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Mr Beast Net Worth FI

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What is Mr Beast Net Worth?

Mr Beast Net Worth, Biography & Lifestyle: Jimmy Donaldson or also known as Mr Beast, is an American Youtube star, businessman and philanthropist from Greenville, North Carolina. He is also known for being one of the highest paid YouTubers. He is well known for his youtube channel, “MrBeast,” and pioneered popular Youtube stunts. With this, he has a net worth of $25 Million. 

Did you know that Mr Beast is the 11th most-subscribed Youtube channel? 

Not just that… 

He is also the second most subscribed channel owned by a Youtuber and on the top list of the most subscribed in the United States. 

In this article, we will be discussing the following:

  • Know how Mr Beast started his Youtube career;
  • Going back to the young Mr Beast;
  • Meet the important person on his life ;
  • How Mr Beast invested his money;
  • And much more…

Having tens of million subscribers is a wow! It’s quite interesting how he started it! After further research, here are some of the most interesting facts and stories about Mr Beast Net Worth. 

(Once you’ve read about Mr Beast’s net worth and bio, the Fun Facts Section is your next stop as we prepare surprise facts and details for you! )

Let’s bring it on!

Who Is Mr Beast?

Mr Beast Net Worth

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Net Worth: $25 million
Date of Birth: May 7th 1998
Place Of Birth/ Nationality: Kansas, the United States/ American
Source of Wealth: Youtube Channel
Spouse/Relationship Status: Maddy Spidell, girlfriend since 2019
Children: None

Keep on scrolling to know more details about MrBeast Net Worth, career, and personal life. 

Who Is Mr Beast?

MrBeast stands at 6ft and 3 inches or 1.92 meters, 192 centimeters. He is taller than Pewdiepie who stands at 5 ft and 11 in. 

Here’s an interesting fact…

At the age of 13, Jimmy Donaldson uploaded his first Youtube video in 2012. He started posting videos about Let’s Plays. These are gaming videos that focus on Minecraft and Call of Duty. 

There are also videos about the wealth of other YouTubers and giving tips to Youtube creators, and comments on Youtube drama. 

Do you believe that Mr Beast was known because of “worst intros”? 

He gained widespread popularity on Youtube because of his “worst intros” series of videos. It actually poked fun on various Youtuber introductions. His Youtube career slowly rose as he gained 30,000 subscribers in 2016. Until he decided to quit school and pursue a full-time career in Youtube. 

Mr Beast Youtube Channel

Known for his stunt videos, Jimmy Donaldson published his day-long video counting to 100,000. 

Imagine, such stunts took him 40 hours!

Another video was released titled, “Counting to 200,000 (road to Mil)”. Though this stunt video was being sped up because it’s time already exceeded Youtube’s upload limit. 

Other Youtube stunts he tried were videos attempting to break a glass using a hundred megaphones, watching paint dry for hours, trying to survive underwater within 24 hours. No doubt, by 2018, Jimmy Donaldson was given $1 Million and gained the title “Youtube’s biggest philanthropist” because of his outlandish stunts. 


During the competition between PewDiePie vs. T-Series in 2018, Jimmy Donaldson supported PewDiePie by buying billboards, numerous ads, and radio advertisements to gain more subscribers than T-Series at the Super Bowl LIII. 

Then, Jimmy Donaldson runs the main channel at a loss already.  Donaldson also has some video game commentary, funny compilations, and also prank videos. An influencer tournament was created by Mr Beast, which almost 24 competitors joined. The D’Amelio family won it. 

Did you know that Mr Beast was the second-highest earner on Youtube?

He even beats Jeffree Star and David Dobrik, who are top Youtube earners! Donaldson continued to release Youtube videos and produce more Youtube channels. 

Welcoming the New Year in 2021, he released a video entitled “Youtube [sic] Rewind 2020, Thank God It’s Over“. He also signed a deal with Jellysmack in March 2021. This allows exclusive content distribution of his Youtube videos and other content on Snapchat and Facebook. 

