Tom Cruise Body Statistics: Chest, Waist, And Shoe Size

Tom Cruise Vital Stats

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Tom Cruise Body Statistics: Chest, Waist, And Shoe Size: Tom Cruise needs no introductions, for years on end, Tom Cruise has been an A-lister in the entertainment industry. 

He’s arguably a great – if not the greatest – action star there is.

Even though he is on the short site (more on that later).

What about his physique? 

Well, needless to say, for his age, he’s ripped. 

Plus – he has to stay in shape to do those stunts

For instance…

… he does all his stunts on his own.

Okay, okay. Tom Cruise is the guy. 

Props to him for that.

Tom Cruise Vital Statistics

Though some say he’s midget-sized – his lack of height (see our article on Tome Cruise Height here) never overshadows his tremendous success in the celebrity world.

Are you interested to know more about him? 

Take a read of his Bio and Net Worth.

Now, on to Tom Cruise’s Vital Stats.

Let’s get to reading (and viewing!), shall we?

Tom Cruise Weight is 67 Kilograms(148 pounds)
Tom Cruise Height
Tom Cruise Weight

But we’re not through yet!

What is Tom Cruise Shoe Size?

Cruise’s shoe is a size 9. 

Not such a bigfoot, are we, Tom?

But does he or doesn’t he?

Tom Cruise has been rumored to wear shoes to make him appear taller. Research tells us that Tom Cruise is naturally 5’7” tall, but there are a lot of rumors that suggest that he wears elevator shoes to look taller.

The Top Gun actor fancies nice leather shoes. 

Maybe he owes this to his series of action movies – he did wear some gorgeous suits on those red carpets!

Here are a few of his red carpet moments:

Tom Cruise Age

This was shot during the premiere in New York for “Edge of Tomorrow.” 

He’s sporting black lace-up dress shoes that match his formal look.

Tom Cruise Body Stats

Spotted here wearing brown leather, outdoor-inspired moc toe pair of boots, he stayed true to his Ethan Hunt persona here at the Comic-Con 2013.

He also wore the same boots in one of his guest appearances on “Late Night With Jimmy Fallon.”

Tom Cruise Weight, & Body Statistics✓ Tom Cruise Weight ✓Waist and Eye Color ✓ Tom Cruise Shoe Size ✓ Lots More
Tom Cruise Vital Stats

In the photo above, Cruise is in London for the 2014 Empire Awards. He came in wearing black patent dress shoes.

He was also spotted wearing black patent lace-up shoes at the premiere of “Oblivion.”

He’s a leather shoes and boots kind of guy, alright!

Conclusion: <br>Tom Cruise Body Statistics: Chest, Waist, And Shoe Size

There you have it!

We’ve ticked off all the information there is about Tom Cruise’s vital statistics – from his weight all the way down to his shoe size.

If you want to know more about him and his life lessons, read up on Tom Cruise Quotes.

If you do want to have a good laugh, check out our Tom Cruise Memes too!

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