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Corey Feldman Net Worth

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Corey Feldman Net Worth, Biography & Lifestyle: Corey Feldman is an American actor, singer, and activist. The former child actor has a net worth of $3 Million. Feldman began acting at a young age and was able to sustain a successful career.

And if you want to get all the details of how he achieved his net worth, we got you covered.

After hours of digging, we’re stoked to bring you the details to

  • How he began his career in acting;
  • The films and shows he’s appeared in;
  • Who The Two Coreys are;
  • His scandals and controversies;
  • His advocacies,
  • His relationships;
  • And much more…

Corey Feldman has had an interesting career since he started – my favorite part is how firm he stands for the advocacies he believes in.
And once you’ve done your reading on Corey Feldman net worth and bio, you can scroll a bit more to the end and check out our Fun Facts Section for a couple of, well, fun facts!

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Who Is Corey Feldman?

Corey Feldman Net Worth

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Corey Feldman Net Worth: $3 Million
Spouse/ Relationship: Courtney Anne Mitchell (Wife) (2016 – Present), Susie Sprague (Ex-Wife) ((2002 – 2004),  Shannon Malone (Ex-Girlfriend) (1999 – 2001), Vanessa Marcil (Ex-Wife) (1989 – 1993), Drew Barrymore (Ex-Girlfriend) (1989)
Date of Birth: July 16th 1971
Source of Wealth: Actor, voice actor, film producer, musician
Place of Birth/Nationality: Reseda, California/ Amrican
Children: Zen Scott Feldman

Corey Feldman is a household name since his rise to fame in the ‘80s. He is best known for his iconic movies, including Gremlins, The Goonies, and Stand By Me, where he won a Jackie Coogan Award.

In 1987, Feldman appeared alongside the late Corey Haim in the horror film The Lost Boys. He won the Young Artist Award for the role. And from then on, they became known as The Two Coreys and appeared together in more films, including License to Drive and Dream a Little Dream.

Corey is the lead singer for the band The Truth Movement. He appeared in multiple television shows, including Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go!, Madame’s Place, Splatter, and The Bad News Bears.

And a little fun fact: He also goes by nicknames Kinky Finkelstein, Edggar Frogg, Core, and Feldog. Corey is also a film and television producer.

Corey Feldman received a Lifetime Achievement Award in 2018 during the third annual Young Entertainer Awards. That was just a quick glance. We’ll be deep-diving into his career more later on, but first, here are some quick facts about the American actor and singer.

Other Quick Facts:

  • Eye Color: Brown
  • Zodiac Sign: Cancer
  • Tattoos: Yes
  • Smoking/ Drinking: Yes
  • IMDb Profile Link: Corey Feldman

How Much Is Corey Feldman’s Net Worth?

Former child star Corey Scott Feldman AKA Corey Feldman, has a net worth of $3 Million.

Corey Feldman Net Worth Year By Year

YearEarnings $
2013 $1 Million
2014 $1.1 Million
2015 $1.3 Million
2016 $1.53 Million
2017$1.88 Million
2018$2 Million
2019$2.45 Million
2020$2.64 Million
2021$3 Million
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Corey Feldman Book

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The Surreal Life

What happens when celebrities live together inside a big mansion? This series shows just that.

The Young Corey Feldman

Corey Feldman Net Worth

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Corey Scott Feldman was born on July 16, 1971, in Reseda, California. His father is musician Bob Feldman, and his mother is cocktail waitress Sheila Feldman.

He has two sisters, Mindy and Brittnie, and two younger brothers, Eden and Devin. Corey had a Jewish upbringing, and he holds paranormal beliefs.

At the young age of three, Corey already began acting. He appeared in a McDonald’s commercial, and that jump-started his child acting career.

The rest, well. Is history…

Corey revealed that becoming an actor really wasn’t his choice. He became famous before he could even say his name and supported his family at such a tender age.

When he failed an audition or got fired, he would be punished. Feldman was starved to maintain his weight, and his hair was constantly bleached. He didn’t have a normal childhood, nor did he even get to play with other kids and play ball.

Corey Feldman Relationships

Corey Felman has had several high-profile relationships throughout his career, including multiple marriages and divorces.

Corey Feldman Wife – Courtney Anne Mitchell (2016 – Present)

Corey Feldman Net Worth

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Corey has been dating his girlfriend Courtney Anne Mitchell for four years before the two decided to get married.  Courtney is the DJ and keyboard player for his band, Corey Feldman & The Angels. Courtney is a model and singer, and in 2015, they were featured in an episode of Celebrity Wife Swap.

He and Courtney live together with his son Zen Scott Feldman.

Susie is Corey’s second wife. He met model Susie Sprague when she was celebrating her 19th birthday. In 2002, he proposed to Susie on Valentine’s Day. They got married on an episode of The Surreal Life on VH1. MC Hammer and a rabbi officiated the reality show wedding ceremony.

