Larry David Astrology Birth Chart
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Larry David Zodiac Sign

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Astrology time!

Larry David Astrology Birth Chart, Horoscope, and Zodiac Sign…

So, if you’re interested in what the stars of this fantastic American comedian and TV producer say about Larry David, this post is the perfect one for you!

We’ll also be chit-chatting about his:

  • Relationships, career, friendships;
  • Compatibility with other signs;
  • Some interesting facts about Cancerians;
  • And lots more…

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What is Larry David Astrology Birth Chart?

The photo above shows Larry David’s birth chart. It reflects all the celestial bodies in the sky when and where the said American actor was born.

To begin with…

Larry David was born on July 4, 1947, in Brooklyn, New York City, United States.

Given this information, the birth chart calculates the birthday, the time, and the place of birth.

And then…

Larry David Astrology Birth Chart, Horoscope

… the chart will show information about the planets’ relationships to signs, the aspects, and many more!

Larry David’s natal chart – just like all the other birth charts – shows all the Rising Signs, Planets, the Sun, Moon, the Houses, and many more!

Want to know the best part?

Each planet and heavenly body on his birth chart is related to each other. This relationship is what we call Aspects. It contains the planetary position concerning his zodiac sign as it orbits (orb) around the center (which is Earth). 

The list below contains the aspects according to the American actor’s natal chart:

  • Saturn Sextile Neptune orb: 0 °
  • Moon Sextile Chiron orb: 1 °
  • Sun Square Neptune orb: 1 °
  • Mars Conjunction North Node orb: 1 °
  • Neptune Sextile Pluto orb: 3 °
  • Mercury Sextile North Node orb: 3 °
  • Saturn Conjunction Pluto orb: 3 °
  • Mercury Sextile Mars orb: 4 °
  • Mercury Square Chiron orb: 5 °
  • Saturn Square Chiron orb: 6 °
  • Mars Trine Neptune orb: 7 °
  • Sun Trine Chiron orb: 7 °
  • Moon Opposition Uranus orb: 8 °
  • Sun Opposition Moon orb: 8 °
  • Sun Trine Jupiter orb: 8 °
  • Moon In conjunction Mars: orb 2°14′
  • Saturn Sem• Sun Square Neptune Orb 2°00′
  • Jupiter Square Pluto orb: 6 °
  • Moon Square Neptune Orb 4°38′
  • Venus SemiSquare Saturn: orb 0°10′
Larry David Zodiac Sign

Interested about how these aspects, orb, and rising signs affect the personality of Larry David?

Well, Bounce Mojo will lead you to your desire… 

Scroll on.

Since Larry David was born on July 2, 1947, his birth chart shows that his Sun sign is Cancer, of course. People born under this sun sign are great leaders who value honor and dignity. 

Aside from that…

… the natal chart of Larry David shows that those who have the same sign as him are big thinkers. This means they’re optimistic and imaginative. These traits could often lead to a successful relationship and great success.

Not only that…

… since Cancerians’ predominant nature belongs under the water sign, the natal chart shows that those under this sign have high sensitivity towards everything.

Larry David – according to the co-producer of his series called Curb Your Enthusiasm, Jeff Schaffer – is sensitive. 

“There’s a difference between insults for comedy and just being plain insulting. Larry is sensitive,” Schaffer said. 

Truly, these signs let their emotions take place in each course of their daily lives.

On the other hand…

… if we talk about Larry David’s ambitious personality, his Moon in Capricorn is responsible for that. The birth chart says that natives with a Capricorn moon are said to be hungry for success. 

They always have a sharp mind and are still eager to master their craft since they’re always full of ambition.

We’re not through yet…

Those that belong under this moon are self-sufficient and often prefer applied knowledge rather than knowledge in theory. 

Which means…

… these moon natives are often found in performing industries!

No wonder Lawrence Gene David chose the spotlight rather than his History degree.

Interested in more? Here we go…

Larry David – before becoming one of the famous people in the industry today – has worked different jobs and met various people in his lifetime.

And in whatever he does, this then-rising American actor always finds a way to adapt to change. His Mercury in Cancer can attest to that. 

According to the natal chart, these Mercury natives in Cancer adapt to several kinds of situations like a chameleon!!

But that’s not all…

Larry David Astrology Birth Chart, Horoscope

Mercury in Cancer natives have an excellent memory and a poetic mind and usually thrive as educators – authors of some sort. This explains why Larry David has made great films and series with his rich imagination and fantastic writing skills.

