30+ Richest Musicians In The World
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Richest Musicians: The music industry is saturated with many solo artists and music bands coming in to show their talent. However, only a few of the artists can move the strings of their audiences’ hearts. Not every artists’ albums sell millions of copies.  

Different music stars are involved in different kinds of genres of music. For example, some prefer hip hop music, others prefer country music, but their hard work and talent have led them into the list of richest musicians in the world despite their preferences. 

Truth be told…

Music is indeed a heavy cash industry. Musicians earn money by singing and doing live concerts, television advertisements, composing, and much more.  

Are you curious to know that your favorite celebrity is on the list? Then let’s check it out.

Let’s get started…

#1. Paul McCartney

Richest Musician

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Paul McCartney Net Worth $1.28 billion

Paul McCartney is the richest musician in the world. With a total net worth of $1.28 billion, Paul leads the list for the top richest musicians. 

Paul McCartney is a British singer and a member of the world-renowned boy band ‘The Beatles.’ The Beatles debuted long ago, but they are still remembered as the greatest band in the world.

As a former member of the Beatles, fame and wealth still follows Paul McCartney. After launching his career as a solo artist, Paul McCartney’s music was still a hit that helped him acquire more popularity. 

As if that’s not enough!

The royalties that he receives from Beatles songs are a huge contribution to his massive income. Paul McCartney was born in Liverpool, England, and around the age of just 15 years, he met John Lennon and joined his group, which later became known as the Beatles. 

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#2. Andrew Llyod Webber 

Richest Musician

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Andrew Llyod Webber Net Worth $1.2 billion

Andrew Llyod Webber is the second richest musician in the world, with a net worth of $1.2 billion. He is a British musician who comes from a family of musicians. His father was a composer, and his mother was a pianist and a violinist.  Andrew is one of the billionaire musicians. 

That’s not it!

Andrew’s biggest hit was ‘The Phantom of the Opera.’ The composition is inspired by a French novel Le Fantôme de l’Opéra by Gaston Leroux from highly successful composers. The Phantom of the Opera was the longest-running show in Broadway history and has been performed about 10,000 times to date. 

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#3. Jay Z 

Jay Z

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Jay Z Net Worth $1 billion

We have none other than the globally renowned rapper Jay Z with a net worth of $1 billion at number three. Jay Z is among only a handful of musicians in the industry to have a net worth in billions. 

Jay Z is an aspiring American rapper and a hip-hop artist who used music as a source of escape while spending his early years of life growing up in Brooklyn’s drug-infested Marcy Projects.


Apart from relying on music as a source of income, Jay Z also invests in businesses and is known for his business smarts. He has invested in real estate, liquor, Uber, art, and many more. 

JayZ also has personal clothing lines such as Rocawear, D’Ussé, and businesses he co-owns with Bacardi, Tidal, and others. 

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#4. Herb Alpert 

Herb Alpert

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Herb Alpert Net Worth $850 Million

Herb Alpert is an American jazz musician with a net worth of $850 million. He is the head of the group known as Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass, due to which he became extremely famous. Before joining the music industry, Herb was in the army.


Herb quit the army to pursue music, and this proves to be a good idea to date. Herb has won eight Grammy Awards during his prolonged career and has sold around 75 million albums globally.  

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#5. Diddy Combs 

Diddy Combs

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Diddy Comb Net Worth $825 Million

At number five, we have none other than Diddy Combs, who makes the most grandeur use of his lavish net worth of about $825 million. 

No wonder!

Apart from being a musician, he is also a rapper, actor, record producer, and men’s fashion designer who helped him accumulate this wealth. His lifestyle is a correct representation of his wealth. Diddy is the owner of several expensive cars, private jets and goes on quite a few luxurious vacations. 

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#6. Dr. Dre

Dr. Dre

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Dr. Dre Net Worth $820 Million

Dr. Dre has a net worth of $820 million. He is an American rapper, actor, entrepreneur, and producer considered one of the most influential people in the hip-hop industry. 

Dre’s iconic album ‘The Chronic’ sold 6 million copies of the album globally and is considered to be the most well-produced album in history. 

