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Brie Larson Net Worth FI

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What is Brie Larson Net Worth?

Brie Larson Net Worth, Biography & Lifestyle: Brie Larson is an American actress, director, singer-songwriter, writer, producer, and moviemaker. Brie Larson Net Worth is estimated at $25 Million.

You’ve seen Captain Marvel and Avengers: Endgame, right? Curious about what comprises Brie Larson Net Worth, her personal life, career, and scandals?


You’re in luck, then, for we’re going to tackle the life, works, and career of one of the most celebrated actresses around.

Today, we’re going to check out Brie Larson’s career, and we’ll be looking at:

  • A peek at her personal life and acting career;
  • How she managed to generate her $25 Million Net Worth;
  • Her strings of scandals and controversies;
  • Brie’s house, car collection, and charities she supports;
  • And many more…

Now, sit back and relax; let’s delve into the life and bank account of Brie Larson.

 (Once you’ve checked out Brie Larson’s net worth and bio – whatever you do – scroll to the end and check out our Fun Facts Section – there are a couple of surprises for you in there!) 

Let’s go!

Who Is Brie Larson?

Brie Larson Net Worth

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Brie Larson Net Worth: $25 million
Source of Wealth: Female Actor, Director, Producer
Date of Birth: 01 Oct 1989
Hair Color: Blonde
Spouse/ Relationship: Single
Children: None
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Place of Birth/Nationality: Sacramento California, the United States/ American

Brianne Sidonie Desaulniers, also known as Brie Larson, is best known for her titular role as Captain Marvel and on Avengers: Endgame on the Marvel MCU. She has built an impressive career as an acclaimed television actress, film star, and recording artist.

But did you know?

That she was a DJ when she was still struggling in the movie industry? 

Brie, a native of Sacramento, started studying drama at the early age of 6. She still holds the record as the youngest student ever to attend the American Conservatory Theater in San Francisco.

She first appeared in a 1998 episode ofThe Tonight Show with Jay Leno, where she performed a commercial parody for Barbie, named Malibu Mudslide Barbie,” and the “Roadkill Easy-Bake Oven”. 

A good net worth start, if I should say so myself.

After that…

She’s able to land guest roles in several television series such asTo Have & to Hold in 1998. She appeared in two episodes of the television series Touched by an Angelin 1999 and on Popular and Special Delivery in the same year.

In 2000, Brie was casted as Young Allison in the short-lived ABC television series Then Came You. She also got a small part in the 2001 movie Madison.

Brie’s first major role came on the  2001 television seriesRaising Dad, where she played Emily, the younger daughter of Bob Saget’s character. 

Next, she was hired for the sitcom “Hope & Faith” but was sadly replaced after an unaired pilot in 2003.

In the same year, Larson starred alongside Beverley Mitchell in the film Right on Track for the Disney Channel. The story is based on the junior drag race star sisters Courtney and Erika Enders.

She also played minor roles in the 2004 comediesSleepover and 13 Going on 30

Music Career

Larson learned to play the guitar and developed an interest in music at age eleven. She began self-recording and uploading tracks to her myspace website after a music executive encouraged her to write her own songs. 

Being a singer-songwriter…

…Larson wrote and recorded a song titledInvisible Girl after failing to get cast as Wendy Darling in the 2003 film Peter Pan”. 

Tommy Mottola, music executive of Casablanca Records, soon gave her a recording contract. At the time, the label has only two artists, her and Lindsay Logan.

Brie released her first and only album titled: Finally Out of P.E. The album was titled after her disliked gym teacher, and the songs were mostly about failed job opportunities.

Her carrier single “She Said” peaked at number 31 on the Billboard Hot Single Sales. She soon began to tour with American singer-songwriter Jesse McCartney where she became the opening act for his Beautiful Soul tour,


The album wasn’t a success. It only sold 3,500 copies, which didn’t help Brie Larson Net Worth. Since then, she has been on hiatus for her music career, and she hasn’t released any more albums. 

Return to the TV and Movie industry.

From 2006 to 2009, Brie was struggling to make ends meet. 

Yes, she’s able to get a couple of small supporting roles in the movies Hoot in 2006, Farce of the Penguins, and Remember the Daze in 2007, plus the 2009 films House Broken”, “Just Peck”, andTanner Hal”l. 

But the pay was not enough to earn her a living. Before her many awards, she supplemented the Brie Larson net worth by being a Club DJ. 

On her 2017 Instagram post, she stated: “I used to DJ. It was the “real” job that floated me while I auditioned for the movies I never got.” 

In 2009, Larson played Kate Gregson in the Showtime comedy-drama seriesUnited States of Tara.” 

Also, in 2009, she starred alongside Rooney Mara in Tanner Hall, She played a popular high schooler in Just Peck, and a scatterbrained cheerleader inHouse Broken in her two other film releases that year.