I mean, appearing on shows such as New York Stories, creating series such as Curb Your Enthusiasm, and co-producing Seinfeld wouldn’t gain so much recognition as Primetime Emmy Awards nominee if Larry David himself has no creative juice flowing all over his body, right? 

It gets better…

The fun and charismatic side of Larry David is influenced by his Venus in Gemini. According to the natal chart, natives whose Venus is in Gemini are charming and amusing. People born on Mars in Gemini often steal the spotlight when they talk because aside from the fact that they’re charismatic, they are also entertaining.

We don’t stop here yet… 

His birth chart reveals his Mars in Gemini are masters of their own crafts in every aspect of life. And natives whose Mars is in Gemini are creative people like no other. They tend to stand out because of their sharp mind, determined personality, and dynamic thinking. 

No wonder…

… Lawrence Gene David became one of the famous people who became outstanding on the path he chose to take, attracting so much success in everything he does! His Mars in Gemini is responsible. 

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What is Larry David Zodiac Sign?

Larry David Astrology Birth Chart, Horoscope

Since Larry David was born on July 2, 1947, his sun sign is Cancer, with a Chinese Zodiac of Fire-Pig.

Those that belong under this sign are known to trust their intuitions more than anything. They’re also very imaginative people, which makes them great writers and artists. 

No wonder Larry David became such an outstanding celebrity!


… Cancerians tend to protect and sympathize with the people around them, especially their loved ones. They’re very loving and let their emotions take control of everything they do.


… them being emotional could sometimes take the wrong route.

Their sensitivity to many things can lead them to overanalyze situations and make decisions without even thinking about the consequences.

So, if your birthday happens to fall under this sign, always remember to think before you jump.

Sense over sensibility, okay?

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What Does Larry Zodiac Sign Mean?

Larry David Zodiac Sign

To start with… 

Larry David, born July 2, 1947, has embodied the traits of a true Cancerian!

Aside from the enthusiastic personality of the said American actor and comedian, Lawrence Gene is also determined and passionate in everything he does.

Aside from that…

… this American writer also has a sharp mind. Just like most Cancerians, the comedian just seems to radiate creativity in all ways. His mind just overflows with so much imagination, enabling him to write stories that remarkably stick to his audience. 


… Lawrence Gene David is also a sensitive person. There was a time when he was still working as a stand-up comedian. When he entered the stadium, Larry David felt that the people’s energy didn’t seem to match his. So, this American comedian left the stage and didn’t even perform any acts!

I mean, if that doesn’t count as sensitive, then I don’t know what is.

So much for that… 

Let me tell you that although people born in July are sensitive, they’re very sympathetic and are really loyal, especially when it comes to the people they genuinely care about.

Aside from the truth that most people born in July love art and are homebodies, revealing their personal life is also not their cup of tea.

Larry David is like this as well. He tends to make his relationships private as much as possible.

What Does Larry Zodiac Sign Tell Us About Him?

Do you want to know why Larry David is truly a Cancerian?

Let’s find out…

Aside from the fact that the great he has strong will and determination, this Cancerian also possesses creativity when directing and producing.

The TV series Seinfeld, which he co-produced with Jerry Seinfeld, has won two Primetime Emmy Awards.

On the other hand…

… the series Curb Your Enthusiasm, which Larry David also produced and directed, also became an audience magnet due to its entertaining creativity. Because of this, the series has been nominated for more or less 38 Primetime Emmy Awards. 

Can you beat that? I bet not.


… this American comedian has had humble beginnings.

Before he became one of the famous people well-known for his acts, he worked several countless jobs to pay for his bills while juggling acting classes on the side!

Cancerians are like this. Aside from possessing significant adaptability towards situations, they never let anything – nor anyone – hinder their dreams. That’s the reason why most Cancerians are successful in life and thrive in whatever they set their minds on.

As a Cancerian himself, Larry David, as we know, has been in the spotlight for so long, with his name still relevant until this day and age.

Wanna know more about the American actor Larry David’s relationship?

Tune in! That’s what we’ll talk about next!

Interesting Facts about Cancer

Larry David Astrology Birth Chart, Horoscope

The Chameleons

Cancerians are one of the most flexible zodiac signs there is! They can blend in every situation just like a chameleon.

The Sky Wouldn’t Be a Limit

When Cancerians start to decide on something, they won’t stop until they achieve it. And when they do, they’ll seek more fields in which they can grow and prosper. 

Love To Please You

People whose date of birth falls under this zodiac sign are born entertainers. They draw attention on stage because they have a light personality.

The Dreamers

Cancerians never stop dreaming for themselves. If your birthday falls under this water sign, you’re drawn to writing and directing – just like Larry David who’s turned his imagination into reality by creating wonderful series such as Seinfeld, Curb Your Enthusiasm, and more. 

