Who is Tiger Woods Dad [Earl Dennison Woods] Biography (2023)

Tiger Woods Dad Bio

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Tiger Woods Dad Biography: In this post, we’re going to give you the inside track on Earl Dennison Woods, the father of golf superstar, Tiger Woods.

Ready to find out everything there is to know about Tiger Woods Dad? Stick with me.

We’re going to be covering:

  • His early life
  • Family members such as his wife, children, and parents.
  • Personal Statistics: his weight, height, eye color, etc,
  • Insider Gossip
  • Lifetime achievements

Lots more…

Buckle up as we find out more about the man behind Tiger Woods’ golf success.


Who Is Tiger Woods Dad?

Tagged as the reason behind Tiger Woods’s massive golfing success is Earl Woods – the man who first discovered the potential of the golf superstar when Tiger was just two years old!

Who Is Tiger Woods Dad
Expert On: War Tactics
Martial Status: Married
Date of Birth: March 5, 1932
Date of Death: May 3, 2006
Former Occupation: Lieutenant Colonel
Nationality: American
Languages: American English
Religion: Baptist
Eye Colour: Brown
Zodiac Sign: Pisces
Net Worth: $1.3 Million
Place Of Birth: Manhattan, Kansas
Smoking/ Drinking: No – but did attempt on one occasion
Friends: Lieutenant Colonel Vuong Dang “Tiger” Phong
Tattoos: None

The Young Earl Woods

Born to a street worker and a caretaker was Earl Woods. 

He and his siblings grew up in a Baptist household (his father was a devout Baptist) in Kansas. 

When he was just 15 years old, tragedy struck the family and his father died. This led to his oldest sister raising them – as their mother worked as a maid to provide for her children’s needs.

Young Earl Woods
Woods, a cropped image (supposedly with his teammates) in 1952. Photo from: Tulsa World 
Woods enjoyed baseball while growing up – his hobby even led to him achieving a scholarship at Kansas State University in 1952. 
He finished with a degree in BS Sociology that was the springboard to his career as an officer in the US Army.
Young Earl Woods
Tiger Woods Dad, Earl Woods, in his military uniform. Photo from: The Famous People
His life in the military began in 1955 when he served as an infantry officer during the Vietnam War. He later served again during the same war but this time he was a part of the Elite US Army Special Forces.
Young Earl Woods

Aside from his Sociology degree, Woods also graduated from the Defense Information School where he earned his Lieutenant Colonel title. He retired from active service and went on to teach Military Science and Tactics – the Army version of the Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC) in New York.

Tiger Woods Dad: Wives, Children & Relationships

Earl Woods Wife & Children

Woods had his first family before he met Kultida Punsawad (Tiger Woods’ mother).

He had three children with his first wife, Barbara Gary. 

However, the two separated and divorced in 1968. 

Tiger Woods Dad Family
The Woods family in 1998, photographed after Tiger’s major win. 

Woods met Punsawad in 1966 while he was based in Thailand. The two had immediate ‘chemistry’ and fell in love – they later married in 1969. 

After a few years of marriage, Woods and his wife welcomed their bouncing baby boy, Eldrick Woods also known as Tiger Woods – in 1975.

Tiger Woods & Earl Woods
An image of Tiger Woods and his father Earl Woods during one of the golf superstar’s tournaments.

 Besides being Tiger Woods Dad, Earl Woods became his son’s first golf coach and taught him the sport starting from when he was just two years old. 

This coaching led to his son’s infamous career – he was the man behind the training of the golf prodigy – and disciplined his son to make training part of his daily routine from then onwards.

Earl Woods’ Education

After finishing Manhattan High School in 1949, Woods decided to study BS Sociology at Kansas State Univesity under a baseball scholarship.

Later on, he was able to finish his degree and became an officer in the US Army. 

To improve his military skills, he decided to study at the Defense Information School where he earned the title of Lieutenant.

Earl Woods’ Career

Death – 2006 

In 2006, Woods died from prostate cancer, ending his long and successful career as an athlete’s father, coach, trainer, soldier, and writer. 

Foundation – 1993

He decided to travel with Tiger Woods Foundation in 1993 despite retiring as his son’s coach. He also hired a lawyer to manage Tiger’s professional career.

Retirement – 1988

He retired from his job as Tiger Woods’ personal trainer and coach in 1988. However, that didn’t stop him from supporting and being at his son’s side as he continued to play golf. 

During this time, he was still seen at every tournament Tiger took part in. 

Saw Potential In His Son – 1977

It was in 1977 when he first taught Tiger to play golf as a child. After seeing the potential in his son, Woods said that he decided to train him more in the sport and disciplined him to always achieve perfection. 

Retired From The Army – 1974

He retired from the army in 1974 and decided to focus on his new job in Southern California. He became a Defense Industry Contracting Agent.

Community College, N.Y. – 1972

After Woods was based in Brooklyn, he developed a love for golf and was ultimately captivated by the sport. At the same time, he taught Military Science and Tactics which is the Army version of the Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC) at a community college in New York.