Other Youtube Channels 

His main Youtube channel, “MrBeast,” gained a lot of subscribers and a bunch of views. Aside from his main channel, Jimmy Donaldson also has five other Youtube Channels, including MrBeast Shorts and MrBeast Gaming. 

How Old Is Mr Beast?

Jimmy Donaldson AKA Mr Beast is 25 years old and was born in Kansas United States.

Mr Beast Height And Weight

 Mr Beast is 6 feet 3 inches 190 cm (in centimetres) or 1.9 meters tall and weighs approximately 82 kg or 180 lb.

Other Quick Facts

  • Eye Color: Green
  • Zodiac Sign: Taurus
  • Favorite Food: Teriyaki Chicken
  • Smoking/ Drinking: No
  • Tattoos: None
  • IMDb Profile Link: Jimmy Donaldson

How Much Is MrBeast Worth?

Mr Beast’s Net Worth is $25 Million from his Youtube videos, video production, Youtube ads, merchandise sales, and brand deals. 

MrBeast Net Worth Year By Year

YearEarnings $
2011$ 6.5 Million
2012$ 8.3 Million
2013$10 Million
2014$17.1 Million
2015$18.2 Million
2016$19.5 Million
2017$20.3 Million
2018$22.5 Million
2019$ 23.3 Million
2020$25 Million

Mr Beast Games

Jimmy Donaldson is a co creator of “Finger on the App” in June 2020. This is a one-time multiplayer mobile game, tasking players to hold their fingers on the phone screen in the app. The last person to take their fingers off will win $25,000. 

With its success, its sequel “Finger on the App 2” was launched. Though there are some delays because of numerous downloads, they upgraded it and successfully launched it. 

It’s a lucky win for the 19-year-old man who won its sequel for being the last person standing for almost 51 hours of completion. 

Also, Donaldson is the owner of the MrBeast Burger app. This is a virtual restaurant launched in December 2020. MrBeast Burger App offers virtual dining concepts in the development of a restaurant.

The Young Jimmy Donaldson

Young Jimmy Donaldson

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Jimm Donaldson was born on May 7, 1998, in Kansas, United States. He spent his childhood in Greenville, North Carolina, and completed his secondary education. 

MrBeast High School

Jimmy Donaldson graduated from Greenville Christian Academy, a private secondary school in the area, in 2016.

In one of his videos, “School is a Waste of Time,” he explained some of his opinions and feelings regarding high school. 

We spend the first 18 years of our life, sitting at a desk, learning pointless information – 99% of which, we’re never going to use,” he said. 

MrBeast University

MrBeast almost spent two weeks in an unnamed university in their area but didn’t push through. 

“I went to college for two weeks, and I hated it.”

Regardless, I love YouTube, and I want to do this until the day that I die,” MrBeast said in separate tweets. 

Mr Beast Family & Relationships

Mr Beast Partner – Maddy Spidell

Mr Beast Girlfriend

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Maddy is a popular Instagram model. MrBeast and Maddy are publicly dating and in a relationship. They have been dating since 2019. 

They are both influences, one factor why they clicked with each other! 

Mr Beast Brother – CJ Donaldson

Mr Beast Brother

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CJ is the elder brother of Jimmy. He is also a social media star and a content creator. 

You will be amazed at how MrBeast wisely spent his net worth on his houses and cars in a few scrolls. For now, let’s have a glance at his career and some controversies he faced. 

MrBeast Career and Awards

2012 – Created “MrBeast” Youtube Channel 

2019 – Won in 9th Streamy Awards for Breakout Creator Category; Nominated in 9th Streamy Awards for Ensemble Cast Category; Nominated in 9th Streamy Awards for Creator of the Year category

2020 – Won Youtube of the Year in 12th Annual Shorty Awards; Won Creator of the Year in 10th Streamy Awards; Won Live Special in 10th Streamy Awards; Won Social Good: Creator in 10th Streamy Awards; Won Social Good: Nonprofit or NGO in 10th Streamy Awards; Creator of “Finger on the App”; Creator of “Mr Beast Burger

2021 – Nominated Favorite Male Social Star in 2021 Kids’ Choice Awards

No doubt he is one of the richest YouTubers. He is one of the highest-paid, being listed with Jeffree Star and Stevin John. 

