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Master P Net Worth

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Master P Net Worth & Earnings: Master P. is a renowned rapper, actor, former basketball player, entrepreneur, and producer with a net worth of $200 million!

He is the owner of a business empire called No Limit.

The company holds his other businesses – No Limit Records, P. Miller Enterprises, and Better Black Television.

Now, we’re going to dig deeper into his career, and we’ll be looking at:

  • How he made his moolah;
  • The history behind No Limit Records;
  • His houses and cars;
  • His charitable causes;

And so much more…

It’s an interesting one – my favorite part is where he doesn’t forget to help out those in need despite all of his busy life and success. 

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Shall we start?

Who Is Master P?

Percy Miller – born on April 29, 1970 – is best known by his rapper name Master P. 

He grew up in Calliope Projects, New Orleans, and moved to Oakland, California, to finish his education at Merritt College. 

He graduated with a business degree that he was able to use in managing every venture he took on. 

In case you didn’t know, Miller attended the University of Houston before that with an athletic scholarship. He was a basketball player in the university’s b-ball team. 

Who Is Master P
Source: Getty Images

After his education, he pursued his music career as a rapper and gained popularity in the 1990s. 

Fast forward; he’s now a businessman, rapper, actor, and writer who first started his money-making journey in Richmond, California, with his record store called No Limit Records.

Master P Net Worth: $200 Million
Date of Birth: 29. 04.1970
Gender: Male
Last Updated: 2024
Nationality: American
Relationship Status: In a relationship
Children: Seven
Profession: Professional Rapper, Businessman, Actor, Producer, Writer

How Much Is Master P Net Worth?

Master P net worth is a staggering $200 Million.

Master P Net Worth Year By Year

YearNet Worth $YearNet Worth $
2000$361 Million2013$256 Million
2001$370 Million2014$278 Million
2002$385 Million2015$320 Million
2003$450 Million2016$350 Million
2004$390 Million2017$325 Million
2005$300 Million2018$375 Million
2006$300 Million2019$250 Million
2009$670 Million2020$200 Million
2011$350 Million
2012$182 Million

I’m sure you’re curious about the dip in Miller’s wealth…

…the reason behind that is his wife’s settlement fee after their divorce in 2014.

Master P Career Earnings By Year

YearNet Worth $YearNet Worth $
2000$296 Million2012$20 Million
2001$364 Million2013$25 Million
2002$15 Million2014$32 Million
2003$446 Million2015$37 Million
2004$223 Million2016$45 Million
2005$97.5 Million2017$45 Million
2006$4 Million2018$50 Million
2009$661 Million2019$56 Million
2011$28 Million2020$56.5 Million

Earnings & Fee Range

If you want to book him for speaking engagements, his fee ranges from $50K-$100K, according to All American Speakers.


Miller has invested widely and wisely, hence his continued successful career as an entrepreneur. 

Reports say he’s invested in the following ventures: 

  • Real estate
  • Stocks
  • Film
  • Music
  • Television Production
  • Clothing
  • Telecommunications
  • Jewelry Line
  • Auto Accessories
  • Car Rims 
  • Fast Food Franchises
  • Gas Station Franchises
  • And even… sex toys…

He also invests in sports – particularly Basketball. He owns a sports management agency named No Limit Communications. 

Lastly, he also developed his rice brand called Uncle P’s Louisiana seasoned rice and has an energy drink company called “Make ‘Em Say Urghh!”

Business Ventures & Acting & Music

Besides being a great rapper, several other ventures also contributed to Master P’s booming wealth. 

These ventures include businesses, investments, acting stints, and music albums. 

His interest in business began after he inherited $10,000 when his grandpa died. 

The actor decided to start his small store that sells records in Richmond, California. He named it No Limit Records, which is the same name as his record label company. 

After the success of his record store…

…he decided to widen his empire’s reach by opening a travel agency, production company, record label, and franchises of different fast food and retail stores. 

He called the whole company No Limit Enterprises. 

Later on, the rapper partnered with Priority Records. They agreed 15% of their sales would go to Priority, while No Limit keeps 85%. 

Rumor has it that the rap mogul earned millions of dollars from this one deal alone.


In case you’re wondering…

…Miller handles Atlanta-based rapper Gucci Mane, pop artist Forrest Lipton, and his son, Romeo Miller. 

I’m Bout It

1997’s drama-comedy film that revolves around Perry McKnight’s life.

Check it out!

MP Da Last Don

A No Limit Films crime movie is written, produced, and starred by the rapper himself.

Check it out!

I Got the Hook Up

If you’re fond of the crime-comedy genre, this film is for you.

Check it out!


Another comedy film starring the renowned star but this time with a hint of drama.

Check it out!

No Tomorrow

An action-thriller that is about Maker’s life released as a direct-to-video film.

Check it out!


Directed by John Lussenhop, Lockdown is a drama film by No Limits productions.

Check it out!

Soccer Mom

The rapper was also featured in the 2008 film Soccer Mom.

Check it out!

Never Heard

This 2018 film focuses on Aaron’s life after imprisonment… what will he do next?

Check it out!


If you’re up for a good laugh, then Repos is the perfect urban comedy for you.

Check it out!


Get Away Clean

His 1991 album that features 14 songs – all inside a CD.

Check it out!

Mama’s Bad Boy

Filled with 14 songs, he released Mama’s Bad Boy in 1992.

Check it out!

The Ghettos Tryin To Kill Me!

Two years after Mama’s Bad Boy, the rapper released The Ghettos Tryin To Kill Me.

Check it out!

99 Ways to Die

His masterpiece, entitled 99 ways to die, was made public in 1995.

Check it out!

