20 Best Rick Ross Memes (2020)

By Ryan Williams
Rick Ross Memes
18 September 2020
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In this article, I’ll show you 20 memes of our favorite badass rapper William Leonard Roberts II – aka – the one and only Rick Ross – that’ll surely make you laugh out loud.


Let’s get started bud…

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1. Before Thanksgiving & After Thanksgiving

Rick Ross Meme


It’ll soon be Thanksgiving season again, and I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that I’ll be looking nearly as stout as Rick Ross come November.


2What it feels like to remove your bra after a long day

Rick Ross Meme


Every day feels like a mission just to keep the thing on all day. 

Most of us just wait for the end of the day so we can finally unhook these crazy cups.

3. Flirting in your 30’s like

Rick Ross Meme

Well, I might get backlash for this but I’m pretty sure any guy who’s ever reached 30 needs a little brushing up on their flirting skills.

Peace out man!

I mean, 30 is the new 20, right?…


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4. 50-something men sliding into girls’ messages like

Rick Ross Meme

Raise your hand if you thought never going to work again was gonna be fun…


Even the dog wanted us to go back in the end…

5. When they finally announce that quarantine is over

Rick Ross Meme

When they finally announce that quarantine is over

6. Me when I finally feel the winter breeze

Rick Ross Meme

Waiting for winter?.

Is your fur coat ready? 

Are your gloves ready?

Love summer, but I do like the change in season – which means you can wrap up snug and warm.

7. When you told her you’re asleep at home but then you bump into her at the bar

Rick Ross Meme

…its called red-handed and it ain’t fun…


8. Did somebody say chicken?!

Rick Ross Meme

Wide eyes. 

Toothy grin. 

Ear-to-ear smile.

Who can resist?

How do you like yours?

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9. When she looks through your phone but you already deleted everything

Rick Ross Meme

Yeah girl – you ain’t gonna find it.

Scroll away… it’s gone.

I don’t clean much – but I do clean my internet history.


10. My face when my mom forces me to wear a helmet that barely fits my face

Rick Ross Meme

Chubby cheeks squished up, brain ache.

I feel you, Rick. I feel you.

11. Here’s Rick Ross having a bigger chest than most girls

Rick Ross Meme

I have friends who would be jealous of a rack that size.

And maybe even the mini-me bling…


12. Looking at my belly and regretting all the 489 nuggets I just ate

Rick Ross Meme

Doesn’t have to be nuggets, man.

Momma used to call it having eyes bigger than your belly!

It’s only half an hour later you realise you coulda held back a bit…

Too late by then though, damage is done.

13. When they tell you to smile for the 100th time but you’re hungry AF

Rick Ross Meme

We’ve all been there – hungry AF and not wanting to deal with the crap.

Hey, you got a memeable face there, Rick – and we love it.


Rick Ross has a Net Worth $40 Million according to Bouncemojo.com”

14. When you already drank 5 shots of black coffee but still sleepy

Rick Ross Meme

When the coffee’s not enough…

Bring on the Red Bull…

15. When you cut your bangs but instantly regret it afterwards

Rick Ross Meme


The aftermath of the quarantine haircut.

Only upside was you weren’t going anywhere anytime soon.


16. Rick Ross looks like Sid from Ice Age

Rick Ross Meme

Hey, Sid, how are things in the Atlantic?


17. Skinny Rick Ross or sleepy Rick Ross?

Rick Ross Meme


A little bit of both?

We can’t choose either way – whaddya think?

18. Looking at the waiter making his way to my table

Rick Ross Meme

Oh, yeah baby, come to Papa…

Taste buds are jangling…

19. Here’s how you show off your ring the Rick Ross way

Rick Ross Meme

Subtle AF?

I mean how many carats?

Fun though…

20. Seeing the waiter on his way to my table but walks past me…


Rick Ross Meme

Waited hours.





Conclusion: Rick Ross Meme

There you have it, folks. 

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