3 Tom Cruise Children [FACTS]:
Suri | Isabella | Connor

Tom Cruise Children FI

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Tom Cruise Children

Who is Tom Cruise?: known for his action-packed films such as the Mission Impossible franchise and Top Gun – Tom has been an A-list celebrity for as long as I can remember.

I remember that pretty-boy look he had when I was in high school. A lot has changed since then.

Suddenly, his boyish features became manly. 

And what better way of being a man than being a father, right?

Keeping that in mind, they’re not quite as well known as him, but Tom Cruise has three wonderful children – Isabella, Connor, and Suri.

Both Isabella and Connor were his adoptive children during his marriage with the ever-gorgeous Nicole Kidman. 

I kid you not, these two were “the” couple of Hollywood back in the day. On one hand, you have former wife Nicole Kidman with her effortless, timeless beauty and great acting. On the other hand, you have Tom Cruise, the ever-tireless action star of all time. Put the two of them together and you have Hollywood’s power duo…

… or so we thought.

When the Kidman-Cruise power duo put a halt to their tandem, Tom moved on with another actress, Katie Holmes. 

Katie bore Tom’s child in April of 2006 and named her Suri. Six years later and the two were divorced in 2012.

While Tom’s career was constantly flourishing – with a handful of awards from left to right – his personal life was slowly going up in smoke.

Tom’s child-rearing methods have been magazine – and entertainment gossip – fodder for years since his divorce from Katie Holmes. It seems that Mr. Tommy Cruise over here is much closer to his older adopted children than his youngest daughter.

Now that’s a shame. 

Suri, his biological daughter, is somewhat distant from him.

Put another way…

… Suri seems to be getting less attention from the Top Gun superstar than her older siblings.

Curious about Cruise’s parenting techniques? Read on as we cover for you a list of facts that might make you raise your eyebrows.

Let’s get started.

Suri Doesn’t Get Enough Attention From Daddy

Suri Cruise

Now that’s just unfortunate, to say the least!

Imagine growing up and not being close to your dad. 

It’s sad enough to not see a parent that often. But to not get enough attention?

That’s downright depressing.

A Hollywoodlife report surfaced, divulging a rather unfortunate fact about Suri Cruise. Apparently, Suri is not happy about Tom Cruise not having shown up at her twelfth birthday celebration.

Sure, Suri did receive a present from the A-list star, but that doesn’t mean anything when the person you need to be with you doesn’t show up on one of the most important days of your life, right?

She missed the guy. I mean, Tom, really? You’ve been very busy lately. 

But give time for the wee one, will ya?

Suri Doesn’t Have The Same Beliefs As Dear Ol’ Tom

Suri Doesn't Have The Same Beliefs As Dear Ol' Tom

Little Miss Suri is being raised by Tom’s ex-wife, Katie Holmes… and for good reason.

While some reports in the past indicate that Katie was lured into the snares of Scientology, she’s gladly deviated from that path today.

Leah Remini, a former Scientologist and friend to the ex-couple said, “Katie will put her custody of Suri at risk by even talking about Tom’s beliefs, or hanging out with me, who used to be her close buddy.”

Pretty sure this is not something Tom’s happy about. All his life he was devoted to Scientology.

Suri Cruise not being raised into Scientology beliefs must be a “real problem” for the actor.

This might be the reason he remains distant from her.

Tom Cruise Was A No-Show At Daughter Isabella’s Wedding

Tom Cruise Was A No-Show At Daughter Isabella's Wedding


Another parenting fail, Tom.

While undeniably close to daughter Isabella, Tom opted to not attend her wedding despite him having been invited and having paid for the reception and ceremony itself.

Some sources would surmise that Cruise wasn’t a huge fan of Isabella’s groom so he deliberately missed it. 

But – apparently, his “no-show” was for a good reason.

He wanted Isabella to enjoy her wedding day without having to worry about Tom Cruise being iffy about the whole thing.

His non-appearance at the wedding was justified because he was filming a movie at the time.

Well, if he had shown up, then he would just have drawn all the attention to him and not the bride.

Good judgment call there, Tom!

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Connor Cruise Lives Luxuriously in Clearwater, Florida

Connor Cruise Lives Luxuriously in Clearwater, Florida

Tom Cruise’s son with former flame Nicole Kidman lives in luxury in one of the places closest to his heart – Clearwater, Florida.

Wait, it gets better!

Connor lives in what is reported to be an “elite compound” with residential areas and places to study.

As if that’s not enough…

… the compound has amenities that are to die for – a hot tub, rooftop garden, pool, and a bar.

Talk about living the life, aye, Connor?

Daddy apparently owns a fancy penthouse – known as The Sandcastle – near Connor’s building.

Now daddy and son can hang out whenever and wherever they want.

Great job, Tom!

Just hope Suri doesn’t get word of it.

