The Weeknd Astrology Birth Chart
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The Weeknd Zodiac Sign

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The Weeknd Astrology Birth Chart, Horoscope and Birthstone: Dark and alluring.

The world hasn’t moved on from The Weeknd’s dark mystique just yet.

This creative singer and songwriter had us all in the palm of his hands by posting cryptic messages and images before debuting his songs.

But, you’d be surprised…

Fans might be wondering what’s in it for the intriguing artist. 

Turns out, The Weeknd’s zodiac sign isn’t so dark, after all.

Stick with us as we divulge all the juicy details on:

  • Who The Weeknd is
  • What his zodiac sign is
  • His antics and quirks that’s true with other zodiac signs
  • And so much more…

Ready for the weekend? I am too. Let’s begin, shall we?

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 Who is The Weeknd?

The Weeknd Zodiac Sign

The Weeknd was born on February 16, 1990, in Toronto, Ontario Canada as Abel Makkonen Tesfaye.

Turns out, he was born on a Friday and not on a weekend – yes, I looked it up! Why he calls himself “The Weeknd,” we’ll never really know.

He’s a Canadian singer, songwriter, and record producer.

The world was first blessed with his creative genius sometime in late 2010 when he posted anonymous songs on YouTube under the name The Weeknd.

And there’s more…

He piqued the crowd’s interest when he also followed that up with cryptic posts and photos on different social media platforms. People were starting to speculate whether he was a male, a female, or a group…

… or even artificial intelligence!

Smart move. 

Throughout 2011, The Weeknd released 3 nine-track mixtapes, namely: House of Balloons, Thursday, and Echoes of Silence, all of which are critically acclaimed. 

He built an interesting online presence by releasing even more free mixtapes while being unsigned and independent for 2 years before signing with Republic Records. 

In September of 2020, Abel signed with Republic Records in a joint venture with his own imprint, XO. The compilation album for his mixtapes titled Trilogy charted at #4 in the U.S. Billboard 200 and #5 on the Canadian Album chart. 

The Weeknd has since released 4 albums and all of them are bestsellers, gaining him 3 Grammy awards and 8 BMAs among many other trophies.

Abel has sold over $70 million from his albums in the US alone, and he’s not done yet!

You might be wondering…

The Weeknd’s lyrics are often deeply personal and deal with subject matters such as sex, drugs, and partying. 

Most of The Weeknd’s romances are public and high-profile. He had an on-and-off relationship with model Gigi Hadid and a short lived live-in relationship with singer Selena Gomez.

 Birth Chart for The Weeknd

The Weeknd’s birth chart reflects all the celestial bodies in the sky when and where he was born.

The designation of the houses is centered around The Weeknd’s birth time and starts with the rising sign (seen as a pink-colored line from the graphic’s center to the left. It continues anti-clockwise. 

Although Abel Tesfaye’s time of birth is unknown, all his major planetary placements can be studied. 

Here’s the kicker…

The Weeknd has 5 planets in Capricorn. 

Starting with Mars –

The Weeknd Astrology Birth Chart

as it’s one of the most dominant in his personality today – this planet is one of the 5 which are in Capricorn.

Martian Capricorns have a very controlled approach in life – subdued even.

Because of this…

… they could come off as unenthusiastic in life. But the truth is, they’re low-key determined to work and be on top of things.

Their ambitions are very well-defined and they know what they want to do. People with Mars in Capricorn are not afraid of doing hard work for the sake of their dreams. 

May it be with emotions, sexuality, anger, or drive, they have a powerful need to stay in control.

Another planet in Capricorn is The Weeknd’s Saturn.

This suggests he’s a man who values honesty and respectability. 

On the other hand…

… one of their negative poles is melancholy, sullenness, and bitterness.

Abel’s interview in the time of quarantine last 2020 comes to mind when he said it felt lonely being all alone at home, and the quarantine period was particularly a lonely time for him.

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What is The Weeknd’s Zodiac Sign?

The Weeknd Zodiac Sign

Born on February 16 1990, The Weeknd is an Aquarius. 

Despite its name, Aquarius is a water sign, which means Aquarians like to use their minds at every opportunity they can. Mental stimulation is important to them, and without one, they’re often bored and unmotivated. 

Sounds like a recipe for a genius.

They’re born quiet and shy but are energetic and even eccentric to the people they are close with. 

As a matter of fact…

… Abel rarely does interviews because of his anxiety about his speaking skills. He also rarely socializes with people he’s not close with. 

Though shy and reserved, Aquarius are generous people. They love helping people, and they have the ability to see without prejudice on both sides…

… and that makes them great problem solvers too!

As most reserved people are, they’re very good listeners as they would rather listen to you than talk about themselves. 

Yes, I know what you’re thinking.

An Aquarius might just be one of the best companions you could ever wish for.

But if done wrong or excessively, their reserved nature could turn into aloofness, which is their negative pole.

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What does The Weeknd Zodiac Sign Mean?

The Weeknd Zodiac Sign

Pluto is also one of his dominating planets. It’s in Scorpio.

Pluto suggests a fear of betrayal and sensuality – things that are quite clearly seen through his lyrics and every title track. 

It also represents a darker and deeper nature that may be repressed or buried.


.. .you don’t have to look further than his Beauty Behind the Madness, as well as his mysterious posts at the beginning of his career. 


… his personality traits – in accordance with his horoscope – suggests he’s a reserved man with a lot of emotions under the surface. 


