Tiger Woods’ Yacht [$20 million] Privacy: Photos, length, tour

Tiger Woods Yacht

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Tiger Woods Yacht: Tiger Woods’ whole life might be an interesting story in itself. But, in this article, we’re going to be looking at just a part of it – the incredible Tiger Woods Yacht. 

We’ll be taking a look into Tiger’s Privacy. Yes, that’s what he named his very first yacht. 

Stick with us as we dig more on the beloved boat baby I mean Tiger Woods Yacht.

Let’s get started…

When did Tiger Woods buy Privacy?

Tiger Woods Yacht

When did Tiger Woods buy Privacy?

Tiger Woods Yacht
Source: The Golf News Net

Woods bought Privacy right before his wedding in 2004. 

He even made sure it was delivered on the day of his marriage to Elin Nordegren.

So they could spend their first night together in Privacy… so to speak

Ain’t that romantic?

Tiger Woods Yacht is 155 ft!

Yes, Privacy is one huge yacht. 

Tiger Woods Yacht stretches out to a whopping 155 feet in length! 

Here’s the kicker… 

..it also consists of three floors: the main deck, the second floor, and the observation deck on the third floor.

Inside Tiger Woods Privacy

Curious about what amenities this yacht offers? 

Well, now you can check out these extraordinary facilities on Privacy, with Bounce Mojo.

Inside Tiger Woods Yacht
Source: Bunkered

Want to eat peacefully on the Tiger Boat? 

Then, you’ll want to check out this cozy 12-seater dining area (with a fancy counter), that’s gonna give you all the peace and serenity you need while eating. 

Aside from that, it also has a walk-in refrigerator that means you can chill your wine and caviar easily. 

Tiger Woods Yacht Dining Area
Source: Bunkered

If it’s the chill zone you wanna see, take a gander at this yacht’s enormous deck bar! 

If it’s wine or beer you’re after (whichever mood you’re in – we got you covered on the Tiger Woods Yacht), then this area could be your favorite spot. 

Going up a floor is also made so much more convenient with the yacht’s elevator that can fit up to three persons for your little menage a trois.

Tiger Woods Yacht Bedroom

Did you know that Tiger Woods Yacht Privacy has its own four bedrooms – fitting up to a total of twenty-one people?

Time to partaayyy dude.

Privacy has four extra cabins for his crew, four other bedrooms, and a master suite. 

Yup, a master bedroom – see the picture above…

… providing you with all the comfort of home (see our article on his house right here) while sailing the high seas.

Tiger Woods Yacht Pool
Source: Bunkered

This is the outdoor jacuzzi of his huge yacht, which can accommodate up to eight people – fun. 

Tiger Woods Yacht Living Area
Source: Bunkered

And of course, the living area. The place where the host and his guests can enjoy some chillaxed chitchats while sailing. 


… if you’d prefer to watch a movie in a proper theater…

Fear not, for Tiger has you covered.

The boat also has its own home theater where guests can watch a movie or two while onboard.

Tiger Woods Yacht Gym
Source: Bunkered

Why would Tiger forget the gym area, huh? 

So, if you need to shed some caviar calories from your dinner while you’re on Tiger Woods Yacht, you can just hit the gym (with quite a view I might add)… 

It is also fully-equipped, which means you won’t have to worry about that specific piece of equipment you normally use – for it’s literally all here.

Why would Tiger forget the gym area, huh? 

So, if you need to shed some caviar calories from your dinner while you’re on Tiger’s yacht, you can just hit the gym (with quite a view I might add)… 

It is also fully-equipped, which means you won’t have to worry about that specific piece of equipment you normally use – for it’s literally all here.

Tiger Woods Yacht
Source: Golf News Network

It just oozes luxury and elegance, right?

How much is Tiger Woods Yacht?

Tiger Woods Yacht
Source: Yacht Harbour

In 2004, Tiger Woods bought his 155 foot, Tri-Deck Motor Yacht (Hull 026), Privacy for a snip at  $20 mill. 

He purchased it from a Canadian company, Christensen Shipyards.

Sidebar here – he’s suing them for using his name and photos to advertise their enterprise. 

Woods wasn’t happy about it, and the lawsuit ended with a $1.6 million settlement in favor of the famous golfer.

