Mia Khalifa Age (2024)
Vital Stats | Height | Weight [UPDATED]

Mia Khalifa Vital Stats FI

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Mia Khalifa Age & Vital Stats: Age, Height, Weight, & Body Statistics.

Sarah Joe Chamoun, also called Mia Khalifá 

Recognize the name?


Well, how about this name – Mia Khalifa?

Do I get a nod there? 

Also known as Mia Callista in the adult entertainment world, Mia is a former adult actress, a webcam model, and a sports commentator of Lebanese descent.

Yes, you read that right.

That’s where she gets her unique look.

What about Mia Khalifa Age?

Mia Khalifa Vital Statistics

She’s now a changed woman, who’s already making a name and setting herself apart from her dark past. 

She is now the most influential ambassador for DC Sports Girl.

Mia Khalifa Age?  Mia Khalifa  (born February 10, 1993).

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Now, onto her vital stats – which I know is the reason you’re here.

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Mia Khalifa Age, Height, Weight, & Body Statistics 2024

Mia Khalifa Vital Statistics

Standing at only 5’3”, Mia Khalifa is not one to shy away from people because of her short stature. 

She’s now making a name for herself and reaching tall heights thanks to her fame.

Regardless of being petite, Mia’s breast size is a whopping 34B. 

She used to be a pornstar, so it’s a foregone conclusion she’s gonna pump up her cup size, right?

Wait, it gets better.

Her hip size is 34 inches, and it complements her waistline of 26 inches.

To say she’s sexy would be a colossal understatement if you ask me.

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Her dress size is 8. You would think that a girl that petite would be a size 2. But I guess she fits a size 8 because of her breast size.

A compliment, if you ask me.

Being a non-vegetarian, it wouldn’t be surprising that she weighs 55 kilograms. I mean, this would mean that she’s naturally big-boned – probably thanks to her Lebanese descent.

Mia Khalifa’s petite self sports a 6 shoe size.

Although not much is known about her favorite brands of clothes and shoes, she has a few photos that reveal her shoes’ preference.

She’s a sneakerhead.

Mia Khalifa Height is 5 foot 3 inches and her hip size is 34 inches.
Mia Khalifa Vital Stats 03

She posted the photo on her Instagram account, and her fans went gaga over it. 

In the photo, she’s wearing an Off-white Sneakers Converse X.

There are no endorsements on the go from the Khalifa Camp –  since she finally laid low from the glaring lights of the celebrity world.

Mia Khalifa Vital Stats

With a face like hers and a body other girls would die for, it’s no surprise she’s starting to make a name for herself in a much more low-key fashion, quietly inspiring other people to change for the better.

She’s now doing great in her calendar business with her soon-to-be husband, Swedish chef-beau, Robert Sandberg.

Conclusion: Mia Khalifa Vital Statistics

There you have it!

I’m pretty sure we’ve covered everything about her vital statistics for you. 

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