Army Infantry Officer – 1955

He began serving as an Army Infantry Officer in 1955 during the Vietnam War, which led to the start of his career in the military.

Earl Woods Scandals & Controversies

Earl Woods’ Allegations Of Cheating

In 2009, news came out that Tiger Woods’s father  Earl Woods cheated on his mother while the golfer was still in high school. 

This story was recounted by the athlete’s ex-girlfriend, Dina Parr. 

However, no comments or statements were ever heard from the family on this matter.

Interesting Facts About Tiger Woods’ Father

Tiger Woods & Earl Woods
Tiger Woods with his late dad, Earl Woods.
  1. Tiger Woods Dad died of prostate cancer in 2006. He also had diabetes, heart issues, and leg problems.
  2. Earl Woods was a part of the Green Berets – the Lieutenant was also in service for circa twenty years before retiring. 
  3. After Tiger Woods Dad death, Tiger decided to train with the Navy Seals in honor of his father Earl. 
  4. Tiger Woods Dad trained him to become the golfing legend he is today and attended almost every tournament his son took part in. 

Earl Woods Books and Songs

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Training a Tiger: A Father’s Guide to Raising a Winner in Both Golf and Life 

In this book, Earl Woods spills the secrets on how he trained his golf prodigy son to be the successful man he is now. He included all the teaching methods he used – from the golf basics to life lessons.

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Playing Through: Straight Talk on Hard Work, Big Dreams, and Adventures with Tiger

Earl Woods details how he helped his son face all the controversies he encountered during his career. He also digs deep into what happened before his son’s Masters’s victory and explains the philosophy of his actions.

Earl Woods’ Lifetime Achievements

Earl Woods Tiger Woods Dad was a great soldier – hence, he received various awards for his acts of service. Here are the awards he earned throughout his career: 

  1. Bronze Star Medal
  2. Parachutist Badge
  3. Army Commendation Medal
  4. Army of Occupation Medal
  5. National Defense Service Medal 
  6. Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal
  7. Vietnam Service Medal
  8. Armed Forces Reserved Medal
  9. Vietnam Cross of Gallantry
  10. Republic of Vietnam Campaign Medal be Free

Top 3 Quotes From Earl Woods

Earl Woods Quotes

“Early practice is crucial so that performances became totally ingrained and flow from the subconscious” 

Earl Woods Quotes

“The worst part of getting older is realizing what you could’ve accomplished if you’d known then what you know now… Every old person, no matter how content they seem, feels that sense of regret. It’s annoying, but it’s part of life.”

Earl Woods Quotes

“When you’re away from the course, obviously things can be a little different. However, when you’re already at the course, you’ll be playing, and grinding as if you are totally ready. That’s why, today, I’m preparing – I have enough on my mind out there trying to place my shots, and what angles I need to have…”

5 Lessons From Earl Woods

  1. Tiger Woods Dad believed in praising children for their efforts – not just for their accomplishments. He also thinks that the way train your child best is to criticize them only when they want to give up – not when they fail. 
  2. Trust and respect must be earned by parents since that’s what your children want you to give them as well. Learn to listen whenever your child wants to share something.  
  3. Give your child space when he needs it. He believes that giving your child space whenever he wants and needs is very important in parenting because it gives the child a time to think and realize what he or she would do without your intervention.
  4. Believe in your child’s potential. Woods also added that aside from teaching your children, you must also believe in your child’s potential in whatever they want to do or are good at –  doing this adds up to trust and encouragement for your child. 
  5. Put your all in everything you do. Another philosophy Tiger Woods Dad lives by is to put everything you can in whatever you do. He said that this is necessary because it shows that you ain’t making any decisions that are half-baked or doing something that is half your efforts.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

What did Earl Woods do as a professional?

He was a soldier for the US Army in the late 1950s. After retiring he decided to teach for a while then became the personal coach of Tiger Woods (child golfing prodigy). 

What caused the death of Earl Woods?

He died of a heart attack but he also battled against prostate cancer for years.

Was Earl Woods a part of the Green Beret? 

Yes, he was a Green Beret. 

Did Tiger Woods Dad play golf? 

Yes, he played golf. He started playing the sport when he was 42. 

How old was Tiger Woods Dad when he died and where was he buried? 

He was 74 when he died and was buried at Sunset Cemetery in Manhattan, Kansas in

Summary: Tiger Woods’ Dad 

So there you have it, I’m sure you’ll agree, Earl Woods has had a pretty colorful life.

My biggest takeaway from this Bio is that Tiger Woods Dad always dis his best in everything but I also particularly liked how he trained and was on his son’s side until his last breath. 

Showing us exactly how a father can give selflessly to his child if he chooses.

I’m sure there’s a lot we can learn both from his mistakes and his successes.

I hope you enjoyed this article – you might also want to check out Tiger Woods’s Bounce Mojo Biography, Net Worth, and the Best Bounce Mojo Tiger Woods Memes.

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