Snoop Dogg Net Worth (2024)
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Snoop Dogg Net Worth

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Snoop Dogg Net Worth, Biography & Lifestyle: Snoop Dogg is an American rapper, actor, producer, and businessman. He is best known as one of the most famous figures in gangsta rap and West Coast hip-hop culture in the 1990s and up to the early 2000s’. Snoop Dogg’s net worth is an enormous $152 million.

After gathering the most exclusive bits, let’s now dive into Snoop Dogg’s net worth as we cover:

  • Snoop Dogg’s teenage occupations
  • How he started rapping in 6th grade;
  • His many scandals and controversies;
  • Snoopy’s long string of businesses;
  • Lots more!

Here Comes the King.

Enjoying his reputation as a King of gangsta rap and one of the most famous and most loved hip-hop artists since the 1900s, it’s no surprise that Snoop Dogg is known even by people who aren’t big hip-hop fans.

I know, right?

But aside from his message-loaded raps, Snoop had also tried many musical styles and is still ever-evolving up to this day.

From his legal and gangsta issues to his religious enlightenment messages, Snoop Dogg is here to stay and we all know it!

As we bring you the details of Snoopy’s net worth, let’s also walk you through his very interesting life and career.

Who Is Snoop Dogg?

Snoop Dogg Quick Overview

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Snoop Dogg Net Worth: $152 million
Source of Wealth: Musical career and his businesses and production company
Spouse/ Relationship: Shante Taylor (m. 1997-2004, m.2008) 
Height: 6 ft 3 in or 1.93 m
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Date of Birth: October 20 1971, which makes him 52 years old
Place of Birth/Nationality: Long Beach, California// American
Children:  Cordé Broadus (1994)
Cordell Broadus (1997)
Julian Corrie Broadus (1998)
Cori Broadus (1999)

We may know Snoop Dogg with the tracks “Gin and Juice” and “Drop it Like It’s Hot” as well as his collaboration with Katty Perry in California Gurls,” and some know him for his strong advocate for the use of marijuana.

But Snoop Dogg is more than gangsta and weed, as evident in his most recent releases.

Did you know?

Snoop is also very famous for his smooth and laidback musical style. He’s also said to be very soft in speaking- figuratively and literally.

This set him apart and later on, put him on top of other gangsta rappers in the 1990s.

Snoop Dog has always loved rapping. He began rapping when he was in sixth grade and has worked to nurture his gift ever since.

Snoop Dogg- or Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr in real life- has musical cousins, namely Nate Dogg and Lil’ ½ Dead, and he soon began recording songs with them, calling themselves 213 after Long Beach’s area code at that time.

And that’s the start of something big.

One of Snoop’s homemade freestyles ended up in Dr. Dre’s hands.

Needless to say, the famous producer who’s also known as a discoverer of hidden talents, was so impressed that he called Snoop Dogg to audition.

The young rapper then studied how to structure his lyrics and write better songs under the mentorship of Dr. Dre as well as the rapper D.O.C.

Snoopy took the stage name Snoop Doggy Dogg and he began professionally working on some tracks alongside Dr. Dre., starting the growth of Snoop Dogg net worth.

The first time he gained some kind of attention…

…was when he worked with Dr. Dre on the theme song of the film Deep Cover in 1992.

Then they collaborated again on Dr. Dre’s debut solo album The Chronic alongside The Dogg Pound, his former starting group.

Suffice to say, Snoopy boy had great and successful exposure and soon enough, he’s releasing his own album!

Doggystyle, Snoop Dogg’s debut album, was a huge commercial success.

And it’s just the first among many that were to come.

Wanna hear some young Snoop Dogg goodness? Why don’t you listen to Dr. Dre’s The Chronic HERE!

As the West Coast hip hop and gangsta rap (or G-funk) genres were starting to dominate the radios, Snoopy’s singles Gin and Juice and Who Am I (What’s My Name)? We’re also dominating the charts.

But it’s not all rainbows and butterflies.

Along with the ascent of gangsta rap are the criticism being thrown at it and the G-funk artists.

Snoop Dog was often used as an example of a violent and misogynistic musician.

But as time went by, Snoop himself proved that he’s not like that.

