Inside UFC Boss Dana White House (2024)

Dana White House

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With a whopping $500 Million Net Worth, Dana White (President of the Ultimate Fighting Championship) is bound to have a big mansion or two. 

What’s unusual about this Las Vegas ensemble is the fact that Dana bought 3 properties close together for a total of $6 Million, proceeded to bulldoze them in 2017, and built everything from scratch…

Yes, you heard me right!

In this article, we’ll be giving you a hold of all the insider info you’d like to know about Dana White House!

Dana White House

Let me walk you through the UFC President’s Las Vegas house.

Dana White House
Dana White House

For just under $1.8 Million, Dana White House is 7,700 square foot which he bought in October of 2006. 

Then, another 5,500 square foot property for $2.4 Million the following January. 

To complete the Dana White House trio, Dana bought the last 4,700 square foot house in March for $2 million. 

In total, his Las Vegas home alone is worth a total of $6 million – keeping those fighters happy is really paying dividends! 

Taking a look inside, UFC President Dana White has quite the entertainment opportunities at home.

Dana White House have a personalized arcade – his very own world of fun going on inside his $6M mega mansion.

This UFC president is never afraid to embrace his love of video games.

In the EA Sports game “UFC 3,” Dana is featured as one of its characters.

Dana White UFC

Generally, Dana loves to chill out –  playing racing games like Daytona USA…

But wait – there’s more. 

This UFC President also plays the eminent head-to-head fighting game, Street Fighter.

And if the big guy has had enough of that, there’s also a ton of board games and a big football table to keep him and his family amused at Dana White House.

Dana Playing Game
Dana Board Games

For the love of Celtics! 

Dana White House also has a personalized basketball court outside his and it’s no secret he’s a big b-ball fan – he likes to perfect his jump shot to help him wind down after a busy day playing President Dana. 

You’ll often see the president at the TD Garden Courtside lounging around with the likes of Mark Wahlberg and Floyd Mayweather.

Dana White House basketball court is personalized with the famous Celtics Leprechaun logo in the middle.

Dana Basket Ball Court
Dana White House

And lastly, what’s a Las Vegas home without a pool? 

With two gazebos on either side of the pool accompanied by comfortable couches, it’s the perfect place to tan and relax. 

Sun loungers complete the ensemble on one side – for your relaxation after swimming a few laps in the pool fit for a king. 

Very nice indeed!

Afterwards, you can wind down and grace a spot in the Jacuzzi. 

Dana White House
Dana White House
Dana White House ✓Inside UFC chief Dana White’s amazing Las Vegas home with gaming arcade, personalized basketball court, and an amazing pool

This UFC President is also a “self-confessed gym nut.”

We can tell.

Dana hits the weights every morning at his own state-of-the-art gym in the Dana White House. 

He’s been working out as much as possible.

Dana White

Now let’s talk about Dana White’s “private room.”


“This room I built because I can’t travel to all the fights like I used to [since the Coronavirus Pandemic]. I went on a 12 or 13-year run where I didn’t miss a fight all over the world. So I built this room.”

At a glance you’d notice the outrageously high ceiling. 

The room’s built with a surround sound system and a massive projector screen.

Just imagine it for a moment

Dana White House

It’s also adorned with two enormous couches at the center enveloped with dress cushions and pristine carpets. 

You can immerse yourself in luxury – and work! 

Aside from that, White can be in contact with his production team running the live event – all from this room. 

This executive runs the entire thing within these 4 walls. 

And if he’s famished, a chef’s ready on stand-by to fix him up some grub! 

Nice work if you can get it, Dana.

Dana White Ak-47

Like I always say, when you work like a king, you eat like a king.  

Now I know this bit might be a little off topic…

… but I couldn’t just leave out Dana White’s amazing office at the UFC headquarters. 

It’s absolutely insane! 

Naturally, the office in Dana White House is filled with a variety of expensive – yet unconventional things.

Like a showcased AK-47 decorated with dollar bills. 

Bigger than life-size images of his fighters.

Hope it’s not loaded.

But wait…

Oil, blood, cocaine, gold, diamonds and religious symbols are the materials that make up the unusual bullets.

Dana explains that the gun represents war filled with bullets that symbolize everything man has fought for…

… I totally agree – pretty deep stuff President Dana. 

Dana White samurai sword

A fossil was purchased at an auction back in 2009 for Dana White House. 

The next room features a personal bar area neatly stocked for special occasions. 

It’s dazzled with leather seats! 

Fancy Shmancy House Alright! 

Dana White House

The room’s at Dana White House are filled with portraits of boxing’s best-known fighters – like Mike Tyson and Muhammad Ali.

Another unusual item from the president with unusual tastes are the two samurai swords calmly placed on a table in the middle of the room. 

These items are from the early 1500s and 1600’s respectively. 

The owners of the swords are also featured in the office – conveniently placed next to the fossil of a Saber-tooth Tiger.

Dana White House

The room also has temporary staff assigned for gatherings that vary from UFC staff parties to watching a Celtics game on the big screen. 

It’s complete with its very own gym, a lavish bathroom, and kitchen with vending machines (just in case you decide the day is a cheat day – haha!) 

It’s a no contest for Dana White to claim he has the biggest bad-ass office in the world! 

There ain’t a swankier office than this!

Conclusion: Inside UFC Boss Dana White House 

So there you have it, you just walked round Dana White House.

Who owns UFC?

Well – that would be President Dana White himself and boy is he enjoying the fruits of his labors over there in Las Vegas!

We hope you enjoyed having your own personal viewing of Dana White’s gaffe – and of course his office…

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