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Tiger Woods Mom Biography: Here’s our brand new Bounce Mojo Bio of one of our favorite sporting moms – she never misses a championship – she’s fierce as they come – but relentlessly supportive — she’s Tiger’s Mom, Kultida Woods.

Our team spent many man-hours researching for this bio on Woods’ Mom to give you everything you need to know about the golf prodigy’s mom, and some details you may have never known before. 

You’ll learn about – 

  • Her life in Vietnam
  • Tales from a prodigy’s mom
  • Her marriage… and its end

And much more…

Off we go!

So, sit tight…

Who Is Kultida Woods?

The woman behind Tiger Woods’ success is Tiger Woods Mum Kultida (Punsawad) Woods, a Thai woman who migrated to the United States to marry Earl Woods, the father of Tiger Woods. 

She’s also involved in the Woods’ foundation projects in Thailand.

Tiger Woods Mom Kultida (Punsawad) Woods
Expert On: Philanthropy
Current Occupation: Philanthropist
Place of Birth: Kanchanaburi, Thailand
Net Worth: $740 Million
Date of Birth: 27.05.1944
Gender: Female
Height: 165 cm
Weight: 60 kg
Date of Birth: June 7, 1975
Grandchildren: Sam Alexis Woods, Charlie Axel Woods
Tattoos: None
Eye Color: Black
Zodiac Sign: Gemini
Relationship Status: Widowed
Children: 5
Nationality: Thai-American
Languages: Thai and English
Religion: Buddhist
Favorite Color: Black, White, Blue & Pink
Favorite Food: Thai Dishes

The Young Kultida (Punsawad) Woods

Young Tiger Woods Mom Kultida (Punsawad) Woods
Kultida Woods in one of Woods’s tournaments. Photo from: Getty Images

Kultida Punsawad (aka Tida) was Tiger Woods Mother maiden name. She was raised in Kanchanaburi, Thailand, about 70 miles away from Bangkok (Thailand’s capital). 

According to sources, her parents were divorced and she was raised by her mother together with her three siblings.

Young Tiger Woods Mom Kultida (Punsawad) Woods
Photo from: Getty Images

Growing up, she  practiced Buddhism and diligently passed it on to her son. 

Later on, she worked as a social worker and banker. 

And in 1966, 22-year-old Kultida, who was secretary in a United States Army office in Bangkok, met Tiger’s father, Earl Woods, while he was stationed in Thailand.

Young Tiger Woods Mom Kultida (Punsawad) Woods
Mom with Tiger during one of his games (final round of a Masters). Photo from: SB Nation

The two fell in love – which led to her leaving Thailand for America. 

They wed in 1969. 

Tiger Woods Mom was 31 years old when she had Tiger – she gave birth to him in California in 1975. 

Her mother lived with them during Tiger’s early childhood. 

Kultida Woods Family & Relationships


When Tiger Woods Mom married His father in 1969, she left her homeland to be with her new husband. 

Despite being miles away from her homeland, she still kept a tight hold on her culture and applied it while raising her son, Tiger. 

They would often visit Thailand…

…to let him witness the Thai culture firsthand and to meet his mother’s side of the family. 

While raising her son with her husband, Tida was the type of mom who would bring and be with her son during his sporting tournaments. 

She was also the Enforcer in the household – the reason Tiger said in an interview that he was “deathly afraid” of his mother – much more than he was with his Lieutenant Colonel father. 

Really? Wow.

And in 2006, Tida became a widow when her husband sadly succumbed to prostate cancer. 


Tiger Woods Mom finished high school in Bangkok, however, it’s not clear whether or not she went to university after that.

Kultida Woods Career

Kultida Woods Career
Photo from: Very Celeb

Tiger Woods Foundation – 1996-current

When the Foundation began in 1996, Woods’ Mom was the one who spearheaded the projects of the foundation in Thailand and in the US. 

Thanks to her advocacy…

… many children’s homes and schools were created to help assist financially-challenged kids. 

Marriage – 1969

In 1969, Woods’ Mom left her homeland of Thailand to marry her husband. 

The two married in New York, where she migrated right after the marriage. 

Sources say she worked in a bank while Tiger was growing up.