According to a Rolling Stone critic, Snoop actually had softer vocals and delivery compared to most gangsta rappers in his time. That’s figuratively and literally, as he also spoke softly using not-so-harsh words, in contrast to his badass public image.

Right after his debut album release…

…Snoop Dogg wasted no time and founded Doggy Style Records, Inc., his very own record label registered with the California Secretary of State.

In 1996, Snoop was acquitted of a murder charge in connection with the death of a member of a rival gang who was allegedly shot by Snoop’s bodyguard.

After his acquittal, the famous rapper stated that he wanted to finally stop living the gangsta life, in fear of being imprisoned for life -or worse- be killed himself.

Bright idea, Snoopy.

The American rapper singer songwriter also moved his family and music label to a home in the hills of Claremont, California, and signed the first artist of Doggy Style Records.

Snoop Dogg collaborated with fellow artist Tupac Shakur in 1996 shortly before the latter died.

Wanna hear Snoop Dogg and Tupac’s collaboration which was also one of Tupac’s last songs? Check it out HERE.

Before 1996 ended, Snoop Dogg co-produced and released his second studio album Tha Doggfather.

And that’s when the undeniable changes in the rapper became most obvious.

Snoop Doggy Dogg lyrics became calmer as he also experimented with a different kind of sound. His lyrics were calmer and the sound more aesthetic.

He had to co-produce this album as Dr. Dre left Death Row Records.

That’s also when he realized that Death Row Records bound him to a contract that kept him from getting his royalty payments for a number of years.

Snoop Dogg released yet another album called No Limit Top Dogg 1999 under the record label No Limit Records.

The record sold over 1,510,000 while his 5th studio album The Last Meal sold over 2, 100, 000.

The singer songwriter record producer  also published his biography Tha Doggfather in 1999.

And as another century began…

…Snoop wasn’t one to stop. In fact, he welcomed the 2000s’ by selling over $1.3 million copies of his album Paid Tha Cost to be da Bo$$.

That’s also when he decided he wasn’t really that gangsta…but that he’s actually a “pimp.”

Snoop started to collaborate with several pop artists such as Pharell Williams (for Drop it Like it’s Hot), Justin Timberlake and Charlie Wilson (for Signs), R. Kelly, Wiz Khalifa, and Katy Perry.

Turned out…

…Snoop Dogg had fun experimenting as he also ventured into singing for a Bollywood movie called Singh is Kinng, with the song of the same name.

In 2010, Snoop released his 10th studio album called Malice n Wonderland.

Did you know?

Snoop Dogg also ventured into Reggae music with the song La La La under the name Snoop Lion as he also stated that he’s the reincarnation of Bob Marley.

And yes…his album is actually titled Reincarnated.

Snoop suggested his membership in the Nation of Islam in 2009, then his conversion to the Rastafari movement in 2012, claiming he’s “born again” only to return to Christianity around 2018, referring to his savior as Jesus Christ.

These religious changes influenced his music and songs greatly, such as the album Bible of Love.

Other Quick Facts:

  • Eye Color- Brown
  • Zodiac Sign- Libra
  • Favorite Color- Black, white, blue
  • Favorite Food- Chicken and waffles
  • Smoking/ Drinking- He claims to smoke 80 blunts of marijuana a day
  • Tattoos- He has 6 tattoos
  • IMDb Profile Link

How Much Is Snoop Dogg Worth?

Snoop Dogg Net Worth Year By Year

YearEarnings $
2017$124 million
2018$130 million
2019$136.5 million
2020$150 million
2021$152 million
Wonder how Snoop Dogg’s net worth changed over the years? See it all here along with the details in Bouncemojo.com!

Snoop Dogg Books

q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=0688171583&Format= SL160 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=bouncemojo 20&language=en US

Tha Doggfather: The Times, Trials, and Hardcore Truths of Snoop Dogg

A biography written by Snoop Dogg himself, he tells the story from his impoverished childhood to his life within the hip hop industry.

q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=0789331063&Format= SL160 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=bouncemojo 20&language=en US


This book features Snoop Dogg’s stay in Jamaica after the death of his cousin and collaborator Nate Dogg.

q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=1452179611&Format= SL160 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=bouncemojo 20&language=en US

From Crook to Cook: Platinum Recipes from Tha Boss Dogg’s Kitchen

A cookbook by the Boss himself, Snoop Dogg shares 50 of his most favorite recipes such as the OG staple Baked Mac, fried Bologna sandwiches, and more.

q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B000N2HBPM&Format= SL160 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=bouncemojo 20&language=en US

Love Don’t Live Here No More: Book One of Doggy Tales

This is a novel by Snoop Dogg and playwright David E. Talbert about an aspiring rapper.

