Tiger Woods Astrology Birth Chart
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Tiger Woods Zodiac Sign

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Tiger Woods Astrology Birth Chart, Horoscope, Zodiac Sign, and Birthstone: Best known as one of the best golfers of all time – Tiger Woods takes pride in his achievements, like most Capricorns.

Based in Jupiter, Florida, the infamous golfer rose to prominence after winning his first gold when he was just 20 years old. 

Born to a veteran father and social worker mother, Woods grew up disciplined and religious – another trait that are associated with being a Capricorn!

But it doesn’t end there.

Tiger Woods has so many Capricorn traits, we’re going to take a look at them in this article. 

Additionally, today you’ll find out:

  • More about Tiger’s life and zodiac sign
  • How does being a Capricorn affect his career, relationships, and love life;
  • Love compatibility between different zodiacs
  • Fun facts you need to know about the goats.
  • Many more!

If you ‘re ready to learn more about the latest deets on Tiger Woods, then stay with me. 

Find out how being an Earth sign helps (or not?) in Tiger’s everyday life…

…and let’s see what it takes to be a Capricorn.

Buckle up…

…because you’re up for a ride!

 Birth Chart for The Weeknd

Tiger Woods’s chart reflects all the celestial bodies in the sky when and where Tiger Woods was born.

In case you didn’t know…

…when Tiger’s parents welcomed him in Cypress, California, United States – the sun was in Capricorn, the moon was in Sagittarius, and the other planets were in different zodiacs. 

Moreover, for the planets (and other celestial bodies) they were in the following positions:

  • His Mercury was in Capricorn
  • Venus was in Scorpio
  • Mars in Gemini
Tiger Woods Astrology Birth Chart
  • Saturn in Leo
  • Uranus was also in Scorpio.
  • Neptune in Sagittarius
  • Pluto was in Libra
  • His black moon,  Lilith, was in Aries.
  • His True North Node was in Scorpio

And the planet that rules over the ascendant in Capricorn is Saturn, hence the goat symbol of the original sign found on the 10th house of astrology. 

To give you an idea… 

…the designation of the houses is centered around Tiger Woods’s birth time and starts with the rising sign (seen as a pink-colored line from the graphic’s center to the left). It continues anti-clockwise. 

Now, I bet you’re wondering how these placements affect the way Tiger Woods lives his life.

Better stick with us to find out because we’ll be spilling more in a few. 


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What is Tiger Woods Zodiac Sign?

Tiger Woods Zodiac Sign

American professional golfer Eldrick Tont Woods AKA Tiger Woods was born on December 30, 1975. 

His date of birth tells us that he’s born when the Sun was in Capricorn and the moon in Sagittarius. 

But if you aren’t familiar with those terms, let me simplify them for you…

…the sun sign refers to the vitality, sense of individuality, outward-shining, and creative energy a person gives. 

On the other note, the moon sign speaks about the emotional side and self-image of anyone.

In general, goats are ambitious, pragmatic, hardworking, and well-disciplined beings. They’re never afraid of challenges, as long as they know they’ll achieve their dreams and goals afterwards.

Tiger Woods is a Capricorn. 

That’s why it isn’t so shocking that he’s known to be one of the best players of all time after hustlin’ hard throughout his career. 

As a matter of fact…

…Woods also takes pride in his discipline and commitment that brought him to where he is today. 

From winning 82 official PGA Tours to earning a Presidential Medal of Freedom award in 2019, Woods proves to us that goats indeed always aim to accomplish anything they set their eyes to. 

Capricornians also have incredibly high standards when it comes to their work and interests. So, expect nothing but the best from these guys. 

But hey, nobody’s perfect, and Capricorns aren’t exceptions to this truth. 

To balance everything out…

…Capricorns can be too workaholic and stubborn when they want to. 

They’ll push themselves to their limits until they finally feel exhausted enough to call it a day.  

Sounds tough, eh?

Additionally, goats can be stubborn, especially in their way of thinking…

…they hate it when people try to change their views or can’t understand their logic. 

So, better stay in your lane and let these Capricorns be.

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What does Tiger Woods Zodiac Sign Mean?

Tiger Woods Zodiac Sign

Picture this. 

An ascendant in Capricorn is ruled by Saturn and known to have carried heavy energy in their birth, leading to their workaholic, bossy, and persistent nature. 

