Inside Tiger Woods Houses [Pictures Inside & Out]

Tiger Woods House

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Inside Tiger Woods Houses: If there are mansions, then there are always Mega Mansions. 

And Tiger Woods Houses? He owns at least 3  – with nowhere else quite like them.   

Yes, you read that right. 

In this article, we’ll let you know everything there is to know about America’s wealthiest golfer – Tiger Woods-  and his mind-boggling estates. 

Let’s go straight to the first hole…

Tiger Woods: the Golf Genius and prodigy who won the 1997 Masters at 21 years old. 

In total, he has 106 worldwide wins and 15 Majors. 


Tiger Woods House
Source: TMN

This redeemed legend who changed Golf forever is worth a colossal $800 Million.

This guy’s name is connected to a $54 Million mansion in one of America’s wealthiest spots and none other than a private island in Sweden.

So, where does Tiger Woods live?

List Entry #1 The Jupiter Island Estate

Tiger Woods Jupiter Island Estate
Source: Bunkered

Jupiter Island allows its residents to enjoy their orbit especially for big shots like Tiger Woods, 

This sanctuary located on the coast of Martin County, Florida, is home to only the most wealthy. 

The median home value of $5,104,400 for a place on this island would no doubt feel like daylight robbery for the average joe. 

The 12-acre oceanfront property cost Tiger Woods $40 Million way back in 2006. 

Tiger Woods Jupiter Island Estate
Source: Bunkered

For four years, Woods built his mansion in Jupiter Island at a cost of $54 Million. 

It’s divided into two major sections, the 3,300 square foot plot is for housing, and the rest is a 6,400 square foot multi-purpose building. 

The house was completed exactly at the point his divorce with ex-wife Elin Nordegren was finalized. 

The property on Jupiter Island boasts a personal 3.5-acre golf course, a first-rate gym, tennis court, and a 100-foot pool. 

His golf course with 6 bunkers was set up so that Woods can shoot from his studio on the second floor.

This backyard practice in his private facility allows him to stay in shape for the games with the goal of maintaining his title as the Career Money list leader and Career Victories Leader in the PGA Tour. 

What can I say? 

This $54 Million real estate is totally unbelievable. 

It also has its basketball court, wine cellar, and an elevator. 

This stressed-out dad of two can chill in his very own oxygen therapy room, or relax in the basement’s game room and cinema. 

Tiger Woods Jupiter Island Estate
Source: Business Insider

An oxygen therapy room allows you to breathe in almost pure pressurized oxygen that’s believed to help with respiratory-related illnesses. 

Also in Jupiter Island is Tiger Woods’ flagship upscale sports restaurant, The Woods Jupiter. 

It’s located just a few meters away from Woods’ house. The Woods is said to offer a unique balance of sophistication and satisfaction, from American cuisine to a diverse selection of wine and spirits. 

Now, you might be asking yourself…

How much to maintain all this?  

Professionals estimate the running costs of Tiger Woods’ home to be around $5.5 Million per year on utilities alone, and about $40,000 on landscaping and tending to all four greens and six bunkers. 

You have to pay through the nose to benefit from these things…

However, if you’re wondering what your money can buy on Jupiter Island…

For a million bucks, you can have a two-bedroom apartment either in Quarrel Cove or Refuge Park. 

Tiger Woods Jupiter Island Estate
Source: Business Insider

Going a little higher, you can be accommodated in a five-bedroom space on North Beach Road – complete with beachfront views and a pool – for $5 Million. 

Now, if you want a seven-bedroom mansion on Jupiter Island complete with its very own guest house and beach access, you’d need $10 Million.

A bit pricey, eh?

Jupiter Island is on a whole new level.  

Scandals surfaced about Woods and his strings of affairs which led to an untimely divorce that is rumored to have cost Woods $100 Million. 

Now, the mansion and real estate that overlooks the Atlantic ocean is enjoyed by and home to current girlfriend, Erica Herman.

To Woods, this one might be a keeper and the ex was just some backyard practice. 

And that’s it for Jupiter Island. 

Let’s move on to the next! 

List Entry #2: The Orlando Mansion 

Tiger Woods Orlando Mansion
Source: Bleacher Report

Woods’ second property is located in Windermere, Florida. 

It oozes country-club exclusivity and wealthy patron vibes. 

It was home to Tiger Woods until 2013 when he sold it to Bubba Watson for $2.2 Million. 

Bubba Watson is another well-known professional golfer with victories at the Masters in 2012 and 2014. 

This home is a memorable site for Tiger Woods. 

It was witness to his crash in 2009.

Tiger Woods smashed his car into a fire hydrant just in front of his home days after Woods’ cheating scandal went public. 

Thanks to this spectacle, neighbors got chatty on how this would affect the image and reputation of their community as well as the value of their property

Tiger Woods Orlando Mansion
Source: Club House Swingu

Sure enough, properties in the Orlando area have seen a 50% drop in value over the past 3 years according to local estate agent Scott Hillman. 

And Tiger Woods’ super mansion and home is not immune from all that. 

Tiger Woods Orlando Mansion
Source: Golf Digest

The mansion has 7 bedrooms, a movie theater, a two-story patio, and a guest house. 

This real-estate also has a wet bar. 

Tiger Woods Orlando Mansion
Source: Golf Digest


Watson bought Woods’ house and remodeled it in 2013. 

Tiger Woods Orlando Mansion
Source: Golf Digest

The 8,000 square foot home now boasts 8 bathrooms and 7 bedrooms with a game room, pool, spa, and a private dock. 

It’s a little underwhelming compared to the one on Jupiter Island. 

List Entry #3 Private Island in Sweden 

Tiger Woods Island in Sweden
Source: Golf

Tiger Woods and his ex-wife Elin never had the chance to move in – since their divorce in 2010 got in the way a little. 

The private island located in Lake Mälaren is about an hour from Sweden’s capital, Stockholm. 

The 62-acre home was designed with a hunting-lodge style villa. 

It’s 775 square food in size.  

Tiger Woods’ home and private island has a private harbor, rocky shoreline, and several acres of untouched forest. The large open yard has six golf tees. 

Of course, a professional golfer needs his private golf course. 

It was listed for $7.1 Million on the local market. 

Tiger Woods Island in Sweden
Source: Golf

This is an image of the private property’s 164 square foot quay. 

The temperatures in the area can reach about 80 degrees Fahrenheit, perfect for outdoor swimming.  

Sad to say there’s no tennis court in this one and no other fancy rooms. 

Woods’ house in this private island screams simplicity; a get-away from the day to day stresses  of the former world number one. 

One more thing…

The great Tiger Woods doesn’t just purchase for himself. 

Woods bought two plots of land in Jupiter Island for his mother in 2007. They cost him around $2.4 Million. 

Another property in Windermere, Florida also appeared to be listed under both Tiger Woods’ and his father’s name cost price circa $1.31 Million. 

Conclusion: Inside Tiger Woods Houses

I hope you had a blast with this virtual house tour!

From his Island in Sweden to his Oxygen room – it’s all rather lavish and particularly dreamy.

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