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What is Lin-Manuel Net Worth?

Lin-Manuel Miranda Net Worth, Biography & Lifestyle: Lin-Manuel Miranda is an American composer, playwright, lyricist, actor, rapper, and producer. He’s best known for his successful career on Broadway, especially for the musical “Hamilton.”

He’s received numerous accolades for his work, whether he’s under the spotlight or behind the scenes. Lin-Manuel Miranda’s net worth is $80 million.

Did you know…?

Time magazine included him in their 2016 Time 100 “Most Influential People in The World”!

After hours of fangirling, we’re excited to show you Lin-Manuel Miranda’s extraordinary life and net worth:

  • How Miranda entered the world of Broadway musicals;
  • His career milestones and awards;
  • His most critically acclaimed work, music, and lyrics;
  • How he spends his $80 million net worth.
  • Lots more…

(After checking out Lin-Manuel Miranda Net Worth and career, scroll down to our Fun Facts Section!)

Away we go!

Who Is Lin-Manuel Miranda?

Lin-Manuel-Miranda Net Worth

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Lin-Manuel Miranda Net Worth: $80 Million as a composer, playwright, lyricist, actor, rapper, and producer
Date of Birth: 16 Jan, 1980 Lin-Manuel Miranda is 44 years old.
Place Of Birth/ Nationality: Lin-Manuel Miranda  was born in New York City, New York, USA(American)
Source of Wealth: Career in Broadway and Hollywood
Spouse/ Relationship Status: Vanessan Nadal (m. 2010)
Children: Sebastian Miranda
Francisco Miranda
Height: 5 ft. 9 inches, 1.75m or 175cm

Lin-Manuel Miranda is an American playwright, actor, songwriter, and composer with a net worth of $80 million.

He was born in New York to Dr. Liz Towns-Miranda and Luis Miranda Jr. of Puerto Rican descent. 

He first gained recognition for Hamilton: An American Musical.

But that’s not the end…

He’s also acted and worked on various television shows, including “House MD” and Modern Family”! He’s received an Emmy nomination for his guest act on “Saturday Night Live.”

We’re not done yet. . . Lin-Manuel Miranda also gained critical acclaim for his Disney projects and collaborations! 

Miranda helped write and perform music for “Moana.”

Let’s take a closer look!

Lin-Manuel-Miranda performance

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Broadway Musicals

From 2002 to 2010, Lin-Manuel Miranda worked with John Mailer, director Thomas Kail, and playwright Quiara Hudes on “In the Heights.” 

Here’s what you should know. . .

In their almost decade-long work for the musical, it got 13 Tony Awards nominations, including Best Musical. It also won a Grammy for Best Musical Theater Album. The production also earned Miranda a nomination for Tony Award for Best Actor in a Musical!

Get the New York Times Bestseller “In the Heights” here! 

Now, onto his most popular work. . .

You guessed it –– we’re talking about “Hamiton!” 

Miranda was inspired by Ron Chernow’s biography of Alexander Hamilton. This spurred him to write “Hamilton Mixtape,” which “The New York Times” called “an obvious gamechanger.”

Certainly was!

By July 2017, Miranda earned 3% royalties from “Hamilton,” which earned him about $12.7 million. The musical won numerous awards (check out the Lin-Manuel Miranda Awards Section for a complete list!), including Tony Awards, a Pulitzer Prize, and a Grammy.

Check this out:

The cast of “Hamilton” performed and held workshops at the White House. Check out Miranda’s freestyle rap with President Barack Obama!

freestyle rap with President Barack Obama

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Insane fact: Disney paid $75 million for worldwide rights to “Hamilton”!

Disney Projects

Lin-Manuel Miranda wrote the soundtrack of the box office hit “Moana.” He earned overwhelming praise for his song “How Far I’ll Go,” receiving nominations for a Golden Globe, an Oscar, Critic’s Choice, and the Grammys.

Listen to the full Moana Soundtrack here.

There’s more. . .

Miranda also wrote songs for “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” and “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.”

Shop official Star Wars merchandise here.

That’s not the end…

He also played the chimney sweep, Jack, in “Mary Poppins Returns” and worked as a voice actor for “Duck Tales.”

Lin-Manuel Miranda also landed a massive deal with “Walt Disney Animation Studios” for “Encanto” in 2021.