Additionally, the main element of the goat is Earth, which is a cardinal sign. 

This fact helps us understand why Capricorns are determined to achieve their goal through hard work and perseverance.

They’ll never tolerate people who slack and will ensure they offer the best services without feeling burned out. 

Aside from being ambitious individuals, the goats also like to make sure they’re always responsible for their actions.

Whenever they make a mistake, they’re not afraid to speak their minds and apologize for what they’ve done. 

Yes, they can be stubborn at times – but only when they know they’re right. 

So, if you have beef with a Capricorn, don’t worry because these goats will own up to their mistakes and ponder them and this also helps them move on much easier than the rest.

Capricorns are determined to achieve their goal through hard work and perseverance.

What does Tiger Woods Zodiac Sign Tell Us About Him?

Tiger Woods Zodiac Sign

Whether he’s sitting on the top spot of the golf world rankings or trying to win a PGA tour…

…Tiger Woods always makes sure he’s giving his best whenever he plays his sport. 

Clearly, that’s the ambitious and determined Capricorn in him, which drives him to slay every game he’s in.

According to his father, Earl Woods, Tiger never misses a training schedule and thinks of his plan ahead of time to ensure his win.

Talk about discipline!

However, despite being a great player, Woods had also encountered several challenges in his career.

One of these was his The Master’s defeat in 2006, and his infidelity scandals (more on that later!).

The well-known golfer even said:

That one hurt the most of any tournament that I have failed to win. I’ve lost tournaments before, and I’ve been through some tough defeats over the years, but nothing like that because I knew my dad would never live to see another major championship.” 

Tiger Woods had a hard time dealing with his defeat because it was also the last tournament his father attended before succumbing to prostate cancer.

But like any other goat, he didn’t give up and made his defeat his inspiration.

He trained harder ,resulting in his first win during The Open at Hoylake after his father’s demise. 

Well done, Tiger!

Interesting Facts About Capricorn

Tiger Woods Zodiac Sign

He’s a bit of a perfectionist.

Tiger Woods wouldn’t be one of this generation’s most successful golfers if it weren’t for his perfectionism and discipline. 

The golfer even had his quest to learn how to swing perfectly…

…until he discovered his iconic swing, which gave him countless trophies and medals.  

Besides his swing, HBO’s documentary about Woods spilled how his perfectionism came from genetics. 

The culprit was his father, Earl Woods, who didn’t just train him in golf but also taught him life lessons. 

As a veteran, Earl Woods’ wanted Tiger to do nothing but the best, whether in golf or his studies. 

Red is his favorite color.

Ironically, Tiger Woods’s favorite color is red, which is also the color of Capricorn’s orb. 

Whenever Woods has a game or tournament, he makes sure he wears red because he believes it’s his lucky color. 

Red sure did give Woods lots of luck considering how many trophies and medals he has collected from his career.

Tiger Woods currently holds 15 major golf championships and 82 PGA Tours – what a remarkable feat!

Woods’ faith contributed to his success. 

In case you didn’t know…

…Tiger’s beliefs contributed much to his success as a golfer. 

He’s a Buddhist, and he learned it from his momma, Tilda. 

Tilda raised Woods the Buddhist way, which Tiger also practiced when he grew up. 

According to Woods, his religion taught him to be more spiritual and take full responsibility for his life. 

The ways of Buddhism also guided him to be more disciplined and happy while working on his career. 

Tiger Wood Facts

He’s a golf prodigy.

Tiger Woods was only three years old when he first played golf…

…his father taught him since Earl enjoys playing the game with his colleagues. 

Little did Earl know his son would become a prodigy. 

After his first try throwing a shot in the course, his father saw his son’s potential and trained him until he became today’s best. 

Tiger’s the first athlete billionaire.

Despite his controversies and defeat, Tiger Woods still earned his first billion in 2009.

He’s, in fact, the first athlete known to be a billionaire…

…big thanks to his endorsement deals. 

Reports show his earnings from his sponsorships are waaay bigger than his salary as a golfer. 

Besides those…

…Tiger also earns from his investments…

Whether it’s his businesses from his brand, TGR AKA Tiger Woods Ventures, or his trading portfolio, Tiger’s net worth sure won’t decrease anytime soon. 

Better check out his net worth article on bouncemojo.com to know more.

