Mick Jagger Net Worth (2024): Earnings | Cars | House [UPDATED]

Mick Jagger Net Worth

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Mick Jagger Net Worth & Earnings:  Michael Philip Jagger, aka Mick Jagger, is an English singer, composer, film producer, and actor who has a net worth of a stunning $500 million – thanks to his long-standing highly successful career.

He became a rock star as the lead vocalist of the Rolling Stones with his rough, blues-influenced music and energetic stage presence.

This article is all about Mick’s career specifically:

  • How he made his staggering wealth
  • His milestone achievements
  • His houses, plush cars, plane, etc. 
  • How he likes to spend his money – and who can blame him?

Lots more!

It’s been a long and fruitful career – my favorite part is where he and his friends find a way to reconcile and be better buddies just like the good ole days.

Fasten your seat belt…

Let’s get started…

Who Is Mick Jagger?

Michael Philip, is an English artist, film producer, and actor. He’s best known as the lead singer of the Rolling Stones and has been recognized as a rock legend –  thanks to his noteworthy voice and enthusiastic live performances.

Jagger was born on the 26th of July, 1943 in Dartford, Kent. He studied at the London School of Economics and left school to join a band with Keith Richards. He has written most of the Rolling Stones’ hit songs together with Keith Richards – incredible!

In 1985, Mick left the band and began his career as a solo artist, releasing his first album “She’s the Boss”.

Who Is Mick Jagger

As of 2024, his net worth has reached an astonishing $500 million.

Here’s a quick overview of Mick Jagger…

Mick Jagger Net Worth: $500 Million
Date of Birth: July 26, 1943
Gender: Male
Last Updated: 2024
Nationality: English
Relationship Status: Married
Children: 8 children to 5 women
Profession: Singer, songwriter, actor, and film producer

How Much Is Mick Jagger Worth?

Sir Michael Philip is one of the best-known and most influential singers of the last 50 years. As of [current year], his net worth $500 million making him the 7th richest rock star.

Stick with us… to learn everything there is to know about this incredible musician.

Mick Jagger Net Worth Year By Year

The English actor, songwriter, and rock and roll singer has a net worth of $500 Million in his bank account.

YearNet Worth $
2019$ 339 Million
2020$ 500 Million

Mick Jagger Career Earnings By Year

He co-founded the legendary music group Rolling Stones, where he was the lead singer.

It was in 1962 that the Rolling Stones made their official first performance as a band in a jazz club in London.

He’s earned a pretty penny throughout his career as a rockstar.

YearNet Worth $

Fee Range

With massive Mick Jagger net worth, The ‘King of Rock’ sure is an expensive act to hire.

The Rolling Stones wouldn’t bother showing up any event paying less than 1,000,000 bucks.

This band gets up to $1,499,999 to appear at events.


You decide…

Business Ventures, Endorsements & Albums

When you think of Jagger, you think of a genius musician who can also rock and roll. 

But this guy is much more than that.

Not all skilled bands become a household name, unlike The Rolling Stones. 

Here’s why:

Sir Michael Philip as the leader, and pretty savvy businessman, chooses what’s best for their band.

He knows how to promote the Rolling Stones’ new music and he knows what gigs to book – thanks to everything he learned in his college year at the London School of Economics.


Just Another Night

‎February 9, 1985

Check it out!

Lonely At The Top

February 19, 1985

Check it out!

Charmed Life

October 1, 2007

Check it out!

Out of Focus

February 9, 1993

Check it out!

Miss You

May 26, 1978

Check it out!

Hide Away

November 19, 2001

Check it out!

Waiting On A Friend

November 30, 1981

Check it out!

Running Out Of Luck

Check it out!

He’s not only a musician, but he’s also an actor.


Charlie is My Darling

His first documentary film about the Rolling Stones.

Check it out!

Burden of Dreams

A making-of documentary filmed in the jungles of Peru.

Check it out!

Running Out of Luck

A 1987 American adventure film.

Check it out!

Being Mick

A television film about his life.

Check it out!

The Burnt Orange Heresy

A 2019 drama thriller film.

Check it out!


Trivia: Did you know that this rock star studied at The London School of Economics?

He was very interested in business and investing, according to his accountant.

He’s invested in annuities for their retirement.

Mick Jagger Controversies & Litigation

Like any other celebrity, he’s also had issues with other people.

MJ vs. Keith Richards

Michael and Keith’s feud was not a secret to the public. 

In the early ‘70s, Keith’s drug addiction was a problem to the band – especially considering that they were getting ready for their upcoming tour.

Mick, as the leader, was already prepared for a replacement in case Keith had to serve time in jail.

You might need to sit down for this…

Keith Richards released his book “Life” in 2010 which he talked about Mick’s penis size and how the other Stones refer to Jagger  as “that bitch Brenda” and “her majesty”.