MrBeast Scandals & Controversies

2021 – Jimmy Donaldson was accused of racism after removing speaker Farokh Sarmad from a room in the Clubhouse. The Clubhouse is a popular audio-only app engaging people in debate and discussion. Large sums of money have been given out in the app. 

2019 – He was accused of using counterfeit money in one of his videos. He used fake money for safety and security reasons for people trying to rush the money to get the free money. Afterward, he will counterfeit bills with a real check. 

2018 – People noticed some of his homophobic comments and attacks for being gay. He actually used slurs and offensive jokes.  He tweeted before, “Windows is gay,” “I don’t have a printer fag”, and “STFU fag”. 

I’m not offensive toward anyone. I’m not offensive in the slightest bit in anything I do. I’m just going to ignore it. I don’t think anyone cares about this stuff,” MrBeast claimed. 

How MrBeast Spends His Money

MrBeast spent his money creating his two applications, “Finger on the App” and “Mr Beast Burger App.” He actually spent thousands of dollars on this investment.

MrBeast Philanthropy

MrBeast is known for giving away tens of millions to people, charities, and those in need of help. He is a good man! 

MrBeast is also the co creator of Team Trees or also known as #team trees. He created the Team Trees with Mark Rober. They raised almost 20 million US dollars before 2020 to plant 20 million trees. 

A big help for Mother Nature! 

All of these donations went to a tree-planting organization, the Arbor Day Foundation. This organization pledges to plant a single tree for every US dollar donated. 

The Arbor Day Foundation started its advocacy in January 2020 and should be ending not later than December 2022. 

Approximately 20 million trees took up 180 square kilometers of land. This absorbs 1.6 million tons of carbon and is a big help to the atmosphere! 

The organization already raised $22,702,530 as of December 26, 2020. Lst May 2021, they already surpassed the goal, having over 22.9 million pesos and 7.1 million trees planted. 

Aside from this, MrbEast also donated millions of dollars for a local animal shelter in Los Angeles. 

Fun Facts About MrBeast

  • MrBeast surprised his mom by giving $100,000.
  • MrBeast doesn’t want social media. What an irony!
  • Mrbeast gave 40 cars on gaining 40 Million subscribers.
  • MrBeast gave a $10,000 tip for water.

5 Financial Freedom Lessons From MrBeast

  1. Think a lot of times before spending. 
  2. Invest in business which will gain you more profit. 
  3. Use your talents and passion to earn money. 
  4. Be a good steward of money. 
  5. Spend wisely.

Top 3 Quotes From MrBeast

  • “There were lots of smiles and personal relationships that we’ll all take forward in supporting what we do—creating original content for our subscribers.”
  • “As a YouTuber, I’ve been able to meet a lot of the creators online, but we don’t have many opportunities to meet in person and share our personalities.”
  • “There’s a big misconception that controversy and negativity is the only way to get clicks because that’s how it is in the media, for the most part, they don’t want good stories, they just want bad things.”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Much Money Does Mr. Beast Have?

MrBeast Net Worth is $25 Million.

Who Is The Girlfriend Of Mr. Beast?

Maddy Spidell, an Instagram model, is the girlfriend of MrBeast.

What Is The Real Name Of Mr Beast?

Jimmy Donaldson is the real name of MrBeast.

Conclusion: Mr Beast Net Worth & Biography

That’s what is behind the life of the extravagant vlogger, MrBeast. 

Looking at his vlogs and net worth, you will not expect that MrBeast still lives and prefers a simple life! 

Generosity is a virtue. That’s what MrBeast is doing! He is very generous and has an open hand to help. 

No doubt he is very successful and a top Youtube star! 

Don’t forget to put that Bounce in your Mojo today!

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