Seems a bit harsh – I mean was he disappointed with his purchase? Would he only give it 2 stars on Google? What?

Other details about Tiger’s yacht

Tiger Woods Yacht
Source: Golf Channel

Privacy is one expensive piece of kit. Yet, it’s also pricey to run it…

Must admit, I was so busy imagining myself in the jacuzzi I outright forgot to consider the running costs.

Dammit, that’s gonna mean I’ll struggle to afford this sucker.


… according to reports, to use the infamous Tiger Woods yacht, you’ll have to fill up the 12,000-gallon fuel tank that can run up to 4,000 miles. 

It also has a tank that is filled with 2,000 gallons of water to fulfill every requirement within the yacht.

Besides that, Tigers Yacht Privacy is a powerful beast.

Since it has a pair of 1,800-horsepower engines to keep the boat running, there are also multiple generators inside the vessel to bring power to the inside of the big ship.

Last but not least…

It’s also the epitome of speed on the water, as it can go as fast as 17 knots.

Fine if he’s in a hurry to get to the PGA Championship.

Who designed Privacy?

Tiger Woods Yacht
Source: Daily Mail

The 6,500 square feet living and working space of the yacht’s interior was mostly designed by no other than… 

Elin Nordegren. 

It was also Woods’ ex-wife who chose most of the furniture inside the yacht… 

Everything from the fitments found in the master suite to those in the galley. 

How many times did Woods stay on Privacy?

Tiger Woods Yacht
Source: Golf Channel

Woods actually stayed in his $20 million yacht thrice in history…
I just worked that out.
That’s $6.666 Mill each time he used it.
The very first time was during the 2006 U.S. Open in Winged Foot Golf Club, New York.
Twelve years later,
Tiger took his yacht and slept on the water for the 2018 U.S. Open in Shinnecock Hills. Long Island, New, York.
And Lastly…

Tiger Woods Yacht
Source: Golf Channel

…Tiger’s yacht docked at Oyster Bay, New York, for the 2019  PGA Championship. 

What else is inside Tiger Woods yacht, Privacy?

Tiger Woods Yacht
Source: Golf Channel

Knowing the size of Tiger Woods’ yacht, it’s not surprising that it can hold up to seven other crafts. 

Yes, you’ve read it right…

Tiger Woods yacht will house:

…two ocean kayaks, two motorized scooters, and three jet skis – all inside Privacy!

Besides that…

Privacy also has a decompression space – for Woods and his friends to use whenever they want to do some SCUBA diving.

Lucky 9

Tiger Woods Yacht
Source: Daily Mail/Splash

Woods’s yacht Privacy needs nine people to operate it. 

Are you curious about how many people it takes to operate his yacht? 

Well, it just needs nine people. 

Nine employees to have this vast yacht move and work. 

His crew members stay and share in four separate cabins while onboard.

Or maybe they stay in the Master Room when no one is looking…

You decide.

Only kidding, hehe.

Where does Tiger Woods dock his yacht? 

Tiger Woods Yacht
Source: Yacht Harbor

Believe it or not…

…Woods has never docked his yacht, Privacy in the beachfront of his Jupiter Island Mansion in Florida. 

(I would ‘so’ want to do that so I could see it from my kitchen window!).


Woods is said to dock his yacht at a marina around North Palm Beach, Florida.

Tiger has never explained this… but then again, why should he?

Summary: Tiger Woods Yacht $20 million Privacy

Well, that’s it for Tiger Woods’s $20 million yacht, Privacy. But, did you know he has another boat? 

He owns a 61-footer scuba boat named Solitude, that he and his friends use whilst diving.

It’s also custom-built and costs circa 3 million dollars!

I mean, it’s no question that Woods can afford these yachts. 

And rumor has it that he spends $2 million annually to run them. 

Well, with his net worth of almost a billion dollars, he can well afford his yacht and boat. 

But, I particularly liked how his yacht was designed to be quite so luxurious and elegant. Yet it didn’t scream OTT, it’s just classy.

I hope you enjoyed this article – you might also want to check out Woods’s Bounce Mojo Bio, his Net Worth, and the Best Bounce Mojo Memes of him.

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