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Jim Bakker Net Worth

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What is Jim Bakker Net Worth?

Jim Bakker Net Worth, Biography & Lifestyle: Jim Bakker is an American televangelist, former Assemblies of God minister, television personality, and convicted fraudster. He was known for hosting the evangelical Christian television program “The PTL Club” with his then-wife Tammy Faye Bakker before he was entangled in controversies. In 2003, he came back to television with “The Jim Bakker Show” co-hosted by his second wife, Lori Bakker. In 2021, Jim Bakker net worth is $500 thousand.

Today, we’re going to be diving deep into Jim’s career, and we’ll be looking at:

  • How his career as an American televangelist started;
  • His milestone deals;
  • His assets – properties and investments;
  • How he likes to spend his money;
  • And a lot more…

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(Once you’ve checked out Jim Bakker net worth and bio – whatever you do – scroll to the end and check out our Fun Facts Section – there are a couple of surprises for you in there!)

Let’s get started…

Who Is Jim Bakker?

Jim Baker Quick Overview

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Worth: $500 Thousand
Source of Wealth: TV shows, book royalties
Spouse/ Relationship: Lori Beth Graham (m. 1998 – present)​, Tammy Faye Messner
​(m. 1961 – 1992)
Date of Birth: January 2, 1940
Place of Birth/ Nationality: American (Michigan)
Children: Jay Bakker, Tammy Sue Bakker-Chapman, and five adoptive children

James Orsen Bakker is an American televangelist, former Assemblies of God minister, television personality, and convicted fraudster.

He was best known for hosting the talk show “The PTL Club” with his ex-wife, Tammy Faye Messner. He is now back on television with “The Jim Bakker Show,” co-hosted by his second wife, Lori Bakker.

But wait, let me tell you something…

Before his popularity, Bakker worked at the Young Quinlan Department Store based in Minneapolis and a boutique called Three Sisters. It was in 1966 when his booming career started.

Here’s the deal…

Jim and Tammy Faye started in televangelism when they worked at Pat Robertson’s Christian Broadcasting Network. They hosted the shows  “The 700 Club,” “The PTL Club,” and “The Jim and Tammy Show.” They also built the PLT headquarters, Heritage Village, and the Heritage USA theme park in Fort Mill, South Carolina.

But here’s the kicker…

Bakker was later involved in a sexual misconduct controversy, and he was accused of misuse of the ministry funds. The controversy was proven later to be true, which put him in federal prison. He was sentenced to 45 years, but he was paroled in less than five years of conviction.

Afterward, he returned to televangelism again with his current wife, Lori Bakker, this time around. They hosted “The Jim Bakker Show” together. The show is broadcast on different networks, including CTN, Daystar, Folk TV, GEB America, Grace Network, and Hope TV in Canada.

How Old Is Jim Bakker?

Jim is 84 years old, born in Muskegon, Michigan.

Jim Bakker Height

Jim stands at  5 ft 6 in or 1.70 meters (170 cm). Other famous personalities of the same height include the American actor and stand-up comedian David Spade, British actress Kim Cattrall, Brie Larson of “Captain Marvel,” and the 266th Pope of the Vatican City State, Pope Francis.

Jim Bakker Weight

The American televangelist weighs 68 kg or 149 lbs.

Other Quick Facts:

  • Eye Color: Brown
  • Hair Color: Gray
  • Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
  • IMDb Profile Link: Jim Bakker

How Much Is Jim Bakker Worth?

Jim Bakker’s net worth in 2021 is $500 thousand.

Jim’s Wealth Year By Year

YearEarnings $
2011$270 thousand
2012 $300 thousand
2013 $350 thousand
2014 $400 thousand
2015 $420 thousand
2016 $500 thousand
2017 $500 thousand
2018 $500 thousand
2019 $500 thousand
2020 $500 thousand
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Chad’s Football Career

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The Refuge: The Joy of Christian Community in a Torn-Apart World

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I Was Wrong: The Untold Story of the Shocking Journey from Ptl Power to Prison and Beyond

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Morningside Church – Aside from hosting “The Jim Bakker Show,” Jim founded the church and reestablished the PTL ministry upon his return to televangelism.