We can’t get over his amazing career! Before we get to the nitty-gritty of Lin-Manuel Miranda Net Worth, check out these quick facts.

Other Quick Facts:

  • Eye Color: Black
  • Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
  • Favorite Color: Purple
  • Favorite Food: Italian cuisine, Morir Soñando
  • Smoking/ Drinking: Yes – check out the tipsy Miranda on  Drunk History feat. Lin-Manuel Miranda
  • Tattoos: He got a ring finger tattoo to celebrate his 7-year long marriage with Vanessa Nadal. He also has a microphone and coffee tattoo.
  • IMDb Profile Link: Lin-Manuel Miranda

How Much Is Be Lin-Manuel Miranda Net Worth?

Lin-Manuel Miranda gained a net worth of $80 million from his work as an actor, musician, singer, songwriter, composer, playwright, producer, and author. 

Lin-Manuel Miranda Net Worth Through the Years

YearEarnings $
2011$9.4 million
2012$15.5 million
2013$20.8 million
2014$26.7 million
2015$32.7 million
2016$46.1 million
2017$53.2 million
2018$66.1 million
2019$71.3 million
2020$80 million

Lin-Manuel Miranda Endorsements

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Hamilton: The Revolution [Book]

Backstage pass to the multi-awarded “Hamilton!” Find exclusive libretto, interviews, footnotes, and behind-the-scenes photos

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Gmorning, Gnight!: Little Pep Talks for Me & You [Book]

New York Times Bestseller –  Miranda’s book of affirmation and inspiration! With beautiful illustrations by Jonny Sun.

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Hamilton: One Shot To Broadway [Documentary Video]

The story of how “Hamilton” changed the modern world of Broadway forever.

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Signed Lin-Manuel Miranda poster [Poster]

11×14 inch “Hamilton” Broadway poster of Lin-Manuel Miranda

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Hamilton – Easy Piano [Audio]

Easy piano vocal selections of the greatest hits from “Hamilton.”

Lin-Manuel Miranda As Co-Owner Of Drama Book Shop

Lin-Manuel Miranda As Co-Owner Of Drama Book Shop

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Aside from his work as a Broadway and Hollywood artist, Miranda co-owns the century-old “Drama Book Shop” in NYC. The bookstore is 3,500 sq. foot on the main floor and has a 3,000 sq. ft. basement. 

Did you know: Lin-Manuel Miranda first wrote “In the Heights” at this very Manhattan bookstore. 

After struggling for years, Lin-Manuel and three other Hamilton cast members came to the rescue in 2019.

What a great guy!

Miranda hopes the newly-revived bookstore can become a hub for the theatre community. Here’s what he said,“I don’t expect we’ll make a great fortune, but I hope with the coffee we’ll break even.”

The Young Lin-Manuel Miranda.

The Young Lin-Manuel Miranda

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Lin-Manuel Miranda was born in New York City, New York, on January 16, 1980. Miranda is of Puerto Rican and Mexican descent.

He spent most of his childhood in Inwood, New York City. In his teens, he would spend a month in Vega Alta, PR with his grandparents each year.

Lin-Manuel Miranda went to school at Hunter College Elementary School and Hunter College High School. His interest in writing musicals began during these years.

Fun fact: His name was inspired by a poem “Nana roja para mi hijo Lin Manuel”. It’s about the Vietnam War and was written by Puerto Rican José Manuel Torres Santiago. 

Hunter College High School

Lin-Manuel went to Hunter College High School.

It’s shocking. . .

He revealed that the rapper Immortal Technique bullied him. He was even thrown in the garbage once by the rapper. Not cool.

Thankfully, the two reconciled as adults.

Wesleyan University

Miranda took up Theatre Studies at Wesleyan University in 1998.

During his sophomore year, Lin-Manuel Miranda wrote his first musical, “In the Heights.” His script was taken in for adaptation by the university theatre company, Second Stage. He later added freestyle rap and salsa numbers.

Miranda wrote more lyrics and scripts, and he directed more musicals at Wesleyan University until he graduated in 2002.

Lin-Manuel Miranda Family & Personal Life

Lin-Manuel Miranda Family & Personal Life

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Wife – Vanessa Nadal

Lin-Manuel Miranda Wife

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The couple met as teenagers at Hunter College High School, where they became friends. Vanessa worked as a lawyer at “Jones Day.”

