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DJ Envy Zodiac Sign

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DJ Envy Astrology Birth Chart, Horoscope [Visual Guide]: In this article, let’s explore one of the hosts who starred in the radio show The Breakfast Club who was simply working as a gardener but happened to cross paths with a great man. 

Sometimes in life, we also follow where the stars take us. 

That may sound illogical, but deep in our child-like hearts, we believe something’s written in the stars. Somehow, someday, the stars will cross the paths of someone who’ll help make their dreams come true.

In this article, let’s explore one of the hosts who starred in the radio show The Breakfast Club who was simply working as a gardener but crossed paths with a great man. 

Check out how the stars conspired in favor of DJ Envy as we go through his:

  • Astrology, birth chart, and birthstone;
  • Career breakthroughs and success;
  • Personal and family life;
  • And so much more…

Let’s get started.

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DJ Envy Astrology Birth Chart

What Does DJ Envy Zodiac Sign Mean

Virgos are known for their critical and analytical minds – DJ Envy possesses such a mind. Being a business management and marketing graduate, he took his passion to another level. His education marked an integral part of his success. 

DJ Envy gives so much credit to Hampton University. He learned so much not only in marketing his skills but himself altogether. Although his music career started in New York, his university time truly helped expand his music portfolio. 

Great mind coupled with an exceptional education, plus Virgo’s love for meticulousness – 

DJ Envy Astrology Birth Chart

that’s the exceptional formula in making DJ Envy a successful businessman.

Being an American disc jockey is just one of his professions. 

DJ Envy is also the President and CEO of BLOK Entertainment – the company produced tracks for many artists such as Foxy Brown, Fabulous, DMX, Funkmaster Flex, and Murderers. 

Another notable characteristic of Virgos is their genuine desire to help. As a Hampton graduate, DJ Envy felt this task was even more essential. He’s always reminded by the motto of the adults, “Never forget where you came from.”

He frequently goes back to the place where it all started. He visits the Hamptons road area and his alma mater to give back and pay it forward.

⭐⭐ DJ Envy Astrology Birth Chart[Visual Guide]⭐⭐ DJ Envy’s Zodiac Sign?✓ DJ Envy’s Birth Stone?✓ DJ Envy Horoscope✓ Lots More

What is DJ Envy Zodiac Sign?

DJ Envy Astrology Birth Chart

Known by his professional name (“DJ Envy”), RaaShaun Casey was born on September 3, 1977, in Queens Village, New York, United States.

That said, it’s no question the Queen’s boy is a Virgo legend!

Virgo is governed by Mercury, the messenger planet of communication. In Greek mythology, the goddess of innocence – who hoped for nothing but goodness in humanity – represents Virgo.

Wickedness, apparently, is all over the earth. This left the goddess, Astraea, broke and frustrated. She soon left the earth and up into the heavens to become the constellation Virgo. 

Just like the heavens, blue sapphire symbolizes the stone of Virgos. This glow radiates their importance and capability.

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Interesting Facts about Virgo

DJ Envy Astrology Birth Chart

Business is Excellent for Virgos

Virgos love details. When it comes to money, they keep track of the tiniest of details – they always stay right on budget.

This is certainly a great attribute of DJ Envy being a businessman. Raashaun Casey earned his degree in Business Management from Hampton University in 1999.

New York’s Leading Mixtape Gardener

A fellow artist, DJ Clue, first discovered DJ Envy. He was the one who introduced DJ Envy into the New York mixtape scene in the mid-1990s. Fast-forward to today, DJ Envy is now New York’s famous mixtape gardener. 

Thanks to the seemingly effortless creativity and passion of Virgos, they all just always bloom wherever they are.

The Radio Show For Every New Yorker

New Yorkers all know The Breakfast Club. It’s not just stuck to music. It has something for everybody – from hip-hop, pop culture to politics and influential talks.

The radio show was even dubbed as a “radio forum for the nation’s racial reckoning” during the aftermath of George Floyd’s protests. Being a Virgo, DJ Envy for sure contributed a lot to this with his critical mind.