The Young Jim Bakker

Young Jim Bakker

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James Orsen Bakker was born on January 2, 1940, in Michigan to Furnia Lynette Irwin and Raleigh Bakker. Bakker has been a Christian since birth.

Jim Bakker University

He attended North Central University, where he met Tammy Faye LaValley, his future wife. He also attended the Bible College, which is affiliated with the Assemblies of God.

Jim Baker Family & Relationships

Jim Bakker Wife – Lori Bakker

Jim Baker Wife

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Bakker and the former televangelist Lori Beth Graham met in 1998. They got married within 50 days. In 2002, the couple adopted five children.

Jim Bakker Children – Jay Bakker, Tammy Sue Bakker-Chapman, and five adoptive children

Jim Bakker Kids

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Shown above is a family photo of Jim and Lori Bakker with their children.

Jim has two children with his ex-wife Tammy Faye – a daughter named Tammy Sue Bakker and a son named Jamie Charles Bakker. He has five adoptive children with Lori.

Jim Bakker Former Wife – Tammy Faye Messner

Jim Bakker Former Wife

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Jim and his ex-wife Tammy Faye met at North Central University. They became evangelists after college, and they tied the knot in 1961. They went through a lot together before getting divorced in 1992.

And that’s everything you need to know about Bakker’s personal life.

In just a few scrolls – we’re going to be taking a deep dive into how Jim spends his money – houses, cars, jets, and how generous they are with charity, etc. But first, let’s look at the ups and downs of his career and his biggest scandals and controversies.

Jim Bakker Career

Let’s take a look at where Bakker’s prominence began.

  • 1966: The Bakkers started working at Pat Robertson’s Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN). They also took part in the children’s variety show “Come On Over” and CBN’s flagship program “The 700 Club”.
  • 1972: They left CBN.
  • 1973: The couple co-founded the Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) with Jan and Paul Crouch. This partnership ended in just a few months.
  • 1974: The ex-couple moved to Charlotte, North Carolina, where they immediately started their next endeavor, the PTL Satellite Network.
  • 1976: Afterwards, the Bakkers hosted “The Jim and Tammy Show,” which later became the evangelical Christian television program, The PTL Club.

The career of the American televangelist flourished throughout the 1970s. With an estimated viewer contribution amounting to more than $1 million a week, they built the PLT headquarters, Heritage Village. Later on, the village was expanded to include the Heritage USA theme park in Fort Mill, South Carolina.

After his great success, his career took the wrong turn, and he underwent a situation no one expected. Let’s take a look at what happened to him in the years that followed.

The Downfall of Jim Bakker

  • 1979: The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) investigated PTL and Jim Bakker for misuse of the Christian television program funds.
  • 1982: The investigation result was finalized, and it was found that “The PTL Club” hosts didn’t follow the allocation of funds they promised to their viewers. They also learned that the Bakkers used some of the funds for personal expenses.
  • 1985: A confidential Internal Revenue Service (IRS) report revealed that $1.3 million of the ministry fund was used by Bakker for personal expenses.
  • 1987: Bakker was dismissed as an Assemblies of God minister.
  • 1988: He was indicted on eight counts of email fraud, fifteen wire fraud, and one conspiracy.
  • 1989: He was found guilty in all cases against him, and he was sentenced to 45 years in federal prison and was asked to pay a $500 thousand fine. This sentence was eventually reduced to eight years.
  • 1990: Bakker’s downfall is depicted in Fall from Grace,” which featured Kevin Spacey.
  • 1994: Jim Bakker was paroled, partly thanks to his son’s campaign to the parole board.

