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Chamillionaire Net Worth, Biography & Lifestyle: Hakeem Temidayo Seriki AKA Chamillionaire is an American rapper, entrepreneur, and investor with a worth is now at $50 million!

When you think rap, you should think Chamillionaire.

Why? Well, he’s only titled “The Mixtape Messiah” of the music industry. 

Now let’s take a look at how he got here, and all the details of:

  • His transition from one-hit-wonder rapper to an angel investor;
  • The investments that contributed to Chamillionaire’s net worth;
  • The mansion that the bank repossessed;
  • His award-winning albums; and…
  • Lots more! 

Chamillionaire has a unique career journey, and I especially want to tell you about how he surprised the world by making it in the tech industry.

So get ready to drop the mic, and let’s get started…

Who Is Chamillionaire?

Born Hakeem Temidayo Seriki, he blended the words “chameleon” and “millionaire” to create his stage name, Chamillionaire. 

He is well-known as a rapper, a record producer, record label CEO, and a very successful entrepreneur.

He released an album with his fellow rapper, Paul Wall, in 2002 entitled Get ‘Ya Mind Correct. They sold 150 thousand copies and even got nominated by The Source Magazine for Independent Album of the Year.

Not bad for a first, right?

But that’s not all…

Who Is Chamillionaire

In 2005, Chamillionaire released his solo debut studio album The Sound of Revenge under Universal Records and his record label, Chamillitary Entertainment. It ranked 10th on Billboard 200 in the US and was awarded platinum by RIAA.

That’s not all. 

His hit single Ridin’ topped the Billboard Hot 100 and won a Grammy for Best Rap Performance by a Duo or Group in 2007.

When he released his second studio album Ultimate Victory in 2007 with guests Lil Wayne, UGK, and Lloyd, the public noticed how he stopped using profanity in his raps. 

Turned out, he wanted to prove that he still could produce great rap hits with clean language.

Now that’s admirable!

He was featured on many singles by his fellow artists, like Mayday by Krizz Kaliko. Chamillionaire released several EPs and singles in collaboration with other artists as well.

Around this time, Chamillionaire decided to take a break from music.

Chamillionaire took a detour to focus more on making big bucks by investing in many businesses, mainly in the tech world.

The American rapper didn’t just wing it, though. 

Chamillionaire did his research, went to tech conferences, and studied how to make it in the business world.

Quite invested, isn’t he?

Read on…

And we will see the surprisingly good heart beyond Chamillionaire’s net worth – as intimidating as it is.

Chamillionaire Net Worth: $50 Millions
Profession: Entrepreneur, Rapper, Singer, Songwriter, Actor, Music executive, record producer, music producer, actor
Date of Birth: 28 Nov, 1979 Chamillionaire is 41 years old.
Gender: Male
No. of Children: 1
Religion: Christian
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
Last Updated: 2021
Nationality: American
Relationship Status: Married
Eye Color: Dark Brown
Place Of Birth: Washington D. C.
Language: English
Smoking/ Drinking: Does not smoke marijuana, drink alcohol, or take other drugs
Tattoos: No

How Much Is Chamillionaire Net Worth?

The American rapper, record producer, and Grammy Award winner Chamillionaire’s net worth is $50 million!

Chamillionaire  Net Worth Year By Year

YearEarnings $
2019$20 Million
2020$40 Million
2021$50 Million

Chamillionaire Music

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The Sound of Revenge

Audio CD

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Ultimate Victory

Audio CD

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Little Presents Chamillionaire: The East Coast Shakedown


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Get Ya Mind Correct

Audio CD and MP3

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Controversy Sells

Audio CD and MP3

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The Mixtape Messiah

Audio CD and MP3

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Chamillionaire Greatest Hits

Audio CD

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Audio CD and MP3

Chamillionaire Investments

Now about how Chamillionaire took the entrepreneurial world by storm…

Chamillionaire invested in a Houston-based auto dealer company in 2003 called Fly Rydes Kustom Toy’z. 

