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Tiger Woods Children FI

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Tiger Woods children and family: How many kids does Tiger Woods have? What are their names and ages? Are they golfers? How does the family look?

Let’s get to know Tiger Woods’ Kids, Sam & Charlie…

…from ex-wife Elin Nordegren.

Woods shares joint custody of Sam and Charlie and actively involved in their lives.

Today we’ll find out:

  • About their early life
  • The Custody Deal
  • Sam and Charlie’s hobbies
  • Their achievements so far…

And lots more…

I wonder what it’s like to be the kids of a mega-rich renowned golfer?

Let’s see! 

Shall tee-off? 

Who Are Tiger Woods Kids?

Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren (his ex-wife) have two kids together – firstborn, Sam Alexis Woods (first-born), and son, Charlie Axel Woods (second-born). These two are only 20 months apart, and both play golf like their father.

Who Are Tiger Woods Children
Martial Status: Single
Date of Birth (16) : 18.06.2007 (Sam Alexis)
Nationality: American
Languages: American English
Religion: Buddhism
Zodiac Sign: Gemini
Place Of Birth: America
Martial Status: Single
Date of Birth (15) : 08.02.2009 (Charlie Axel)
Nationality: American
Languages: American English
Religion: Buddhism
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
Place Of Birth: America

Tiger Wood Kids

Young Tiger Woods Children

Sam and Charlie are twenty months apart. 


…the two are said to be emotionally very close to each other. 

They also enjoy playing golf with their father and have been seen helping their father out as caddies during the Masters Par-3 Tournament in 2015. 

Besides golf, the two youngsters are also fond of playing soccer. 

In fact, Sam’s part of their school’s soccer team (Tiger has taken his kids to several high profile soccer games like the FC Barcelona game in 2017, photographed below).

Young Tiger Woods Children

Besides sports, the two are known dog lovers and enjoy walking their dogs when they can.

Woods tries to give them a private and simple life away from the press.

Young Tiger Woods Children
Source: Distractify

Mr. T Family & Relationships

Tiger Woods Children Family
Source: Legit

Woods may have been the runner-up for the 2007 U.S. Open. 

However, that doesn’t mean he didn’t win that week. 

It was because he welcomed his first child with Elin Nordegren on June 18, 2007 (just a few hours after the US Open). 

Their daughter is called Sam Alexis Nordegren Woods.

Tiger Woods Children Family
Source: Insider

On February 08, 2009, Woods and Nordegren’s second child, Charlie Axel Nordegren Woods, was born while their father was still healing from his leg injuries from the 2008 US Open. 

The couple seems to love the simplicity of their babies’ names.

Tiger Woods Children Family
Source: Distractify

Woods and his kids with their dogs. Photo of the family from: Getty Images/Distractify

But if you’re curious…

…Charlie’s name is a tribute to Charlie Sifford (a World Golf Hall of Fame member), while Tiger’s other nickname inspired Sam’s name. 

According to the golfer, his father would call him Sam growing up instead of his own name.

Tiger Woods Children Family

When he and Elin finalized their divorce in 2010, they agreed on joint custody of their two kids; this means that the kids won’t have to be away from each other and can just visit each parent alternately.

Tiger Woods Kids Education

For grade school, Sam attended Limestone Creek Elementary School with her younger brother, Charlie. 

Tiger was even seen joining his daughter Sam for her Career Day when she was in third grade.

Do Tiger Woods’ Children Play Golf?

Tiger Woods Children School

2020 Charlie’s First Golf Tournament

His eleven-year-old son Charlie, earned his first win during a junior golf tournament in Florida. Even his father, Tiger, became his caddy and carried his clubs while at the golf course. 

It led to many folks asking if the 11-year-old would follow the footsteps of his dad…

… or not?

2019 Florida State Semi-Final Soccer for Sam

In 2019, Tiger’s daughter Sam and her soccer team made it to Florida’s State Cup semi-finals. 

2016 Charlie’s Very First Golf Tournament

Charlie Axel Woods was only seven when he joined his first golf tournament in 2016. 

Woods’ son Charlie didn’t only play in the U.S. Kids Golf Event. 

He also earned the silver medal in the game – you never know – he may well be the next golfing legend!

