Damon Dash Astrology Birth Chart, Horoscope [Visual Guide]

Damon Dash Vital Stats

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Damon Dash Astrology Birth Chart, Horoscope: American entrepreneur, movie producer, actor, director, and co-founder of Roc-A-Fella Records Damon Anthony Dash – also known as “Dame Dash” – is a Taurus.

Well, that can explain his wealth and popularity. Taurus men are among those who are more likely to become successful because they’re very hardworking and dedicated.

As a matter of fact…

… before Dame Dash became this successful, he was selling newspapers when he was a teenager and swept floors at a local barbershop in New York City. He had to work for himself at a very young age of 15 since his mother died.

Today, we’ll be knowing more about Dame Dash Zodiac Sign, Taurus.

Not only that…

… we will also be talking about:

  • Other Taurus Celebrities
  • Compatibility
  • And lots more…

So, be ready and buckle your seatbelts.

We’ll start in 3…2…1.

Damon Dash Birth Chart

Damon Dash’s birth chart reflects all the celestial bodies in the sky when and where he was born.

The houses’ designation is centered around Dash’s birth time and starts with the rising sign (seen as a pink-colored line from the graphic’s center to the left). It continues anti-clockwise. 

The sun in Dame Dash’s birth chart represents his strong will, charm, and appreciation for the arts. The sun also describes his passion for seeking the good things of life.

The moon presents his bravery, courageousness, and honesty. He also likes to take risks and is likely to develop fairness to it. 

Damon Dash Astrology Birth Chart
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What is Damon Dash Zodiac Sign?

Behind Dame Dash’s success and fame is a Taurus in him!

It was on May 3rd of 1971, in New York, United States when Damon Anthony “Dame” Dash was born. Taurus is the zodiac sign to people who are born between April 21 and May 21.

A Taurus is an earth sign – it represents “The Bull.” It’s one of the signs that have a high level of persistence, reliability, and stability. They, too, are very consistent. 

In addition to that….

Damon Dash Astrology Birth Chart

… Taurus is the sign of strivers who are likely to have the determination to reach their aspirations. 

Taurus men have good taste in music, are romance experts, and have working hands!

Don’t all of these fit the description for Dame Dash as a Taurus?

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Interesting Facts about Taurus

Damon Dash Astrology Birth Chart

Worked Hard Like a Bull

Dame Dash worked at a very young age. Things were tough when he was young. But all of it paid off. Now, he’s earning lots of money with a net worth of $2 million.

A Bull Can Get You By Its Horns

Be careful not to mess with Dame Dash as he can be pretty mad about it and aggressive. 

Taurus and Libra Makes Good Friends

Dame Dash and Jay-Z have worked together in the Roc-A-Fella Records, where Dame Dash was Jay-Z’s manager. The two did a tour and made $19 million.

Faced Child Support Controversy

Dame Dash was filed a case by Rachel Roy against the lack of child support for their kids.

A Peacemaker Bull

Dame Dash had a conflict with his brothers Conte, Jeremy, and Bobby once. But later, he set his ego aside and was able to create peace and move forward.

Taureans are considered to be the anchor of zodiac. Taurus sign know how to relax and have a good time

Damon Dash Zodiac Sign Love Compatibility

Dame Dash and Aaliyah

Damon Dash Astrology Birth Chart
Source: sohh.com

Dame Dash once had a relationship with the late singer, actress, and model Aaliyah Dana Haughton. The late Aaliyah was a Capricorn, born on January 17, 1979, in Brooklyn, New York. Unfortunately, she died in a plane crash on August 25, 2001. 

Dame Dash and Aaliyah were once a perfect fit for each other. Taurus and Capricorn have a lot of similarities, including a strong work ethic and genuine personality. 

That’s really hard to find!

They could’ve still been together if Aaliyah was still alive.

Dame Dash and Rachel Roy

Damon Dash Astrology Birth Chart
Source: vibe.com

Dame Dash married American fashion designer Rachel Irene Roy in 2005 but later got divorced in 2009. 

Rachel was born on January 16, 1974 – just like Aaliyah, she’s also a Capricorn.

Dame and Rachel had a lot of similarities, but they didn’t last that long. 

Dame Dash and Raquel Horn

Damon Dash Astrology Birth Chart
Source: Ice Cream Convos

Dame Dash is currently engaged with movie producer Raquel “Rocky” Horn.

Other than Aaliyah, Rachel, and Raquel, Dame Dash also had relationships with Linda Williams and Cindy Morales, with whom he had children.