The two welcomed their son together, Zen Scott Feldman, in 2004. He and Susie went on to star on a television series together, but in 2009 they divorced.

Corey Feldman Ex-Girlfriend – Shannon Malone (1999 – 2001)

Feldman dated Shannon from 1999 to around 2001. In 2010, they starred in the horror movie Seance together. Shannon Milano also dated Corey’s friend, Haim.

Corey Feldman Ex-Wife – Vanessa Marcil (1989 – 1993)

In August 1989, Corey and actress Vanessa Marcil had a Las Vegas wedding. He married Vanessa the same year after he and Drew separated.

The two of them kept their marriage off of the public eye, and after four years together in 1993, they divorced.

 Corey Feldman Ex-Girlfriend – Drew Barrymore (1989)

Corey Feldman briefly dated Drew Barrymore when they were teenagers. Drew was 14, and Corey was 18 then.

The two appeared together on an episode of CBS Schoolbreak Special in 1989. The two were seen together in the 1989 Oscar Awards. The two were only together for a few months.

Coming up shortly, we’ll be peering into the advocacies of actor Corey Feldman. But before we jump into that, we’ll look at his career, as well as his scandals and controversies.

Corey Feldman Career

Child Actor (1973 – the 1980s)

Corey began acting at the age of three. His first appearance was in a Clio award-winning commercial, and from there, he rose to fame.

The child star appeared in over a hundred television commercials and fifty television series, including Mork & Mindy, Cheers, One Day at a Time, The Bad News Bears, and Eight is Enough.

Little Corey also lent his voice to the character Young Copper on Disney’s 1981 animated film The Fox and the Hound.

It was also in 1981 when he starred on NBC childrens’ special How To Eat Like A Child. He appeared along with co-child stars Georg Olden and Billy Jayne.

Teenage Years (the 1980s – 1989)

Corey went on to appear in high-grossing films during his teenage years. He appeared in the 1984 horror film Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter, which had a budget of $2.2 million and grossed $33 million in the United States alone.

Another high-grossing film he appeared in was the film Gremlins, the fourth highest-grossing film in 1984, making $12.5 million in its first-weekend screening.

And we’re not quite done yet…

Corey Feldman starred in the 1985 film The Goonies, which grossed $121 million on a budget of just $19 million. The film was based on a story by executive director Steven Spielberg.

Alongside Jerry O’Connell, Wil Wheaton, and River Phoenix, Corey appeared in the 1986 film Stand By Me.

Corey also ventured into voice acting. In 1990, he lent his voice to iconic character Donatello on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Adult Years (1989 – Present)

It was then when the storm came…

After filming The Burbs in 1989, Corey Feldman publicly struggled with drug addiction. His substance abuse and struggles were well-documented.

It’s almost inevitable that a child actor will grow up unproblematic. Corey was his family’s breadwinner at the age of three, and that thing can seriously affect a person.

Corey tried to save his career and starred in lesser popular films. Around the same time, he also released an album titled Love Left. And with his band, Corey Feldman’s Truth Movement, he released his second album, Still Searching for Soul.

He recovers and returns…

In 1993, Corey was back on the big screen. He once again voiced Donatellos’ character in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III.

Corey continued acting in more big-screen roles, including Tales From The Crypt Presents: Bordello of Blood in 1996, My Date with Drew in 2004, Puppet Master vs. Demonic Toys in 2004, Terror Inside in 2007, and 6 Degrees of Hell in 2012.

He comes back bigger…

In his teenage years, Corey became part of a highly popular duo, The Two Coreys. The duo ruled the ‘80s as one of the biggest teen idols.

Corey Feldman appeared in The Lost Boys with Corey Ian Haim, and the role skyrocketed them to fame. The two worked on more projects together, including the sequel film Dream a Little Dream 2 in 1995.

Corey Feldman also dipped his hands into directing. He worked with Corey Haim on the 1996 slapstick comedy, Busted. It’s the first and only motion picture that Feldman directed.

Corey went on to star in several television shows, including the ‘90s CBS series Dweebs, The Crow: Stairway to Heaven, and Sliders.

He also delved into Broadway acting. Corey’s debut play was Fatal Attraction: A Greek Tragedy by director Timothy Haskell.

In 2002, Corey went back to establishing his music career and released his solo album Former Child Actor and went on a US tour to promote it.

But wait, there’s more…

He continued to appear in several other reality TV series, including AB’s The Surreal Life (2003), Border Security: Canada’s Front Line (2012), UK show Dancing on Ice (2012) and Celebrity Wife Swap.

In 2013, Corey Feldman released a memoir titled Coreyography. He also appeared as a character in video games, including Magnus the Griefer on Minecraft: Story Mode (2015, and Slash on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Danger of the Ooze (2014).

Going back to music, Feldman released the album Angelic 2 the Core in 2016. The solo album featured artists like Snoop Dogg and John Carin. He tried to raise $105,000 for the album via Indiegogo, but he could only raise $14,982.