Snoop Dogg’s stickers and marijuana company

Ever since his rise to fame, Snoop Dogg has always been an entrepreneur and businessman. Below are some of his ventures from the 1990s up to this day.

  • Doggy Style Records, Inc.– The music label he founded right after the success of his debut album
  • Priority Records– He now works as the company’s creative chairman
  • Snoopify– Along with his brand manager, Snoop Dogg released this app that lets users put stickers of his face, weed, or a walrus hat on their photos. This app garnered over $30,000 weekly sales upon its release.
  • Eaze– Snoopy’s first investment venture. It’s an on-demand marijuana delivery start-up company that puts in contact with California’s medical marijuana patients with local suppliers and certified sellers.
  • Merry Jane– Snoop’s digital media business for marijuana news.
  • Leafs by Snoop- This brand offers marijuana products such as marijuana flowers, edibles, and concentrates.

The Young Snoop Dogg

Young Snoop Dogg

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Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr was born on the 20th of October 1971 in Long Beach, California to Beverly Tate and Vernall Varnado.

Three months after his birth, his biological father left him and his mother and he was taken in by his stepfather Calvin Cordozar Broadus Sr after whom he was named.

But just after 4 years…

…Calvin Jr’s stepfather left them to fend for themselves.

He’s the second out of his mother’s 3 sons.

Snoop Dogg grew up to be a hardworking, faithful, and generous child. He used to go to church where he learned how to play the piano.

Moreover, he also sold candies, bagged groceries, and delivered newspapers just to help his mother make ends meet.

Aside from being hardworking and religious…

…Calvin Jr was also a dedicated student.

He began rapping in sixth grade and used to draw large crowds in school, alerting the faculty to think there’s a fight.

That’s also when he discovered his musical gifts and became more interested in what he can do.

But then, high school graduation came and this good boy image changed.

Snoop Dogg High School – Long Beach Polytechnic High School

Snoop Dogg was one of the cool guys in high school, thanks to his exceptional rapping skills.

But did you know?

Snoop Dogg allegedly sold weed to actress Cameron Diaz and she confirmed it herself!

“We went to high school together. He was a year older than me,” she recalled. “He was very tall and skinny and wore lots of ponytails in his hair, and I’m pretty sure I bought weed from him. I had to have.”

Snoop Dogg also agreed, laughing as he shared:

“I might’ve sold her some of that white girl weed.”

It’s not certain whether Snoop Dogg graduated high school because, by the time of graduation, his schoolmates said he’s “having fun somewhere.”

Snoop Dogg Family & Relationships

Shante Taylor – Snoop Dogg’s Wife

Snoop Dogg Wife

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What’s a king with a queen?

Shante Taylor was Snoop Dogg’s high school sweetheart. The two married in 1997 and had 3 children.

Now here’s the kicker:

In 2004, Snoop filed a divorce, citing irreconcilable differences.

But then, the two got together again and renewed their vows in 2008!

About this, Snoop said: “I don’t want to get a divorce. So if you hear about a divorce, it’ll be my wife divorcing me. It won’t be me divorcing her…And I made a mistake, so I’m trying to get back right.”


Snoop Dogg Children

Snoop Dogg Kids

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<a href="https://bouncemojo.com"><img src="https://bouncemojo.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/10/Snoop-Dogg03.webp" alt="Snoop Dogg Kids"></a>
  • Cordé Broadus (1994)
  • Cordell Broadus (1997)
  • Julian Corrie Broadus (1998)
  • Cori Broadus (1999)

Now that’s life as interesting as Snoop Dogg’s frequent change of views or his cooking style! But that’s not everything. Next up, we’ll be looking at what Snoopy is most famous for- his controversies- as well as his car collection!

Snoop Dogg Scandals & Controversies

In 1993, Snoop Dogg was arrested in relation to the death of a member of a rival gang who was reportedly shot by Snoop’s bodyguard.