How mean!

Fortunately, they found a way to forgive each other and now nothing will stop them performing songs together.

MJ vs. The Cops

Michael Philip and Keith Richards were the first band members of The Rolling Stones to be in trouble with the law. In 1967, the pair was arrested when the police raided a drug-fueled party at Richards’ home. 

Jagger was originally sentenced to three months in prison, while Richards got a full year, but an appeal meant they were dismissed two months later.

In 1968, he was again arrested during another drugs bust, this time with his girlfriend, Marianne Faithfull.

In 1972, Jagger and Richards were arrested in Boston after an altercation with a photographer. Luckily, the mayor of Boston himself bailed them out so they could make it to a scheduled concert on time. 

Michael Philip didn’t learn his lesson, did he?

How Mick Jagger Spends His Money

The famous singer is worth a lot of money thanks to his very long career in singing.

Now, the question is: How does this Rock Star spend his net worth?

Jagger is a particular fan of classic cars. 

There’s no wonder he has a lot of vintage vehicles in his garage.

Mick Jagger net worth also have real estate. He’s purchased plenty of houses during his 50 year long career.

Aside from that, Jagger also gave money to his former grammar school where he sponsored a study area, The Mick Jagger Centre.

Back in 1997, when he found nobody else was doing it, Jagger purchased the rights to broadcast the Sharjah Trophy cricket tournament on the web.

The things a fan’ll do for his favorite sport!

Mick Jagger Houses  

In case you are wondering what his house looks like.

Mick Jagger Houses  
French Castle La Fourchette, located on the banks of the Loire.
Mick Jagger Houses  
The famous singer owns a home in Barbados. Source: Flickr
Mick Jagger Houses  
Source: Wikimedia Commons

He inherited this house in Richmond Hill, London from his former girlfriend L’ Wren Scott

These houses are spectacular – he really has a heart for classics.

Mick Jagger Big Boy Toys

One of the best rock and roll singers of all time, he has a few classic and iconic cars. Here are some of them.

Mick Jagger Cars

Mick Jagger Cars
Aston Martin DB6
Mick Jagger Cars
Morgan Plus 8. Source: Fuelfed

Mick Jagger Motorbikes

Mick Jagger Motorbikes

He was seen before riding an “oldy but goody” Honda. A nice addition to Mick Jagger net worth.

Mick Jagger Aeroplanes

Mick Jagger Aeroplanes
Source: W Magazine

Fun Facts About Mick Jagger

These are more things you need to know about this solo artist.

  1. Due to the number of fans and The Rolling Stones’ reputation as short-tempered hotel-wreckers, 14 hotels in New York City turned them away in 1966.
  2. He has eight children across five relationships, the oldest born in 1970 and the youngest in 2016.
  3. He studied business at undergraduate level at the London School of Economics and wanted to be either a journalist or a politician.
  4. He was knighted in 2003 for his service to popular music.
  5. Jagger had a relationship with the designer L’Wren Scott from 2001. When she committed suicide in 2014, she left all of her estate, which was estimated to be worth around $9 million to him.
  6. The famous song ‘Moves like Jagger’ by Maroon 5 is about the man himself. In an interview, he mentioned the song, calling the idea “very flattering.”
Mick Jagger Facts

Mick Jagger Philanthropy

Michael Philip developed the Red Rooster Program to sponsor music in local schools.

He’s the patron of The Mick Jagger Centre located in Dartford. This music center is a performing arts venue within the grounds of Dartford Grammar School.

The Centre holds theatre workshops in the summer and has two main stages where the artists perform.

5 Lessons from Mick Jagger

For certain, he suffered difficulties – yet he always learned something at the same time. These are some of the lessons we can take from Mick’s life.

  1. Be your own biggest fan.
  2. Leave your kids enough money so they can do something with their lives – but not so much that they can do nothing.
  3. Let go of the past.
  4. Love your work.
  5. Use different techniques to be creative.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much is Mick Jagger net worth?

Mick Jagger net worth is $500 Mill.

What is Mick Jagger’s nationality?

He’s English.

Who is Mick Jagger with now?

He’s been with Melanie Hamrick since 2014.

Is Mick Jagger a billionaire?

As of 2020Mick Jagger’s net worth is $360 million, making him the 8th richest rock star on the list.

Summary: Mick Jagger Net Worth

Well, that’s it for MJ’s net worth.

Truly, he has had a rock n’ roller coaster of a career.

My biggest takeaway from this is that life will not always be rainbows and sunshine but I also particularly liked how his band started their career by performing without fees.

I’m sure there’s a lot we can learn both from his mistakes and his successes.

I hope you enjoyed this article – you might also want to check out MJ’s Bounce Mojo Bio, and the best memes on Bouncemojo.com.

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