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JJ Watt Net Worth FI

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What is JJ Watt Net Worth?

JJ Watt Net Worth, Biography & Lifestyle: Justin James Watt, professionally known as JJ Watt, is an American NFL player and actor.

He is the former defensive end for the Houston Texans and is known as the ‘sack master.’ Watt’s net worth is $50 million.

If you’re a football fan, you’ll at least know this successful football player who keeps on setting records and history in the NFL.

We’ll know more about it as we’re going to be diving deep into Watt’s career plus the details of:

  • His milestone achievements;
  • His early years, family, and educational background;
  • How he started his acting career;
  • And many more…

Hours have been spent just to bring you the details of JJ Watt’s Net Worth.

So, buckle up and let’s get started…

Who Is JJ Watt?

JJ Watt Quick Net Worth

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JJ Watt Net Worth: $50 million
Source of Wealth: Professional NFL Player, Acting, Endorsements
Spouse/ Relationship: Kealia Ohai Watt (2020-present) (wife)
Date of Birth: March 2nd, 1989
Place of Birth/Nationality: Waukesha, Wisconsin/American
Zodiac Sign: Aries

Justin James Watt, also known as JJ Watt, is an American NFL player and actor. He’s a three-time NFL defensive player of the year and is considered one of the best defensive ends in NFL history. 

He spent ten seasons with the Houston Texans before switching to Arizona Cardinals in March 2021. Watt started his career as a professional player in 2011, and he’s been on top of his game since then.

To begin with…

JJ developed his love for sports at such a young age. He played ice hockey, basketball, baseball, track and field before settling in on football.

He played for Central Michigan and the University of Wisconsin-Madison before entering the 2011 NFL Draft.

Let’s know more about this…

Watt was selected as the overall 11th pick by the Houston Texans in April 2011. He signed a four-year $11.24 million contract with them in July that same year.

For the 2011 season, Watt had five tackles and a fumble recovery for his NFL debut against the Indianapolis Colts; then, he had his first multi-sack game with 2.0 against the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Check Out His Book: The Most Popular Player on The Houston Texans – Document about Houston Texan DE J.J Watt

He finished his rookie year with 48 solo tackles, eight assisted tackles, and 5.5 sacks. In comparison, in the playoffs, he recorded 11 solo tackles, three assisted tackles, one pass defended, inception return for a touchdown, and 3.5 sacks in two games against the Cincinnati Bengals and Baltimore Ravens, which resulted in him being named as Texans Team Rookie of the Year.

To continue…

In 2012, he was named the AFC Defensive Player of Month in both September and December for having the record of 69 solo tackles, 12 assisted tackles, 16 passes defended,  20.5 sacks, two fumble recoveries, and four forced fumbles.

He made it to the NFL’s Top 100 Players list for 2012 and peaked at number 5.

Watt was named at the 2013 NFLPro-Bowl team, recognized as the Texans Team Most Valuable Player, and received the Defensive Player of the Year award. He was the first Texan player to receive this kind of award and was only the eighth defensive end to receive this award since 1971.

It gets better…

JJ signed a six-year contract extension with the Houston Texans at the 2014 season, worth $100 million, making him the NFL’s highest-paid non-quarterback, based on average yearly salary.

Watt recorded five touchdowns for this season, making him the first lineman to have scored at least five touchdowns since 1944.

In Week 16, he had 54 sacks in a 25-13 win against the Baltimore Ravens, surpassing Mario Williams as the franchise leader in sacks.

JJ finished the season, becoming the only player in NFL history to have multiple 20-sack seasons, five fumble recoveries, and a tidal of five touchdowns.

Due to these achievements, Watt was named to the 2014 All-Pro First Team, 2015 Pro Bowl, and even reached the top spot in the NFL Top 100 Players of 2015.

And even better…

Watt received his third Defensive Player Award in 2015. He made 76 tackles, eight passes defended, three forced fumbles, a fumble recovery, and an NFL-leading  17.5 sacks even though he’s been suffering from a groin injury and fractured left hand.


JJ underwent groin surgery for a sports hernia which forced him to withdraw from the 2016 Pro Bowl. He also underwent back surgery for a herniated disc that same year.