Oh, and by the way, The Breakfast Club represents the voice of its listeners – thanks to its almost 4 million listeners weekly or up to 8 million listeners a month, plus 3 million subscribers on YouTube.

The Breakfast Club Dominates Both Airwaves and Revolt TV

The Breakfast Club is based in Power 105.1 (New York City) and syndicated by Premiere Networks. It’s on the air in nearly 100 stations across the nation and is simulcasted on Revolt TV.

It’s regarded as the most informative and entertaining top-rated hip-hop and R&B morning show today. The show was also inducted into the Radio Hall of Fame in August of 2020.

The celestial heavens could explain this incredible turnout. You know, with Charlamagne the God who’s a Cancer and Angela Yee, who’s a Capricorn. It couldn’t be more perfectly compatible to work with each other.

Virgos are reliable, practical, and loyal

Other Appearance of DJ Envy?

DJ Envy has made appearances on various TV shows like 106 & Park, Tha Corner, and The Entourage

He also starred in some films.

He is Shadow’s enemy friend in the film Blood of a Champion. He’s also an MTV2 VJ for The Week in Jams. I mean, who could blame such a Virgo talent, right?

Net Worth of $6 Freaking Million Per Year

Who wouldn’t get envious of DJ Envy? At the latest count, this American disc jockey is earning a net worth of $6 million! As a host of The Breakfast Club radio, he earns $3 million annually!

That’s grandiose! Of course, that’s what you get from being such a workaholic.

Right, Virgos?

Talk About A Luxurious Birthday Gift

No wonder he surprised his eldest son Logan with a dope corvette stingray for his 17th birthday – a custom-colored Chevrolet Corvette convertible with hardtop and mid-engine with a New Jersey tag in tow. 

Such a luxurious gift for a 17-year-old!

Well, that’s Virgo’s lust for cars once again. 


Well, it’s only because Virgos are great parents!

DJ Envy Astrology Birth Chart
Source: blog.dupontregistry.com

DJ Envy Owns 13 Fancy Cars

Of course, that car for Logan doesn’t cost him a dime! I mean, this radio personality owns 13 luxurious cars.

Such a show-off Virgo personality. Yes, Virgos have the lust for luxury cars.

And with DJ Envy’s net worth? I bet cars for him are only but a dime a dozen.

Do you want to know the cars he owns? 

You name it. He has a Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT-8, 2 Dodge Challengers, a Dodge Durango, Fisker Karma, Bentley Mulsanne, Porsche Panamera, a Ferrari California, a Ferrari 458, a Rolls Royce Ghost, a Rolls Royce Wraith, and 2 Range Rovers.

DJ Envy and Charlamagne the God – Brothers?

The hosts of The Breakfast Club seem to be close to each other. Working for a long time had made them good friends like brothers and sisters. Virgos always have a way of making good friends. But to our surprise, Charlamagne and DJ Envy are closer!

It was a Monday on the show when Gina Paige, co-founder of African Ancestry, spoke the truth. She gave back their test results, and boom! These two hosts are brothers!

Gia Casey Discovered Raashaun’s Affair

Headlines were all about DJ Envy’s mischief. How could he act so cool and cheat on the love of his life?

Luckily, the stars appeared against it, and Gia found herself stumbling on the mistress’ comments on a blog. Good thing Virgo always tries to make things right, especially in a remarkable way.

What Does Dj Envy’s Zodiac Sign Tell Us About Him?

Virgos are born from August 23 to September 22. Once and for all, Virgos are all about talent. They’re all talented, creative, and passionate human beings. And with DJ Envy, talent seems to spring forth from his voice and musical skills. 

Before all his fame and successes, a neighborhood acquaintance, DJ Clue mentored DJ Envy in Queens, New York. Back then, the radio host was previously known as DJ Shrimp. 

As you know, Virgos don’t pick a place or time to work on their talents. They all just naturally born and shine with it. DJ Envy’s beatboxing skills caught the attention of DJ Clue while he was his gardener in 1991. 

This sparked the beginning of a gardener turned famous radio personality over time.

