Meek Mill Net Worth & Earnings (2024)
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Meek Mill Net Worth

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Meek Mill Net Worth & Earnings: Robert Rihmeek Williams – AKA Meek Mill – is an entrepreneur, American rapper, songwriter, and producer. Thanks to his rising music career, Meek Mill’s net worth is a whopping $20 million.

And we’re really excited to bring you the details here in this article.

We’re going to keep you in the loop on:

  • How he made his fortune;
  • His shocking legal troubles;
  • His astounding car collection;
  • His most expensive watches and jewelry;

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It’s a fascinating career – my favorite part is when he donated his Rolls Royce for a charity event!

Hold on…

… as we begin in 3… 2… 1…

Who Is Meek Mill?

Early Life Meek Mill: Renowned rapper Meek Mill was born Robert Rihmeek Williams. He is a Taurus born on the 6th day of May 1987.

He grew up in South Philadelphia and began his career when he was just 21 years old.

Mill and his sister were brought up by their mother, as Meek’s father unfortunately, passed away when he was just 5 years old. 

After he was introduced to rap music by his uncle, DJ Grandmaster Nell, Meek joined rap battles and co-formed the rap group “The Bloodhoundz”.

This rap group created four mixtapes during the time it was active.

Besides rapping, he enjoys writing music, mixing songs, and producing them. He also started a YouTube channel under his name in 2011.

Who Is Meek Mill
Source: StubHub
Meek Mill’s Net Worth: $20 Million
Date of Birth: 06.05.87 Meek Mill is
36 years old
Gender: Male
Last Updated: 2024
Nationality: American
Relationship Status: In a Relationship
Children: 3
Profession: Professional Rapper

How Much Is Meek Mill Net Worth?

Many are curious about how much the infamous artist is worth.

Well, in this part, we’ll dig deeper into Meek Mill’s net worth.

Meek actually gained the public’s attention in 2011…

… all because of his YouTube channel and small concerts. 

At the time, the artist wasn’t worth much. But now, he’s already worth $20 million! 

Now, you may be wondering where all this money came from.

Apparently, according to reports, $13 million was added to Meek Mill’s net worth all from his concert tours alone since 2012.  

And if you sum up all of his successful album sales plus royalties from his music, he’s said to have received about $7 million worth of income from those alone. 

Aside from those, Meek’s YouTube channel (with a growing number of subscribers) is also gaining more than hundreds of thousands annually! 

Get that? Yup, a heck load of money!

In addition, his endorsement deals have also added to his booming wealth. Rumor has it – he earned $1 million from his contract with Adidas!

Isn’t that just great?

Now, it’s no surprise he’s earned millions of dollars from his brand partnerships too. 

As if that’s not enough, the hip-hop star also owns Dream Chasers Records. His own record label Imprint houses artists such as Omelly, Chino, Yung Bleu, Calboy, and Yung Ro.

YearNet Worth $
2016$12.8 Million
2017$13 Million
2018$14 Million
2019$15 Million
2020$20 Million

Career Earnings By Year

Fee Range: If you plan to invite the rapper to your event, Meek Mill’s fee range is around $75K-$149K, according to Celebrity Talent.

Business Ventures, Endorsements & Albums

Unlike other artists, Meek’s still new in the industry. However, he has already gained several endorsements with known brands.

And here are the brands he’s partnered with:

Puma, Monster Energy, Skull Candy, Amazon, Burger King, and Whataburger. 

These partnerships have added to his rising net worth, and we’re sure the “Going Bad” singer will have more in the future!

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Dreams and Nightmares

Mill’s debut album Dreams and Nightmares peaked the second spot on Billboard 200 in 2012.

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Dreams Worth More Than Money

Atlantic Records and Maybach Music Group Label produced Mill’s album Dreams Worth More Money in 2015.

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Wins & Losses

Maybach Music Group released Mill’s third studio album, Wins & Losses, in 2017.

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Mill’s 2018 album, Championships with 19 songs – topped the Billboard 200 on its release.



A drama movie about a teenager who moved to Philadelphia.

Check it out!

Free Meek

An Amazon Prime Video exclusive docuseries that shows Meek’s battle with the criminal justice system throughout the years.

Check it out!

Investments in Sports Retail

Aside from his album sales, royalties, concert earnings, and endorsements…

… he co-owns Lids, a sports apparel retailer in North America. The company sells limited-edition merchandise and hats. 

He invested in the largest sports clothing retailer in 2019. He even said it’s his friendship with fellow recording artist Jay-Z and Michael Rubin that inspired him to begin his investing journey.

Meek Mill Controversies & Litigation

Mill vs. Cosmopolitan Resort (2019)

In 2019, the Dream Chasers owner went to the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas to join a show. 

