Tyler Perry Height, Weight, & Body Statistics [UPDATED]

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Tyler Perry Height, Weight, Body Statistics: 

Award-winning Actor, Writer, Producer, and Director best describe Tyler Perry.

He’s been making headlines for his successful plays that were later made into motion pictures.

And amongst all of it, his Madea franchise has been the crowd’s favorite since 2006.

But, right now, we won’t be talking about his success as a multimedia star.


…we’ll share with you our answers to the most common questions about Tyler Perry’s vital statistics!

Let’s get started…

Tyler Perry Height

Question #1: How tall is Tyler Perry? (Tyler Perry Height)

Tyler Perry Height:
If there’s one thing most noticeable about Tyler Perry, it would be his height.

Well, the actor is towering over most people with a height of 196 centimeters!

Anyway, if you’re wondering how huge Tyler is, take a look at this photo of him and Oprah, who is 169 centimeters tall.

Tyler Perry Height

Question #2: What is Tyler Perry’s Chest and Waist Size?

Tyler Perry showing off his broad shoulders and wide chest in 2015. Photo from: Instagram

Most Tyler Perry fans would know that the well-known writer had quite an interesting weight loss journey.

The actor buffed up from his dad-bod – something he’s incredibly proud of.

Tyler Perry Height

He lost 30 pounds!

Big thanks to his Krav Maga (an Israeli type of mixed martial arts) exercises and gym workouts. 

He also follows a healthy diet plan that made his waist shrink to a sexy 36 inches.

Tyler Perry Height

Going back to his chest size – since Perry’s weight loss, his chest size has been a reliable 45 inches.

Good job, Tyler!

Question #3: What’s Tyler Perry’s shoe size?

From sporting running shoes to his formal choice, Tyler Perry sure does have an eye for style  – especially when it comes to his footwear.

Also, he’s a Men’s US Size 12 – complimenting his tall stature.

Here are pictures of him in his favorites:

Tyler Perry Height

It’s a fact that Tyler Perry loves his formal shoes.

I wonder how many of these he keeps in his closet?

Tyler Perry Height

Perry effortlessly dressed in this outfit that matches his style!

Conclusion: Height, Weight, & Body Statistics

Well, that’s it for our answers to the most common questions about Tyler Perry’s vital statistics.

I’m sure you’d love to check his height in person and compare your height with his!

Anyway, if you’re more curious about Tyler Perry’s life, then feel free to jump into his Bio by BounceMojo.com.

We also have the backstory of how he went from rags to riches in our comprehensive Tyler Perry Net Worth article.

Anyway, let’s Put The Bounce In Your Mojo today… please tweet us your favorite Tyler Perry Movie and tell us why you love it…

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