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Age is just a number” is the perfect quote to represent Gianluca Vacchi and his girlfriend Sharon Fonseca’s relationship. Gianluca Vacchi and Gianluca Vacchi girlfriend don’t seem to be bothered by the vast age gap. The celebrity couple plans to tie the knot after the birth of their first child.

Gian is an open book, a man from whom I can learn something different every day. And then there’s his spirit and energy [like a 15-year-old’s],” Sharon said. 

Interesting, isn’t it?

Here we are to share some interesting insights about Gianluca Vacchi and his girlfriend’s relationship.

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Who is Sharon Fonesca?

Who is Sharon Fonesca

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Sharon Fonesca is a famous Venezuelan model, entrepreneur, journalist, actress, and social media personality with millions of followers. She is the co-founder at Omkara Style, a jewelry line that is quite a big hit. 

She is best known for her role in TV series such as “Jenni Rivera: Mariposa de Barrio” and “Bajo el mismo cielo”. Her popularity skyrocketed when she started dating “Grandpa playboy” Gianluca Vacchi in April 2018. 


Sharon Fonesca was born on January 31st, 1995, in Venezuela, South America. She attended the University of Miami and finished her graduation in fashion designing. She is currently settled in Miami, Florida, the US, with her boyfriend and beautiful daughter Blu Jerusalema Vacchi.

Apart from being a top-notch model and a successful entrepreneur, she also owns a personal website. She writes most about styling, fashion, healthy living, travel, and motivation. 

In case you’re wondering…

There’s not much information available in the media regarding her pre-modeling personal life or previous relationship. Somehow she has managed to keep it out of sight. 

Gianluca Vacchi Girlfriend

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Sharon Fonesca’s Career & Personal Life

Sharon Fonesca’s Career

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Sharon Fonesca is a multi-talented human. She does what she likes with enthusiasm that makes her significant in everything. 

To begin with…

She started her career as a model at a young age, 17 years to be exact. She mostly modeled for famous bikini and skincare brands such as Neutrogena. Undoubtedly she deserves to be called a model who knows how to flaunt. Parallel to her super popular looks, she also owns a clothing brand. We can’t really say if it is her fashion design degree or brilliant mind that makes her clothing stand out.

Being a model, she has the leverage to promote and advertise the brand herself. Her Instagram is full of pictures flaunting her fashion designer skills. It makes you crave to grab everything from Sharon Fonesca’s clothing brand. 

That’s not it…

Sharon Fonesca Personal Life

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Getting success in modeling and business seems not enough for Sharon Fonesca. To explore more of her talents, she even acted in various television shows. She debuted in 2015 with a television series known as “Duenos del Paraiso,” where she played the role of Vecina. 

In the same year, she made other series like ‘Tierra de Reyes “, “Bajo el Mismo Cielo” where she played Mariela. It is an American telenovela by Perla Farias. The show revolves around the life of Adela morales, a girl who tries to escape through her past life as one of the gang members after she meets Carlos. In 2017 she did other series like “Las Reinas”. Though she worked hard to make it big in acting, it seems like the field is not her perfect fit. 

Amazing right? 

But we’re not done yet. As the famous model and actress are in love with trying new ventures, Sharon Fonesca is a co-founder of “Omkara Style” a jewelry brand. Most of the designs and art pieces are inspired by the model’s spirituality and yoga, which is the brand’s uniqueness. Like her clothing brand, her Instagram holds plenty of pictures of flaunting jewelry designs from her brand. 

But wait…

Somehow she gets the time to pursue her love for fashion and trends through tattoos. She is a part-time tattoo artist working in her personal studio. 

Sharon Fonesca’s Achievements

Sharon Fonesca’s Achievements

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So far, Fonesca does not own any nominations or awards, but looking at her fan following, one can assume the time is near. 

She earns most of her income from her jewelry and clothing brand, including her acting and modeling career. She generates income around $21,000 to $204,000 estimated through her modeling solely. 


Okay, that’s not anywhere around $200 million like her boyfriend Gianluca, but it’s enough to lead a luxurious lifestyle.  

Sharon Fonesca & Gianluca Vacchi

Sharon Fonesca & Gianluca Vacchi

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The love of her life, Italian millionaire Gianluca Vacchi, entered her life in April 2018. The couple met at work, where Fonesca was hired to model for a music video produced by Gianluca. According to news updates, it was kind of love at first sight. Both started dating pretty soon after their first meeting. 

We all can imagine why…

Like Sharon Fonesca, Gianluca Vacchi is also a popular internet sensation and famous for his thrilling personality. He became popular through his first viral video with Giorgia Gabriele, his then-girlfriend. 

He belongs to a wealthy family and owns multiple businesses. Besides living a settled life and doing great as an entrepreneur, he decided to retire early to pursue his passion for music. 

That is why both seem to be the perfect match for each other. After all, who wouldn’t want to live with a like-minded partner? Both are not married yet but plan to tie the knot soon. Their out-of-the-box relationship is what people like the most.

Gianluca Vacchi and his model girlfriend Sharon Fonesca keep their fans updated through Instagram uploads and public appearances. 

Sharon Fonesca & Gianluca Vacchi

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In May 2020, the famous couple announced the happy news of the arrival of their first baby. Gianluca Vacchi announced the information through the following post:

‘Today is Mother’s Day, and of course, my first thought goes to my mom. But I have to say that whenever I have thought of a potential mother for my son, that woman had Sharon’s characteristics.’ He went on, ‘I’m pleased to announce and share with you that Sharon and I are waiting for a baby. She will be the mother I always dreamed about for my baby.’ 

Throughout the pregnancy, the couple kept their fans engaged and updated by sharing pictures on their social media accounts. Sharon can be seen flaunting her baby bump in many of her Instagram posts. 

The wealthy couple does everything their way…

On July 14, 2020, Fonesca shared the gender of her baby through a video. The couple can be seen thrilling in a helicopter evacuating a big pink cloud, indicating it’s a girl. The couple welcomed their sugarplum on October 26, 2020. The couple named their beautiful daughter, Blu Jerusalema Vacchi, on October 27.

There is more to that…

The young couple was struck with a piece of shocking news right after the birth of their beautiful daughter. The couple revealed that baby Blu was born with a cleft palate. A medical condition that occurs when the parts of a baby’s face don’t join properly in the womb. 

Thank god for the baby after successful surgery is doing pretty well now. Gianluca Vacchi informed about the well-being of her daughter with fans in the following words:

“Although the doctors have explained to us that once the problem is corrected, she will be able to lead a completely normal life. Thank God, she looks a lot more like her mother.”

Fonesca beautifully thanked the love of her life for supporting her throughout the difficult time by saying this:

“Raw and simple. This past week, I experienced some uncertainties, and at the same time the most beautiful moment of my life. You held my hand through it all my king! You gave us the strength and serenity we needed. Life blessed us with you. From day one you have been the most amazing father I could’ve ever asked for my little one.”

The fans are looking forward to the big party as the couple is enthusiastic about getting married soon. Gianluca Vacchi, in an interview, expressed his desire to provide a “traditional family environment” to her love of life as soon as she is big enough to enjoy her parent’s big day. 

Conclusion: Gianluca Vacchi Girlfriend

What a journey!

Did you like our Gianluca Vacchi Girlfriend article? Which part do you like the most? Mine was Sharon’s determined spirit and love for Gianluca, defying all odds!  

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