You see, DJ Clue was so impressed by DJ Envy’s skills that he took him under his wing and tutored him – it wasn’t too long until he quickly climbed up the ranks. He was peddling with the latest commercials and esteemed rappers like 50 Cent, Jay-Z, Hahflamez, and The L.O.X.

As his reputation grew popular, DJ Clue signed DJ Envy to his record label, the Desert Storm. By 2003, DJ Envy officially released his commercial debut album The Desert Storm Mixtape Blok Party, Vol. 1, once again under Sony Records’ Desert Storm Records label. 

How the stars led him to cross paths with the acclaimed DJ Clue – the stars indeed conspired in DJ Envy’s favor.

DJ Envy Astrology Birth Chart

But of course, a Virgo’s talent rarely seems to go unnoticed

From then on, DJ Envy began mixing on Hot 97. He was only there once a month when Angie Martinez on the station was on maternity leave. But, as fortunate as he is, DJ Envy was given a co-hosting job on the morning show on the same station.

This eventually opened new opportunities for him. He became the host of his weekly shows, namely: The People’s Mix, The People’s Choice Hit List, and The Hip Hop Nation. And, of course, he’s also one of The Breakfast Club’s power hosts. All these great careers highly augmented DJ Envy’s net worth.

DJ Envy Zodiac Sign Love Compatibility

Raashaun Casey and Gia Casey

DJ Envy Relationship
Source: thereal.com

As you may have known now, DJ Envy is known for a lot of things. But the other thing we haven’t mentioned yet is his role as a family man. 

On the streets, he’s DJ Envy – at home, he’s Raashaun Casey.

Raashaun Casey is an adoring husband of the gorgeous Gia Casey. He’s also a doting father of three daughters (Madison, London, and Brooklynn) and two sons (Logan and Jaxson).

Such a big family, I should say.

Raashaun and Gia seem to have a fairytale-like relationship. When Raashaun first met Gia, he knew she was the one. He was 15, while Gia was 16 at the time. Ever since high school, they were together and were married in 2001.

But, if you base it on the celestial heavens, Gia may seem to not be the most compatible partner for a Virgo. The best partners for DJ Envy could’ve been a Taurus, Cancer, Scorpion, or a Capricorn.

Yet, the couple seemed to work it out perfectly well – even those significant issues like cheating.

Hell yes, DJ Envy was caught by Gia Casey being unfaithful without even trying. She simply came across a blog revealing his husband’s mischief. DJ Envy was allegedly cheating with reality star Erica Mena.

When Virgos realize they messed up, they take action immediately to right their wrongs. That’s precisely how DJ envy redeemed himself. But somehow, all of his actions seemed to fail.

For his last attempt, he subtly apologized to his wife. He outed his apology to the public but not with details. It was Gia who read between the lines. And with the help of some friends, the couple worked and fixed their marriage in the end.

DJ Envy’s apology speaks a lot of a Virgo personality. As always, a Virgo apology always feels like a hug from the heart.

Amidst everything, the couple’s still together – that may be because a Virgo’s love works once their partner gives them all the love they need. What they need is to feel safe and vulnerable with their partner.

Other Virgo Celebrities:

  • Stephen King
  • Nick Jonas
  • Keanu Reeves
  • Blake Lively
  • Michael Jackson
  • Beyoncé
  • Cameron Diaz

Know More About DJ Zodiac Sign

Love lifeAll it takes to win a Virgo’s heart is to make them feel loved and reciprocated. But what it takes for a Virgo to mend a relationship is for them to realize it. And once that happens, they’ll do whatever it takes to bring their love back.
DJ Envy did try a different approach to fix their almost failing marriage with Gia. He saved it just in time from divorce. Lucky for him, an angel seemed to hear his on-air apology and delivered it to Gia.
CareerAs a radio personality, you have to be on all the time no matter what’s going on. His Virgo passion for music and business took him to the top of the world. With a tremendous amount of diligence and practice, he has become famous for his hosting, business, and other crafts. Until now, DJ Envy’s net worth keeps on overflowing with great opportunities.
FriendshipOn air, the hosts of The Breakfast Club indeed show genuine camaraderie. They seem to care for each other outside of it, treating one another as brothers and sisters. That’s what a Virgo friend does.
FamilyVirgos are amazing parents and lovers. Gia didn’t even expect nor see read signs of Raashuan cheating on her. They were on the brink of divorce. But thankfully, the couple managed to work.through their issues with faith. As Virgo parents, they’re sensible. And with him messing up, he comes to his senses and corrects his mistakes. He found a way to save his family from being broken.

