Who is Tiger Woods Girlfriend [Erica Herman]
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Tiger Woods Girlfriend

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Who is Tiger Woods Girlfriend? 

This is the most comprehensive Biography on Tiger Woods Girlfriend Erica Herman.

You’re about to discover everything there is to know about Erica Herman including her:

  • Early life, Facts, Relationships
  • Personal Statistics
  • Legal Troubles

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Who Is Erica Herman?

Erica Herman began dating the golf superstar, Tiger Woods, in 2017. The two were said to have met each other in The Woods Restaurant which is her boyfriend’s restaurant in Jupiter, Florida. 

Herman was the manager of the restaurant.

In this biography, you’ll find out everything you need to know about Tiger Woods Girlfriend, Erica Herman, and some details you may never have thought of before…

Who Is Erica Herman
Photo of Erica Herman from Live RampUp
Expert On: Managing businesses
Current Occupation: Restaurant Manager
Place of Birth: Florida, United States
Date of Birth: 02.15.1984
Gender: Female
Height: 168 cm
Weight: 59 kg
Date of Birth: 02.15.1984
Erica Herman Net Worth: $355,000
Tattoos: None
Eye Color: Brown
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
Relationship Status: In a relationship
Nationality: American
Languages: American-English
Religion: Christian
Favorite Color: Pink
Favorite Food: Spanish and Chinese Food

The Young Erica Herman

There hasn’t been much information published about Herman’s past, however, here’s some info about her life before being Tiger Woods Girlfriend. 

Erica Herman’s life before Tiger Woods

Young Erica Herman
Take a look: Young Erica Herman (first row – far right) in her cheerleaders uniform for Santaluces High. Photo from: Palm Beach Post

Erica Herman grew up in a middle-class family in Florida, USA. 

She’s the youngest in her family and has an older brother named Scott Herman (who was once involved in a marijuana case a while ago).

Her family lived in Boynton Beach during her childhood years. 

She went to high school in Lantana, where she was a part of the cheerleading team.

Aside from being an athlete, Herman was also a smart kid. 

She enrolled in two colleges after finishing high school.

 She went to both Palm Beach State College and the University of Central Florida (UFC).

Erica Herman Family & Relationships

The relationship between Erica Herman and Jesse Newton

Erica Herman Relationships
Photo of Herman and Newton. Photo from: Radar

Before Herman became Tiger Woods girlfriend – she dated Jesse Newton, the President, and CEO of Jin and Tonic Hospitality Group. 

She dated Newton for almost seven years and the couple lived together for several years prior to their break up. 

The love story of Tiger Woods and Erica Herman

Tiger Woods Girlfriend
The power couple during the Presidents Cup Gala Night in 2019. Photo from: David Crosling

Rumor has it that Erica Herman has been head over heels for Woods for almost 10 years! These were claims from sources like the New York Post and Sun Online. 

A close friend of Herman also said that the two knew each other when Herman was still in university.

Furthermore, their official love story began when Herman became the general manager of The Woods Jupiter, Tiger Woods’ restaurant. 

In 2017, the couple first went public during the President’s Cup where Herman was seen wearing a player spouse badge. 

Later on, the lovebirds caught the attention of the press when Tiger Woods girlfriend was greeted with a kiss after he won the 2018 PGA Championship. 

After that, Herman watched Tiger Woods play in many  different championships.

Erica Herman Education

If Tiger Woods is a popular and well known golfer, his current beau, Erica Herman was pretty popular in high school too. 

She was part of the cheerleading team of Santaluces High School and graduated in 2001. 

For university, Herman enrolled in two colleges, first at Palm Beach Community College in 2002, and the University of Central Florida (UCF) in early 2004. She finished Legal Studies and majored in Political Science from UCF in 2008. 

Erica Herman Career

Erica Herman Career
Woods girlfriend, Erica Herman, during on of his tournaments. Photo from: Getty Images

Herman Resigns from Tiger’s Restaurant – 2018

In February 2018, Herman resigned as the general operations manager of The Woods Jupiter in Florida.  

Relationship Goes Public – 2017

She and Tiger Woods made public their relationship in 2017 when she showed up at his game during the Presidents Cup. 

Woods’ Restaurant Opens – 2015

The Woods Restaurant in Florida opened its doors in 2015 – giving Herman a job as General Manager for the next two years. 

