20+ Best Tiger Woods Jokes [FUNNIEST COLLECTION] 2024

Tiger Woods Jokes

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One of the most prominent names in the sport, “Tiger Woods,” is a golfing giant!

Having had the reputation for being let’s say – notorious – among women, here are 20 Best Tiger Woods Jokes you’re sure to laugh out loud to.

Let’s tee off then Tiger…

Tiger Woods Jokes
Source: Matichen Online

1. What’s worse than Tiger Woods driving your Cadillac Escalade?

Dick Cheney riding shotgun!

2. Why doesn’t Elin Nordegren ever shop at the fish market?

Because Tiger is always bringing home crabs!

3. How did Tiger Woods’ ethnicity play a role in his car accident?

The black in Tiger bought the Cadillac Escalade, the Asian in him wrecked it!

20+ Funniest Tiger Woods Jokes✓Most Popular Tiger Woods Jokes EVER✓ Best Tiger Woods Jokes [FUNNIEST COLLECTION]✓ ⭐⭐Your Daily Dose of Fun⭐⭐

4. What’s worse than Elin Nordegren smashing your face in with a 9 iron?

Lorena Bobbit stealing your putter!

Tiger Woods Jokes

5. “Dear Lindsey Vonn, a lion would never cheat on his wife. But a Tiger Wood.”

6. How do you “Tiger”-proof a golf course?

By strategically placing fire hydrants!

7. Why is the PGA threatening to review all of Tiger’s victories?

Because he’s been accused of carrying an extra Wood in his bag!

8. Why was Tiger Woods kicked off the Ryder Cup team?

He has a history of getting beaten by Europeans!


Tiger Woods Jokes
Source: Hartford Courant

9. Tired of hearing about Tom Brady?

Tiger Woods had his balls deflated by his wife and everybody cheered!

10. In which Wayan Brothers movie does Tiger woods make a cameo?

White Chicks 2!

20+ Funniest Tiger Woods Jokes✓Most Popular Tiger Woods Jokes EVER✓ Best Tiger Woods Jokes [FUNNIEST COLLECTION]✓ ⭐⭐Your Daily Dose of Fun⭐⭐

11. How is Tiger’s golf game no different than his personal life?

He’s always getting his balls cleaned!

12. When did Tiger drive through a water hazard and into the trees?

After his second ho!

Tiger Woods Jokes
Source: TUDN

13. What’s the difference between a golf ball and a Cadillac Escalade?

Tiger can drive the golf ball 400 yards!

14. What did the Dalai Lama tell reporters about the Tiger Woods incident?

  • You usually find a tree in a Woods, but Tiger’s wife found a Woods in a tree!
  • You can take a Tiger out of the Woods but you can’t take the Wood out of the Tiger!

15. What do you give Tiger & Elin Woods for their next wedding anniversary?

Nothing. There won’t be a next.

16. How was Elin Nordegren able to confirm her suspicions about Tiger’s infidelity?

The Golf Channel reported that Tiger had been working with an extra-stiff shaft in between rounds of his last tournament!

Tiger Woods Jokes

17. What happened after Tiger Woods visited the Virgin Islands?

They renamed it The Islands!

18. Why did Gatorade dump Tiger Woods’ Focus sports drink?

Because the slogan “Is it In You?” now has a different meaning!

19. Why won’t Tiger be satisfied until he finds a white mistress named “Gillette?”

Because Gillette’s “the best a man can get!”

20. Why were Tiger and Elin arguing at 2:30 in the morning?

He wanted to go Driving but she had Clubbing on her mind!

Conclusion: 20+ Best Tiger Woods Quips 

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