After his release from the federal prison, the former Assemblies of God minister returned to televangelism. In 2003, Bakker hosted “The Jim Bakker Show”  with his second wife, Lori Bakker. He also founded the Morningside Church and reestablished the PTL ministry.

In 2013, Bakker wrote, “Time Has Come: How to Prepare Now for Epic Events Ahead.” Curious about what this is about? Get a copy of the book here!

Jim Bakker Scandals & Controversies

Conspiracies and preposterous claims – Bakker had different conspiracies and crazed religious beliefs when he returned to televangelism. Among his preposterous claims are that Hurricane Harvey that resulted in 100 deaths was God’s judgment, that Barack Obama caused Hurricane Matthew, and that he had predicted the 9/11 attacks. In addition, amid the COVID 19 pandemic, Bakker falsely advertised colloidal silver supplements as a cure for Coronavirus.

Sexual misconduct – In 1987, the church secretary Jessica Hahn alleged that Bakker and John Wesley Fletcher drugged and raped her. Afterward, they tried to pay her off with hush money worth $279,000. This transaction was eventually revealed, which triggered Bakker’s registration.

Misuse of ministry funds – Bakker was also accused of misuse of ministry funds they raised on air. This issue was first investigated in 1979 by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Their official report revealed that the $350,000 fund for overseas missions that he promised to his viewers was used in Heritage USA. They also revealed that Jim and Tammy Faye were using the PTL funds to finance their expenses.

How Jim Bakker Spends His Money

As detailed earlier in our article, Bakker doesn’t have a very impressive net worth at the moment, but he used to have a lot of money at the prime of his career. Let’s take a look at where he spent his money before.

Jim Bakker Houses 

Palm Springs Home

Jim Bakker House

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Jim and ex-wife Tammy Faye used to own this Spanish Colonial-style home located in Palm Springs Movie Colony neighborhood. This gorgeous house features five bedrooms, six bathrooms, and a living room with a very relaxing ambiance. This property is valued at $2.2 million.

Jim Bakker Cars

Rolls-Royce Collection

Jim Bakker Cars

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Jim Bakker used to own a collection of expensive classic cars that include the 939 Rolls-Royce limousine, 953 Silver Dawn Rolls-Royce, and a 1939 Phantom III.

Jim Bakker Fun Facts

  • Jim Bakker was a supporter of Donald Trump, and he once claimed that people have to love Trump for them to be saved.
  • He claimed that his stay in the federal prison for about five years humbled him.
  • Jim enjoys writing books. He has already had seven books published.
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5 Financial Freedom Lessons From Jim Bakker

  1. Live within your means and only spend the money you already have.
  2. You have to build a strong financial foundation to withstand the challenges that may come your way.
  3. Take time to learn about the investments you’re interested in before spending a few bucks on them.
  4. Having losses should not stop you from exploring other investment opportunities. Understand what caused your losses and make sure to avoid them in the future.
  5. Explore different endeavors to diversify your investment portfolio.
Want to know how much net worth Jim Bakker has in 2021? Read about it here.

Top 3 Jim Bakker Quotes

  • “Oh, I was never a businessman. I was a visionary, a dreamer.”
  • “Why should I apologize because God throws in crystal chandeliers, mahogany floors, and the best construction in the world?”
  • “When you put your total faith in God, no matter what happens, to a person who’s a true believer, if you die, you know you’re going to heaven to be with God.”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Jim Bakker gay?

No, he is not. He is currently married to his second wife, and he has two children.

Who is Jim Baker’s wife?

Jim is currently married to Lori Bakker.

Is Jim Bakker sick?

In 2020, he suffered from a stroke. He was able to recuperate at home, according to his wife.

Conclusion: Jim Bakker Net Worth, Bio, Lifestyle

And that’s all you need to know about Jim Bakker net worth!

This article is not an inspiring one, seeing everything Bakker did throughout the years. However, I still enjoyed writing about it since it’s a good reference for people to know what happens to deceive others for personal gain. 

How about you? Did you find this article interesting?

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