However, he was stopped and turned away…

… all because of his race.

Woah! Slow down; racist spotted.

The rapper wanted to bring the case to court, but the hotel representatives issued a public apology for what their staff did.

He accepted the apology and didn’t proceed with the lawsuit. 

Mill vs. People of Pennsylvania (2008-2019)

In case you didn’t know…

… the rapper went in and out of prison because of drug dealing and illegal possession of firearms in 2008. 

He was imprisoned for a year and released, thanks in part to his parole.

Unfortunately, Mill served a few more months in prison in 2014 due to the “failure of reporting his travel plans.”

Petty? I don’t know. You be the judge!

Later on, the court sentenced to two to four years of imprisonment in 2017 – for his parole violations. 

2019 took a turn for the best for Meek Mill…

… as the courts overturned his drug conviction case after battling with it for ten years.

How Meek Mill Spends His Money

I’m sure you’re wondering…

… where did Meek Mill net worth of $20 million go? 

Well, the artist spends his money on luxury cars, watches, and jewelry. 

Discover more of his spending habits in this part of the article. 

Have fun!

Meek Mill’s Houses  

After a few years of hard work…

… Meek finally had the chance to buy his dream house!

To gush more on this, here are the photos of his two-story $3.2-million home in Atlanta.

Meek Mill Houses  
The photo above is the front of Meek Mill’s humble abode in Atlanta.

In 2020, the rapper shared some fantastic news with his fans.

First off, what news? Well, he’s now a father of two (his baby with Milan Harris)! 

Second? Hmm. Let me see. Oh yes, he finally bought his dream house. 

What a great way to start the year, Meek!

Now that we know what his home looks like from the outside…

… why don’t we take a look at the inside of his million-dollar mansion!

Meek Mill Houses  
The photo above shows Mill’s Atlanta home’s foyer.

As soon as you come inside the rapper’s home…

… you’ll immediately see how it boasts a classic black and white design, giving it an expensive and sleek look. 

Meek Mill Houses  

You’ve now arrived at Meek’s kitchen area…

It has a massive counter and a super clean kitchen just like the whole interior design of the house.

Meek Mill Houses  

The one above shows the gigantic bathroom situated in his master bedroom. 

Look at how spacious and elegant it is!

Meek Mill Houses  

Well, it’s not a multi-million-dollar home without the pool, right?

And boy, he made sure it’s not just any other pool!

His pool is surrounded by trees and plants, giving it some serene resort vibes.

What an addition to Meek Mill net worth, way to go, Meek Mill!

Meek Mill Cars

In case you didn’t know…

… Meek actually has an astonishing car collection.

He has eight luxury cars just sleeping in his garage.

The American rapper loves all his cars equally. That’s why many were surprised when he gave his 2018 Rolls Royce Ghost for the ‘All-In Challenge.’

Meek Mill Cars

Aside from his Rolls Royce, he also owns these expensive rides:

Meek Mill Cars
The Customized Mercedes-Maybach S600 of the South Philadelphia singer.

The car made headlines after rumors spread that Mill and rapper Nicki Minaj used it for their shoot with GQ. However, the former couple never gave any information about this matter.

Meek Mill Cars
His Aston Martin Rapide has customized Gold wheels.

Maybach Music Group’s artist had his Aston Martin custom-built with 24K gold plated Forgiato wheels. 

Yes, his wheels are made with real gold and cost $11,000!

Woah! That’s a lot of money!

Meek Mill Cars
The American musician had the attention of people when he posted a photo of himself with his Bentleys. (Left to right: Bentley Mulsanne and his White and Black Bentley Flying Spurs).

The American musician had the attention of people when he posted a photo of himself with his Bentleys. (Left to right: Bentley Mulsanne and his White and Black Bentley Flying Spurs) Photo  ⓒ SOHH/Instagram

As if that’s not enough…

… Meek also has two more Mercedes in his outrageous collection.

Meek Mill Cars
The singer flexed his Classic Mercedes S Class (left) and Mercedes G63 in his Instagram account.

Meek Mill Watches and Jewelry

It’s not surprising that he spends his hard-earned money on expensive watches for a guy who’s worth millions of dollars. 

I mean, a guy needs to look over his wrist heavily-laden with gold, right?

It’s because the singer treats them as an investment rather than a random pricey item in his closet. 

Anyway, here are some watches owned by the hip-hop star.  

Meek Mill Watches
Source: Man of Many

Meek with his Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Chronograph, which costs a whopping $62K.

Meek Mill Watches

Besides his Piguet, the rapper also owns two Rolex watches. 

The one above is his $68K watch – a custom-made Presidential Rolex with 23 carats of white diamonds.