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Suri Wears Lipstick And High Heels – Daddy And Mommy Aren’t Fazed


Tom Cruise doesn’t show up for his daughter Suri’s birthday but doesn’t mind her wearing red lipstick and high heels?

Hmmm. Are you sure about that, Tom?

Apparently, little Suri indulges in dresses and heels and loves to play dress-up just like every other young girl out there. She obviously looks up to her mother who fancies elegant-looking apparel.

Sure enough, onlookers were quick to call out Katie who came to defend her parenting style, saying that the high heels Suri was wearing were her ballroom dancing footwear and meant to be worn by children.

Heck yeah!

You’re the mother. You do you, Katie! You do you.

Suri Hasn’t Seen Tom Since Age 7

Suri Hasn't Seen Tom Since Age 7

What? You’re kidding, right?

Tom Cruise not seeing his daughter for years? Woah! What parenting style is that, Tom?

Or, is that even parenting at all?

What a shame it must have been that Tom – with all the means he has at his disposal – hasn’t made an effort to see his lovely little daughter.

As MSN.com would report, Tom hasn’t seen a shadow of his daughter Suri since his divorce with estranged wife Katie.

It gets worse!

Other sources would report Tom to have deliberately stayed away from young Suri despite his legal right of having 10 days per month to visit her.

Not good, Tom. Not good!

Connor Is Into Scientology – Dad Rewards Him

Connor Is Into Scientology - Dad Rewards Him

Want to know something?

Connor Cruise has the same beliefs as his dad.

And what does he get for it? Well, only a luxury residence and his father’s attention and affection, that’s what!

Do I need to say more about sister Isabella as well?

Apparently, older sister Isabelle is into it too!

Moms.com would go on to report, “Connor seems to be everything that Tom wants in a child. He is deeply entrenched in the organization that his father supports, and may always be deeply entrenched in it. It must seem very normal to him.”

Not only that, Nicole Kidman believes that Connor is slowly “being groomed to play a key role in this organization.”

Daddy Tommy Ignores Dear Suri

Daddy Tommy Ignores Dear Suri

Unbeknownst to anyone, Suri is a growing child.

And sure enough, with Tom’s other two children, Suri would want to have her father’s affection – to no avail.

According to USMagazine.com, Katie was raising her which may be the reason why she has been ignored by dear ol’ daddy Tom.

In the words of Moms.com, “She is innocent and should be able to enjoy strong bonds with both parents. That being said, Tom’s way of life come (sic) with a lot of rules that need to be followed.”

Son Connor Enjoyed Ball Games With Daddy Dearest

Son Connor Enjoyed Ball Games With Daddy Dearest

We’ve already established dearest son Connor enjoying as much quality time with daddy dearest as possible while Suri doesn’t get even a single phone call.

Frequently seen – and photographed – attending ball games together and hanging out, Tom and Connor get to have the time of their lives.

As a matter of fact, the two are huge fans of the Los Angeles Dodgers and went to see them in the playoffs in 2013.

Let me draw you a picture. We have Tom aged 51 and Connor aged 18 at the time. The two are enjoying their afternoon snacks while watching the game together, happily enjoying the game.

Now, imagine you’re Suri and that’s all you can see in front of you.

Isabella Moved to England For Good

Isabella Moved to England For Good

As Daily Mail would have it, Isabella Cruise moved to Croyden, England the second she tied the knot. Apparently, she wanted to have a normal life that’s “not lavish, unlike the rich-kid lives of typical Hollywood celeb offspring.”

And while she did have a wedding that shared the rituals of the Church of Scientology, she’s not one to take anymore of that.

According to Moms.com, “Isabella is married to an IT consultant named Max and their home in England is worth about half a million dollars. Tom’s former home in Beverly Hills sold for a whopping 39 million dollars. Isabella is believed to have a troubled relationship with her mom, Nicole Kidman.”

Suri Is Not A Part of Tom’s Life Anymore

fam12 1opt


I mean, where do I even begin? It’s hard enough to not physically see a parent. But to have him/her blatantly say that?

That’s just pure cold – not to mention, heartless!

It can be remembered that he took measures to clear his name from the accusations of child abandonment.

However, that’s just one side of the story!

As it turns out, according to Moms.com, “…an old friend of Tom’s who runs a Facebook page for Tom Cruise fans was asked by Tom to take photos of Suri off of the fan page because Suri wasn’t a part of Tom’s life.”

Ouch! That’s just downright cruel!

Not really doing a great job fathering your child there, Tom!

Conclusion: Tom Cruise Kids: Suri | Isabella | Connor

There you have it.

We’ve covered – and unearthed – Tom Cruise’s deepest, darkest parenting secrets. What are your thoughts about his seemingly “unfair” treatment of his kids?

Are you left wanting to probe more about Tom Cruise and everything concerning him?

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