,000 for having her wrongly prosecuted on harassment charges in 2009. 

Linda Williams is the mother of her son, Damon “Boogie” Dash II. 

Dash vs. Curren$y 2012 

In 2012, Curren$y  – a rapper – sued Dash for $1.5 million for allegedly releasing his music with no prior permission. Dash’s attorney released a statement that Dash released the music on fair grounds.

Damon Dash Scandals
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Interesting Facts About Damon Dash

  1. He sent himself to boarding school.
  2. He has appeared in several movies over the years including State Property, Death of a Dynasty, and State Property: Blood on the Streets
  3. He originally launched his career in the music world as a producer for a 90’s hip-hop group called, Original Flavor
  4. He, alongside Jay-Z sold Roc-A-Fella Records to the Def Jam Music Group for $10 million
  5. As a teen, he used to sell newspapers and sweep the floors off the local barbershop for extra cash to buy clothing and sneakers
  6. Highlander: Endgame in 2000 is his official debut movie in the action world.

Damon Dash Movies

Steele Justice

John Steele, formerly part of the US Army finds himself using his skills to take out his ex-fighting buddy from the Vietnamese mafia in America.


A collection of favorite quotes from famous artists recorded in their smart phones to boost NYC during quarantine.

Event of my Demise

Members of the six hearts club are at risk after one of them dies a violent death 13 years from the day they swore a pact of secrecy to keep a big secret.

Honor Up

A drug lord’s 2nd in command struggles to maintain his code of honor after a shootout in Harlem, NY.

Red Apples Falling

A documentary of the life and music of Harlem Rap Hero Jim Jones and his gang.

State Property: Blood on the streets

A movie about gang wars in Philadelphia wherein a new player comes to slyly play with two big shot gangs so that he’d have Philadelphia for himself.

When will I be loved

This move is all about infidelity and using it to your advantage by capitalizing on your lovers promiscuity.

Death of a Dynasty

This film showcases real life events where an ambitious reporter gets to be assigned with Rappers Damon and JayZ. By gaining notoriety, he ignites a bitter feud between the rappers.

Paid in Full

An innocent young man crosses paths with a drug dealer and convinces him and his friends to join him. They end up becoming big players and their friendship is tested. 

State Property

Beans and his ABM crew took over NYC by creating mayhem for their empire. Beans then struggles to maintain his family life, opposing gangsters and the police.

Highlander: Endgame

A fictional action movie where battles are waged against earth’s immortals and mankind is on the line.

Eyes on Hip Hop

This is a compilation of interviews of high profile hip hop artists, athletes, and DJs.

Damon Dash Books & Songs

I Am Dame Dash

  • Artists:Damon Dash, Cam’ron, Jim Jones
  • Album:Dame Dash Presents Paid In Full / Dream Team
  • Released:2002
  • Genre: Hip-Hop/Ra


  • Artist: Damon Dash
  • Featured artists: Kanye West, Young Chris, Beanie Sigel, Cam’ron, Twista
  • Album: Paid in Full
  • Released: 2002

Don’t get Scared

  • Artist: Damon Dash
  • Featured artists: Jim Jones, Smoke DZA
  • Album: Dipset Mania Back to Business, Vol. 3
  • Released: 2014
  • Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap

Thanks to My Connect

  • Artists: Young Scooter, Damon Dash
  • Featured artist: DJ Khaled
  • Album: We Turnt Up, Vol. 6
  • Released: 2012
  • Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap

Ridin’ Rims 4bricks

  • Artist: Damon Dash
  • Album: On top of our game
  • Release: 2006
  • Genre: Hip-hop/Rap

Eyes on Hip Hop

  • This is a compilation of interviews of high profile hip hop artists, athletes, and DJs.


  • Artist: Damon Dash
  • Album: Paid in Full
  • Released: 2002


  • Artist: Damon Dash
  • Album: Paid in Full
  • Released: 2002

Bricks 4 the high

  • Artist: Dem Franchize Boyz
  • Featured artists: Damon Dash, Jim Jones
  • Album: On Top Of Our Game
  • Released: 2006
  • Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap

Hassan Where You At?

  • Artist: Damon Dash
  • Released: 2019
  • Genre: Hip-hop/Rap

Damon Dash Business Interests

Damon Dash Business
Photo By: images.amcnetworks.com

Lifetime Achievements

Roc-a-fella and Rocawear

Top 3 Quotes From Damon Dash

Damon Dash Quotes
Photo By: networthbro.com

“Don’t expect anyone to give you anything. If you really believe in something, then fight for it”

Damon Dash Quotes
Photo By: onenewspage.com

“Jobs are for lazy people who don’t want to invest in themselves”

Damon Dash Quotes
Photo By: instagram.com

“Life is about perspective and I have a different perspective from most. I am not trying to be in Hip Hop at 43 and looking like an old man. I always enjoyed business and my independence. I am an Entrepreneur”

Top 3 Memes – Damon Dash

Damon Dash Memes
Photo By: memecrunch.com
Damon Dash Memes
Photo By: i.imgflip.com
Damon Dash Memes
Photo By: 40.media.tumblr.com

Damon Dash Bio: 5 Lessons

  1. Work on being constructive.
  2. Know your values and proceed accordingly. 
  3. The “authenticity” argument is played out.
  4. Do your work, and sometimes quietly.  
  5. It might take 20, maybe 30, years for your work to be perceived as a formidable high-end fashion line with staying power.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Who is Damon Dash with now?

Producer Raquel Horn, and she’s pregnant too.

How old is Damon Dash II?

 As old as his tongue and a little bit older than his teeth 🙂

What did Damon Dash say about Jay Z?

Fischbach girlfriem not salty for life, but with him, yeah, I’m salty. It was wack, and look, there’s no more Roc-A-Fella. It’s just him!nd is Amy Nelson

How old was Damon Dash when he dated Aaliyah?

Damon was eight years her senior, making him 29 when he first began seeing the singer.

Summary: Damon Dash Biography

So it all adds up to this…

Damon Dash’s small-ish success is a waste. 

He could’ve been as big as JayZ if only he did things a little differently! 

On a personal note, if he stuck with one woman for the rest of his life and treated her well, he’d save millions! 

To hell with emotional stability, right? 

Just kidding. 

I hope you enjoyed this article – you might also want to check out Damon Dash’s Bounce Mojo Net Worth, and the Best Bounce Mojo Damon Dash memes.

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