20+ Best Tom Cruise Memes (2020)

Amelia Anderson
By Amelia Anderson
1 October 2020
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Tom Cruise Memes: Want to see the 20 best Tom Cruise memes?

This article will show you memes of today’s popular Top Gun and Mission Impossible icon Tom Cruise.

Sit back, get prepared for laughter, and enjoy these 20 Tom Cruise meme of this Hollywood great.

Let’s get started…


Tom Cruise Memes01

Oh, Tom!

It’s a good thing you’re handsome and…well…extremely talented. 

Any girl can look past your Scientology fanaticism and strange ways. 

Having a rep that’ll be recognized from afar as eccentric, he’s not one to shy away from the spotlight when it comes to controversies about his religion and relationships.

Read more in his Bio to get to know more about – and be shocked by – his strange Scientology fanaticism.

2. Me jumping to conclusions

Tom Cruise Memes

You see Tom’s gesture right there?

That’s exactly what I feel I look like when I see the waiter coming my way with a tray full of food at the restaurant only for him to walk straight past me.

Calm it…

Patience is a virtue! 

3. Tom Cruise doesn’t grow o…

Tom Cruise Memes

Would you look at that face?

It seems like all the projects he’s accepting from left to right have taken a toll on his used-to-be flawless face.

Oh, well. Give him a break. He’s 58, poor guy!

I mean, compared to any typical 50-something, we think you’re doing pretty well, Tom.

4. When you realize you’re almost 60 but you remember you’re Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise Memes


Yes, Tom’s a little wrinkled, alright. 

But can any other teen heartthrob ever say they came close to how handsome and oh-so-charming Cruise is despite his age of 58?

I bet not!

Well, he’s rich and famous. 

He can have access to any great plastic surgeon or dermatologist there is. 

I mean, who in the entertainment industry doesn’t, right?

5. Tom Cruise at 58; Me at 25

Tom Cruise Memes

This is beyond hilarious!

I know loads of peeps who feel the way the guy in the photo beside Tom. 

He makes mee feel old – and I’m a relative whippersnapper at 26.

I have muscle cramps every hour, back pains every two hours.

Maybe I should try Scientology and filming stunts….

6. Me looking at my credit card balance and waiting for it to reach $1000 by itself

Tom Cruise Memes

Don’t ya just feel like that when you look at your bank account? 

Don’t y’all wish for $1.75 to magically turn into $1000 by itself?

See how serious he looks?

That’s exactly how my dad looks when his wallet is empty.

Who did that?

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7. People: COVID, Bubonic Plague, Bombings, Riot; 2020: I’m just getting started

Tom Cruise Memes

I’m sure we all agree that even as 2020 just got started, we were oblivious to how it would all screw us!





Suddenly, all the chillin’ had to stop. 

All the gatherings had to be postponed until who knows when.

And looking at Tom’s face in the photo?

Well, that’s what 2020 would look like if it were a person laughing at all of us panicking…… over a roll of tissue!


Tom Cruise Memes

Well… well… well…

If this isn’t every other teenage boy and girl of 2020.

It’s like everywhere you look, every move you make, every word you say has to go get published on TikTok.

9. Teacher: Okay, class dismissed.

Classmate: Are you going to check our homework?

Tom Cruise Memes

I feel you, Tom!

That face? 

That’s how I looked at my classmate who had just reminded the teacher we have to submit an assignment that I forgot to make!

I mean…

If looks could kill, really!

10. Me looking at my bank account with $1.75 and thinking, “Ehh…that’ll do!

Tom Cruise Memes

First off, I just love how much Tom makes “meme-able” faces?

Thanks to him, I have more than enough to fill this list…

… and some.

Who else agrees that $1.75 isn’t quite  enough to get us through to next payday?

Ha! I know I do!

11. Introverts watching the phrase “social distancing” trend in 2020

Tom Cruise Memes

Introverts here – please stand up?

Looking at Tom in this picture, I imagine myself doing the same face – as I’ve already been doing “social distancing” – even before it was a thing.

I’m aloof, alright! 

I mean, don’t you just love the thought of not having to wear a bra all day e’ry day while watching your favorite Netflix shows?

I know I do!

12. Perfection

Tom Cruise Memes


P – E – R – F – E – C – T – I – O – N indeed!

He’s Tom Cruise!

And if you’re Tom Cruise, you got – attractive, charming, and talented down man…

And who doesn’t want them a piece of that face?

13. When you see your friend talking to her crush

Tom Cruise Memes

Ahh…don’t you just love teenage friendships?

Tom’s face here is mine when I teased my friend over her crush.

Ahh…good times.

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14. Walking down the wine aisle at Target like…

Tom Cruise Memes

Ha! Ha!

Can we all laugh together at how accurate this meme is?

I mean, once in a while, we all need our dose of wine – or coffee – just before we get to that 236th mental breakdown that is.

15. My face when I see my bank account balance

Tom Cruise Memes

Ha! Ha! The look on his face says it all.

That’s me right there at the bank machine pretending to be shocked as if I absolutely didn’t just purchase a 500-dollar shoe that matched my cute dress…

16. My face when it’s the weekend

Tom Cruise Memes


The face of sheer happiness on Friday @5 is epicly accurate!

Well, we don’t all look attractive when we do the same face – but – you get the idea.

The expression “FRIYAY” that millennials came up with really does fit the expression everyone makes when they’re counting down the hours ‘til they finally have their weekly dose of booze and chillout sesh with their pals.

Hey, count me in!

17. My face when I finally drink coffee after my 100th mental breakdown

Tom Cruise Memes

Coffee. Coffee. Coffee.

Mood swings are ugly. 

What greater remedy there is than a nice cup of cold – or hot – coffee, right?

18. Answering my phone after my mom calls for the 345th time

Tom Cruise Memes

Moms have a special way of expressing themselves.

We hang out with our friends, musics loud and everyones having fun. 

But, a word of caution…

…one missed call and any mom can go ballistic.

Ignore her at your own risk.

19. Literally every Tom Cruise movie

Tom Cruise Memes

I don’t know what it is with too much running that Tom Cruise seems to love it in most of his movies. 

He seems to love chasing people.

Abd I’d say that’s a great analogy to what’s happening behind the curtains in his personal life.

He seems to love the chase.

Wonder how he manages to snatch a lady anytime he wants?

20. Ongoing 50% sale at Target


Tom Cruise Memes

We could all use a boost in speed when we hear about an ongoing sale wherever that is.

That face literally says it all.

Conclusion: 20+ Best Tom Cruise Memes

So – there you have it. 

Still attractive, right? And a talent like no other.

I hope you enjoyed browsing these as much as I enjoyed putting them together, but I doubt it.


Anyway – next up – why not check out our other Tom Cruise articles right here? We have his Net Worth, Bio, quotes, and jokes.

Stick with us.

We’ll make sure you’re entertained.

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