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Ric Flair Net Worth FI

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What is Ric Flair Earnings Net Worth?

Ric Flair Earnings and Net Worth: Richard Morgan Fliehr or famously known as Ric Flair, is an American professional wrestling manager and a retired professional wrestler of WWE. At present, his current net worth is $3.1 million. 

Today’s we’ll have a quick run-through of Ric Flair’s career, and we’ll also take a glimpse at: 

  • How he started his wrestling career and became the first two-time WWE Hall of Fame inductee;
  • How he spends his money through investments and properties;
  • His long list of relationship history and his children;
  • His career and the endorsements he did in the past;
  • The list of troubles, scandals, and controversies he got into;
  • And much more…

We’ve spent so much time finding the latest updates about the details of Ric Flair Net Worth. 

It’s an interesting wrestling career he had. My favorite part is how he managed to be famous despite the competition in his industry. 

Get yourself ready…

Who Is Ric Flair?

Ric Flair Net Worth

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Ric Flair Net Worth: $3.1 million
Date of Birth: 25th Feb, 1949
Current Occupation: Professional Wrestling Manager and Retired Professional Wrestler
Nationality: American
Place Of Birth: Memphis, Tennessee
Languages: English
Religion: Christian
Marital Status/Relationship: Married
Eye Colour: Green
Zodiac Sign: Pisces
No. of Children: 4

Ric Flair or Richard Morgan Fliehr is an American professional wrestling manager and retired professional wrestler under the Legends program of WWE. 

He was an adopted child and not long after his adoption. His family transferred to Edina, Minnesota. Here, the young Ric Flair grew up and had his childhood. He went to Wayland Academy, where he learned to play football, wrestling, and track.

To start…

Ric Flair became known when he debuted in the 1973 International Wrestling Enterprise in Japan.

He is undoubtedly regarded as one of the greatest wrestlers of all time. He is also one of the considered best American performers during the 1980s era, where his career spanned almost four decades. 

He is a 16-time WWE champion where two of which are WWE Championships, six are WCW World Heavyweight Championships, and eight are NWA World Heavyweight Championships. 

It doesn’t stop here…

He completed WWF’s version of the Triple crown and won the Tag Team Championship and  Intercontinental Championship after winning the WWE championship.  

More about his wrestling career, he is part of the World Championship Wrestling (WCW), World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), National Wrestling Alliance (NWA), World Wrestling Federation (WWF), and Total Nonstop Action or TNA Wrestling.

Today, he is working with an offset on “Ric Flair Drip.

How Old Is Ric Flair?

Flair was born in Memphis, Tennessee, on February 25, 1949 maning him 74 today

How Much Is Ric Flair Worth?

Ric Flair has accumulated a total of $3.1 million as his net worth from his wrestling career and as a wrestling manager.

Ric Flair Net Worth Year By Year

YearEarnings $
2019$2.5 million
2020$2.8 million
2021 $3.1 million

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The Young Ric Flair

Young Ric Flair

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Richard Morgan Fleihr was born on February 24, 1949, in Memphis Tennessee, he was born as Fred Phillips but other documents suggest that he is Fred Demaree or Stewart. Confusing as it is, he was born to his biological parents Luther and Olive Phillips. 

Not known to everyone, he is adopted by Richard Fliehr. 


As time passed by, Ric attended high school in Waylan Academy in which he spent four years of his life participating in interscholastic wrestling, football and track. 

After he graduated highschool, he entered and finished his studies at the University of Minnesota. 

Ric Flair was first recognized when he had his wrestling debut in Japan back in 1973. 

Ric Flair Family & Relationships

Ric Flair has a long list of affairs and failed marriages. His first wife was Leslie Goodman whom he had two children with. Then, after their divorce, he married Elizabeth Harrell, and they had two children as well. She appeared numerous times in WWE. However, they parted ways in 2006. 

The list of former partners does not stop there…

The same year he parted ways with Harrell, he married Tiffany VanDemark, but they eventually separated in 2009. You must already know what happens after. Flair tied the knot with his fourth wife, Jacqueline Beems, the same year he divorced VanDemark. As expected, their marriage didn’t last, and they split up in 2014. 

And the present wife….

Ric Flair got engaged in 2016 to Wendy Barlow and later married in 2018 in a resort in Florida. The two’s first encounter was in 1993 at WCW when Barlow worked as Flair’s valet. 

As for the background of his children…

Ric Flair’s daughter, Charlotte Flair, a former 9-time WWE Women’s Champion, is currently signed with WWE, assigned to the SmackDown Live brand. In the past, she became an NXT Champion, too. 

As for his sons, David Flair and Reid Flair, are heavily involved in the Pro Wrestling industry. David Flair used to be a WCW US Champion and WCW World Tag Team Champion. Meanwhile, Reid is an XWW US Heavyweight Champion. Sadly, he passed away in 2013 because of a drug overdose. 