In a small part, Brie won notice in the 2010 comedy movie Scott Pilgrim vs. the World due to her role in the “United States of Tara”. She played as a teenager in the movie Rampantin 2011, and Larson appeared in the comedy movie 21 Jump Street in 2012. 

By 2013, Brie had her first leading roles and first adult role in Short Term 12. She was with Mark Wahlberg in the 2013 movie and “Don Jon” in the same year. The Gambler in 2015, where she co-starred with Amy Schumer in the comedy movieTrainwreck”.

And the Academy Award goes to…

Larson’s acting career blossomed when she starred in the 2015 movie: “Room”, a film adaptation of the novel of the same name by Emma Donoghue, where she is featured as Ma, a young woman held in captivity who bears a child of rape.

The movie was critically acclaimed, emphasizing the performances of Larson and Jacob Tremblay, who played her son. 

Larson won many awards for her outstanding performance in this movie. 

The movie won Brie the 2016 Golden Globe Award for Best Actress in a Motion Picture, The BAFTA Award for Best Actress Award in a Leading Roles, and the Academy Award for Best Actress, plus the Screen Actors Guild Award for Best Actress.

It doesn’t end there. 

Larson won the Independent Spirit Award for Best Female Lead, the Critics’ Choice Movie Award for Best Actress, and the Screen Actors Guild Awards for Outstanding Performance by a Motion Picture by a female actor on a leading role among others.

“Room” also catapulted her to Stardom and gave Brie Larson Net Worth a boost it deserved.

After the success of the movie Room, which brought her a couple of award for Best Actress, Brie appeared in the 2017 monster flick  “Kong: Skull Island, together with Samuel L Jackson, where she played as a photojournalist from the 1970s. 

Kong: Skull Island marked her first mainstream big-budget release and another worthy addition to the Brie Larson Net Worth.  Kong: Skull Island grossed over $566 million worldwide.

Later in 2017…

…Golden Globe award winner Larson portrayed Jeannette Walls, the leading role in the movie “The Glass Castle”. 

Brie also took on the leading role and co-directing the 2017 Netflix movie: Unicorn Store, where she was recognized for co-writing the story. She took a year off after the movie.

Brie Larson returned to the movie scene in a major way in 2019, when she starred as Carol Danvers in the MCU superhero film Capt. Marvel”. She repreprised her role in Avengers: Endgame in the same year. Both movies were a huge success.

“Avengers: Endgame” was ranked as the highest-grossing film of all time, earning $2.79 billion worldwide, and “Capt. Marvel” became a commercial success. 

It’s the first superhero film led by a woman to gross more than $1 billion worldwide.

Also, in the same year, Larson appeared in the Destin Daniel Cretton movieJust Mercy, where she played supporting roles with Michael B. Jordan and Jamie Foxx.

How Old Is Brie Larson?

Brie Larson is 32 years old and was born in Sacramento California, the United States

Brie Larson Height and Weight?

Larson is 5ft 7in (170 cm) or 1.7 meters tall and weighs around 58 kilograms.

Brie Larson Body Measurements

Brie Larson body measurments are 34-24-35 in or 86-61-89 cm and has a bra size of 32B.

  • Eye Color -Light Brown
  • Zodiac Sign – Libra
  • Favorite Food Sea Food, Lasagna, Pizza
  • Favorite Color Pink
  • Smoking/ Drinking No/ Yes
  • Tattoos No
  • IMDb Profile Link

How Much Is Brie Larson Worth?

American actress and academy award winner Brie Larson’s net worth isa whopping $25 million.

Brie Larson Net Worth Year By Year

YearEarnings $
2017$15 Million
2018$16 Million
2019$20 Million
2020$25 Million
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The Young Brie Larson

Young Brie Larson

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Early Life Brianne Sidonie Desaulniers

Brianne Sidonie Desaulniers, known professionally as Brie Larson, was born on October 1, 1989, in Sacramento, California, to Heather Edwards and Sylvain Desaulniers. 

Her parents were homeopathic chiropractors who ran a practice together, and she has a younger sister named Milaine Desaulniers.


Brie’s first language was French due to his father Sylvain Desaulniers being a Franco-Manitoban, but she totally forgot about it once they transferred to Los Angeles.

She was home-schooled at a young age, and when she wasn’t being homeschooled, she wrote and directed her own home movies, where she casted her cousins. 

The filming was done in their garage.


Larson began writing her own movie scripts and expressed her desire to become an actor at the age of six. 

Her parents accompanied her to audition for the ‘American Conservatory Theater’ in San Francisco, where she became the youngest student admitted for their training program.


Brie’s parents divorced when Larson was seven years old. She transferred to Los Angeles together with her mother and younger sister; despite that, she pursued her dreams of becoming an actor.

What’s in a name?

