Dame Dash Net Worth (2024)
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Dame Dash Net Worth

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Dame Dash Net Worth & Earnings: Damon Anthony Dash, also known as Dame Dash, is an entrepreneur, actor, film producer, director, and record executive with a net worth of $2 million.

Born on May 3 1971, this ex-hip hop royalty has been through a lot on his journey to fame and fortune.

In fact…

He used to be the manager and business partner of Jay Z. 

However, their friendship turned sour after a couple of things came between them.

What could they be?

You’ll find out as you stick with us.

This one’s an interesting story – he went from sweeping local barbershop floors to the millionaire he is today.

Today, we’ll be looking at:

  • His fortune – and how he found himself broke
  • His business ventures
  • The legal issues he faced throughout his career

And lots more!

So stick around…

Let’s jump right in.

Who Is Dame Dash?

Most widely known as Dame Dash, Damon Anthony Dash was born on May 3 1971 in Harlem, New York City.

He studied at a private school in New York during his early life, and this is where he discovered his music potential.

When he was a teenager, he worked as a cleaner in a local barbershop and sold newspapers along the streets of New York to buy himself the sneakers and shirts he needed.

According to Dash, he “learned to hustle,” a skill he acquired from his mother, who passed away when Damon was just 15 years old – due to an asthma attack.

Who Is Dame Dash

Want to know more? Read everything there is to know in his bouncemojo.com Bio.

Dame Dash Net Worth: $2,000,000
Date of Birth: May 3, 1971
Gender: Male
Nationality: American
Siblings: Bobby Dash
Last Updated: 2024
Relationship Status: Engaged to Raquel Horn
Children: Dame “Boogie” Dash, Ava Dash, and Tallulah Dash
Profession: American entrepreneur, film producer, director, and actor

How Much Is Damond Dash Net Worth?

Damon Anthony Dash, also known as Dame Dash, is the co-founder of Roc-A-Fella, along with Kareem Burke and Jay-Z.

Dame is a 49-year-old American actor, film producer, record executive, and entrepreneur.

He founded a media collective named DD172, which is composed of: a web design firm, VNGRD79, a magazine, America Nu, a record label division, BluRoc Records, and; a gallery.

Thanks to his hard work and investments throughout his career, Dame Dash net worth is of 2 million today!

Dame Dash Net Worth Year By Year

Dame Dash was first known as the co-founder of Roc-A-Fella records. 

Throughout his career in the industry, Dame has earned a total of – well – more than you can imagine. 


With the difficulties Dame has experienced in the past few years, his net worth has declined.

Let’s see how Dame Dash net worth has fallen.

YearNet Worth $
2000$50 Million
2020$2 Million

Let’s carry on…

Dame Dash now has a net worth of just $2 Million – from $50 Million in 2000 – according to bouncemojo.com

Dame Dash Career Earnings By Year

Damon was very successful with his Roc-A-Fella company – together with Jay-Z. And way back in 1999, he earned $19,000,000 just from the tour he organized with Jay-Z.

Since then, Dame Dash Net Worth increased to $50 million.


Dame Dash has struggled with debt, taxes, and child support over the past few years.

The good days, sadly, didn’t last forever. 

After Def Jam Recordings bought Roc-A-Fella Records in 2004, Jay Z and Damon’s relationship deteriorated. 

Subsequently, Jay Z decided to step into the role of President of Def Jam. Jay-Z bought Dash out of his share in Rocawear in late 2005. 

At this point, their relationship was over.

YearNet Worth $
2005$22 Million

Business Ventures, Endorsements, Motor Oil & Media Collective

Dame founded his own business:

Dame Dash Business

In 2011, Dame Dash partnered with an oil factory based in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. 

They sell motor oil products under the name of “Dame Dash.”

Dame Dash Business
Source: Fortoul Brothers

Dame owns the Damon Dash Gallery, a gallery of DD172, at 172 Duane St. in Tribeca, Lower Manhattan, New York City.

DD172 is a media collective founded by Dame Dash. 

It started with Dash and his two co-founders, McKenzie Eddy and Raquel Horn, who worked on music projects together.

McKenzie then ran the music division while Raquel became the director of America Nu.


In 2019, Dame Dash posted on Twitter to announce his new business venture. 

He was very proud to announce…

… he had repurchased the majority interest in Rachel Roy’s clothing company.

He also planned to make his daughters – Ava and Tallulah Dash, the face of the company.


Dame Dash Controversies & Litigation

Like any other popular TV personality, Dame has had his fair share of controversies to prompt the media’s curiosity. 

Let’s look at some issues Dame encountered during his career.

Dame Dash vs. Curren$y (2012)

Curren$y filed a lawsuit for $1.5 million against Damon, claiming he had released the latter’s music without permission.

In 2010, according to TMZ, Spitta and Dash were collaborating on a deal to release music on Dash’s label, BluRoc. However, they never finalized the contract, and in early 2011, Curren$y signed with Warner Bros.

Allegedly, following Warner’s claim to legal rights of Curren$y’s content, Dash proceeded to release music of the New Orleans rhymesayer – which led to the complaint seeking $1.5 million in damages for the unauthorized release. 

Dash reported that in 2010 Curren$y backed out of their agreement and instead signed with Warner.

In the end, the two resolved their legal battle out of court for an undisclosed amount.

Dame Dash vs. Linda Williams (2014)

In 2014, Linda Williams sued Dame for $50,000 – for actions leading to her prosecution on harassment charges.

A Manhattan jury ruled that former Roc-A-Fella Records director Damon Dash should pay his ex-wife $50,000 – for his part in her arrest on assault charges.

The court decided that Damon was responsible for damages because he claimed that Linda had breached a court of protection order by sending him ten threatening and harassing emails.