Ric Flair’s Relationships

Ric Flair Ex-Wife – Leslie Goodman (1971-1983)

Ric Flair Ex-Wife

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Ric Flair Ex-Wife – Elizabeth Harrell (1983-2006)

Ric Flair Ex-Wife – Tiffany VanDemark (2006-2009)

Ric Flair Ex-Wife

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Ric Flair Ex-Wife – Jackie Beems (2009-2014)

Ric Flair Ex-Wife

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In just a short while, we’ll bring to you how Ric Flair spends his money through property acquisition and the endorsements he did. For now, let’s take a look at his career and some of the troubles he got himself into. 

Ric Flair Wife – Wendy Barlow (2018- present)

Ric Flair Wife

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Ric Flair Career

Ric Flair’s wrestling career started after he dropped out of college. He trained with Verne Gagner and began in 1972 at AWA. Because of his unique, charismatic style in the ring, he immediately got recognized. 

In his early career, he defeated Larry Henning, Dusty Rhodes, and Andre, the Giant. Eventually, he joined the National Wrestling Alliance in 1994. 

Here comes the catch…

Flair got into a plane crash in 1975, and his doctors didn’t think he could still be in the ring. However, Flair is persistent and returned to the ring three months later and got a nickname that would last forever, “The Nature Boy.”

Later in 1981, he won his first-ever NWA World Heavyweight Championship. The following year, he defended the NWA World Title worldwide and was crowned as the first WCW World Heavyweight Champion. In 1991, he joined WWE. 

How did he do in the wrestle mania

Flair became part of the stable wrestling evolution and won the Intercontinental and World Tag Team Championship in 2008. Eventually, he got inducted into the Hall of Fame of WWE. He received a Slammy Award of “The Match of the Year” after losing against Shawn Michaels. 

Since then, he has appeared in cameos with WWE, joined TNA, and got involved in various storylines between 2010-2012. Everyone will agree that he is a well-respected figure in wrestling. 

Ric Flair Achievements

Here are the awards of Ric Flair over the years:

  • Wrestler of the Year (1984)
  • Most Outstanding Wrestler (1989)
  • Best On Interviews (1994)
  • Most Charismatic (1983-1984)
  • Baywatch (1996)
  • Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3-Uprising (2009)

Ric Flair Scandals & Controversies

Here are some of the scandals Ric got himself into:

A Grantland piece from 2011 includes details on Ric Flair’s flight incident back in 2002 that eventually led to a 2004 lawsuit. Flair and other performers of WWE were on a chartered flight after doing a tour in Europe. According to two flight attendants, the group was unruly and Flair exposed himself. 

According to the lawsuit, Ric Flair made the flight attendants touch his crotch area and restrained and detained one flight attendant. However, Flair denied all the allegations and settled the issue with the women outside the court. 

Another incident happened on the road in 2005 where Flair got charged with injury to personal property, assault and battery, as reported by the USA Today reports. 

How Ric Flair Spends His Money

Ric Flair spends his money on luxury cars including a Chevrolet SS in black, Chevrolet Camaro, a 1999 Bentley Arnage T, and a Mercedes Benz. To real estate property too, as he stays in a mansion in Charlotte, North Carolina, that is estimated to be $1 million. It is a double-story home with a swimming pool. 

Ric Flair Cars

Ric Flair owns a luxury car collection including a 1999 Bentley Arnage T, Chevrolet SS, Chevrolet Camaro, and Mercedes Benz.

Ric Flair Cars

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Fun Facts About Ric Flair

  • Ric Flair got married five times and divorced four times.
  • He is the first-ever double inductee of the WWE Hall of Fame.
  • He was recognized as a 16-time World Heavyweight Champion by TNA, Pro Wrestling Illustrated, and WWE.
  • Flair was an adopted child.

5 Financial Freedom Lessons From Ric Flair

  1. Create a monthly budget and stick to it. 
  2. Buy only those you need. 
  3. Keep your expenses at a minimum.
  4. Have a savings plan. 
  5. Avoid eating outside.

Top 3 Quotes From Ric Flair

  • “If you have notoriety, you can dress any way you want to dress. That’s the way it is. I just like to get dressed up. I think that they go hand in hand – notoriety and people lookin at ya. If they look at ya, either you look like a million dollars, or you don’t. A guy can have a phenomenal body, but if the suit doesn’t fit him, forget it.”
  • “For me, it’s about camaraderie. My whole life is like, if something’s going on, nothing ever preceded fun. I always put my friends and the fun and the business ahead of everything.”
  • “When somebody has convinced you that you’re not worth anything to anybody anymore, and they spend a lot of time doing it, you start believing it yourself.”

Ric Flair Memes

Ric Flair Memes

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Ric Flair Memes

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Ric Flair Memes

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What did Ric Flair do to his daughter?

March 2013 Reid Flair died from an accidental overdose

When Was Ric Flair’s Last Match?

Flair competed with Shawn Michaels in Wrestle Mania XXIV in his last match in the company.

What Happened To Ric Flair’s Son?

One of Ric Flair’s sons, Reid, died of a drug overdose in 2013.

Conclusion: Ric Flair Net Worth and Biography

So there you have Ric Flair’s wrestling career! For sure, you’ll agree that he had an amazing forty years in his industry.  My biggest takeaway from this is that marriage is not for everybody. 

I hope you learned something from the controversies he got into, his life decisions, and even from his relationships. I hope you enjoyed running through Ric Flair’s Net Worth, Biography, and Lifestyle.

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