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What is Lisa Ann Net Worth?

Lisa Ann Net Worth, Biography & Lifestyle: Lisa Ann is a former American pornographic actress – now radio personality. The professional actress awarded the title Best MILF Performer has a net worth of $5 Million. 

We dug in pretty deep to bring you the details of Lisa Ann Net Worth. And if you stay tuned, we’ll be running into ground:  

  • Her early life, and what she did before entering the industry;
  • How she was able to achieve her  multi-million dollar net worth;
  • Her contributions to the adult industry;
  • Her philanthropic acts;
  • Lots more!

Aside from being one of the most sought-after models, she’s had a huge impact in the adult industry. You’d be surprised to hear about what goes on behind the camera and how she deeply cares about the industry and her fellow actors.  

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And once you’ve read up on Lisa Ann net worth and biography, you can check out the Fun Facts Section for some interesting things about the actress!

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Lisa Ann Net Worth

Lisa Ann Net Worth & Biography

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She’s one of the most popular pornographic actresses in the industry. (So famous, in fact, she doesn’t even need a last name!)

How Tall Is Lisa Ann?

Lisa Ann stands at 5 ft. 2”. She was born on May 9, 1972, which makes her 52 years old today.

What Are Lisa Ann’s Body Measurements?


She starred in over 340 adult films and has received a number of accolades throughout her adult film career.

How did she get so big, you ask?

Lisa Ann is most prominent for her role as Serra Paylin, who is a parody character based on former Alaska governor Sarah Palin. 

She is consistently ranked as one of the top porn actresses by Complex and CNBC. 

Apart from being famous in front of the screen, Lisa is also famed for her roles behind the scenes which include directing and makeup.

Lisa has retired from the adult film industry, and she geared her focus towards being a radio personality. She also still continues to appear on tours and join adult conventions.

Profession: Pornographic Actress and Radio Personality
Worth: $5 million
Date of Birth: June 30th, 1959
Eye Colour: Brown
Zodiac Sign: Taurus
Place of Birth:  Easton, Pennsylvania
Language: English
Tattoos: Yes
Nationality: American
Drinking : Yes
Height: 5 ft. 2”

How Much Is Lisa Ann Net Worth?

Adult film actress Lisa Ann has a net worth of $5 Million. 

Lisa Ann Net Worth Year By Year

YearEarnings $
2011$1 Million
2012$1.2 Million
2013$1.3 Million
2014 $1.6 Million
2015$1.8 Million
2016$2 Million
2017$3.5 Million
2018$4 Million
2019$4.3 Million
2020$4.9 Million
2021$5 Million

Lisa Ann Book & Documentary

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The Life: Playin’ Palin, My Love of Sports, and Living to the Fullest on My Own Terms

In this book, Lisa Ann talks about her life, appearance in adult films and music videos, and her love for sports.

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After Porn Ends 2

Lisa gives us a glimpse of her life after her retirement.

Lisa Ann’s Boot Camp and Production Company

Lisa Ann’s Boot Camp and Production Company

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Lisa Ann launched The Porn Stars Boot Camp in 2014. She established the consulting firm after her encounter with the then-new-comer Belle Knox, who is better known as Duke. She mentored Knox because she knows how lonely it felt being the new girl in the industry.

The program was built to help models build their brand, including tips on diet exercise, and set etiquette. The boot camp was brought to XBIZ360, which is known for networking opportunities with businesses.

Lisa Ann also established her own production company in 2013. She named it Lisa Ann Management Productions and it is one of the achievements Lisa Ann is proud of.

The Young Lisa Ann

The Young Lisa Ann

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Lisa Ann was born Lisa Ann Corpora on the 9th of May 1972. Lisa was raised in a small city in Easton, Pennsylvania of French Canadian and Italian ancestry. 

Lisa has always been a big fan of sports and during high school, she played basketball. She was also part of the Ski Club. 

At the early age of 16, Lisa Ann started as an exotic dancer at AI’s Diamond Cabaret in order to support her dental assistant studies. She used a fake ID in order to get the job.

She was able to complete her dentistry course. And while she was working in the Pennsylvania strip club, she would encounter girls who work in the adult film industry. They would tell her about how much money they made and all the traveling they do — and Lisa was sold.

Lisa Ann worked hard to get into the adult industry, by sending a handful of letters to Larry Flynt and setting up a meeting with his right-hand man. She even went as far as hiring a professional photographer to build her profile.  

