Tom Cruise Teeth: The Real Story
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Smile Tom! Let’s See That Gorgeous Red Carpet Grin…

Tom Cruise Teeth: The Real Story Behind Tom Cruise’s Unique Toothy Grin plus his original teeth.

There’s not a single person in the world devoid of flaws.

Even multi-millionaire and A-list actor Tom Cruise is no exception – with his ‘former’ less than perfect smile.

But, Hollywood stars do have a huge stack of cash and a wide variety of resources at their disposal.

Think movies, endorsements, business ventures, etc.

Once they enter the world of stardom, they feel the need to “upgrade” their looks to fit in with the other stars.

Tom Cruise

A makeover, if you will.

Tom is someone most people have looked up to for his entire career.

Ever since he was young, when he first started acting way back in the 1980s, he grabbed everyone’s attention.

The effortless charms he owes in part to his good looks and innocent Tom Cruise Smile.

But let’s face it. Turns out, he didn’t always have that million-dollar smile.

Many celebs are born with imperfections in the tooth department and Cruise is one of them.

And the good news?

Well, he has plenty of money so he was able to undergo cosmetic dentistry and have all his choppers all aligned nicely.

If you want to know why he – and many other people – feel the need to do this, read on, my friend.

Here are some facts about Tom Cruise’s teeth – and a couple of photos to boot.

Let’s get started.

Tom Cruise Original Teeth

Let me set the record straight.

Tom Cruise isn’t perfect.

Yes, he was born with poor teeth alignment. The cupid’s bow of his lip shows the former asymmetry in his young smile.

Tom Cruise’s unique teeth weren’t always aligned as beautifully as the way you see him in red carpet events.

To achieve that so-called “million-dollar smile,” young Tom had to put on braces.

Tom Cruise  Teeth

…and we all know how excruciating that is.

Turns out, he underwent cosmetic dentistry just like many others. For what, you may ask?

Well, you know why.

Tom Cruise’s Smile – to achieve that beautiful smile he so wanted to have – opted to undergo the procedures early in his career.

Wise choice, I reckon!

That’s why you may be shocked to see the photo above.

Well, as cliche as it may sound, we can’t always have everything.

The procedures involved whitening, bonding, fixed bridges, crowns, veneers, and dental implants. He endured all these for the sake of having that “perfect smile.”

Not to mention, it’s one pricey endeavor!


Tom Cruise Middle Tooth (Or One Strange Tooth)

Tom Cruise  Teeth


What’s with your middle tooth, Tom?

One smile is all it takes to know how long – and how big – your front gnashers are.

And just like everything else that makes each human unique, your front top teeth will differ from one another.

Try smiling in front of the mirror. Does one front tooth protrude in a different direction? Does it have discoloration? If you’re a non-celeb, well, that likely won’t matter one tiny bit.

But apparently, if you’re an A-list celebrity – let alone the Tom Cruise – well, it matters…a lot!

Now, Tom Cruise has a set of choppers with the “right” color, size, and shape (at least according to his stardom’s standards).

However, it wasn’t always that way.

See that one front tooth over there?

If you take a picture of Tom and examine the center of his face closely, you’ll notice he has a big white middle tooth. Yup, there it is, front and center!

Bear in mind, though, in the celebrity world, having the best smile and fangs is essential.

…especially among singers, actors, players, models, etc.

Celebrities have to have that million-dollar smile.

That’s why most, if not all, move mountains to fix whatever needs to be fixed – tooth or not.

As unpleasant as it might seem, Tom Cruise middle tooth had always been referred to as a horrible “unitooth” or “mono-tooth.”

The actor’s good looks weren’t always complemented with perfectly-designed choppers.

There, I said it!


Tom Cruise Teeth Have Dental Veneers

When the Top Gun superstar was younger, he wanted to achieve better-looking teeth and a perfect grin with discolored teeth a thing of the past. That’s why he wore braces and dental veneers.

If you don’t know, dental veneers are thin custom-made shells used to cover the surface of the front upper teeth.

Porcelain veneers are often recommended by dentists for a good teeth makeover.

When he received porcelain veneers his damaged, disfigured, and stained choppers were now be a thing of the past in just a snap of a finger! 

Tom flashed his sparkly whites for the first time at a Hollywood event after his whitening treatments.

Tom Cruise  Teeth

Ha! Sounds good to me. Sign me up for that!

As you can see in the photo above, he’s already flaunting that iconic Tom Cruise ear-to-ear smile.

The smile most people have gotten to witness and love about him.


Tom Cruise’s Invisible Braces

Tom Cruise Teeth 05

No wonder they’re called “invisible braces.”

Later in his career, Tom finally decided to have his misaligned tooth set straight. He jumped onto the braces bandwagon if you couldn’t catch my drift.

In 2002, while at the premiere of his movie Minority Report, fans were shocked to find Tom Cruise with braces.

He only had them for a few months, though.

And after all, they helped him achieve that picture-perfect smile.

He had regular wires with invisible brackets to disguise his teeth alignment procedure. But, of course, every hawk-eyed fan noticed anyway.


Tom Cruise Had Invisalign Teeth Straightening Procedure

The Invisalign straightening procedure involves having removable, transparent plastic aligners.

Most celebrities choose this procedure.

Got you scratching your head too? It’s pricey, I know!

…but anything for the glitz and glamour, right?

I mean, would you want to be photographed looking unflattering?

No? I thought so too.

Sure, they’re much more expensive and much more convenient than regular wire braces. That’s the catch!

Tom Cruise  Teeth

The good thing about them, though, is he can sport that stunning look in red carpet events without having to awkwardly smile for the cameras.

…something that you might do for the sake of hiding those wires.

Also, you can remove these plastic aligners anytime you feel the need to.


More Middle Tooth Evidence

Tom Cruise  Teeth

A lot of people don’t believe Tom Cruise’s teeth ever underwent a makeover.

Some fanatics even go to the extent of trying to prove the claims to be lies.

First off, who on Earth has totally natural pearly white gnashers?

If you have, well, props to you!

In most photos circulating the Internet, you can see that Tom’s teeth are bizarrely white!

Ordinary choppers can never be so white without professional help.

Other than that, they should be in tandem with someone’s complexion.

Smile! Show me those famous ‘Tom Cruise Teeth’.


A tad too white, if I may say.

Having a natural smile means having the bottom of the top front teeth equal in length.

However, in Cruise’s case, his two front teeth appear like crowns as they look much more dense compared to a normal set.

His front tooth, after being straightened, lies exactly at the center of his face.

…which is actually off!

For years and years, memes on Tom Cruise’s front tooth have circulated online, causing some “bashers” to call him out for having a “mono-tooth” or “uni-tooth.”

Yes, you read that right! Uni-tooth. Shame!

Tom, despite all his efforts, still has unaligned teeth, but that’s okay.

…for now.

Others are quick to say he might have had a major upper jaw operation that resulted in a significant shift in his tooth’s alignment.

I mean, who knows, right?

While Cruise has never jumped in to comment on his dental work, this leaves us with just raw speculation.

Well, all I can say is, “Smile, Tom! Never mind the outsiders.” They’re called outsiders for a reason.

Conclusion: Tom Cruise’s Teeth: The Real Story

There you have it! Everything you need to know about Tom Cruise’s Smile and how he overcame his overbite, misalignment problems and general dental imperfection so we could see him smiling big like never before!

We’ve laid out for you the many reasons why Tom is smiling widely from one ear to the other.

Do you know of other celebs that underwent major reconstruction too?

Did they ever come close to Tom Cruise’s A-list status?

Smile Tom!

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