He still ranked as the top defensive lineman and the third-best player on the NFL Top 100 Players of 2016.

To continue…

Watt played against the Jacksonville Jaguars in the 2017 season. But he left the game after a leg injury; then, he underwent surgery for a tibial plateau fracture. He was excluded from playing the remainder of the season. 

In 2018, after returning from his injury, Watt played for the season scoring 16 sacks. He was named a First-Team-All-Pro.

He became the second player to record four seasons with at least 15 sacks after Reggie White.

Watt continued playing in the 2019 and 2000 seasons.

However, in February 2021, Watt requested his release from the Texans. It was granted and made him sign a contract with his new team, Arizona Cardinals, a $31 million two-year contract.

We’re almost there, but we’re not quite done yet…

Watt started to explore the entertainment industry. He guest-starred in “Bad Moms,” an episode of New Girl,” “Saturday Night Live,” andTonight with Jimmy Fallon,” and more.

There you have it.

We can say that JJ Watt is truly one-of-a-kind!

Amazing, isn’t he?

How Old Is JJ Watt?

JJ Watt is 35 years old and was born in Waukesha, Wisconsin/American.

How Tall Is JJ Watt?

Watt is 6ft 5 inches (195.5 cm) or 1.95 meters tall and weighs 131 kg or 288 lb. Other american footballers who are also 6ft 5 inches (1.95m) are Cam Newton, Merlin Olsen and Peyton Manning to name just a few.

Other Quick Facts:

  • Eye Color -Blue
  • Favorite Color – Orange
  • Favorite Food – Bowl of crunch berries
  • Smoking/ Drinking – Yes-Drinking
  • Tattoos – Yes
  • IMDb Profile Link – JJ Watt

How Much Is JJ Watt Worth?

JJ Watt’s net worth is $50 million.

JJ Watt Net Worth Year By Year

YearEarnings $
2011$5 million
2012$10 million
2013$15 million
2014$20 million
2015$23 million
2016$28.4 million
2017$32.5 million
2018$37.6 million
2019$39.2 million
2020$43 million
2021$50 million

JJ Watt Book

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JJ Watt: How JJ Watt Became the Most Dominant Defensive Lineman in the NFL (The NFL’s Best Quarterback)

A book about the hardships that JJ Watt faced before becoming the most dominant lineman in the NFL.

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JJ Watt: The Inspiring Story of One of Football’s Greatest Defensive Ends (Football Biography)

A book about the inspiring story of the best defensive end of the Houston Texans.

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Mega Watt: JJ Watt’s Surge t Greatness

A book about the best defensive end and one of the faces of the NFL league.

The Young JJ Watt 

Young JJ Watt

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Justin James Watt, popularly known as JJ Watt, was born on March 22, 1989, to Connie Watt and John Watt. He was raised in Waukesha, Wisconsin, together with his two younger brothers Dereck and TJ Watt.

Being an athlete runs in the Watts family. JJ and his brothers are all football players. Derek is a fullback, and TJ plays outside linebacker for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

JJ started to play sports at such a young age. He played ice hockey from age to age 13. He traveled to Canada and Germany to compete for the competitive teams. However, he gave up hockey due to conflict with his schedule and for financial reasons.

Watt attended Pewaukee High School, where he became a four-year-letter winner in football, baseball, basketball, and track, and field. He received the Woodland Conference Player of the Year Award and was also named the team’s MVP.


During his senior year, Watt followed his father’s footsteps and competed in the shot put. He earned the First-Team-All-State selection and became the state title in the shot put at the 2007 WIAA Division II Championship for setting a new school record with a throw of 59 ft.

Watt received a scholarship offer from Central Michigan. He played as a tight end was coached by Butch Jones, who suggested that he move to offensive tackle, but Watt declined and started his scholarship at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

He became Wisconsin’s Scout Team Player of the Year in 2008. Watt played in 13 games as a defensive end in 2009 and finished the season with 32 tackles, four and a half sacks, and 12 assisted tackles.

Watt received the Ronnie Lott Trophy in 2010.

