20+ Best Tyler Perry Memes (2020) | Madea Memes

By Ryan Williams
Tyler Perry Memes
2 October 2020
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Tyler Perry Memes: Whenever we hear that name, we think of  Afro Caribbean woman with a poorly-done platinum gray wigs. 

Well, he is Madea after all.

Here’s 20 Best Tyler Perry Memes (mostly in his Madea moniker). 

Be ready to laugh out loud.

Are you ready?

Let’s do this…

Tyler Perry

Entry No.1

Tyler Perry Memes



Two things you felt when your bro eats the nugget you have been eyeing up.

Just make sure you put the hammer down.

Entry No.2

Tyler Perry Memes

Hawk eye. 

Any mom (or Pops!) that eyes up every move of your first date.

Ahhh the embarrassment.

Entry No.3

Tyler Perry Memes



I guess someone went to work in a hurry.

Your workmate asks you whether you got dressed in the dark.

Just about says it all really…

Entry No.4

Tyler Perry Memes

Give that to meee!

That face of joy knowing you’ll have that last nugget on the table.


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Entry No.5

Tyler Perry Memes

Maybe I should’ve never bought that boujee creps last week.

You tell yourself as regrets of overspending flash into your brain as you see the 000 of your empty bank account…

Entry No.6

Tyler Perry Memes



This meme is surely throwing shade at Tyler Perry.

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Entry No.7

Tyler Perry Memes

Big yikes.

Another meme shading on Tyler Perry huh.

We is only joking bro’.

Entry No.8

Tyler Perry Memes

Alright, maybe some people just aren’t fond of Tyler Perry movies…


But he did make a fair few bucks out of ‘em so someone liked ‘em.

Entry No.9

Tyler Perry Memes

Sometimes, common sense ain’t common for everyone…

And sometimes ya’ll can let loose – and stay foolish!

Sometimes, common sense ain’t common for everyone…
And sometimes ya’ll can let loose – and stay foolish! – Tyler Perry Memes

Entry No.10

Tyler Perry Memes

Highkey watching every move your bae makes while at the bar… 

He’s not cheating isn’t he? 

Blow the dust off the revolver – time to take action.


Entry No.11

Tyler Perry Memes


Pure joy as you finally take a bite of that delicious LAST nugget.

Tastes better when it’s the last one, anyways.

Entry No.12

Tyler Perry Memes

That look of frustration on your friend’s face after telling you not to get back with your ex a hundredth time…

Er…101 here we go…

Entry No.13

Tyler Perry Memes

Don’t spill da beans bro.

You pray on the inside – lowkey hoping your bro won’t tell your bae any deets about what happened last night.

Entry No.14

Tyler Perry Memes

Someone’s doomed

Prepare yourself some white lies you’ll tell your mom to save yourself getting grounded.

Entry No.15

Tyler Perry Memes

When the world’s trying to test you and you pray so hard for patience – because someone might die if your temper gets any hotter, right man?

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Entry No.16

Tyler Perry Memes


You secretly comment as that one girl tries to fake your “friendship” acting like you got no beef towards each other. 

Come on dude, we know ya’ game.

Entry No.17

Tyler Perry Memes

So, no one’s eating dinner tonight huh

You rant in your head about what else you could’ve done instead of making dins for people who don’t even want it.

Entry No.18

Tyler Perry Memes

When you try to crack a joke but nobody laughs.

Next thing – someone else repeats it and now everyone laughs…

I mean… wtf

Entry No.19

Tyler Perry Memes

When your girlfriend tries to tell you she’s not mad but she’s already trying to fire the gun at yo’ crown jewels…

Calm it girl, calm it.

Entry No.20

Tyler Perry Memes

Disbelief is written on your face when you hear the tea about your number one enemy stealing your ideas for clout.

You heard it there first, apparently.

Conclusion: Tyler Perry Memes

There you have it our Top 20 Tyler Perry memes…

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