No Hard Love, Please!

Those people whose date of birth belongs to Cancer craves only easy love. Once they lose all emotional attachment and feel like the relationship is already hard to deal with, they’ll dead-ass make an exit, honey.

I Plan It, I Got It

Cancerians have a very strong-willed character. There’s not one person in the world that can stop them from achieving what they want the most. If they want it, they’ll surely have it. So if your natal chart shows that your sun sign is Cancer, always remember that you’re unstoppable!

Oozing with Creativity

In relation to Cancers being imaginative, these water signs have a full-tank of creative juices inside their body – be it in writing, producing, or storytelling. 

Home is Where My Shell is

If your date of birth belongs to the water sign Cancer, you’re most probably a homebody, which means you prefer staying at home than going out.

Witty Crabbies

Cancerians are sharp-minded people. If your birthday falls under this sign, you’re most probably a master of your own craft.

Cancer is the fourth sign of the zodiac and is represented by the Crab. They’re primarily known for being emotional, nurturing, and highly intuitive, as well as sensitive and at times insecure.

Larry David’s Zodiac Sign Love Compatibility

Cancers value feelings as the most essential part of the relationship since they’re very emotional people. 

Aside from that, people born under this sign are gentle and caring individuals. They always check up on their loved ones and never compromise the feelings of others because these are important to them as well.

One thing you need to know about Cancers, though, is that…

… they’re picky about their partners. They tend to choose an individual who’s trustworthy and can understand them. 

Cancers are dreamers – and picking someone who understands their goals and supports their ambitions is what they crave most in a relationship.

One thing to take note of, though…

If you’re dating a Cancer, don’t ever take your partner’s feelings for granted. If you do, you’ll be in a whole lot of trouble as they’ll show you how incompatible you are with each other.

But unless that happens, Cancers are the most compassionate partners you could ever have. Also, they tend to keep their love life private.

So, if you’re down for a lowkey relationship, Cancerians are the way to go.

Larry David and Ashley Underwood

Larry David Astrology Birth Chart, Horoscope

Larry David, as a Cancerian himself, is a lowkey lover as well. On October 7, 2020, this American actor secretly married his girlfriend of 3 years, Ashley Underwood. 

The said actor was formerly married to Laurie David, and they had two daughters together, namely Cazzie and Romy (birth date is March 2, 1996).

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Other Cancer Celebrities

Aside from Larry David. here are some famous people sharing the same sign as him:

  • Lana Del Ray
  • Ariana Grande
  • Khloe Kardashian
  • Chris Pratt
  • Margot Robbie
  • Tom Cruise
  • Lindsay Lohan
  • Jaden Smith
  • Benedict Cumberbatch
  • Selena Gomez

Know More About the Cancer Zodiac Sign

Love lifeCancerians are said to be most compatible with Taurus, Virgo, Leo, and Scorpio. The compatibility charts show that Taurus, Leo, and Cancer share a common desire for attaining stability and security in life. On the other hand… the outgoing character of Leos and Scorpios and the caring nature of Virgos show they could go well with Cancerians. In line with this…Larry David was first married to Laurie David, whose birthday is March 22, 1958. This means that Laurie David is an Aries.
CareerA Cancer’s work ethic is like no other. In this day and age where tasks are given here and there, Cancerians are first in line to finish their work. And because of this… the money will always be with them at all times. Due to their resourcefulness and hard work, Cancerians indeed flourish in everything they do. The American actor Larry David is indeed a Cancer. Wanna know why?
That’s because he’s created a masterpiece in the field he chose, which is the spotlight.
Larry David also worked with Jerry Seinfeld (whose date of birth is April 29, 1954) a Taurus! 
And as they say about Taurus and Cancerians working together…
FriendshipIf your date of birth belongs to the sun sign Cancer, you’re probably compassionate and sensitive to the friends you choose to connect with.
The compatibility charts show that in terms of friendship, Geminis and Cancers work well together because these signs both share humor and intellect in all aspects.
Here’s the kicker... Jeff Garlin is one of Larry David’s best friends. This actor and comedian is a Gemini because his date of birth is June 5, 1962.
FamilyCancerians, in terms of family, are sentimental. As parents, these signs show care and love for their children even when they’re miles apart.
Larry David, as a father, never turned his back on his children even though he and his first wife got divorced. 
Not only that…The American actor has always been respectful of his kids’ privacy and always wants them to find what they’re truly.
Larry David Astrology Birth Chart, Horoscope
Source: palipost.com

How Compatible Are You With Larry David?