They have been married since September 5, 2010.


Lin-Manuel Miranda Kids

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Lin and Vanessa’s first son, Sebastian, was born on November 10, 2014, which makes him 9.

Their second son, Francisco, was born on February 2, 2018. He is 6 years old today.

Lin-Manuel Miranda announced the birth of his sons on Twitter.

Mum – Luz Towns Miranda

Lin-Manuel-Miranda Mum

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Lin-Manuel’s mum is Dr. Luz Towns-Miranda. She worked as a clinical psychologist.

Despite working multiple jobs, Luz said that she always made it a point to always tuck her kids into bed at night. As a psychologist, she’d help her son manage his childhood struggle with anxiety.

Dad  – Luis Miranda Jr.

Lin-Manuel-Miranda Dad

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Lin-Manuel’s father was the co-founder of the MirRam Group, a consulting firm for Democratic Senators Hillary Clinton, Kirsten Gillibrand, and Chuck Schumer. He’s active in forwarding immigration rights.

Sister  – Luzacita Miranda-Crespo

Lin-Manuel-Miranda Sister

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Lin-Manuel Miranda’s sister, Luzacita or Luz, played a huge role in introducing him to ‘90s hip hop and rap music. This would later influence his most iconic works, including “Hamilton” and “In the Heights.”

We’re excited to show you how Lin-Manuel Miranda spends his $80 million fortune! Before that, let’s take a look at his game-changing career and awards!

Lin-Manuel Career Milestones and Awards

Lin-Manuel Career Milestones and Awards

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In 2015, Lin-Manuel Miranda’s “Hamilton: An American Musical” premiered on Broadway.

Get the Pulitzer Prize-Winner “Hamilton”: Original Broadway Cast Recording (Amazon’s Choice)

Since then, he’s gained worldwide fame for his work as a playwright, lyricist, composer, rapper, director, producer, and author!

Take a look at his career that rocked the world of musical theater, music, and lyrics forever.

2000 – “In the Heights” debut

2003 – “Freestyle Love Supreme” hip-hop group

2008 – “In the Heights” opens on Broadway (two Drama Desk Awards, 13 Tony Awards Nominations, and four wins); “Working” Musical

2007 – Television appearances “The Sopranos,” “House”; “Sesame Street”; “The Electric Company.”

2009 – “Hamilton” at the White House; “In the Heights” Best Musical Theater Album, Grammy Awards; “West Side Story” revival; English High School Teacher, “Manhattan Times” columnist, composer for commercials

2012 – “Bring It On: The Musical”; “Merrily We Roll Along”

2013 – “Hamilton” in Film and New York Stage

2014 – Emmy Award “Bigger!”; “21 Chump Street”; “Tick, Tick. . . Boom!”

2015 – “Hamilton: An American Musical” off-Broadway and Broadway (11 Tony Awards including an award for Best Musical, Best Musical, and Best Original Score; Pulitzer Prize; Grammy Award for Best Musical; Laurence Olivier Awards)

2016 – “Disney” soundtrack “Moana”  (Grammy win; Academy Award and Golden Globe nomination for “How Far I’ll Go”); sign with Alan Menken for “The Little Mermaid” live-action

2018 – Disney actor for “Mary Poppins Returns” (Golden Globe Nomination)

2019 – “Hamilton” in PR; “Freestyle Love Supreme” on Broadway

2021 and beyond –  Film adaptation for “In the Heights”; “Disney: Encanto”; “Tick, Tick. . . Boom!” on Netflix, debut as a film director with animated feature “Vivo”

Lin-Manuel Miranda Controversies

Lin-Manuel Miranda Controversies

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2021 – Colorism issues arose in light of the casting decisions for “In the Heights.” Dark-skinned Afro Latino members did not feel that they were sufficiently represented in the film.

Here’s what Lin-Manuel Miranda said: “In trying to paint a mosaic of this community, we fell short. I’m truly sorry. I’m learning from the feedback. I thank you for raising it and listening.”

2019 – “Lin-Manuel, our lives are not your theater”. . .  Lin-Manuel Miranda’s call to perform a huge production of Hamilton in Puerto Rico was intended as a fundraiser for Hurricane Maria. However, the production was met with controversy due to political issues concerning PROMESA and PR’s $70 billion debt to the US. 

