Damon Dash Height, Age, Weight Body Statistics [UPDATED]

Damon Dash Vital Stats

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Damon Dash Height, Age, Weight and Measurements: Damon Anthony Dash is a well-known producer, director, actor, and entrepreneur. Anyone who doesn’t know him might have just been living under a rock. LOL.

That said, we won’t be talking about how amazing he is as a businessman.

Instead, we’ll be taking a look into Damon Dash’s Vital Stats. 

  • From Damon Dash height
  • How he maintained his weight through the years
  • His sneaker collection being auctioned off without him knowing
  • And many more!

Brace yourself and let’s begin!

Damon Dash Vital Stats 2024: Height, Age, Weight & lots more…

Damon Dash Vital Stats
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How tall is Damon Dash? 

Damon Dash Height is 5 feet 10 inches, or 177.8cm tall, so not as tall as you might have thought. 

Damon Dash Vital Stats
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You can see in the image above how Damon is almost as tall as Jay Z (who stands at 188 cm or 6 feet and an inch).

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Damon Dash Vital Stats
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What is Damon Dash Weight?

Damon Dash’s weight is 78 kilograms, (171 pounds) or 12.2 Stone.

Dash has maintained a healthy weight… 

The reason behind his healthy lifestyle?

D – i – a – b – e – t – e – s.

The business mogul has had Type 1 diabetes ever since he was 15 years old.

That’s why he strived to maintain his weight and healthy habits to lower the risks of having the complications of the illness.

Fun fact: The things he does to keep his figure include sugar control, a plant-based diet, and exercise.

Job well done, Damon! 

What are Damon Dash’s other measurements?

Damon Dash’s Chest and Waist Size

Thanks to his lifestyle, Damon Dash’s chest and waist size have stayed the same for years. This statement means his chest size is still at 40 inches and his waist size at 32 inches. 

Damon Dash’s Shoe Size

Aside from those, the former director’s shoe size is said to be around 9.5 to 10.5 US Mens size.

Since we know about his shoe size…

… let’s now talk about how Damon’s sneakers were auctioned on eBay without him knowing.

Yes, that unfortunately happened to the co-founder of Roc-A-Fella in 2017.

Here’s what happened – fans were shocked when Damon’s shoe collection was sold on eBay.

What’s more shocking is the fact that the businessman had no idea his memorabilias were already all over the internet.

To say that’s shocking would be a huge understatement for him, I bet.

According to Dame, his stuff was probably auctioned off by people who had a grudge against him. Some of the most notable pieces sold on eBay include his Nike Air Force 1 Roc-A-Fella, sample Air Force 2 kicks, and the Roc-A-Fella 35th Anniversary Adidas Superstars.

Damon Dash Vital Stats
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How Old Is Damon Dash Age?

Damon Anthony Dash was born May 3, 1971, which makes him 53 years old today

What is Damon Dash’s Style:

Street. Jackets. Matchy-matchy. s were auctioned on eBay without him knowing.

Those words best describe the entrepreneur’s style. 

If you’re an OG Damon Dash fan, then you know he surely loves a comfortable outfit from head to toe. 

He’s often seen with brands like Gucci, Versace, Tom Ford, and his ultimate fave, Louis Vuitton.

Damon Dash Vital Stats
Source: The Young, Black, and Fabulous

Conclusion: Damon Dash Height, Weight, and Age

Alright, that was it for Damon Dash’s Vital Stats. Was there a shocker for you? Mine would probably be his height.

I never knew Damon Dash height was actually 6 feet tall. He sure doesn’t look like it to me. I’m also particularly amazed at how he maintains a good lifestyle through time. I mean, I couldn’t even say no to a third batch of donuts right after I burped one too many times.

I hope you enjoyed reading this. If you wanna know more about him, you can check out  Biography and  Net Worth over at BounceMojo.com.

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