First Jobs – 2014

Before Herman worked at the Woods Restaurant, she used to work at The Aura Bar and Restaurant in Orlando, Florida. 

End Of Her Degree – 2008

In 2008, Herman finished her degree from the University of Florida. 

Graduates High School – 2001

Erica Herman graduated from Santaluces High School in Lantana, Florida.

Erica Herman Scandals & Controversies

Erica Herman “Gold Digger” Comments

When Tiger Woods girlfriend relation went public  – many labeled her as a “gold-digger.” 

This was because she wasn’t as rich as Tiger Woods’ exes. 

Erica Herman Legal Claims

Tiger Woods girlfriend Erica Herman has been linked with several legal issues throughout her life. 

Aside from tax problems, Herman is also facing a lawsuit filed by Tom Morris. 

The investor sued her and her business partners (Newton, her ex., and McIntosh) for breach of contract in 2016. 

In 2013, Herman and her ex-live in partner, Newton, were sued because of unpaid rentals in their apartment in Orlando. The two were later evicted by their landlord in 2014. 

Herman faced her first lawsuit in 2012, due to her unsettled car payments for her $13,000 BMW. 

It was however dismissed a few years later due to lack of prosecution.

Erica Herman Tax Problems

In 2010, Herman was involved in two federal tax liens for the years 2007 and 2008. 

This left her with a debt of circa $20,000 for those years.

Erica Herman Scandals

Interesting Facts About Tiger Woods’ Girlfriend

  1. She was born in the Year of the Rat.
  2. Tiger Woods girlfriend Erica Herman is 168 centimeters tall, which is 16 centimeters shorter than her boyfriend.
  3. Tiger Woods kids are fond of his girlfriend Erica Herman, according to Heavy.
  4. She was present during Tiger Woods PGA win in 2018, giving her the label as Tiger’s saving grace.

Erica Herman Business Interests

She co-owned businesses with her ex-beau, Jesse Newton. 

However, there is no factual data that confirms what those businesses were. 

Top 3 Quotes From Erica Herman

Erica Herman Quotes

“Everyone should believe in something”

Erica Herman Quotes

“My relationship with Tiger is great – with no end in sight”

Erica Herman Quotes

“I don’t like public attention”

5 Lessons From Erica Herman 

  1. Don’t mind comments from others. One lesson we can learn from Herman – is how she doesn’t mind about comments people have been making about her since she began to date the golf superstar. 
  2. Stay on your ground. Just like Herman said, she’s not keen on public attention and prefers to stay on her ground and be humble despite all the spotlight on her.
  3. Have faith in your relationship. Another lesson from Herman’s relationship with Tiger Woods includes how she keeps faith in her partner despite the cheating past of the golfer. 
  4. Believe in something. If the rumors regarding her 10-year crush on Woods are true, then, then her belief in him is pretty well-founded.
  5. Keep on thriving. We also learned from Woods’ girlfriend that even though she faced a lot of legal troubles in the past she still kept on striving until she reached a top spot in Tiger’s restaurant, which ultimately gave her so many opportunities.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Tiger Woods girlfriend still Erica Herman?

Yes, Tiger Woods and Tiger Woods Girlfriend Erica Herman are still together – based on information taken from the golfer’s Instagram stories and posts.

What does Erica Herman do for a living?

She used to work as the director of operations for the restaurant of Tiger Woods in Jupiter. However, reports say she stopped working there in 2018.

Is Tiger Woods girlfriend Erica Herman married to him? 

No, the couple aren’t married yet. They are said to have been enjoying each other’s company.

What is Tiger Woods girlfriend worth? 

According to reports, Tiger Woods Girlfriend Herman has approximately $300,000 in net worth as of 2024. 

How many years is Tiger Woods older than Erica Herman?

Tiger Woods is nine years older than his current girlfriend, Erica Herman. 

Summary: Who is Tiger Woods Girlfriend, Erica Herman?

So there you have it, I’m sure you’ll agree, Erica Herman has had a rollercoaster of a life.

My biggest takeaway from this Bio is how she coped with all the controversies but I also particularly liked how she decided to remain private despite dating a world-famous athlete.

I’m sure there’s a lot we can learn both from her successes and her mistakes in life.

I hope you enjoyed this article – you might also want to check out Tiger Wood’s Bounce Mojo Net Worth, and the Best Bounce Mojo Tiger Woods memes.

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