Tyler Perry House:
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Tyler Perry House: Tyler Perry is an American actor, writer, producer, and director who is recognized as the highest-paid person in entertainment today.

From “poor as hell” to huge Movie Mogul featured in Forbes Magazine, Tyler got himself made!

Well and truly.

How to live like a king?

How to live like Tyler Perry?

In this article, we’ll be giving you the scoop about this billionaire’s mansion house that’s enough to drive us poor ass people nuts!

Let’s have a look at Tyler Perry & The House of Payne!

Tyler Perry House
Image © Instagram

Being a multi-millionaire does make things easy…haha.

It’s as elementary as how Tyler Perry finally made his stomping ground the most expensive residential estate in the City of Atlanta.

This little feat is just another bullet in the actor’s long list of achievements.

For just $15 Million, Perry sold this super duper ultra mega luxurious home in 2007.

The Versailles-style estate had a 34,688-square-foot main house. Inside it has seven bedrooms, nine full bathrooms, and five half bathrooms.

It also has a separate guest house and a huge five-car garage.

Okay, that’s completely normal… WRONGGGG!

I’m not finished yet.

The house has a lot of scattered, over extravagant and uneconomical amenities throughout the property…

a well-lit tennis court,

an underground ballroom,

a fitness center,

a big professional movie house (inside a bigger house of course),  

a 70,000-gallon infinity-edge swimming pool and an indoor resistance swimming pool,

a library, (whose house doesn’t have a library, right?)

a wine cellar, (okay, okay cool… we got it)

and a private helipad…

…No need for that commercial airport just 15 miles away because Tyler just made his own runway!

Soon, this place will surely need its own zip-code!

With just 3.5 miles from the City’s Historic Buckhead Village, the 17 acres real estate just got way better!

Tyler Perry’s home studio spanning 330-acres is also nearby.

Let’s give you all good-followers a virtual tour of the famed Atlanta Mansion.

Tyler Perry House Stairs
Image © Instagram

As you open the main doors, you’ll be greeted by gigantic staircases decked on marble floors leading to Corinthian-fashioned columns at the back.

That’s the receiving area.

You’ll also notice the glass windows extending from floor to ceiling around the house.

Tyler Perry House Drawing Room
Image © Instagram

This area right here boasts a grand fireplace and neatly arranged furniture beautified by a heavenly double ceiling space.

Tyler Perry House Drawing Room
Image © Instagram

Here’s the look of the formal dining room with a magnificent chandelier hanging up top.

Notice the painting on the wall there? Yep, high class.

Tyler Perry House Drawing Room
Image © Instagram

On this next bit, we have the house kitchen.

Its woodwork is very detailed.

Coffered ceilings plus a balcony on the side? Classic.

Tyler Perry House Library
Image © Instagram

CAUTION: Bookworm cringe ahead.

I’ve loved everything I featured in this article so far but this library is just too damn much…

… the patterns are distracting and the parlor with a red and black motif is turning me off.

I don’t feel like reading and relaxing here at all.

Also in this room, you might not see it but there’s also a spiral staircase that leads to the wine cellar.

The wine cellar, I approve.

The vibe?


Tyler Perry House Room
Image © Instagram

Ahh. Lovely!

The master bedroom set in a private wing of the house is majestic.

Glass windows all around the bedchamber overlooking the lush 34,688-square-foot property is a winner!

I don’t mind getting locked up here.

Tyler Perry House Cinema
Image © Instagram

Perry’s home also features a private movie theater.

The painted ceiling looks like it’s taken from the Sistine Chapel!

This mansion in Atlanta said to be worth an estimated 25 Million is an understatement – for Pete’s sake.

Let’s not also forget the large fitness center I mentioned earlier.

And then picture an underground ballroom embellished with Brazilian cherry flooring.

Cat got your tongue?

Tyler Perry House Garden
Image © Instagram

Lastly, let me take you outside…

Most of the 17 acres in this property are formal and informal gardens.

And who can forget the 70,000-gallon Infinity pool?

Other swimming pools are also brilliantly placed around the property that features a rock sculpture, waterfall, and slides.

The tennis court outside the home adds a little pizzazz. I mean, not everyone has a tennis court at home….

Oh, and there’s a guest cottage too.

Sadly, for reasons I cannot comprehend, Tyler Perry’s house was placed on the market.

Steve Harvey and his wife Marjorie are said to be the new proud owners of the estate according to TMZ. (You can see more of them on BounceMojo too!).

That wraps our virtual tour of the record-holding estate brought to life by the famous Tyler Perry.

As Tyler once said, “I’ll be down in Atlanta, building my own, because what I know for sure is that if I could just build this table God will prepare it for me in the presence of my enemies.”

Can I get an Amen?

See you around for more interesting BounceMojo articles folks!

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