Rick Ross Net Worth & Earnings (2024)
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Rick Ross Net Worth

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Rick Ross Net Worth & Earnings: William Leonard Roberts II AKA Rick Ross is an American rapper, songwriter, entrepreneur, and founder of record label Maybach Music Group – who has a net worth of $42 million.

Rick Ross has sold millions of albums and tens of millions of singles worldwide and is one of the 10 highest-paid rappers in the world. 

Rick is worth a whopping $42 million and today we’re going to be looking at how he made and spends his fortune:

  • Rick Ross Net Worth & Career Earnings;
  • How He Made His Money;
  • Record Deals And Music;
  • How He Spends His Money – Houses, Cars etc.


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Quick Overview: Rick Ross 

  • Net Worth: $42 Million
  • Date of Birth: January 28, 1976
  • Gender: Male
  • Relationship Status: Dej Gabrielle
  • Children: Toie Roberts, William Roberts III, Billion Leonard Roberts, Berkeley Hermes Roberts
  • Profession: Rapper
  • Nationality: African-American
  • Rick Ross Age: 48

  • Last Updated: 2024

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Rick Ross Overview

Rick Ross Net Worth

Here’s a look into how the net worth of Rick Ross has grown through time since 2000:

YearNet Worth $
2014$ 20 million
2016$ 35 million
2020$ 42 million
Rick Ross has a Net Worth of a gut-busting $ 42 million! – According to BounceMojo.com

Rick Ross Early Life

William Roberts II, also known as Rick Ross, is an American rapper born on the 28th of January, 1976 in Coahoma County, Mississippi.

Apart from being known as a rapper, he’s a songwriter (with a long string of albums to his name), producer, record executive, and CEO.

He has a lot of jobs.

No wonder Rick Ross’ net worth is a staggering $42 million.

Rick Ross Early Life

Ross has sold $millions worth of albums and tens of $millions worth of singles. Throughout his entire career, he’s been hailed as one of the ten highest-paid rappers in the world.

As a matter of fact, his total earnings have now reached circa $85 million.

Rick worked as a corrections officer for over 18 months and made his debut under the name Teflon Da Don.

He since switched to being called “Rick Ross” in the mid-2000s which was inspired by “Freeway” Rick Ross, an ex-drug lord.

He has four children whom he named after himelf-  William Leonard Roberts – Toie Roberts, William Roberts III, Berkeley Hermes Roberts, and Billion Leonard Roberts.

Rick Ross, being a self-proclaimed Christian, said, “I had told myself at one point no matter what I go through, I never question God.”

He went on to say that praying is part of his routine every time he goes on stage to perform.

Record Label, Restaurants, and Endorsements

Thanks to Rick Ross’ popularity in the rap world, in 2009, he was able to start his own record label that he named Maybach Music Group. The group went on to work with Meek Mill, Omarion, and Wale.

A good amount of his fortune comes from his Wingstop brand of restaurants. By 2016, his net worth had pumped up to $10 million.

Brands like mCog e-Cigarettes and Luc Belaire were among his endorsements.

Rick Ross Business

Rick Ross Earnings By Year

Rick Ross’ net worth is nothing short of astounding.

During Ross’ first few years, he had pretty decent earnings. His 2006 earnings from the ‘Port of Miami’ record sales reached a total of $800,000.

This was thanks to the 750,000 copies sold in the United States alone.

Rick Ross Net Worth

Then came 2008 and his earnings on the Trilla record sales reached $685,000 – having sold over 645,000 copies. Only a year after that, his total earnings from his ‘Deepr Than Rap’ album made him $465,000 richer.

His combined earnings from 2006 to 2009 reached over $6 million.

In 2010, he amassed a total of $5 million, $760,000 of which was from his estimated profit on the ‘Teflon Da Don’ record sales (724,000 copies sold).

A year later, he was a million dollars richer ($6 million).

By 2012, Rick’s total record sales on ‘God Forgives, I Don’t’ reached a total of $600,000.

Ross’ earnings for 2014 and 2015 were $7 million and $9 million.

Rick Ross Philanthropy

Rick is one to spend millions of dollars on luxurious things but he doesn’t hesitate to help charitable causes too.

In fact, Rick Ross’s charity, the Rick Ross Charities, Inc., has donated dozens of turkeys to Miami families during the Thanksgiving holiday.

William Leonard Roberts II doesn’t joke around when it comes to philanthropy.

Rick Ross Philanthropy

The charity’s aim is to inspire other hip-hop personalities to give back to the community.

Apart from his own charity, Ross also supports ‘The Children’s Trust’ and ‘The Urban League of Greater Miami.’ He’s also an advocate for at-risk or disadvantaged and the underprivileged youth.

In 2014, he opened his home (uhh…mansion) to underprivileged kids. He generously did this so the kids could enjoy all the amenities his gigantic mansion has to offer.