Capricorn can be such a strong-willed and independent creature that they tend to have a hard time opening up when they’re down or in trouble.

Tiger Woods Zodiac Sign Love Compatibility

Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren (What it’s like to date someone from the same sign)

Tiger Woods Zodiac Sign Love

Woods was born on December 30, 1975, while Elin Nordegren was a New Year’s Eve baby, which means these two are Capricorns. 

Did their love for each other conquer the odds, or did their similar signs cause conflicts in their relationship?

Spoiler alert! I bet you already know that these two didn’t end very well, so why don’t we take a look at the thorns in their marriage and determine if astrology contributed to the couple’s lives?

According to horoscope, since both Capricorns desire the same things in life, they tend to understand each other better. 

This scenario was the case for Elin and Tiger; they’re alike and easily adjusted to each other’s personalities, hence the couple’s surprise wedding in Barbados back in 2004, after dating for almost two years. 

A year later…

… they welcomed their first child, Sam Alexis Woods – a gorgeous baby girl. 

And twenty months after Sam’s birthday, the couple celebrated their bouncing baby boy Charlie Axel Woods’s birth. 

Unfortunately, the happy days for Mr. and Mrs. Woods ended when their marriage crumbled in 2009. 

The reason for this was Tiger’s infidelity scandals, in which he’s said to have slept with about 121 women while married. 

Oops – seems like the stars didn’t want these two to end up together after all.

In the end, Tiger did man up to his wrongdoings and publicly apologized to Elin for his infidelity. 

I guess we’re right when we said goats do own up to their mistakes.

Tiger Woods and Erica Herman (A Capricorn and Aquarius Love Story)

Tiger Woods Zodiac Sign Love

When an Earth sign meets a water sign, many zodiac experts see two people from various aspects of life wanting to know more about each other.

People say opposites attract…

…but is this attraction enough for their stars to align? 

In case you’re wondering…

…Tiger’s new flame, Erica Herman, was born on February 15, 1984. Her birthday falls on Aquarius season, which means Herman is a water bearer.  

In terms of similarities, both of these signs are incredibly driven and dependable individuals. They connect easily and accept each other’s quirks in a snap. 

If an Aquarian is looking for someone to love them for who they are, Capricorns would gladly be the ones to love and accept them – simply because Capricorns are excellent at giving safe spaces for these water bearers. 

At the same time, the latter brings energy and fun to their relationship. 

This fact is proven to be true when Tiger Woods didn’t care about Erica Herman’s past when he began dating her.

News flash! Erica Herman faced numerous legal claims throughout her life, but those issues didn’t stop Tiger from loving her. 

You can read more on Erica’s story and how she met the infamous golfer here.

Today, Erica Herman and Tiger Woods are still together ever since they publicly dated in 2017. 

Their relationship also tells us how you can defy the odds just to be with someone you love.

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Know More About the Capricorn Zodiac Sign

Love lifeBefore his infidelity scandal came into the picture, Tiger Woods was head over heels for his model girlfriend, Elin Nordegren. 
Their love resulted in marriage, and they eventually had two kids together. Unfortunately, things didn’t end well for the couple…
…Woods’s cheating allegations made headlines that led to their divorce.
After his marriage ended, Woods dated several women for more than a year, giving us an idea about how Capricorns can be really great lovers (minus the infidelity, of course).
CareerIt’s no brainer how good Tiger is with his career. With his booming net worth, we can genuinely say he’s made it. 
He’s also indeed born from the ascendant of a Capricorn Sun and Mars in Gemini with his hard-working attitude.
Friendship In terms of friendship, Capricorns are loving, loyal, and caring friends. 
They’re honest about their thoughts whenever a friend disappoints them. Encouraging their peers is also another trait Capricorns are known for.  
We can see this by how Tiger treats his friends like family. Up to this day, the sports guy is still close friends with Justin Thomas and Phil Mickelson.
Family As a parent, Tiger Woods prefers to have his kids spend their childhood private and away from the face of the public. 
This is very similar to most celebrity Capricorn parents who like to have their kids safe and away from harm at all times.
They also don’t mind providing their kids with everything they have; hence they work hard for their family.

