20+ Best Rick Ross Jokes [FUNNIEST COLLECTION] 2024

Rick Ross Jokes

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Rick Ross Jokes:  William Leonard Roberts II, known as Rick Ross, is an American songwriter, rapper, entrepreneur, and record producer.

Today we have a treat for you with these laugh-out-loud jokes.

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Rick Ross Jokes

1. “Rick Ross was on my flight today. Or there was just a guy in first class who looks very unhealthy.” – Steve Hofstetter

2. “FOR THE LAST TIME, NO I AM NOT RICK ROSS!!!!!!!!!” – Robert Punchur

4. “Rick Ross got his face tattooed? Wow, good luck getting a real job now.” – Josh Levesque

Rick Ross Jokes

5. “I assume the victim in Rick Ross’s assault/ kidnapping charge was a large box of Krispy Kreme doughnuts.” – Christopher Barnes

6. “At the VMAs earlier this week, Rick Ross and Pepa presented the best Hip Hop performance. *Or, as my Grandma calls them, “Denzel and Oprah.” – @Meatblankett

7. “50 Cent said Diddy and Rick Ross are lovers. That’s about as dumb as making up a story about getting shot nine times.” – Lee Mays

8. “Reebok’s decision to drop Rick Ross inspires a return to the essential themes that define hip hop, like selling drugs and murdering people.” – Johan Miranda

Rick Ross Jokes


11. “Dear Rick Ross, Please stop taking your shirt off in all your music videos. You clearly have nothing to show off. Thank you.” – JG Echols

12. “Rick Ross runs up a flight of stairs before every song he records. That’s why he’s always out of breath. HUUUH! #HipHop #RickyRoss” – Josh Carter

Rick Ross Jokes

13. “Sometimes you just gotta get that Rick Ross in ya soul.” – Rome Dailey

14. “Everyone focused on Hardy past 24 hours…how about Rick Ross as Game Day celebrity picker? Was Uncle Jack from Breaking Bad not available?” – Bill Becker

15. “Can someone photoshop Rick Ross face onto the picture of the new Hamburglar?” – heykyleharris

16. “Rick Ross sounds like he records his songs in a studio where he has to walk up 4 flights of stairs HUH!” – Josh Carter

Rick Ross Jokes

17. “Authorities confirm Suge Knight was shot and not Rick Ross, the currently relevant big bearded rap guy.” – Adam Nobler

18. “The day Rick Ross dives into the crowd…is the day we find out who his “true” fans are.” – CshoChilala

19. “Upcoming artists with 9MB as first track…I beg you, did you feature Rickross? Just stay underground because Data is Expensive thanks to Airtel.” – CshoChilala

20. “Still waiting on Rick Ross to rap about the NSA spying on him as he’s whipping work.” – Johan Miranda

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