There is more to it!

In 2008, together with his business partner Jimmy Dre launched the headphones called ‘Beats’ by Dre soon after selling headphones to Apple for $3 billion.

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#7. Bono


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Bono Net Worth $700 Million

Bono is an Irish musician with a net worth of $700 million. He formed his politically active boy band ‘U2’ at the age of sixteen years only. The band has released twelve albums up till now and won twenty-two Grammy awards. They used to have sell-out venues for live concerts too. 

Yes, that’s shockingly true!

Bono has amassed his enormous wealth by investing in real estate too. He also serves on the board of Elevation Partner for a private equity firm. 

Bono is extremely famous for his enormous donations. He regularly donates to charities, especially to NGOs that help fight AIDS and poverty. 

#8. Rihanna 


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Rihanna Net Worth $600 Million 

Rihanna has a net worth of $600 million. She is among the richest musicians in the world. Rihanna was also named as America’s richest female musician by Forbes in early 2021.  


Rihanna has not released any new music and has not even toured in the last three years, but she still managed to take the spot. Most of her earnings can be attributed to her make-up line ‘Fenty Beauty.’ Her line generated about $570 million in sales in 2018. 

Rihanna has now expanded and done partnership with fashion brand LVHM to produce luxury clothing. Through her make-up brand, Rihanna has a unique purpose to fulfill. She aims for Fenty Beauty to create products for all skin types and tones for all the industries and the world. 

After days of failed experiments, Fenty Beauty is finally creating products that are hard to find for various skin tones. Together with her team, she aims to develop formulas for all skin types and produce universal shades. 

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#9. Madonna 


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Madonna Net Worth $580 Million 

Madonna’s net worth is $580 million. Her nickname is ‘Queen of Pop.’ Thus she is one of the richest musicians and one of the highest-paid musicians in the world. Her song ‘Vogue’ was a massive hit song that gave her global recognition, and her music career took off. 

Yes, you read that right!

Madonna’s solo albums are also included in Guinness World Records because of their incredibility and popularity. In 1998, she was recognized as the best-selling female recording artist of all time by the Guinness World Book of Records.

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#10. Celine Dion 

Celine Dion

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Celine Dion Net Worth $515 Million

Celine Dion’s net worth is about $515 million. She is one of the best-selling music artists. Dion is a Canadian singer, actress, entrepreneur, and songwriter. Without any doubt, her most famous song is My Heart Will Go On from the most sensational movie in history, ‘Titanic.’ 

There is more to her!

During 2000, Dion remained the highest-grossing entertainer in the world and held on to that position for a decade. Her gross income is about $720 million from different platforms, including record sales, ticket sales, merchandise, brand endorsements, and so on.

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#11. Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey

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Mariah Carey’s Net Worth $511 million

She is from a very humble background and is a singer-songwriter. 

Mariah Carey has many super hit songs, and her song All I Want for Christmas is You’ undoubtedly remains the best of all. This song remains her top-selling song despite being released over two decades ago.


Just alone from the royalties of this song, Maria Carey has earned $60 million. Maria also caters to sold-out concerts, TV appearances, movies, and so on.  

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#12. Emilio Estefan 


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Emilio Estefan Net Worth $500 million

He is a Cuban-American singer, songwriter, and producer. Emilio earns a large part of his income from business investments and records sales. Even his wife Gloria Estefan’s net worth is $500 million. 

#13. Beyonce 


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Beyonce Net Worth $500 Million 

At number thirteen, we have none other than Beyonce, who is also the wife of the third richest musician in the world, Jay Z. Beyonce has a net worth of $ 500 million. 

She was also named one of America’s self-made women by Forbes earlier in 2021, and she is one of the very few people to achieve that. 

Beyonce accumulated a wealth of $500 million using her different sources of income, including singing, writing songs, performing, and concentrating on her career as an actress. 

#14. Elton John 

Elton John

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Elton John Net Worth $480 million

He is a musician, composer, pianist, and songwriter. Elton John is considered to be the commercially most successful artist. 

Did you know?