15 Facts About Tiger Woods Zodiac Sign

Tiger Woods Zodiac Sign Facts
  1. Capricorns are patient individuals who don’t mind how boring things can get as long as they’re pushing themselves forward. You see, Tiger Woods has done the same training since he was three, but he didn’t mind and kept thriving until he achieved what he has today.
  2. Additionally, Capricorns have always been ambitious and deeply driven to be successful. They’ll hustle hard,  determined to work their way to a prosperous future. This is one of the reasons why Tiger works hard, because they prefer to work than to not do anything.
  3. Whether as family members or friends, Capricorns are reliable and dependable. They’ll always do their best to protect their loved ones. Hence Tiger does his best to keep his kids away from the media.
  4. Being picky and having high standards is a normal thing for Capricorns, whether it’s their love life, career, or anything else. They’ll never settle for second place but only the best – so don’t be shocked if Woods always strives to be on top. It’s a Capricorn-thing. 
  5. To be clever and intelligent is another Capricornian trait. They can be several steps ahead of their competitors, hence Woods’s gameplan whenever he’s in tournaments. 
  6. When Capricorns encounter turbulence in life, they don’t allow it to keep them down for very long. Instead of whining and complaining about it, they just get the hell back up and keep moving forward.
  7. Sometimes, a Capricorn can be such a strong-willed and independent creature that they tend to have a hard time opening up when they’re down or in trouble.
  8. They can be so stubborn and determined to be self-reliant that they allow themselves to struggle in silence rather than reaching out for help.
  9. Capricorns can be very cautious about who they allow into their circle and can take time before they feel comfortable enough around someone to truly open themselves out. 
  10. Once their trust and friendship have been earned, they can be quite outspoken, making them extremely loyal and supportive friends.
  11. The Capricorn sense of humor tends to be extremely dry and brutally sarcastic. Some would find their jokes a bit weird, but those who ‘get’ their sense of humor often find them downright hilarious.
  12. Sometimes Capricorns find themselves overthinking and overanalyzing things that are totally out of their control, to the point of driving themself nuts with stress.
  13. They tend to put a lot of pressure on themselves to consistently perform at their best and can second guess their decisions, worrying that they’ve made some kind of a big mistake.
  14. Sometimes people may label Capricorn as boring, but those people probably don’t know them very well because they can get quite crazy and wild around friends.
  15. If there’s one trait that Capricorn finds hard to resist in a potential partner, it’s confidence and the willingness to go after what they want in life.

Want to know if you have similar traits as Tiger Woods? Check out this link! Enjoy!

15 Facts You Need to Know About Tiger Woods Zodiac Sign

What is Tiger Woods Birth Stone?

Tiger Woods Birthstone

Whether it’s the garnet or the blue topaz, anyone with an ascendant in Capricorn like Tiger Woods can certainly use any of these two as their birthstone. 


…the red orb color is suitable for Capricorn’s strength and security as it ensures the goat away from risks and lets them take charge of things they want to happen. 

Using the stone garnet, a tired Capricorn will instantly be replenished, getting them ready to face more challenges. 

Likewise, the gemstone is associated with the user’s purity, loyalty, truthfulness, and awareness. It means that it can positively affect the wearer’s ability to create meaningful relationships.

Fun fact! Garnet is also said to provide several health benefits to Capricorns and can improve health issues linked to the circulatory and respiratory systems. 

Also, since the color of the garnet is red, it’s known to improve the sensuality and sexuality of Capricorns.

Tiger Woods ZS 14

Besides garnet, blue gemstones like the sapphire or topaz are also birthstones associated with Capricorns (especially for those born in December, like Tiger Woods). 

It’s because these blue gemstones help male goats reap the energies needed by the ruling planet Saturn to better their development and security in relationships.

So, if you’re a male goat, it’s advisable to surround yourself with any of those blue gemstones or the garnet to improve the energies around you.

Conclusion: Tiger Woods Astrology Birth Chart, Horoscope 

…American golfer Tiger Woods sure did prove to us that he’s a hard-working, disciplined, and of high-standard Capricorn who isn’t afraid of a challenge.

He’s also an overprotective parent who’ll do his best to keep his children away from the public eye. 

To add up to that, many more famous people share the same zodiac as Woods – who’s your favorite?

Anyway, I’m glad you’ve reached this far.

What’s the most surprising fact about Tiger Woods’ zodiac that you’ve found? Fell free to share it with us!

Is it his perfectionism? Or his booming Net Worth

In case you’re curious, you can also read his Biography and other articles on Bouncemojo.com for more!

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