To say that Rick Ross loves kids is a huge understatement.

Rick Ross Philanthropy

How Rick Ross Spends His Money

The rap icon is just as equally lavish as he is charitable.

He’s spent millions of dollars on his “toys” but he also wouldn’t hesitate spending millions of dollars on the underprivileged.

His heart is as big as he is.

How Rick Ross Spends His Money

Rick Ross Houses

Considering Rick Ross’ net worth of over $40M, it’s not such of a surprise when he purchases a gigantic mansion that sits as part of a 54,000-foot estate. Rick Ross’ lovely Georgia home was acquired in 2016.

Ross’ mansion is nothing short of luxurious and lavish with a total number of 109 rooms, 12 of which are mainly bedrooms and 21 are bathrooms.

The 5.8-million-dollar home was originally owned by legendary boxer Evander Holyfield.

Of course, a mansion wouldn’t be a mansion without its own home theater, bowling alley, and a huge swimming pool.

Also within the 54,000-foot property are a baseball field, an indoor pool, a recording studio, a guest house, and (surprise) a separate boxing gym.

Rick Ross House

Rick Ross Cars

As if his amazing property wasn’t enough, he matched it with his eight luxury cars – BMW 760Li, Fisker Karma, Cadillac Escalada SUV, Bentley Continental Supersports, Rolls Royce Phantom, silver white Hummer H2, Mercedes-Benz CLS, and his favorite, the Maybach 57s.

Not only is he fond of four-wheeled rides, he’s also a fan of the Aprilia motorbike which he purchased for $35,000.

Rick Ross Cars

His fans have seen him drive and own luxury cars like his Porsche Carrera GT, Cadillac Escalade, Lamborghini Murcielago, Lexus LS 460 Sedan, and Mercedes S65. In addition to that, Woods’ also owns private yachts and a private jet.

Fun Facts

  1. Ross owns a vintage video game (Coleco to Xbox). He plays with these video games when he’s in the process of recording an album so as to de-stress himself.
  2. He got his very first tattoo at the age of 13. He has over 500 tattoos.
  3. His friends call him “Ricky Rozay” because of his love for champagne. Belaire is his favorite, which is why he signed a deal with the brand.
  4. He is a devout Christian who always prays at night. According to a source, his favorite Bible verse is Psalms 27:1-4.
  5. While Ross’ real name is William Roberts, Meek Mill’s is Robert Williams.
  6. He owns one of the largest residential pools in the U.S.
  7. Rapper Ross is a huge Adele fan since the female singer released his album “21.” This was the reason why Ross went on to do a remix of the singer’s “Hello.”
  8. Ross was born in Carol City, Miami. Carol City was a big influence on his life and career. He is quoted as saying “My last name should be Carol City”.
  9. Ross’ Guilty Plea in Cincinnati – Ross was sentenced to 121 months in prison and was released with supervision for three years – for drug conspiracy.

  10. Rapper Rick worked as a correctional officer for 18 months from December 1995, until his resignation in 1997.

5 Lessons From Rick Ross

  1. Learn about the importance of saving. Now this may be a bit cliche but it resonates with everyone. The moment Ross first signed a record deal, he didn’t do anything. He didn’t spend. He didn’t splurge. The cars and mansion that he has now were non-existent then. He had a lot bigger plans than met the eye. He went on to say, “Where I was from, getting money, talking about homes and being an entrepreneur – that really wasn’t the priority in Miami.”
  2. Stick to what you do best. It was a while until Rick Ross splurged on his luxuries. So when he finally did spend a lot, he decided it would be on property. “Real estate was always my go-to thing. I’m one of them dudes quick to say I’m not into what I can’t see,” he said. He went on to add that he owes this passion to his mom.
  3. “Every day is a new opportunity to reach that goal.” Treat your goal as if it’s your most sought-after reward after a long strenuous marathon. Every lap has obstacles that you need to overcome or jump over. That was Ross’s mantra that’s why he’s so successful.
  4. “Every boss started as a worker.” Just as much as every leader started as a follower, every CEO may have started as a regular employee. Any teacher started with being a student. One doesn’t immediately reach great heights in just a snap of the finger.
  5. “You gotta judge a man by his principles.” Who you are is defined by the kind of character you have. And your character is solely based on your principles in life.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Why is Rick Ross so rich?

Thanks to the success of his music career, Rick Ross’s wealth has come from a combination of record sales, performances, and his work as a record executive – According to BounceMojo.com

How much is Rick Ross worth?

Rick Ross has a Net Worth of a gut-busting $42 million! – According to BounceMojo.com

How did Rick Ross lose weight?

Rick Ross shed nearly 100 pounds in seven months by eating healthier foods and embracing a high-intensity workout plan. 

Summary: Rick Ross Net Worth & Earnings

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