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Ann Coulter Net Worth FI

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What is Ann Coulter Net Worth?

Ann Coulter Net Worth, Biography & Lifestyle: Ann Hart Coulter is a known American conservative political and social commentator, writer, syndicated columnist, and lawyer. She has a current net worth of $10 million.

After spending hours of research, we’ve finally come up with the recent updates on Ann Coulter Net Worth.

Today, we’re going to have a thorough look at Ann’s career and we’ll also look at:

  • Her educational background and her journey to becoming a lawyer;
  • Her notable contribution to the Cornell University;
  • How she showed her excellent skills when she became the editor of Michigan Law Review;
  • The early jobs she had as a lawyer including works related to Senator Spencer Abraham;
  • The numerous books she published, where some became best-selling;
  • The comments that caused her from being fired and the other controversies she got into;
  • And many more…

It’s an interesting yet intriguing career…my favorite part here was when she said something ironic that women should be stripped out of their right to vote. 

Once you’re done browsing Ann Coulter’s net worth and bio, you may scroll to the end and check out some interesting trivia about her in the Fun Facts section.

Let’s get started…

Who Is Ann Coulter?

Ann Coulter Net Worth & Biography

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Ann Coulter Net Worth: $10 million
Source of Wealth: Lawyer, Author, Writer, Commentator
Spouse/ Relationship: None
Date of Birth: December 8th 1961
Place of Birth/Nationality: New York, the United States/American
Height: 6 ft (1.83 m)

Ann Hart Coulter is a known syndicated columnist, lawyer, author, and political commentator for her harsh judgments and blunt statements against her opponents and the Democrats. 

Her syndicated column for the Universal Press Syndicate was featured on conservative websites and newspapers. She also has written 13 best-selling books that express her political views. 

How Old Is Ann Coulter?

Ann Coulter is 60 years old and was born in New York, the United States.

Ann Coulter Height & Weight

Coulter is 5ft 9 ⅛ (175.6 cm) or 1.76 meters tall and weight is 62 kg or 137 pounds.

Ann Coulter Body Measurements

What to know her body measurments?

Body Shape 34-25-35, Bra Size 34 Inches Cup Size – B,  Hips Size 35 Inches,  Waist Size 25 Inches.

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Other Quick Facts:

  • Eye Color: Green
  • Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
  • Smoking/ Drinking: Yes
  • Tattoos: None
  • IMDb Profile Link: Ann Coulter

How Much Is Ann Coulter Worth?

Ann Coulter’s net worth is around $10 million. 

Ann Coulter Net Worth Year By Year

YearEarnings $
2016$7.6 million
2017$8.3 million
2018$8.9 million
2019$9.5 million
2020$10 million
Chart by Visualizer
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Ann Coulter Book

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Adios, America

In this book, Ann Coulter touches the third rail in American politics, attacking the immigration issue, as she flies in the face of La Raza, a media leaning to the Democrats determined to cover up immigrants’ crimes

q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=1400050308&Format= SL160 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=bouncemojo 20&language=en US

Treason: Liberal Treachery from the Cold War to the War on Terrorism

Ann Coulter contends in this book that liberals have been wrong on every foreign policy issue, from the fight against Communism at home and abroad, and the struggle with the Soviet empire right up to today’s war on terrorism

q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=1400054184&Format= SL160 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=bouncemojo 20&language=en US

How to Talk to a Liberal (If You Must): The World According to Ann Coulter

This powerful and entertaining book discussed the essence of being a liberal, her philosophy for arguing with liberals, and the Treason Lobby.

q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B009I2KOQ6&Format= SL160 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=bouncemojo 20&language=en US

Mugged: Racial Demagoguery from the Seventies to Obama

In this book, Ann Coulter explains the real his­tory of race relations in the US, including how white liberals twist that history of springing the guilty, accuse the innocent, and engender racial hatreds, all to win politically.

q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B000G2Y5LM&Format= SL160 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=bouncemojo 20&language=en US

Godless: The Church of Liberalism

Ann Coulter fearlessly confronts the high priests of the church of liberalism. Here, she states that it is the most important and riveting book yet from one of today’s most lively and impassioned conservative voices.