So at the age of 21, Lisa decided to join the industry and film her very first adult film.

And the rest was history…

Lisa Ann Family & Relationships

Lisa Ann Family & Relationships

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Lisa Ann Ex-Boyfriend – Justin Brent

In 2014, Rumors sparked when Lisa Ann posted a bed selfie of her and 19-year old Brent together in bed. This was after they appeared together at Madison Square Garden. Justin Brent is a former Notre Dame wide receiver and the two met each other in a restaurant while Lisa was traveling outside of Chicago. The two dated until 2015.

Lisa Ann Ex-Boyfriend – Michael Del Zotto

In 2012, she dated Canadian ice hockey player  Michael Del Zotto, who is famous in the NHL.  After four months of dating, the two broke up. 

Lisa Ann Ex-Boyfriend – Rob Kardashian

Lisa and Rob were linked together back in 2009. The two met at a Los Angeles gym and Lisa revealed that they had a simple, yet sexually fun relationship. But Rob admitted that he couldn’t let himself be seen with the adult actress. They dated for some time before calling it quits.

Lisa Ann Ex-Husband – Bouncer

At age 28, Lisa Ann got married to a bouncer. After a couple of years, they got divorced. Lisa Ann revealed that they are now good friends, it just failed to work out between them because they were too young back then.

Lisa Ann loves dating athletes, and she even established some ground rules about it! Lisa likes to keep her personal life under the wraps.

And coming up shortly, we’ll have a look at how Lisa Ann spends her money and discuss some of her philanthropic acts. But before we get to that, we’ll dive into her career, and even have a glance at her past scandals (no, not that kind of scandal).

Lisa Ann Career

Lisa Ann Adult Film Industry Career

Lisa Ann began her porn star career when she was 21 years old. In 1994, she filmed her first hardcore scene on the adult film titled Flesh for Fantasy.

Due to increasing cases and AIDS scare in 1997, she decided to quit. Lisa went on a hiatus and spent the next seven years working as an exotic dancer, and opened up a day spa. 

And she comes back…

Lisa Ann returned to filming in February 2006. Her first films back in the industry were Bra Bustin‘ and Deep Thrustin‘ with Christian XXX.

She was categorized as a cougar/MILF, and for this, her popularity grew. And around the same year, Lisa Ann worked as a talent agent for LA Direct Models. 

Here is where it gets better…

In 2008, she had her big break in playing a parody role of the Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin. Lisa named the character Serra Paylin, and she starred in the adult film series parody Who’s Nailin Paylin?

Lisa Ann reprised the role for five sequels, titled You’re Nailin’ Palin, Letterman’s Nailin’ Palin, Obama Is Nailin’ Palin, Hollywood’s Nailin Paylin, and Who’s Nailin’ Palin? 2.

The role got so big that she appeared on other mainstream media platforms, including the We Made You music video of Eminem.

Her impersonation of Palin has expanded to strip clubs and more on-screen appearances. And also by the time her parody character grew popular, she began to mentor other porn stars and even dipped her hands into directing.

That’s not all…

In 2009, she directed her first adult film titled Hung XXX by Justin Slayer International. And in 2010, Lisa was chosen as the co-host of the XRCO Awards.

Lisa established her own production company Lisa Ann’s Talent Management Productions, previously named Clear Talent Management. She signed a distribution deal with Jules Jordan Video.

Lisa blew up…

In 2013, PornHub dubbed Lisa Ann as the most popular female pornstar. 

She won multiple awards including The Best Cumback and The Best Female MILF/Cougar Performer of the Year. Lisa was also inducted into the Urban X Halls of Fame.

And she does not stop there…

Lisa became a regular on Sirius XM and hosted a show called Stripper Town. She co-hosts Lisa Ann Does Fantasy with Adam Ronis and The Morning Men on the same station. 

Her directorial debut for the company, MILF Revolution in 2013 won an AVN Award for Best MILF Release a year later.

In 2014, Lisa announced her retirement from the porn industry. After that, she has undergone breast reduction surgery. 

Lisa Ann Career After Retirement

 In 2015, Lisa Ann authored and published a memoir entitled The Life.

Lisa Ann made a comeback in 2018 after her recovery. She signed up with Evil Angel.

Lisa has ventured into being a radio personality and also hosts a podcast. She talks about her enthusiasm for sports and professional athletes, along with her passion for fantasy sports.

Click here to check out Lisa Ann’s book about her life in the industry and out.