How Compatible Are You With DJ Envy?

Virgos are most compatible with Taurus, Cancer, Scorpion, and Capricorn. Gia Casey, however, doesn’t belong to any of these zodiacs as she’s an Aquarius.

But at least she’s neither a Gemini or Sagittarius – the worst partners ever to deal with Virgos.

Do you know how they say Virgos are for stable relationships? Imagine the 15-year-old DJ Envy still happily in love with her beautiful wife. Virgo is compatible with other signs because of its good-natured personality. 

Gia and Raashaun have been together and seem to be together forever. They’ve been with each other from the lowest times until they become the wealthiest family today – through thick and thin literally.

A Virgo like DJ Envy is the epitome of everlasting love.

15 Facts About DJ Envy Zodiac Sign

DJ Envy Astrology Birth Chart
  1. Generosity is at the core of being a Virgo. 
  2. That service-oriented slash workhorse manager of yours? Probably a Virgo.
  3. If you want to get the job done quickly, team up with a Virgo as they’re single-mindedly focused and passionate at work. 
  4. Don’t pair up with a Virgo if you’re lazy as a sloth. Or else, you wouldn’t finish a thing until your Virgo partner thinks everything’s perfectly done.
  5. Virgos always try to make the world a perfect place that they often overlook the beauty of imperfections.
  6. Virgos are misunderstood creatures because of their expressionless and emotionless aura.
  7. One should never take a Virgo for granted. They’re the most loyal friends and will stay with you from your highs and lows.
  8. Yes, Virgos are loyal, gentle, and reliable friends. But as enemies? Nah, don’t even bother turning your back on a Virgo.
  9. Negative and insecure Virgos can make enemies almost as a hobby. 
  10. Never tell a Virgo your secrets! They may be just collecting juicy details and generating good gossip later on.
  11. Virgos tend to be overly critical, especially with themselves, and set such high standards.
  12. When you fail to meet a Virgo’s expectations or make a few mistakes, they become quite upset to the point of not understanding the purpose of what they’re doing.
  13. When Virgos commit a mistake, they can distance themselves. But once they realize it, they’ll make the most genuine apology to right their wrongs.
  14. Being an Earth sign, Virgos are humble persons even if they’re already on top of the world. 
  15. Virgos are almost infinitely patient. They are willing to wait and see the best in people and give them the benefit of the doubt.

Want to know if you have similar traits as DJ Envy? Check out this link! Enjoy!

10 Facts About DJ Envy Zodiac Sign Virgo You Should Know

How Similar Are You With DJ Envy?

DJ Envy embodies the earth sign Virgo. Contrary to his professional name, he’s not envious. He’s such a humble man and gives back to the people and community who molded him – particularly to Hampton’s University and especially to DJ Clue.

Of course, he won’t forget about his beautiful family.

Virgos tend to devote themselves to work and their passion. Good for DJ Envy as his work is his passion – from mixing music tracks to radio hosting and being a businessman.

Talent and their diligence to improve are what it takes for a Virgo to succeed.

Conclusion: Astrology Horoscope DJ Envy

As we finish unveiling DJ Envy’s stars, you may be surely, genuinely envious of him. The Queen’s boy had reached his stars. All the talent, the money, the people, and everything he has right now seems to be the best thing anyone could wish for on the stars. 

Don’t fret too much, though. Your stars will soon collide with another star who’ll unleash the greatness in you, too.

In the meantime, let DJ Envy and his successes inspire you to be the best you can be. Stream The Breakfast Club via iHeartRadio.com and iHeartRadio mobile app.

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