Interesting Facts About Tiger Woods Kids

  1. Charlie and daughter Sam once became their father’s caddies for the Masters’ Par 3 Contest in 2015. 
  2. Charlie was only six years old when he first joined a golf tournament.
  3. As a baby, Sam would have one of Tiger’s clubs with her in the crib to help her fall asleep. 
  4. Sam calls her dad a “living legend.” 
  5. His kids know about what happened between him and their mother. He told them he made a mistake, that was why he and Elin Nordegren broke up.
  6. Both Tiger’s kids know how to play golf. However, Sam prefers soccer more than her father’s sport. Charlie, on the other hand, is already competitively playing golf like his father.

Tiger Woods Kids Achievements

  1. Mr. T’s son Charlie Axel finished second during his first golf tournament while he was only six!
  2. Sam and her soccer team were semi-finalists of the 2019 Florida State Cup.
  3. Charlie beat off other kids in the 2020 US Kids Golf Even – in Florida.

These are just the start of his kids’ lifetime achievements. Stay tuned because we’ll be the first to let you know what awards these kids get as they grow up…

Top 3 Quotes From Tiger Woods about Parenthood

Tiger Woods Parenthood Quotes

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“Never force your kids into sports. I never was, and up until this day, my father never asked me to play golf but instead, I ask him…” 

Tiger Woods Parenthood Quotes

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“It will always be the child’s desire to play that will matter at the end of the day. Not the parent’s desire to have their child play. Let them have fun. Keep it fun!”

Tiger Woods Parenthood Quotes

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“The greatest thing of tomorrow’s is, I’ll be so much better than I am today… I’ll be a better father… That truly is the beauty about tomorrow”

5 Lessons From Tiger Woods as a Parent

  1. Keep it lowkey. The first lesson we’ve learned from Woods is that he made sure to keep his kids’ lives as private as possible. He tried his best for his kids to have an everyday life away from the limelight and to keep things lowkey.
  2. Never pressure your kids. Another lesson from Tiger includes ‘never pressure your kids into things that they don’t want.’ Just like he never pressured his kids into playing golf if they didn’t want to. 
  3. Let your kids have fun. In addition to keeping things lowkey, Tiger also makes sure that whenever his kids are doing something, they’re having fun along the way. He wants them to enjoy their childhood. 
  4. Be the best father that you can be to your kids. Tiger may have been through several issues in the past, but he said in an interview that he tries to be the best father he can be for his two kids. 
  5. Honesty will earn you respect. The last lesson we have from Woods about parenthood is that honesty will earn you respect from your kids. As a parent, Woods admitted to his kids that he made a mistake, and that’s why he and his ex-wife divorced. It earned respect from his offspring and encouraged them to be honest as well.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Is Wood’s Daughter, Sam, a golfer? 

According to Woods, his daughter knows how to play golf but is more interested in soccer than his sport. 

How old was Charlie Axel Woods when he won his first gold medal?

Charlie was only eleven years old when he topped the US Kids Golf Tournament in 2020.

Who is the twin sister of Woods’ kids’ mom?

The twin sister of Elin Nordegren, Woods’ ex-wife and mother of his two kids is Josefin Nordegren.

Are Woods’s kids close with his girlfriend Erica Herman? 

Yes, the kids are close to his girlfriend Erica Herman They’ve been seen multiple times in public with their ‘stepmom.’ 

Does Tiger Woods daughter play golf?

Sam is more enamored with soccer than golf.

Summary: Tiger Woods Kids: Facts, Names & Ages

There you have it. 

I’m sure you’ll agree that Woods has worked hard to make his kids’ lives as happy but ‘normal’ as possible.

My biggest takeaway from this bio is that you shouldn’t force your kids into being who you’re expecting or wanting them to be. 


… let them enjoy what they want and tell you all about it afterward. 

I also particularly liked how he supports them in everything they do and encourages them to have fun while growing up.

I’m sure there’s a lot we can learn from how Woods co-parents his babies with his former wife, Elin.

I hope you enjoyed this article – you might also want to check out Tiger Woods’s Bounce Mojo Net Worth and the Best Bounce Mojo Memes.

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