Meek Mill Watches
Source: Nostalgic Express

His other Rolex is actually a gift from another rapper – Jay-Z. 

The two are close friends and are known supporters of each other throughout the years. 

The story behind the gift? Well, his Billionaire friend sent out a Daytona Rolex as an invite for the Shawn Carter Foundation Gala. 

What a way to invite a friend, if you ask me!

Now, we’re moving on to the rapper’s notable jewelry.

Meek Mill Jewelry
Source: Flickr

Just like other hip-hop stars, Meek is also fond of jewelry. And the one above is a memorable one, as it’s a chain necklace with late rappers’ pendants.

In 2019, he shared his photo of the custom-made diamond chain with the public.

Additionally, the piece of jewelry has images of his late friends – Snupe and Nipsey – who were both murdered at a young age.

It seems to me a lavish way of honoring a friend – but a very grand gesture at that. Can’t blame him, though.

Meek Mill Jewelry
Source: Flickr

We saved the best for last. 

Our last piece is…

… Meek’s $540K chain.

The chain boasts 250 carats of diamonds with a ‘Dream Chasers’ (his label’s name) pendant. 

Phew, that’s certainly a lot of cash for a simple chain to wrap around your neck!

Meek Mill’s Dirt Bike

Meek Mill Dirt Bike
Source: Wallpaper Access

Besides his fondness for expensive cars – he also loves dirt bikes! 

He has two of them and enjoys riding those babies from time to time. 

The first one is his Yamaha 450 bike (shown in the picture above), and his second is a Monster Bike (photographed below).

Meek Mill Dirt Bike

Mill said he and his friends bond through biking around the city.

Fun Facts About Meek Mill

  1. His uncle is a DJ in the 1980s, with the stage name ‘Grandmaster Nell.’ His uncle also introduced him to hip-hop.
  2. He used to rap using the pseudonym – Meek Millz.
  3. At 18 years old, a police officer beat and arrested the rapper for illegally possessing a firearm. 
  4. He dated Nicki Minaj in 2015. However, the two separated in 2017.
  5. He was supposedly going to move in with Nicki Minaj in a Beverly Hills home before their breakup.
  6. He and Jay-Z created the organization ‘REFORM Alliance Foundation’ right after his latest release from prison. The group aims to reduce unjustified arrests in the United States.
Mill Meeks Fact


In 2018, the rapper donated $10,000 for Philadelphia’s Youth Service Inc. to match the donation of San Francisco 49ers quarterback  – Colin Kaepernick. 

What’s interesting about this charitable act is the fact that Meek donated while he was in prison.

It seems like a massive slap on the face to the rich people who fail to donate!

The rapper continues to be involved and connected with what’s happening in his beloved hometown.  

Kudos to you, Meek!

The South Philadelphia singer did another philanthropic act in 2019 when he and his close friend, Michael Rubin, gave millions to several schools in Pennsylvania that year from Meek Mill net worth.

Lastly, in 2020…

… he donated his 2018 Rolls-Royce Phantom for the ‘All-In Challenge’ which aims to help out those affected by the coronavirus pandemic. 

His fans were shocked by his chosen donation as this car is one of the Maybach Music Group’s star favorites. 

Hey, with giving comes great sacrifice, right?

Good on you, Meek Mill! Keep at it.

5 Financial Lessons For Financial Freedom

  1. Meek believes one must work harder than anybody else to achieve success. 
  2. Another lesson from Mill is that you should know beforehand the mistakes you’ve made to avoid them in the future.
  3. Try investing in your brand from day one. He added that your brand is also your name, which means if you built it well, it would keep you moving. 
  4. Splurging is fine, but only when you have saved most of your money. 
  5. People won’t believe in your success unless they see it. So, work well and surprise them with your achievements.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Meek Mill A Millionaire?

Yes, he is a millionaire big thanks to his music career.

How did Meek Mill Get Rich?

He has various income streams that led to his millions – this includes his album sales, concerts, YouTube earnings, and endorsements.

What is Meek Mill Height?

He’s 188 centimeters tall.

What was Meek Mill worth in 2020?

Meek Mill net worth was $20 Million in 2020.

Summary: Meek Mill’s Net Worth


That’s it for this Meek Mill Net Worth article.

I’m confident you’ll agree with me when I say he had a great start to his career.

My biggest takeaway from this article is that no matter how many struggles he’s had, he never gave up.

But I also particularly loved how charitable he is.

I’m sure there’s a lot more we can learn both from his mistakes and his successes.

I hope you enjoyed this article – you might also want to check out Meek Mill’s Bounce Mojo Bio and the best memes of him at that’ll surely make you roll on the floor laughing.

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