20+ Best Tyler Perry Jokes [FUNNIEST COLLECTION] 2024

Tyler Perry Jokes

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Tyler Perry Jokes: Tyler Perry is an American actor, writer, producer, the highest-paid man in entertainment, and today we have a treat for you with these laugh out loud jokes.

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In this article, we have the Top 20+ Tyler Perry jokes 2024 that will brighten everyone’s day.

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Tyler Perry Jokes

1. “Tyler Perry is expecting a child. If it’s a girl, he’ll call it Madea. If it’s a boy, he’ll call it Madea and force it to dress as a girl.” – Warren Holstein

2. “Tyler Perry Presents: A Christmas Story #RuinAChristmasMovie @midnight” – Tommy Campbell

3. “Let’s all just be thankful that Tyler Perry will never produce Madea Goes to the Academy Awards.” – Warren Holstein

4. “Steve Harvey is really just Tyler Perry without the dress.” – Warren Holstein

Tyler Perry Jokes
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5. “Roger Goodell modifies his previous statement on not seeing the Ray Rice video. “I thought it was a Tyler Perry movie.” @absrdNEWS” – Michael Blackman

6. “The next James Bond film will be directed by Tyler Perry. It’s called ‘From Yo Mamma’s With a Golden Cap In Yo’ A*s.’” – Tommy Campbell

7. “Tyler Perry just made every country fan at the CMA’s stand with his speech. Watch out for his new movie ‘Madea Goes to Nashville.’” – Dan LaMorte

8. “Tyler Perry wears more dresses than Hilary Clinton does.” – Lee Mays

Tyler Perry Jokes
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9. “Gwyneth Paltrow and Katherine Heigl to co-star in remake of Tyler Perry presents “Diary of Entitled White Women.” @absrdNEWS” – Michael Blackman

11. “People might show some interest in the thing if they called it Tyler Perry’s A Madea Mueller Report.” – Bob Phillips

12. “If they’re going to make a “Three’s Company” movie, at least cast Tyler Perry as the straight guy who pretends to be gay.” – Lee Mays

Tyler Perry Jokes

13. “Tyler Perry gives a woman a van after hers is stolen. Woman turns out to be Tyler Perry.” – Warren Holstein

14. “#IfICouldTimeTravel I’d go back in time & convince Tyler Perry to be an accountant. @midnight” – Jeff Dwoskin

15. “#RachelDolezal, I also identify myself as black. Why? I’ve seen over 3 Tyler Perry movies.” – Erik Bransteen

16. “Oprah Winfrey’s network signs deal with Tyler Perry. And so the seventh seal has been broken.” – Warren Holstein

Tyler Perry Jokes

17. “Man accidentally shot himself in a packed movie theater. Police determined it was an accident when they saw it wasn’t a Tyler Perry movie.” – Adam Wolf

18. Vicki Lawrence’s Mama was the original Tyler Perry’s Madea.” – Adam Wolf

19. “The new Tyler Perry movie… #RejectedMovieTags” – Jonathan Palmer

Tyler Perry Jokes

20. “#IfIOnlyHad24HoursIWould make it seem like an eternity by watching ‘Tyler Perry’s House of Payne.’” – Chris Rogers

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