The Young Ann Coulter

Young Ann Coulter

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Ann Hart Coulter was born to Nell Husbands Coulter and John Vincent Coulter on December 8, 1961, in New York City. Her father, who was from Albany, served as an FBI agent. Coulter grew up in New Canaan, Connecticut, with her two older brothers— James Coulter and John Coulter, 

Cornell University

She attended New Canaan High School and graduated in 1980. She continued her study and enrolled at Cornell University. While she was staying here, she became a member of the Delta Gamma national sorority. 

One of her contributions here was when she helped found The Cornell Review that is an independent student-published newspaper. Now, it is the leading conservative college publication in the US. 

In 1984, she earned a bachelor’s degree in History. 

University of Michigan Law School

After college, she went to the University of Michigan Law School to get a Juris Doctor degree. 

During her years here, she became the editor of the Michigan Law Review and received training from the National Journalism Center. 

Ann Coulter Family & Relationships

Ann Coulter has been engaged a couple of times but was never married. She was previously linked to publisher Bob Guccione Jr., conservative writer Dinesh D’Souza, and even to the New York City Council and liberal Democrat Andrew Stein. 

Ann Coulter Ex-Boyfriend – Bob Guccione Jr.

Ann Coulter Ex

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Ann Coulter Ex-Boyfriend – Dinesh D’Souza

Ann Coulter Ex Boyfriend

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Ann Coulter Ex-Boyfriend – Andrew Stein

Ann Coulter Ex Boyfriend

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In a short while, we’ll see some of the interesting facts about Ann Coulter. First, let’s have an in-depth look at her intriguing and controversial career as a syndicated columnist with conservative websites, the books she released, the movies where she appeared, and the most notable controversies she got into because of her hasty judgments.

Ann Coulter Career

After graduating from law school, Coulter worked as a law clerk for Judge Pasco Bowman II of the United States Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit in Kansas City, Missouri. 

Eventually, she worked for the United States Senate Judiciary Committee in 1994 and helped handle crime and immigration issues for Senator Spencer Abraham of Michigan. Moreover, she also assisted in crafting legislation and became a litigator for the  Center of Individual Rights.

That’s not all for her career in the judiciary…

Ann Coulter had her syndicated column for Universal Press Syndicate featured across various conservative websites in the 1990s. 

In 1999, she worked as a columnist for George Magazine while also writing weekly columns for the conservative magazine Human Events. 

Then, she had her television debut in 1996 after being hired by MSNBC Network as a legal correspondent. She later appeared on CNN and Fox News. Her job made her notorious as an extreme conservative columnist and author with a sharp tongue. 

As for the books she had written…

Surprisingly, her books became best-selling. Her first book was High Crimes and Misdemeanors: The Case Against Bill Clinton, which she released in 1998, covered the late president’s impeachment. She followed this with Slander: Liberal Lies About the American Right in 2002.

In 2003, she published her third book, Treason: Liberal Treachery from the Cold War to the War on Terrorism that examined the history of the Cold War and supported the position of Senator Joseph McCarthy on the presence of Soviet agents working within the U.S. government. 

The following year, she released How to Talk to a Liberal (If You Must): The World According to Ann Coulter, a compilation of her columns. 

Below are some of the other books she released:

  • Godless: The Church of Liberalism (2006)
  • If Democrats Had Any Brains, They’d Be Republicans (2007)
  • Guilty: Liberal ‘Victims’ and Their Assault on America (2009)
  • Demonic: How the Liberal Mob is Endangering America (2011)
  • Mugged: Racial Demagoguery from the Seventies to Obama (2012)
  • Never Trust a Liberal Over 3 – Especially a Republican (2013)
  • Adios, America: The Left’s Plan to Turn Our Country Into a Third World Hellhole (2015).