John Elton has sold over 300 million records that makes him one of the best-selling music artists of all time. John has more than fifty songs that have remained on the list of Top 40 hits in the UK singles Chart and Us Billboard Hot 100. 

John Elton also prepared a tribute single for Princess Diana of Wales, ‘Candle in the Wind’ that sold over 33 million copies globally, becoming the best-selling single in the history of the UK and US singles charts.

#15. Coldplay 


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Coldplay Net Worth $475 million

The song-producing famous rock band comprises four members, including vocalist Chris Martin, guitarist Johnny Buckland, bassist Guy Berryman, and drummer Will Champion.

The band was formed in London in 1996 and became one of the world’s largest and widely acclaimed bands that even went on to win a Grammy Award. 

Without any doubt!

Like all commercial bands, Coldplay also made this huge amount of money with sold-out concerts, merchandise sales, and record sales.

#16. Jimmy Buffett 


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Jimmy Buffet Net Worth $430 Million

Jimmy Buffet is an American singer-songwriter, author, actor, and businessman with a net worth of $430 million. His songs run around a theme of the ‘Island Escapism’ lifestyle. Jimmy has been in a band called Coral Reefer Band and has produced songs like ‘Margaritaville’ that was a huge success. 


Buffett’s fanbase are called Parotheads. He is also a best-selling author and has also opened up two food chains after the name of his songs.

#17. Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez

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Jennifer Lopez’s Net Worth $400 million.

She is an actress, performer/dancer, fashion designer, and brand ambassador for various brands. 

She has grossed over $97.5 million for her two-year residency in Las Vegas. At the age of 51, Lopez has proved that age is just a number. 

#18. Mick Jagger 

Mick Jagger

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Mick Jagger Net Worth $360 million

Jagger is an English songwriter, singer, actor, and producer. He gained fame as the founder member of the globally popular group ‘The Rolling Stones.’ The trademark of the Rolling Stones used to be his energetic voice and his bandmate Richard’s guitar style.  

Did you know?

Jagger’s career spreads over six decades. 

He began his solo career in1985 with his first album ‘She is the Boss.’ Soon Jagger joined supergroup SuperHeavy in 2009.

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#19. Taylor Swift 

Taylor Swift

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Taylor Swift Net Worth $360 million

Taylor Swift is one of the richest musicians in the world and the richest country singer on the list.

Her seventh studio album ‘Lover’ became number one just after two of release. During her debut years, Taylor was very shy. However, she polished herself as a confident pop singer too. 

Taylor’s fan base around the world is known as swifties. 

#20. Ringo Starr 

Ringo  Star

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Ringo Starr Net Worth $350 million

He is an English musician, singer, songwriter, and actor. He achieved international fame as the drummer for The Beatles. He also used to sing as lead vocals with the group, usually one song for each album. 

#21. Keith Richards 


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Keith Richards Net Worth $340 million

He is an English musician, singer, and songwriter. He is also the co-founder, guitarist, vocalist, and songwriter for ‘Rolling Stones.’

Richards is termed the creator of ‘Rock’s greatest body of Riffs’ on guitar and was ranked fourth on the list of 100 best guitarists in 2011.

#22. Katy Perry 

Katy Perry

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Katy Perry’s Net Worth $310 million

She became famous with her song ‘I Kissed a Girl’ and gave a hit song one after the other such as ‘Teenage Dream,’ ‘Firework,’ ‘Dark Horse,’ and ‘Roar.’ 

Perry is also a judge on American Idol form, where she gets her yearly income of $25 million. 

#23. Roger Waters 

Roger Waters

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Roger Waters Net Worth $310 million

Waters is a musician, singer, songwriter, and composer too. 

He is a co-founder and lead singer of the British band Pink Floyd. Pink Floyd has sold over 250 million albums.

Waters started his solo career in 1985 and went on to become the world’s top-grossing artist. 


#24. Neil Sedaka 

Neil Sedaka

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Neil Sedaka Net Worth $300 million

He is an American singer, pianist, record producer, and composer. Neil had a short-lived career as a founding member of the Tokens. However, he has sold millions of records as a performer. Neil also writes songs and has written over 500 songs and mostly collaborates with lyricists Howard Greenfield and Phil Cody. 