Here’s what you should know: PR activists saw PROMESA as a form of colonialism, which Lin-Manuel actively supported. 

An amazing thing happened. . .

After the final curtain call of the 17-day run, his father shared a few words onstage: 

“Lin-Manuel always said, and I take that to heart, that it was not only to experience Hamilton in its artistic value but also to leave Puerto Rico a little better than we found it.” 

Then, the crowd went crazy as Lin-Manuel whipped out a huge Puerto Rican flag.

The fundraising event raised $15 million.

How Lin-Manuel Miranda Spends His Money

Aside from producing films and musicals, he invested in the “Drama Book Shop” in New York City and his official merchandise, “TeeRico.”  He also invests in developing theatre and the arts through the “Miranda Family Fund.”

Lin-Manuel Miranda Houses – Inwood Duplex Penthouse

How Lin-Manuel Miranda Spends His Money

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For years, Miranda lived in a Manhattan duplex penthouse which he co-purchased with his dad. The 1,125 sq. ft home had three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a foyer, a Theirunken living room, and a terrace with stunning views of New York City. 

In 2018, the Miranda family sold the unit for around $950,000.

Castle Bridge Apartment

Lin-Manuel Miranda House

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In 2018, Lin-Manuel and his wife bought two units at 141 Cabrini Boulevard in Castle Village.

The “mid-century high-rise apartment” is enclosed amidst 7.5 hectares of greenery. Not much information is disclosed to the public about Miranda’s unit.

Lin Manuel Miranda – Activism and the Arts

According to Miranda, “philanthropy and artistic inspiration kind of come from the same place.”

Puerto Rico Aid

Miranda met with President Barack Obama and US Senators to back a Senate bill that would ease the $70 billion government debt.

He was also active in answering the call to aid PR after Hurricane Maria. He raised $22 million for the Hispanic Foundation for disaster relief from his song “Almost Like Praying.”

There’s more. . .

He raised $15 million after the 17-day Hamilton run in PR. He donated a huge sum for the renovations of the “Ferré Performing Arts Center.”


Lin-Manuel Miranda started “TeeRico,” his official merchandise brand. “TeeRico”  has been a sponsor for causes close to Miranda’s heart, such as funding musical theatre, musicals, the “Vanguard Theater Company,” PR hurricane relief, “Broadway Cares,” the Orlando Massacre, and “Equity Fights Aids.”

Miranda Family Fund

Lin-Manuel Miranda also set up the “Miranda Family Fund” and his father to support and advocate for the rights of immigrants and the arts community. 

Fun Facts About Lin-Manuel Miranda

  • His parents shared that they discovered Lin-Manuel’s gift and creativity early on. He used to make songs with his “Fisher-Price recorder.”
  • He got a coffee cup tattoo on his leg to show his support for PR coffee farmers.
  • True love works out in the end –– Vanessa Nadal was his high school crush!
  • His favorite actress is Emma Watson.

5 Financial Freedom Lessons From Lin-Manuel Miranda

  1. Invest in your passion.
  2. Keep developing your projects.
  3. Success isn’t possible without hard work and patience.
  4. Remember to give back to your community.
  5. Try to make something meaningful.

Top 3 Quotes From Lin-Manuel Miranda

  • “ I think that’s the only way to grow as an artist. “Hamilton” got criticism. Everything I do gets criticism. And I can take it, and I can grow from it.”
  • I am the one thing in life I can control.” from “Hamilton: The Revolution.
  • The past places no absolute limit on the future.
Lin-Manuel Miranda Memes

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Lin-Manuel Miranda Memes

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Lin-Manuel Miranda Memes

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who Is Lin Manuel’s Wife?

Lin-Manuel Miranda has been married to Vanessa Nadal since 2010.

What is Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Ethnicity?

Lin-Manuel Miranda is of Puerto-Rican descent.

Was Lin-Manuel Miranda In “Modern Family”?

Miranda portrayed “Guillermo” in the 22nd episode of the second season: “Good Cop Bad Dog.”

Conclusion: Lin-Manuel Miranda Net Worth and Biography

What do you think of his industry-shattering career and net worth?

We’re surprised to find that Miranda spends most of his wealth giving back to his community.

With his perseverance and passion for the arts, this multi-talented artist deserves no less than a standing ovation! 

Get the New York Times Bestseller “In the Heights” here! 

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