In 2016, Feldman created an entity called Corey’s Angels, which is a 360-degree interactive experience. It was aimed to help girls who lost their way and are struggling.

Corey Feldman Scandals & Controversies

The Rape of Two Coreys (2020)

Corey Feldman produced a documentary film titled My Truth: The Rape of 2 Coreys. The documentary showcases the sexual abuse allegations that Corey and his late friend Corey Haim suffered when they were child actors.

Haim died due to pneumonia in 2010 following a drug addiction problem. This led Feldman to speak out about the sexual abuse that they suffered in the entertainment industry.

Corey revealed that his friend Haim was raped in 1985. However, he withheld the names of the alleged rapist and abusers due to fear of ostracism, ruin of his career, and threats to him and his family’s lives. Although, it is highly believed that the rape allegations are referring to Charlie Sheen.

Drug and Substance Abuse (the 1990s, 2016, 2017)

Feldman has been open about his drug and alcohol addiction, which was due to the abuse he suffered from his mom and from the film industry. In the 1990s, he was charged with possession of heroin.

Come 2016, Feldman was once again involved in a drug-related incident when he was accused of being high while performing on the Today program.

A year later, in Mangham, Louisiana, he was charged with misdemeanor possession of marijuana. Corey drove suspension, and he was speeding after being pulled over. His security guard and four other group members were charged with illegal possession of Xanax and other drug crimes.

Michael Jackson Trial (2005)

Corey was part of Michael Jackson’s child molestation trial in 2005. Corey had a close relationship with the late pop star. The two met through Spielberg while he was filming Gremlins in 1984. In 2001, the two had a fallout when their relationship turned bitter. Corey said that Michael Jackson abandoned him.

During the trial, Corey Feldman testified and defended his late friend. He revealed that Jackson never touched him inappropriately through their friendship, nor did he initiate or ever suggest for them to be lovers.

How Corey Feldman Spends His Money

Corey Feldman Philanthropy

Corey is an activist and advocate of many movements, including child sexual abuse and animal welfare.

Corey Feldman stands for child actors who are victims of sexual abuse in the show business. He started an Indiegogo fundraising campaign in 2017 during the height of the Harvey Weinstein sexual abuse allegations. Corey raised funds to finance a film exposing the child abuse cases that is common in Hollywood.

He also spoke at the New York State Capitol in Albany, New York, about his support for the Child Victims Act. The act aims to create a one-year period where victims could bring civil arms and lengthen the statute of limitations for civil claims arising from child sex abuse acts.

But that’s not all…

Aside from being a Democrat, Corey is also an advocate for animal welfare and rights. Ever since he was young, Corey was a vegetarian, and he even appeared in a PETA ad campaign.

He was awarded by the Wildlife WayStation the Paws of Fame Award for his dedication to animal welfare.

Fun Facts About Corey Feldman

  • In 2011, Corey Feldman appeared in Katy Perry’s Last Friday Night music video.
  • At 15, Feldman was legally emancipated from his parents.
  • He is a Crystal Reel Award receiver for Best Actor.
  • Feldman was ordered to pay $750 a month in child support following his divorce from American actress Susie.
  • Corey is a big fan of Pink Floyd.
  • He revealed that Jon Grissom used to give him drugs when they were shooting a film.
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5 Lessons We Learn For Financial Freedom From Corey Feldman

  1. Start earning and saving as soon as you can.
  2. Be sure to marry the right person, because divorce is expensive!
  3. Delayed gratification is going to pay off in the future.
  4. Spend your money on truly important things.
  5. Don’t just be someone with money, be someone with value.
⭐⭐Corey Feldman Net Worth & Biography ⭐⭐ How He Made His Fortune✔ House & Cars✔ Fun Facts✔ Family, Relationships✔ Career Highlights✔ and more…

Top 3 Quotes From Corey Feldman

  • I had a very rough and tumultuous childhood. I often wish that I had the opportunity to make my own choices in life and choose my own path. But at the same time, I realize that things happen the way they’re supposed to.
  • I do believe that belief is the most powerful thing we have in this world. So, if we believe in something enough. And we have faith, we can make it a reality. That is basically the basis of my entire career and my entire life.”
  • I’m not as cool as you think I think I might be – and the most important things in my life are God, love and peace. Everything else is b.s. And art’s kind of important, too.”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much is Corey Feldman worth?

Corey Feldman is an American actor and singer who has a net worth of $2 million.

Who are The Two Coreys?

The Coreys are duo Corey Feldman and his best friend, Corey Haim.

Where can I watch the new Corey Feldman documentary?

Viewers can watch Feldman’s documentary on the My Truth Doc website.

Conclusion: Corey Feldman Net Worth, Bio, Lifestyle

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I really liked how Feldman is not afraid to speak out for his friend and all other victims who are too afraid to come forward. He has been through ups and downs, but he came back better every time.

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