… he’s still as driven with his ambitions and life path as well.

An Aquarian values his freedom and individuality and boxing them will most likely be impossible.

Interesting Facts About Aquarius

The Weeknd Zodiac Sign

Tactless Tellers

If you’re looking for an honest opinion, you should go to your Aquarius friends. They could be brutally honest. 

Could care less

Aquarius people rarely see the point of trying to fit in even with their friends. They like to keep it genuine. 

Spendathon masters

They have the ability to work hard for good money and still spend all those in a blink of an eye.

Home Hermits

Aquarians love staying at home, especially during the weekends when people love partying and having fun. 

Fight for freedom

An Aquarian values his freedom and individuality and boxing them will most likely be impossible.

Aquarius people rarely see the point of trying to fit in even with their friends. They like to keep it genuine.

The Weeknd Zodiac Sign Love Compatibility

The Weeknd and Gigi Hadid

The Weeknd Zodiac Sign Love

The Weeknd has an intriguing relationship with on-and-off girlfriend model Bella Hadid. 

The couple started dating in 2015 before splitting in 2016. The Weeknd had a 10-month flame with pop princess Selena Gomez before going back to Bella once again. 


In one of his lyrics, The Weeknd seems to admit that even though he had been with another girl, it was always Bella. 

As of now, they’re reported to being friends again…for the nth time.

But as Bella seems to be the only girl Abel always sees, let’s explore this couple’s relationship according to the zodiac. 

Born on October 6, 1996, Bella is a Libra.

Libras are very fascinating, especially when in love. Their charm lies in the fact that they’re very sure of themselves and can carry themselves with finesse.

They’re very generous with their partners. They love to spoil and be spoiled.

They’re also characterized by their carefree approach to life – a good balance with Abel’s Aquarian melancholy. 

Maybe that’s why he kept on running back to her after all. 

The two are said to be on friendly terms and are “best friends.”

Well, we won’t be surprised if they happen to date again!

Other Aquarius Celebrities:

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Know More About the Aquarius Zodiac Sign

Love lifeAquarians are very slow to commit, waiting for a sure connection before tying the knot. It took over 4 years of an on-and-off relationship with Bella Hadid for The Weeknd to weigh their relationship’s value.
CareerThey like to be in control of everything and at their own pace. In fact, it took The Weeknd 2 years of being an independent online artist before he signed up in an agency.
Friendship Aquarians are very warm to their friends, although they could appear very unenthusiastic on the surface.
Family They’re always willing to risk everything for their families. Aquarians will never let anyone take advantage of their families, hence The Weeknd’s effort in keeping his kins away from the limelight.

How Compatible Are You With The Weeknd

The Weeknd Zodiac Sign Love

In case you’re wondering if you’re a good fit for an Aquarian, you must first know that Aquarians love their freedom. 

Getting involved with one means being okay with long hours – or even days – of being away from them because your Aquarius might be busy chasing after their dreams. 

Any attempt of keeping them closer could just make them run for the hills instead. 

Other signs compatible with Aquarius are Aries, Gemini, Libra, and Sagittarius.

15 Facts About The Weeknd Zodiac Sign

The Weeknd Zodiac Sign Love
  1. Aquarians have many acquaintances but very few friends. 
  2. Their strong willpower is their greatest strength. Aquarians will never stop until they finally achieve their goals. 
  3. When things don’t go their way, they can be very, very grumpy. 
  4. Once decided on something, you’ll find it hard to convince an Aquarius to change his/her mind.
  5. When loving someone, an Aquarian loves deeply and intensely. 
  6. They’re trustworthy and are very good at keeping secrets. 
  7. Aquarians work efficiently when they’re pressured.
  8. Aquarians love their music, and it’s impossible to separate them from it. 
  9. They’re big on trusting their instincts. 
  10. Because they don’t like hurting people with words, they often resort to sarcasm instead. 
  11. Rather than turning people down, Aquarians tend to pretend to like them at first. 
  12. The Aquarian folks are humanitarians to the core. Some show it and some act in secret. 
  13. They’re very modern and progressive people. That’s why more Aquarians are innovators.
  14. Though they can be very conscious about their fitness, most of the time, Aquarius people need an extra push and motivation to take action.
  15. They’re also very prone to addiction (the harmless and the bad), so Aquarians should be very careful of the things they consume. 

Want to know if you have similar traits as The Weeknd? Check out this link! Enjoy!

15 Facts You Need to Know About The Weeknd’s Zodiac Sign

What is The Weeknd Birth Stone?

The Weeknd Birthstone

As Abel was born in the month of February, his birthstone is the stunning Amethyst.

The name Amethyst came from the Greek word améthystos which translates as “not intoxicated.” Ancient stories said that this stone protects its owner from drunkenness. 


This gem is very popular because of its attractive color that ranges from pinkish to purplish hue. One of the very few stones with a unique purple color, Amethyst is a variation of Quartz. 

Not only that…

This stone is regarded highly in spiritual manners. Amethyst symbolizes a calm mind, balanced emotions, and positive thoughts.

Now, that sounds nice.

Conclusion: The Weeknd Astrology Birth Chart, Horoscope 

To say that The Weeknd’s Zodiac sign is as intriguing as his personality would be a huge understatement. 

We hope this take on The Weeknd’s Astrology is able to shed some light on the award-winning singer-songwriter’s very complicated personality. 

If you want to know more about The Weeknd, check out his Net Worth pages on BounceMojo. 

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