JJ Watt Family & Relationships

JJ Watt’s Parents – Connie Watt & John Watt

JJ Watt Parents

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John Watt is a retired firefighter. Connie Watt is a building operations vice president of the JJ Watt Foundation, which organizes an annual charity event that helps provide after-school opportunities for children in various communities. 

JJ Watt’s Brothers -Derek Watt and TJ Watt

JJ Watt Siblings

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Jj’s brother followed in his footsteps. Both Derek and TJ played football for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

JJ Watt’s Wife – Kealia Ohai Watt

JJ Watt Wife

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Kealia Ohai Watt is an American soccer player for the Chicago Red Stars of the NSWL and US Women’s National Team. JJ and Kealia have been together since 2016, and they tied the knot in 2020.

How JJ Watt Spends His Money

JJ Watt has been investing in real estate. He purchased a log cabin in Wisconsin in 2015 and a house in Texas in 2016. He is also spending lavishly with purchasing high end car models like Audi RS7 Ford F-150 Platinum.

JJ Watt Houses  

JJ Watt House

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JJ Watt House

In 2015, JJ Watt bought a 4,500 square feet four-bedroom log cabin for $800,000 in Waukesha County, Wisconsin. 

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In 2016, JJ Watt put his Texas 4,169 home for sale for $465,000. It is located in Pearland residence. He purchased this four-bedroom house for $399,000 in 2011.

JJ Watt Cars

JJ Watt Car

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JJ Watt owned an Audi RS7 and Ford F-150 Platinum.

JJ Watt Philanthropy

Watt raised $40 million for relief in the Houston area after Hurricane Harvey in 2017.

In 2010, JJ was the president and founder of Justin J. Watt Foundation, a charity organization to provide after-school opportunities for children in various communities to get involved in athletics in a safe environment.

Justin J Watt Foundation hosted an annual Charity Classic, Run/Walk, Golf Outing, and Tailgate.

They raised over $463,433 in their inaugural Charity Classic game in 2014 and raised $640,000 in 2015. 

Fun Facts About JJ Watt

  • JJ was once a pizza hut delivery driver.
  • His favorite movie is “Mighty Ducks 2.”
  • Watt’s favorite alcoholic drink is Guinness.
  • He does not like pineapple on his pizza.
  • JJ’s favorite sports car is the Lamborghini Aventador.
  • Watt’s favorite place is Ireland.

5 Financial Freedom Lessons From JJ Watt

  1. A great business at a fair price is superior to a fair business at a great price.
  2. Savings without a mission is garbage.
  3. Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.
  4. You must gain control over your money, or the lack of it will forever control you.
  5. The individual investor should act consistently as an investor and not a speculator.

Top 3 Quotes From JJ Watt

  • Success isn’t owned-it’s leased. And the rent is due every day. Every single day, someone’s coming for your job. Someone’s coming for your greatness. If you’re the greatest, someone wants to be the greatest, so if you’re not constantly improving your game, somebody else is.”
  • “I have a limited amount of time to build a career out of football and be the best that I can be at this job. When the job is over, I have the rest of my life to do what I want with my time.”
  • “If you do the bare minimum, expect bare minimum results. You want to be great, work to be great. Nothing just happens.”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When Did JJ Watt Start Playing Football?

JJ Watt started playing football in fifth grade and high school and got a scholarship in Central Michigan to play college football.

Is JJ Watt An Actor?

JJ Watt is also an actor. He made his debut in “The League,” an American sitcom, in 2014.

Why Is JJ Watt So Famous?

JJ Watt is famous because he keeps on setting records and making history in the NFL, he’s a three-time NFL defensive player of the year and is considered one of the best defensive ends in NFL history. 

Conclusion: JJ Watt Net Worth, Bio, Lifestyle

We can say that JJ Watt is one-of-a-kind and that he’s at the top of his game.

The thing that I admire the most is his discipline. 

I think it is the reason why he keeps on setting records and making history in the National Football League. 

Discipline is ideal to do, but it’s very hard to apply. Once we master the art of disciplining ourselves, we’ll be successful in everything that we do.

We have a chance every day to master it. So it will be up to us whether we’ll do it or not. We must remember that every day and in everything, we have a choice.

If you want more of JJ Watt’s Check Out: The Inspiring Story of One of Football’s Greatest Defensive Ends. 

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