Are you wondering whether you’re compatible with the American writer Larry David or not?

If you do, then let’s find out!

To begin with, since Larry David was born on July 4, his sun sign is Cancer while his moon sign is Capricorn.

And as his birth chart says...… Larry David blends best to sun signs Gemini, Taurus, Virgo, Pisces, Leo, and Scorpio since these signs are said to give the emotional affirmation a Cancerian needs.

If your birthday falls under those signs, good for you!

You and Larry David work well together!

On the other hand…

… the American comedian was married twice in his life.

Larry David was first married to Laurie David, an Aries, Their relationship ended in a divorce 14 years later, despite having two daughters. 

And in the year 2020, Larry David tied the knot with his girlfriend of 3 years, Ashley Underwood, who’s an Aquarius.

And you know what the compatibility chart says about these two sun signs together?

It’s that they’ll somehow have a hard time dealing with their differences.

But, as they say…

… love conquers all – even when the compatibility chart says otherwise!

How Similar Are You With Larry David?

Larry David Zodiac Sign

Does your birth chart say you have a sun sign, moon sign, or aspects similar to Larry David?

If you do, then you might be similar to him at some point.

Cancerians are sometimes hard to approach because they tend to shut themselves off especially to people they just met.


… if you finally get to know them, they’re the most compassionate and caring people you’ll ever meet in life.

No wonder Larry David, although a superstar, has remained private about most of his activities and has kept few close friends he can dearly trust.

Not only that…

… Larry David has always been a dreamer and a master of his craft, just like all Cancerians do. If not, he won’t flourish in the city of dreams, New York City, United States, as one of the famous comedians of all time.

Hold on, we’re not through yet!

The astrology chart says Cancerians are very imaginative people. 

And because of this…

… they make amazing stories and visuals they created inside their heads.

I mean, Larry David has been on many several shows and has also produced series that remained relevant in televisions of Brooklyn, New York, City, United States.

Larry David is a truly remarkable Cancerian!

10 Facts About Larry David Zodiac Sign

Larry David Facts
  1. Cancerians are faithful, especially to their loved ones.
  2. Cancerians are committed to what they do.
  3. Cancerians are more comfortable when they stay at home rather than go out.
  4. Cancerians are sharp-minded people. They always master whatever career they choose.
  5. Cancerians are imaginative. They turn their visions into reality.
  6. Cancerians are very sensitive. They always feel the energy around them.
  7. Cancerians prefer practical knowledge to theoretical ones, which means they’re more seen on stage rather than in offices. 
  8. Cancerians are very compassionate people. They make sure nobody feels left out.
  9. Most times, Cancerians are very hard to approach. But when you get to know them, they’re the best person you’ll ever have in your life.
  10.  Cancerians respect people’s privacy as much as they want people to respect theirs.
10 Facts About Larry David Zodiac Sign Cancer You Should Know

What is Larry David Birth Stone?

Coming from the Latin word “ruber,” the name Ruby means “red.” Due to the element Chromium, rubies appear deep red with a hint of purple on the side. 

In ancient India, rubies are regarded as the king of gems due to their color, hardness, and so-called “mystical powers.”

Hold on, it gets better.

For centuries, ancient warriors believe rubies have made them invincible during battles. Aside from that, it’s also claimed that these gems could predict misfortune, danger, or even cure inflammatory diseases.

Larry David Birth Stone

And now you’re probably wondering…

… what does this birthstone bring for July babies?

Well, the stone ruby represents love and passion, as well as success and energy. These stones are also believed to bestow health, wealth, and wisdom to anyone who owns them.

This leads us to believe…

… those dates of birth that fall under July are not only passionate but are also full of wisdom that may lead to their success in all aspects of life.

No wonder Larry David became what he is now – an established actor, writer, and comedian. This TV producer is a July baby!

Interested to know about what the birth chart says about our very own Larry David?

Oh, you are? Perfect! We’re going to talk about that next!

Conclusion: Larry David Astrology Birth Chart & Zodiac Sign

These Crabs are indeed born dreamers – they always reach for the sky. 

But even so, Cancerians also need someone to humble them down and hold their hand. Indeed, these signs are not as complex to take care of as other signs.

Just a little bit of compassion and sensitivity, and you’re good to go!

Larry David has indeed reached his dreams but still remained humble as ever.

Truly one of the Crabs out there!

If you’re interested to know more about other celebrities’ zodiac signs, then don’t forget to check BounceMojo.com and enjoy reading ‘til your cookies ran out.

And always remember…

Put the Bounce in Your Mojo Today!

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