 Ice Cream Man

His fifth album, Ice Cream Man, has 19 songs about sex, drama, and life.

Check it out!

Ghetto D

With 25 songs inside of it, Ghetto D is a celebration of his rapping career.

Check it out!

MP da Last Don

The album version of his film, MP da Last Don is an album filled with 29 songs.

Check it out!

Only God Can Judge Me

In addition to his longer albums is Only God Can Judge Me – released in 1999.

Check it out!

Ghetto Postage

Released in November 2000 was No Limit’s new album entitled Ghetto Postage.

Check it out!

Game Face

Game Face was made public a year after Ghetto Postage… giving his fans more songs to listen to.

Check it out!

Ghetto Bill

Ghetto Bill is his 2005 album with 20 songs produced by the New No Limit Label.

Check it out!

The Gift

18 classic rap songs all inside his 2013 album entitled The Gift.

Check it out!

Empire, from the Hood to Hollywood

His 2015 album is produced by No Limit Forever and Globy House, featuring 19 songs.

Check it out!


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Guaranteed Success

In 2007, the rapper ventured into writing and published his book named Guaranteed Success.

Master P Controversies & Litigation

Master P vs. Critics – 2013

In 2013, criticisms flooded the rapper because of a line he said in Brick to a Million. 

Many of his critics assumed that he was dissing fellow rappers – Kanye West and Lil Wayne.


…he explained in an interview that he was talking about an employee in a radio station –  who 

said that his career was done.

How Master P Spends His Money

Master P Houses

Master P Houses
House #1 in Texas. Source: TMZ

In case you didn’t know…

…it was Sonya Miller (his ex-wife) who spilled that the rapper owns 31 properties. 

Yes, you’ve read that right. 

Not just one…

…or two.

But, 31 of them!

Unfortunately, there are only five houses that are photographed and shared with the public.

And here they are…

Master P Houses
House #2 in Louisiana. Source: TMZ

His then-wife also stated that his real estate properties are scattered all over the United States. 

In addition to that, she wants to have eight out of his thirty-one properties.

Master P Houses
House #3 in California. Source: TMZ

Sadly, there are no reports that either confirmed or denied whether the business mogul gave her what she wanted.

Master P Houses
House #4 in Tennessee. Source: TMZ
Master P Houses
House #5 in Calabasas. Source: Virtual Globetrotting

Master P Cars

If you’re an OG fan of Master P…

…then I bet you sure know how much he loves his cars.

The songwriter owns 13 cars! 

Well, that’s not too much of a shocker for someone with a $200 million Master P net worth, is it? 

Anyway, here are some of the well-known rapper’s precious rides…

Master P Cars
Car #1 Drop-Top Rolls Royce
Master P Cars
Car #2 Green Bentley Coupe  Source: Bentley
Master P Cars
Car #3 White Rolls Royce. Source: Black Sports Online
Master P Cars
Car #4 Cadillac Escalade
Master P Cars
Car #5 Mercedes-Benz Wagon. Source: Bentley Gold Coast

Unfortunately, these were the only cars that the famous rapper introduced to the public (and on the records from his divorce settlements

Fun Facts About Master P

  1. He went to two schools (University of Houston and Merritt College) for his tertiary education. 
  2. He loves hamburgers and considers them his favorite food.
  3. He’s a five-time Grammy winner. 
  4. His wealth dipped after paying settlement fees for his then-wife, Sonya Miller, during their divorce.
Master P Facts
Source: Getty Images

Master P Philanthropy

If there’s something ultimately fascinating about Master P, it would be his kindness.

The rapper has been giving back to people from Master P Net Worth through his foundation. 

He’s taken part in notable charity work such as the following: 

  1. Helping out communities with his P. Miller Food Foundation for the Homeless.
  2. Helping teenagers who have no homes through the P. Miller Youth Centers.
  3. He offered ten scholarships for kids during a charity basketball game in New Orleans.
  4. He paid the funeral costs for a child shot in Louisville. 
  5. He created “Take a Stand Records” that promotes music with no offensive lyrics that will support underprivileged teens’ education.

5 Lessons For Financial Freedom From Master P

  1. Focus on your growth and not on others.
  2. Strive hard, and stop making excuses. 
  3. Try to avoid comparing your success with others. Everyone has their own pace and time – be more mindful of your own. 
  4. Make your dreams come true by doing the stuff you love the most. You never know – you’ll achieve it anytime soon. 
  5. Critics are everywhere, whether you like it or not. So, keep on creating, don’t mind the haters as they’ll always want to hate.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much is Master P net worth?

Master P net worth worth $200 million, thanks to his businesses and hustle attitude which boosted Master P Net Worth.

What is Romeo’s net worth?

The son of the owner of No Limit Records, Romeo Miller, is worth $8 million. 

What is Master P doing now? 

He’s now focusing on his businesses and future-basketball star kids. 

Did Master P really move out of Los Angeles? 

Many were shocked when the rap mogul moved to Minneapolis from LA. However, he only did that in 2020 – to avoid the staggering number of COVID cases in L.A.

Summary: Master P Net Worth


There you go… 

…I’m sure you’ll agree, Master P has had an incredible rollercoaster of a career. 

He’s had many ups and encountered some downs (like his divorce plus settlement fees). 

My biggest takeaway from this article is his exceptional skills in managing an awful lot of businesses at the same time…

… must be like spinning plates.

But I also particularly liked how he never forgets to give back to those in need from time to time.

I’m sure there’s a lot we can learn both from his successes in life and his mistakes, or the things he regrets.

I hope you enjoyed this article – you might also want to check out Master P Astrology

Or if its Rappers, in general, you’re interested in – we have a great article here – 101 Richest Rappers In The World

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