After building the company’s clientele, he let his partner, Big Ernest, take it over. But that was before he had made a name for himself as a rapper.

He then founded his record label, Chamillitary Entertainment, under which he produced his first album.

While going all over the US, the American rapper saw its tourism potential so he started a tour bus company. 

They offered to market luxury buses with wifi, surround sound, and other features that weren’t as common back in the day.

Then Chamillionaire decided to mean business.

Chamillionaire started a print modeling company in 2006, which he called Masterpiece Mind Frame. 

He established it for those who want to make it in the entertainment industry but didn’t know how to start.

And he’s not quite done yet!

In 2009 he started his own online video talent network, Maker Studios.

In the same year, Chamillionaire launched the Global Innovation Tournament as part of the Stanford Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders Seminar Series.

Then he invested in a self-driving automation tech company start-up, Cruise Automation. 

It features a kit for customers to upgrade their vehicles with self-driving technology. The company became successful after being acquired by General Motors for $1 billion.

Disney then comes into the scene.

In 2014, he sold Maker Studios, Inc. to The Walt Disney Company for $500 million. 

And mind you, Chamillionaire’s investment in it was only $1.5 million while his payout amounted to $20 million!

Chamillionaire then went on to compete with Uber by investing in Lyft in 2014. He said he saw vast potential in the business and would be with it for a long time.

And it gets more epic. 

Around this time, he was named the resident entrepreneur for Upfront Ventures, which was the first time the title was bestowed upon a rapper.

Upfront Ventures declared their trust in Chamillionaire, stating that his expertise was proven by the success of his debut album when he produced it under his record label, Chamillitary Entertainment.

Not to mention that he was also in partnership with Universal Records at the time – quite impressive for someone who just began rapping professionally.

But our rapper-slash-investor is not going to stop.

In 2018, he finally launched Convoz after teasing the public with talks about its future release.

Convoz is a social media app designed for influencers to have closer and more direct contact with their fans, mainly for the purpose of feedback.

Then Chamillionaire touched the hearts of many in 2019 in his interview with Yahoo! Finance. 

He declared that he and E-40 are going to invest $25,000 on business start-ups owned and managed by either a woman or a person of color.

Chamillionaire decided on this after learning that 87% of companies funded by venture capitalists have Caucasian CEOs, and 90% of them are men.

An entrepreneur with a heart!

The Young Chamillionaire 

Young Chamillionaire

Chamillionaire was born on November 28, 1979, in Washington, D. C., and was named Hakeem Seriki. He has a Muslim father and a Christian mother, but they separated when he was a teenager.

He and his brother lived with their mother in Acres Homes in North Houston. 

His neighborhood had a notorious reputation, which he confirmed in several interviews.

He was deprived of hip hop as a child.

Because of her beliefs, Chamillionaire’s mother banned secular hip hop songs inside their household. 

But it only led to both her sons’ attraction to the said genre. It made them dream of pursuing a musical career, particularly in the rap scene.

Chamillionaire Family & Relationships

Deetra Seriki (Wife)

Chamillionaire’s wife is Deetra Seriki. They got married on November 3, 2001.

Xavier Seriki (Son)

Xavier Seriki is Chamillionaire’s only son.

Chamillionaire’s Mum

Chamillionaire’s mother is a Christian. This remarkable African-American woman raised her children alone after her and her husband’s divorce.

When she was battling cancer, she didn’t want to bother Chamillionaire with her medical bills but the rapper insisted, giving up his multi-million mansion to take care of his mother’s needs.

Chamillionaire’s Dad

Chamillionaire’s father is a Muslim from Oyo State, Nigeria.

Rasaq Seriki (Brother)

Chamillionaire Family

Rasaq Seriki is three years younger than Hakeem Seriki. He is also a rapper like his brother.

With Chamillionaire’s net worth…

…he owns terrific things! 