He was soon acquitted in 1996 and he turned away from gangsta life from then on.

Snoop was also banned oh-so-many times in different airports thanks to his love of Mary Jane and brawling.

The most memorable of them all…

…might just be the British Airways fiasco.

Snoop and his entourage were arrested after they were turned away from the first-class lounge as they’re denied entry due to some members flying in economy class.

After they were brought outside, a fight broke out between them and the police. They also vandalized a duty-free shop.

Snoop’s UK visa was denied and he was banned from entering the UK for several years.

How Snoop Dogg Spends His Money

So how does a person with a net worth of 150 million  spend his money?

Aside from investing in his many businesses, Snoop loves to express his style through his cars!

Some details about his cars might surprise you.

Read on!

The Dogghouse

Snoop Dogg House

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In 1998, Snoop Dogg bought a four thousand square foot home in Diamond Bar in California, just outside of Los Angeles.

It’s worth over $72,000 with 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, a couple of living rooms, and a long swimming pool.


…his lovely wife had the upper hand in the design. No wonder it looked lovely!

Snoop Dogg Car Collection

Did you know? Some of Snoop Dogg’s cars have a whole chandelier in them!

Yep, that’s how he loves his wheels.

Snoop loves classic and vintage luxury cars and he has a heck of a collection. Below are some of his most well-known cars:

The “Snoop DeVille” 1967 Cadillac DeVille

Snoop Dogg Car

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Customized 1968 Buick Riviera

Snoop Dogg Car

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1966 Pontiac Parisienne “Lakers Edition”

Snoop Dogg Car

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2011 Ford Mustang GT “Funkmaster Flex Edition”

Snoop Dogg Car

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Dodge Challenger SRT8

Snoop Dogg Car

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Rolls Royce Ghost

Snoop Dogg Car

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Fun Facts About Snoop Dogg

  • Snoop Dogg actually gifted the Lakers Edition car to the late Kobe Bryant as a retirement gift.
  • Snoop’s mother got his nickname Snoop Dogg from the Peanuts cartoon character because he didn’t only look like Snoopy but also loved him.
  • He has 17 Grammy nominations without a win. (STill a legend, we say!)
  • Snoop Dogg reportedly has an IQ of 147, which means he’s actually qualified to be called a genius!
  • Snoopy’s lawyer was the infamous Mr. Johnnie Cochran, the very lawyer who got O.J. Simpson acquitted.
Check out these fun facts about the boss Snoop Dogg!

5 Lessons We Can Learn For Financial Freedom From Snoop Dogg

  1. If you know your gift, work hard to cultivate it.
  2. Invest so you can save for the future.
  3. Spoil your family- nothing is more important than them.
  4. Know your worth. If you know what you can offer, go away from people who hold you back.
  5. Being genuine is always the way to go.
 How to have a net worth of $152 million? See these lessons for financial freedom from Snoop Dogg!

Top 3 Quotes From Snoop Dogg

  • “Love goes unappreciated a lot of times, but you still gotta keep giving it.”
  • “You’ve got to always go back in time if you want to move forward.”
  • “To go sit down with people you’ve got a misunderstanding with is a big step. It shows that you have no hate in your heart, and you really wanna resolve it.”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Dr. Dre Snoop Dogg’s cousin?

Dre. Dre isn’t Snoop Dogg’s cousin. Though Dr. Dre is Warren G’s stepbrother by marriage and Warren G is a longtime friend of Nate Dogg who is the actual cousin of Snoop Dogg. 

Are Snoop Dogg and Eminem friends?

As Snoop Dogg shared in his most recent interviews, the two are still friends and occasionally check up on each other. 

Is Snoop Dogg nice?

Many people who have encountered Snoopy commented that he’s laid back and very cool to be with. 

Conclusion: Snoop Dogg Net Worth, Bio, Lifestyle

Surely, they don’t make ‘em like how they did in the 90s’!

Snoop Dogg is a one-in-a-million kind of musician who only happens once.

We’re particularly amazed at how he stayed in the business without ever falling back all these years!

Admit it, it’s not an easy feat.

I hope you enjoyed this article. If you just can’t get enough of these hip-hop bosses, check out this article of the 101 richest rappers today!

Put the Bounce in your Mojo today!

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