That’s a lot of books…but we’re not yet done with her career…

In a year, Coulter would usually spend around six to twelve weeks touring as a speaker. It could be longer if she has a book coming out. There is an estimation that she earned $500,000 from speaking gigs only.

Moreover, Coulter appeared in three films that were all released in 2004. 

These movies were Feeding the Beast, a made-for-television documentary covering the 24-Hour News Revolution; FahrenHYPE 9/11, a direct-to-video documentary rebutting the documentary Fahrenheit 911; and Is It True What They Say About Ann? a documentary on Coulter featuring clips of her speeches and interviews. 

When it comes to her political views…

Ann Coulter is a registered Republican and supports the Presbyterian denomination. She is anti-abortion and supports the display of the Confederate flag. 

Some of the other views she took a stand include opposition to hate crimes, amnesty for undocumented immigrants, and same-sex marriage. She is also in favor of continuing the War on Drugs and an advocate for the conspiracy theory of white genocide.

As for support for Donald Trump…

Coulter endorsed Trump in 2016. However, after disagreements over immigration policies, she distanced herself from him. Now, she calls herself a “former Trumper.”

Check out some of Ann Coulter’s books here! 

Ann Coulter Books

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Ann Coulter Books

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Ann Coulter Controversies & Scandals

Coulter faced several controversies because of her sharp tongue and blunt statements. 

A few days after the 9/11 attack, her comment about it in her column caused National Review to fire her. She said that only Muslims could be responsible for the attack. 

In 2002, Coulter criticized the U.S. Department of Transportation, especially its then-secretary Norman Mineta. Some of her comments include the department’s refusal to use racial profiling as part of airport screening.

And she didn’t stop there…

She has even been involved in incidents like calling John Edwards a “faggot,” Barack Obama a “retard,” and the most controversial one is that her saying women should not have their right to vote. 

Fun Facts About Ann Coulter

  • Coulter used to be active in the local chapter of the Federalist Society.
  • She served as an adviser of Paulo Jones, who sued Bill Clinton for sexual assault. 
  • She is very outspoken about her beliefs in liberalism, media bias, and the Republican party.
  • Her book, High Crimes and Misdemeanors, made her one of the #1 New York Times bestselling authors.

5 Financial Freedom Lessons From Ann Coulter

  1. Refrain from buying stuff that you will not use.
  2. If possible, use cash and not your card.
  3. Pay off your debt on its due date. 
  4. Limit your monthly spending. 
  5. Save at least a third of your earnings. 

Top 3 Quotes From Ann Coulter

  • “When conservative judges strike down laws, it’s because of what’s in the Constitution. When liberal judges strike down laws (or impose new laws), it’s because of what’s in the New York Times.”
  • “The idea that making an activity legal would reduce its incidence is preposterous. This is exactly like the Clintonian statement about wanting to make abortion ‘safe, legal and rare.’ The most effective way to make something ‘rare’ is to make it illegal.”
  • “I think there should be a literacy test and a poll tax for people to vote.”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Much Is Ann Coulter’s Net Worth?

Ann Coulter’s net worth is $10 million. 

Where Did Ann Coulter Study?

She went to New Canaan High School and later on earned a degree at Cornell University. Eventually, she had her Juris Doctor at the University of Michigan Law School. 

Is Ann Coulter Married?

No, she’s only been engaged several times. 

Conclusion: Ann Coulter Net Worth, Bio, Lifestyle

So there you have it, I’m sure you’ll that Ann Coulter should slow down and think about her comments on specific issues, especially now that our society is progressing and we have no room for discrimination.

My biggest takeaway from this is not to be close-minded as Ann Coulter and respect other people’s race and religion. No one should ever feel inferior because no race and religion is superior to others.

I’m sure we may have a lot of realizations about life after reading her net worth article.

I hope you learned something here.

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