Secretary – 1966

When Earl Woods Sr. was sent to Thailand during the Vietnam war, he met 22-year-old Tida, who was working as a secretary for an office of the US Army in Bangkok.

Kultida Woods Scandals & Controversies

Kultida Woods Scandals
Photo from: Zimbio

KW vs. Late Earl Woods Sr.

According to an insider, Woods’ Mom buried her late husband in an unknown unmarked grave as an act of revenge towards him. 

Rumors had surfaced that her late husband had several affairs that she wasn’t happy about.

KW vs. Tiger Woods (Infidelity)

In 2009, reports confirmed the secret affairs that Tiger Woods had, all whilst he was married to Elin Nordegren. The infidelity hurt and made Tida angry and very disappointed with her son. 


… Tida eventually forgave her son and said she would support him despite everything that has happened. 

Interesting Facts About Kultida Woods

  1. She’s the main reason Tiger wears red in every final round of his tournaments. Woods’ Mom believes red is a power color and would bring him luck while competing. 
  2. It was also Tida who introduced Tiger to Buddhism.
  3. She currently lives in Florida to be near her son, Tiger. 
  4. Tida is a dog lover and is said to own multiple dogs. 
  5. She prefers to have a private life and wants to stay out of the spotlight as much as possible.

Kultida Woods Business Interests

Tiger’s Mom helps manage the Tiger Woods Foundation and is the brain behind some of the projects in Thailand and the USA. 

To find out more about this, check out Tiger’s Net Worth on BounceMojo.com

Top 3 Quotes From Kultida Woods

Kultida Woods Quotes

“My son will come out as a stronger and better person than he was before”

Kultida Woods Quotes

“Buddhism is a great way to go deeper within our souls…”

Kultida Woods Quotes

“When a person makes a mistake, the person must also admit it. Learn from it, and move on”

5 Lessons From Kultida Woods

Tiger Woods & His Mom
Photo from: Heavy
  1. Your beliefs will help you in life. When Tiger’s cheating scandal became public, Tida (who isn’t fond of interviews) finally broke her silence saying that teachings from Buddhism had helped Tiger survive his controversies.
  2. Mistakes are normal… In the same interview, Tida added that making mistakes is normal in life. Everyone makes mistakes, nobody is perfect. So, when someone makes a mistake, the person must admit it and not be ashamed of it. 
  3. Learn to move forward. Another lesson from Tida is that whenever something happens in our life, we should learn to move forward. Just like when her husband died in 2006, Tida tried her best to move on and focus on the present. 
  4. Always be proud of your children. Despite the scandals her son has brought throughout his career, there are two things that will never change for Tida — her love for Tiger and how she’ll always be proud to be his mother.
  5. Reflect on your mistakes. Lastly, Tida said that what’s great about her son is that he reflected on his mistakes and understood where he was wrong. Which is something that anyone should do – reflect on your mistakes, and admit what you did wrong, and everything will come to place.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the ethnic background of Tiger Woods Mom?

According to reports, his mother is a mix of Thai, Chinese, and Dutch.

How many children does Kultida Woods have?

Tiger is her only child. 

Is Tiger Woods Mom scary for him?

Woods said in one interview that he is “deathly afraid” of his mother Kultida — however he added that he loves her dearly he was just scared of her at times when he was younger.

When did Tiger Woods’ mother marry his father?

Woods’ mom and dad married in 1969.

What religion is Tiger Woods Mom? 

Based on research, his mom practices Buddhism. 

Summary: Kultida Woods, Tiger Woods Mom

So there you have it, I’m sure you’ll agree, Kultida has had a pretty interesting life – from her roots in Thailand to a prosperous life in America – but with her heart still back in Thailand helping those less fortunate through the Foundation.

My biggest takeaway from this bio is how Tiger Woods Mom remained private despite all the fame her son acquired but I also particularly liked how she remained protective towards her son when the world was against him.

I’m sure there’s a lot we can learn about her story.

I hope you enjoyed this article about Tiger Woods’ Mom – you might also want to check out Tiger Woods’s Bounce Mojo Net Worth, and other BounceMojo articles about him, and of his Father Earl.

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