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Other Taurus Celebrities

The Rock

American-Canadian actor and professional wrestler Dwayne Douglas Johnson – also known as “The Rock” – was born on May 2, 1972.

Jessica Alba

American actress and businesswoman Jessica Alba was born on April 28, 1981. 

David Beckham

English former football player and current president and co-owner of Miami CF David Robert Joseph Beckham was born on May 2, 1975.

Megan Fox

American actress and model Megan Fox were born on May 16, 1986.


English singer-songwriter Adele Laurie Blue Adkins was born on May 5, 1988.

Penelope Cruz

Spanish actress and model Penelope Cruz was born on April 28, 1974.

Henry Cavill

English actor Henry William Dalgliesh Cavill was born on May 5, 1983.

Aidy Bryant

American actress and comedian Aidan Mackenzy Bryant was born on May 7, 1987.

John Cena

American professional wrestler, actor, and television presenter John Felix Anthony Cena Jr. was born on April 23, 1977.

Rosario Dawson

American actress, singer, and activist Rosario Isabel Dawson was born on May 9, 1979.

Know More About the Damon Dash Zodiac Sign

Love lifeTaurus men are romantic lovers. They’re the ones who bring you on a candle-lit dinner and long walks by the beach. When Dame Dash has a romantic relationship with someone, he reveals it to the public and openly talks about it.
CareerTaurus people enjoy working under the heat of the sun. Their perseverance guides them in having the best for themselves. Dame Dash had to “hustle” his way to his goals. He didn’t stop pursuing them despite the harsh and negative happenings of his life.
FriendshipWhen you have Taurus friends, expect them to be trustworthy and warm. They can be the ones who’ll initiate peace if there’s beef going between you. Dame Dash and other founders of Roc-A-Fella Records had a controversy. In a speech he made, Dash publicly apologized to his friends and others he may have wronged.
FamilyTaurus values family so much. Family is their first priority, and they love to have a lot of kids so much. Dame Dash has five children – two from Rachel Roy, one from Cindy Morales, one from Linda Williams, and one from Raquel Horn.

10 Facts About Damon Dash Zodiac Sign

Damon Dash Astrology Birth Chart
Source: Wikimedia

To know more about the Dame Dash Zodiac Sign, Taurus, here are ten more facts of being a Taurean

  1. Taureans’ weakness is betrayal. They usually see the good in people that they sometimes forgot to value skepticism.
  2. Taureans love to have time with themselves. Just like that, they enjoy themselves as their peaceful company.
  3. Taureans usually don’t let other people in their lives enter. If a Taurean trusts you that much, even if you just had your first meeting, then you’re fortunate. They might have seen something special in you.
  4. Taureans won’t usually talk about how their lives went when they were little. But when they open up on that kind of topic to you, they feel you can be trusted.
  5. Even though Taureans’ nature is stubborn, they possess a high value of patience. A Taurean can just mask up to their frustrations with you and remain calm. You must be very lucky to be treated that way.
  6. Taureans have a strong memory. They usually don’t forget what you said years ago. So don’t bring up promises to them as they might just bring it up to you anytime.
  7. Taureans are difficult critiques. Because they give their all in everything they do, a Taurean might just criticize you for not doing better.
  8. Taureans can catch the bullet for you. If you’re a person who’s very close with a Taurean, then you’ll know they’ll do everything even if it’s something risky.
  9. Taureans are hard to forgive. Be careful not to mess with them – they could just forget you and not be friends with you at all. They’re very serious in terms of forgiving and forgetting. 
  10. A Taurean has this pride of never texting or chatting first, even if they miss you. They’ll just wait for you to message them first.

Want to know if you have similar traits as Dame Dash? Check out this link! Enjoy!

10 Facts About Damon Dash Zodiac Sign Taurus You Should Know

What is Damon Dash Birth Stone?

Damon Dash Birth Stone
Source: leibish.com

As a person born in May, Dame Dash’s birthstone is an Emerald. It’s known for “the stones of successful love” and is often associated with intuition, good memory, wisdom, and higher vision.


It’s a representation of rebirth, good fortune, and youth. It came from the word “smaragdus,” which means green. In the early times, Emerald was highly worshipped since it’s known to have multiple beneficial properties. It was used as a stone for fertility, calming, and also an amulet.


… Emerald is the favorite gem of the Queen in Egypt, Cleopatra.

Conclusion: Damon Dash Astrology Birth Chart, Horoscope 

Being a Taurean is so adventurous and fun. Their personality is very unique – welcoming and cautious all at the same time!

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