I’m sure you’re interested to know how that mansion that he gave up looks like.

But it’s best to see first how he fared in his exciting career and how he dealt with the controversies along the way.

Chamillionaire  Career

  • The Color Changin Click(Group) 2001
  • Get Ya Mind Correct (Album), The Source magazine nomination for Independent Album of the Year; 2002
  • Mixtape Messiah Series (Album); 2004-2008
  • The Sound of Revenge(Solo album), No. 10 on Billboard 200 US; 2005
  • Ridin’ (Single, The Sound of Revenge), No. 1 on Billboard Hot 100, Grammy Award for Best Rap Performance by a Duo or Group; 2005
  • Ultimate Victory (Album); 2007
  • Playlist Poison (Playlist); 2011
  • Show Love (Single), featuring D.A.; 2012

Chamillionaire Scandals & Controversies

I know we are all for juicy celebrity gossip, but the Mixtape Messiah seems to be sparkly clean. He lived a scandal-free celebrity life ever since his fame.

Except for the one thing…

Chamillionaire had a falling out with his childhood friend and fellow rapper, Paul Wall, back in 2004. 

The duo was a solid pair until Wall allegedly attacked Chamillionaire’s brother, Rasaq. Years passed before they reconciled.

How Chamillionaire Spends His Money

Chamillionaire Mansion

Chamillionaire House

Remember that mansion that the bank foreclosed on? Yes, this is how it looks. 

He paid $2.125 million in 2006 for the property located at Carlton Woods, Houston, Texas.  The bank foreclosed on the property after Hakeem Seriki is his real name failed to make several payments.

It didn’t give him the worth that he expected from it in terms of emotional value. He was always on tour, he said, so he was hardly ever in it.

Chamillionaire Car

Chamillionaire Car

The rapper is known to like his cars in vintage style. Chamillionaire owns a 1967 Plymouth Fury convertible, and it is sleek!

Chamillionaire  Philanthropy

The heart of this tech world tycoon is just overflowing!

Chamillionaire reached out to the writer of an article in 2018 featuring the story of the deportation of Jorge Garcia. 

He asked to get connected with Garcia’s family to help them financially. 

And he did!

Before that, he founded Robin’s Heart Foundation as an initiative to help the Hurricane Harvey victims.

Fun Facts About Chamillionaire 

  • Chamillionaire’s brother is part of The Color Changin Click, the group that he started with Wall.
  • Cole Sprouse joked on a tweet about the meaning of Chamillionaire’s stage name, to which the rapper responded with “[It] means “The Truth Teller” in the Wakandan language.”
  • Chamillionaire’s son’s name means “new house.”

5 Chamillionaire Lessons For Financial Freedom 

  1. Take risks. Period.
  2. Fame is not the only way to fortune.
  3. Fields as different as rap and technology can still work together for you.
  4. Any material possession is not worth the lives of your loved ones.
  5. Lending a helping hand will never be out of style.

Top 3 Quotes From Chamillionaire

  • “Just like so many other people out there, I don’t want to sit on the sidelines, I want to do the most that I can to help.”


  • “Life is what you make of it. Don’t make excuses – make it happen.”


  • “I’m willing to roll the dice with my career to be different.”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How is Chamillionaire so rich? 

He started by releasing hit rap songs then ventured into tech businesses.

Is Chamillionaire a millionaire?

 No, but he is a multi-millionaire!

What is Chamillionaire’s real name? 

Hakeem Temidayo Seriki.

Summary: Chamillionaire Net Worth & Biography

We are amazed and dazed by how Chamillionaire’s net worth reached $50 million by taking risks and doing what he loves.

The best part for me is how he remained down-to-earth and how he gives back to society as much as he can.

I hope you enjoyed this article – you might also want to check out Chamillionaire’s Bounce Mojo Bio, and the best quotes and memes.

Put the Bounce in your Mojo today.

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