Some of his most famous songs are “Breaking Up Is Hard To Do” in 1962,  “The Dreamer” in 1963, and “Next Door to an Angel.” Apart from his songwriter and song producing career Neil made regular appearances on Television shows.  

#25. Gene Simmons

Gene Simmons

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Gene Simmons $300 Million

Gene Simmons is an Israeli American musician, singer, songwriter, author, and actor with a net worth of $300 million. Simmons claims The Beatles as a source of inspiration for him, and he is greatly influenced by their work.

 Yes, that’s right!

Simmons is known for his stage persona, The Demon. His band name was ‘Kiss.’ Gene was a bassist and lead singer for the band. During the 1970s, he co-founded the band and another member of Kiss, Paul Stanley, who was the lead singer and rhythm guitarist for the group.

#26. Jon Bon Jovi 

Jon Bon Jovi

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Jon Bon Jovi Net Worth $300 million

Jon Bovi has extremely famous songs that are still played and loved to date. Some of his record sales sum up to over 120 million worldwide. 

Bon Jovi is one of the richest rock stars today. He has worked as a solo artist as well as with his rock music band ‘Slippery When Wet’, which has released 13 albums. 

Did you know?

Jovi’s band’s third album was their most successful album, which was also certified as diamond by the RIAA.

#27. Sting 


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Sting has Net Worth $300 million

His band ‘The Police’ was a rock music band. Sting was the lead singer and bassist for the band, while together with his band members, he produced music.

There is more!

Sting has won a whopping of 16 Grammy Awards. He was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and included in the Songwriters Hall of Fame. 

#28. LA Reid

LA Reid

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LA Reid Net Worth $300 million

Reid amassed this wealth by being a record executive, A&R representative, film producer, businessman, drummer, record producer, and finally, songwriter too. 


Reid is the founder and CEO of Hitco Music Publishing and co-founder of LaFace Records. He is the recipient of three Grammy Awards. One of the iconic moments in Reid’s career came when he did the remake of Mickael Jackson’s songs which became a huge hit around the world. 

#29. Justin Bieber 

Justin Bieber

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Justin Bieber Net Worth $300 Million 

The young sensation Justin Bieber has a net worth of $300 million. At only 26, Justin is already included in the list of richest rock stars. He is one of the greatest singers in the world. 

How inspiring!

Justin Bieber is a Canadian singer who has a very humble background. He started by posting his videos of singing on Youtube as it was his teenage dream to be a singer. 

Justin was then discovered and signed to his first label to start his solo career. He released his mega-hit song ‘Baby,’ which now has a whopping over 2.1 billion views on Youtube.

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#30. Lady Gaga 

Lady Gaga

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Lady Gaga Net Worth $275 Million 

Lady Gaga is on the 30th spot for being the richest musician in the world. Her net worth is $275 million. 

She is widely known as the mother monster who revolutionized pop music. Gaga became a pop icon with a solo single ‘Just Dance.’ and from onwards, she gave the audience masterpieces like Pok*r Face, Judas, Shallow, and many more.

Wait, there is a lot more to her!

Lady Gaga just does not make money from music; she also has her show in Las Vegas, where merchandise and ticket sales are more than enough.

Gaga also has her make-up line. She earns money through brand endorsements that contribute to her growing wealth and make her one of the richest solo artists. 

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Conclusion: Richest Musicians in the World And the Music Industry

This was our list of richest musicians. The list keeps on changing every year as different musicians come up with various projects that help them increase their wealth. 

But there is one thing we should know that all of these artists and even those who are not on their list work very hard to earn that amount of fortune. It takes time and effort to be where they are now. 


The upcoming and ambitious musicians should know only hard work and dedication can make them successful. And apart from just being incredible singers, they must have other skills, such as composing, producing, playing instruments, and many more. 

With the growing competition in the industry, every musician must work hard to dive into music as their professional career. 

I hope you enjoyed reading the article while striking a chord with at least one of the musicians!  You can read more of these people’s biographies, lifestyles, quotes, and memes on our site, Bouncemojo.com. 

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