Brianne adopted the stage name Larson from her American Girl doll named Kirsten Larson that she received as a child and her Swedish great-grandmother.

That’s how Brie Larson came to fruition.

Brie Larson Career

How Brie Larson Spends His Money

Screen Actors Guild Award winner Brie Larson spent a huge sum of money from her Capt. Marvel film in her Malibu home and Woodland LA home. Plus, a not-so-meager amount of her fortune on her car collection.

Brie Larson’s Houses  

Brie Larson House

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Woodland Hills, L.A. Home

Her Woodland Hills, Los Angeles, California, home is priced at $1.635 Million. It consists of three thousand five hundred eighty-three square feet with five bedrooms and 3.5 bathrooms.

Brie Larson House

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Malibu Home

The Malibu California home is worth $3.4 Million. It is consists of 2,100 square feet with three bedrooms and two bathrooms.

Brie Larson Cars 

Like her titular character in the MCU, Brie likes to live in the fast lane, especially when it comes to cars. 

Here is the list of cars that Brie Larson owns.

Brie Larson Car

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The Aston Martin DBS. MSRP $316,300

Brie Larson Car

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The Audi A8. MSRP $86,500

Brie Larson Car

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The Audi RS6. MSRP $109,995

Brie Larson Car

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The Datsun 240Z. MSRP $310,000

Brie Larson Car

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The Honda Accord LX. MSRP $24,270

Brie Larson Car

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The Lexus RX 450h. MSRP $47,820

Brie Larson Car

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The Maserati GT. MSRP $151,720

Brie Larson Car

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The Mercedes Benz G-wagon. MSRP $130,900

Brie Larson Car

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The Range Rover Velar S. MSRP $63,900

Brie Larson Philanthropy

The Motion Picture and Television Fund Foundation

Brie Larson is an active member of The Motion Picture & Television Fund. She believes in establishing, preserving, and protecting the quality of life and health of those who devote so much of their lives to the movie and television industry.


The AbleGamers Foundation is an American foundation and nonprofit organization that creates opportunities to enable play to combat social isolation, improve the quality of life and foster inclusive communities for people with disabilities.

Brie promotes female empowerment and equality.

Larson was honored with the Crystal Award for Excellence in Film by Crystal + Lucy Awards in 2018. In her acceptance speech, she talked about a USC study that found that women and people of color were not well represented in the film reviewer scene and film critic.

Children’s hospitals across the country

In 2019, via the Avengers Universe Unites campaign, Larson and her Avengers: Endgame co-stars co-present a $5 million donation to children’s hospitals across the country.

Fun Facts About Brie Larson

  • When Larson was seven years old, she appeared as an extra on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno.
  •  In 2015 she attended a college party at Brown University. When police showed up at the house party, she jumped out of a window together with actress Rooney Mara because she thought they would be arrested.
  • Brie and Chris Evans were together in the 2010 movie “Scott Pilgrim vs. the World.”
  • Brie holds the record as the youngest student ever to attend the American Conservatory Theater in San Francisco.

5 Financial Freedom Lessons From Brie Larson

  1. Hone your budgeting skills.
  2. Don’t get into any more debt.
  3. Protect what you’ve got.
  4. Invest to build your savings.
  5. Calculate and minimize your risk.

Top 3 Quotes From Brie Larson

  • “Maybe you’re not perfect, but you’re willing to actually look at yourself and take some kind of accountability. That’s a change. It might not mean that you can turn everything around, but I think there’s something incredibly hopeful about that.”
  • “We’ve all recognized the moment when the world has handed us a situation that is bigger than our youth can handle, and we have to grow up in a second. And when you do get to the other side, all it does is take us to this new level of existence that is more beautiful and more complex and, in some ways, more painful.”
  • “We lived in just a studio apartment with just a room and a bed that came out of the wall, and my mom couldn’t afford even a Happy Meal. We ate Top Ramen. I had no toys, and I had, like, two shirts, a pair of jeans, and that was it. But I had my mom to myself, and I remember it being the coolest period of time. I loved it. I really loved it.”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who are Brie Larson’s parents?

Brie Larson parents are Heather and Sylvain Desaulniers.

What is Brie Larson’s real name?

Her real name is Brianne Sidonie Desaulniers.

Brie Larson Co-Directed what movie?

She co-directed the 2017 Netflix movie Unicorn Store.

Conclusion: Brie Larson Net Worth and Biography

Some of us might not agree with some of Brie’s views, but you have to admit that she’s one of the most talented actresses in Hollywood.

Comedy, drama, action, you name it, she can handle it.

Given her hardships in her early life, she still strived to achieve her dream to become not just another movie star but a movie star that has not been typecast with an Academy Award to boot.

If you can’t get enough of her, why not check out Brie Larson’s Academy Award-winning performance here!

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