Lisa Ann Scandals & Controversies

Lisa Ann Scandals & Controversies

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Twitter Feud (2015)

Lisa Ann had beef with fellow pornographic actress Nikki Benz.  The two aired their dirty laundry on Twitter for thousands to view.

Their feud began when Nikki Benz shared a post where she spent her birthday in Dubai. Lisa then responded by saying that Benz was there as a high-priced escort. 

Benz of course did not let being called a prostitute off the hook, so she retaliated with more tweets. She bit back at Lisa by saying that she’s the hooker and that she’s thankful that Lisa is retired because no one wants her. Lisa kept mum for a while but Nikki kept going on and on with more to throw at her. 

And the end game?

Lisa tweeted how she woke up to countless tweets, to a post that she said was meant to be a joke. She responded in a calm, collected, and classy way, but Nikki continued to fire away at her. It even got to a point where Nikki threatened her to a one-on-one boxing match and lawsuit But fortunately, it didn’t go that far.

How Lisa Ann Spends Her Money

How Lisa Ann Spends Her Money

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Lisa used her money in launching her consulting firm, The Porn Stars Boot Camp in 2014 and her production company, Lisa Ann management productions. 

Lisa Ann Philanthropy

Lisa Ann Philanthropy

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Lisa Ann is part of numerous movements and has also established some of them herself. 

While she was working in the pornography industry, she paid for her co-stars STI tests to make sure everyone is negative and safe. Lisa also raised for the industry to give pensions and health insurance to the actors.

Lisa also played for Birdies4Bipolar charity, a foundation that raises funds for U.S Veterans. And as a lover of sports, she also joined the FantasyFootballNerd.com Charity League to help raise funds for elementary school children across America.

Fun Facts About Lisa Ann

  • In 2011, Lisa Ann had her own genitalia molded for Fleshlight. 
  • She signed with AEBN to be a spokeswoman for mechanical and artificial genitalia called RealTouch. 
  • Lisa revealed that if she wasn’t in the porn industry, she would be working as an author or journalist.
  • Lisa loves yoga, and she does it regularly. 
  • She maintains her great figure by eating healthy.
  • She appeared in The Howard Stern Show as the Snapple Girl.
  • In 2013, Lisa appeared in the Dead Bite music video of Hollywood Undead.
  • She voiced a character in Grand Theft Auto V known as Prostitute #2.
  • Lisa appeared in Showtime’s Billions, in the episode titled Infinity Game.

5 Financial Freedom Lessons From Lisa Ann

  1. Love what you do and you won’t have to work a single day in your life.
  2. Use your resources to help others.
  3. Find more than one way to make a living.
  4. Work hard and reach for your goal.
  5. Don’t waste money on possessions that won’t last.

Top 3 Quote From Lisa Ann

  • It was just really exciting to have these people in an environment that their boss had never let them be in before. And we were all sharing this piece of history, right, this pop culture reference that became such a huge thing.
  • There were times on set with people where I was like, ‘This is not a good situation. This is not safe. This girl is out of her mind and we’re not sure what she’s going to say when she leaves here. Everyone’s a ticking time bomb, and a lot of it is linked to the drugs. A lot of this new pain comes from these new girls who have to do these abusive scenes, because that does break you down as a woman.
  • “I feel like sports kept me out of drugs. Out of drinking on the road. And it also gave me something comfortable to talk about with men when I was travelling. I would find out what the local teams were doing. People are so impressed when you come to their city and learn something about it. It would deter the conversation moving to ‘can I have sex with you’ when they realize this girl wants to talk about sports.”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Much Is Lisa Ann Net Worth?

Former pornographic actress and radio host Lisa Ann has a net worth of $5 Million.

What Is The Name Of Lisa Ann’s Production Company?

Lisa Ann established a production company called Lisa Ann Productions.

How Much Does Lisa Ann Earn From Her Scenes?

Lisa Ann earns as much as  $5,000 for a boy-girl scene as a porn star.

Summary: Lisa Ann Net Worth and Biography

And there you have it! We have peered into the life of Lisa Ann. She may have gotten famous for her Sarah Palin parody portrayals, but she proved that she is more than that.

Lisa Ann cared deeply about the industry she’s in which is why she had so many contributions, and surely they will live on to the next coming generation of new actors.

I hope you enjoyed this scoop on Lisa’s life – you might also want to check out other Bounce Mojo biographies and net worth articles. 

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