On the other hand, Robert Erlanger, William’s lawyer, claimed the emails never existed.

Dame Dash vs. Rachel Roy (2015)

Rachel Roy, the ex-wife of Dame, accused him of domestic abuse and filed a restraining order against Dash. The court granted Roy’s wish, and the court awarded her sole custody of their daughters. 

Dash then filed against Roy for $2.5 million for allegedly mishandling Royale Etenia, their joint fashion business.

But that’s not all…

The fighting didn’t end there. 

Court records from their bitter struggle for custody revealed that Dash alleged Roy had threatened him with a knife. 

According to the NY Daily News, he also claimed that Roy was driving while drunk – with their youngest daughter Tallulah inside the car.

The court issued a protection order against Dash for Roy and her children. Dash replied to the order of protection in an emotional Instagram post which he removed later, writing, “I can’t even pick my daughter up, I haven’t seen her in three weeks, four weeks. It’s considered abduction just to raise my kid.”


… it seems like the battle between Dash and Roy isn’t over yet. TMZ reported that Dash requested documents asking a judge to lower his child support payments. 

Dame Dash Controversies
Source: Getty Images

Dame Dash vs. Lee Daniels (2018)

Damon filed a $5 million claim in 2018 against Lee Daniels to recover a $2 million investment. Dash was giving money to Lee early in his career, and the latter reportedly failed to repay Dash despite Lee’s success.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. 

Read on for more…

Dash filed the suit against Empire co-creator Lee Daniels for a circa $2 million investment in a Richard Pryor biopic.

In the suit, Dash sued Daniels for $5 million, alleging that the filmmaker did not disclose information about the project’s progress as specified in their contract. Dash was suing for lost revenue and interest on the fund. 

However, in a private settlement, the suit was finalized late in 2018. 

According to the settlement agreement, Daniels must pay Dash a total of $1,782,500 in installments from November 2018 until January 2021.

Dame Dash vs. Court (2019)

The police arrested Dash in 2019 on two warrants, both concerning child support. 

The first warrant was for Cindy Morales, whom he owed $62,553.

The second warrant was for Rachel Roy, whom he owed $341,991 and $25,000 for attorney fees.

Dame reportedly paid more than one million USD for his release.

Uh oh, looks like someone is always in trouble with the court.

How Dame Dash Spends His Money

Damon Dash Net Worth earned a fat stash before dealing with financial problems that depleted.

As a fan of this business mogul, did it ever cross your mind where and how he spends his money?

Here’s how!

Dame Dash pays his ex-wife, Rachel Roy, $24,000 every month to support their two daughters, Ava and Tallulah Dash.

He also spends $4,341.10 per month to support his son, Christian.

Not just that…

…but he shells out $20,000 to pay for his other debts.

Aside from that, Dame splashes out $40,000 to pay the tax on his business earnings.

Dame Dash Houses

Dame Dash has acquired many properties during his career, but he’s fallen short because of his never-ending debt.

Dame Dash Houses

The hip-hop entrepreneur lived in this Carmel pad, an upstate New York mansion. 

But here’s the kicker!

Damon dumped this mansion after refusing to pay $15,000 in monthly rental. 

According to court records, after nonpayment of the $15,000 rental for several months, before abandoning the Carmel pad – the ex-rapper owed $162,000 total rent.

The luxurious house’s landlord, which features a pool and a music studio, filed a lawsuit against Dash and said that the carpets were destroyed, and his clothes were thrown on the floor like trash.

The owner then listed the house on the market for approximately $3 million.

Right now, Dash is living in his only house in Malibu, California.

Unfortunately, there’s no picture available of his house there.

Dame Dash Cars

Damon owns just two cars. These cars are:

A Maybach

Dame Dash Cars

And a Range Rover with diamond wheels!

What an addition to Dame Dash net worth!

Dame Dash Cars

Fun Facts About Dame Dash

Here are some fun facts about Damon Dash that you might not know yet.

  1. Dame Dash sent himself to boarding school.
  2. His ex-wife, Rachel Roy, has also been trying to get her settlement money from Lee Daniels.
  3. Damon was dating Aaliyah before she died.
  4. At one point, Dame was Jay-Z’s manager.
  5. Damon Dash learned how to earn his way up at a young age.
Dame Dash Facts
Source: Getty Images

Dame Dash Philanthropy

Dame Dash doesn’t do a lot of charity work, but according to our research, Damon donated 30 once-worn shirts and socks to a charity.

5 Lessons From Dame Dash

We can learn a handful of lessons from Damon Dash’s career. Below are the life lessons we can learn from his experiences:

  1. Keep good company. 
  2. Life is about perspective.
  3. Don’t expect anything from anyone. 
  4. Always work hard.
  5. Fight for the things you believe in.
5 Financial Lessons From Dame Dash with bouncemojo.com.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much is Jay Z Worth? 

Jay Z Net Worth 2019 is an astounding $1 billion.

When was Damon born?

He was born on May 3 1971 in New York City.

Who is Damon Dash with now? 

Damon Dash is currently engaged to Raquel Horn, and they are expecting their first child together.

How much is Dame Dash net worth currently?

Dame Dash net worth currently is $2 Million.

How old was Dame Dash when he dated Aaliyah?

The pair began dating in 2000 when Aaliyah was 21-years-old.

Conclusion: Dame Dash Net Worth

So that’s it for Dame Dash’s career fortune.

He sure faced a lot of challenges in his life – financial problems and failed marriages…

… but what’s impressive is his positive attitude.

I particularly admire how he learned to hustle at such a young age because he already needed to make a living by himself – he didn’t depend on anyone else.

I hope you enjoyed this article – you might also want to check out Dame Dash’s Bounce Mojo Bio and the best Dame Dash Memes from Bounce Mojo.

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