Manuela Escobar Net Worth (2024)
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Manuel Escober Net Worth

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Manuela Escobar Net Worth, Biography & Lifestyle: Researching for a notoriously private woman, a.k.a the ‘Drug Lord’s Daughter,’ was hard work, but we figured out that Manuela Escobar’s net worth is $10.2 million. 

So if you’re curious about how Pablo Escobar’s daughter is, then great, you have come to the right place because we got you some juicy details to unveil. 


Today, we will be looking into the only daughter of the infamous drug lord Pablo Escobar and his wife, Maria Victoria Henaoas. We’ll be looking at:

  • Her fortune and how she was able to obtain it, her profession, her life background.
  • Her family history, every private detail that her family hid from the public.
  • How she loved to spend her money today, her assets earned by her money, and her total net worth given her profession.
  • Lots more!

We’re stoked to bring you the details of Manuela Escobar’s Net Worth and her history. Manuela had an intriguing life. My favorite part is how she is the only person in her family who has not been in jail.

Buckle up, this is going to be juicy!

Let’s start now…

Who Is Manuela Escobar?

Manuela Escobar Net Worth

Manuela is best known as Pablo Escobar’s daughter. If you do not know, Pablo Escobar is the ‘Cocaine King of the ’80s,’ during the height of drug trade and money laundering in Colombia.  Manuela’s mother is Maria Henao, a full-time mother, and wife. Manuela has a brother named Juan Pablo, who was the heir to the narco-terrorist Pablo Escobar.

Turns out…

Being the youngest in the family, Manuela lived like a fairy tale princess. Having a Colombian drug lord father, she lived in a massive estate with a zoo, hangar, an airstrip, huge pools, and all the creature comforts one could ever imagine. Her family reportedly owned more than 800 properties, and Manuela has lived or at least stayed the best of them all.

Not only that…

She was constantly protected by security detail all her young life because her drug lord father had many enemies who wanted them dead. She was homeschooled and had zero social life outside the safety of her home. 

The Escobar family lived in constant fear for their safety. On the other hand, Pablo instigated terror to protect against rival cartels and the Colombian National Police.


In December of 1993, her father died when she was nine years old. Her father’s death changed her life completely. Right there and then, the young Escobar princess was pulled out of her comfort zone. They fled from Colombia because they were their rival’s next target to assassinate. They were able to get into Buenos Aires, Argentina. It was in Buenos Aires that they found refuge for the rest of their lives. 


After her father’s death, the Colombian government swiftly took over their family’s wealth and properties. Poor Manuela had everything she knew stripped away from her in the blink of an eye.

She had her name changed to Juana Manuela Marroquin Santos, an attempt to live with a new identity. To this day, she still lives in Colombia, away from the spotlight.

Profession: Businesswoman
Worth: $10 Million
Date of Birth: 1984-05-25 (her age now is 40.)
Gender: Female
Eye Colour: Brown
Zodiac Sign: Gemini
Relationship Status: Undisclosed
Favorite Food: Mexican cuisine
Favorite Celebrities: Tom Cruise, Robert Downey Jr.,  Jennifer Aniston, Dana Garcia
Place of Birth: Colombia
Religion: Christian
Favorite Color: Black
Nationality: Colombian

How Much Is Manuela Escobar Joy Reid Net Worth?

Right now, Manuela Escobar’s wealth is estimated to be $10.2 million.

Manuela Escobar Net Worth By Year

YearEarnings $
2018$8 million
2019$9 million
2020$10 million

Manuela Escobar Business Ventures 

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Pablo Escobar, My Father

This details the consequences of their family being in the cocaine business, written by Manuela’s brother, Juan Pablo Escobar. It made their father the wealthiest criminal in history, but it also led to a life of violence.

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Pablo Escobar’s Story Part 1: The Rise

It tells the story of Pablo Escobar and his personal family life in Colombia. It talks about the death of his brother, the fate of his mistress, and other intriguing details.

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Pablo Escobar’s Story Part 2 : Narcos At Wa

Part 2 tells how half of the lords in the Medellin cartel fell and the dangerous life of a narco-terrorist.

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Pablo Escobar’s Story 3: Narcos Fall

A terrifying story of how Pablo killed his enemies and those whom he couldn’t bribe. It also details how rival Cali Cartel attempted to bomb Pablo Escobar in prison

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Killing Pablo: The Hunt for the World’s Greatest Outlaw

It details the notorious life of the Narco Terrorist Pablo Escobar. It tells of his life of crime and arrogance to try to be the only drug kingpin in Colombia.

The Young Manuela Escobar

Manuela Escobar Net Worth

The only daughter of Pablo Escobar and her mother Maria Victoria Henao, young Manuela, is the family’s darling. She lived amid such massive wealth that some of her father’s cash was found stored in warehouses, buried in fields, and hidden inside walls.

Did you know…

In his memoir, her brother Juan Pablo said that when young Manuela got hypothermic in a mountainside resort, he burned $2 Million worth of bills just to keep Manuela warm.

It’s true…

These mental images show how loved she was as a child despite the violent ways the media publicly knew her father. 


Her life is not all rainbows. Manuela is completely deaf in her left ears after a bomb exploded under a car outside their apartment. Her father died when she was only nine years old.

Manuela Escobar Family & Relationships

Father: Pablo Escobar, The King of Cocaine

Manuela Escobar Net Worth

The wealthiest criminal in history has a secret life away from his public image. Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria was the world’s most-wanted drug trafficker in the ’80s and early ’90s. Called the ‘King of Cocaine,’ he has ordered the deaths of many. 

And yet…

At home, he was a doting father to his two children, especially to young Manuela. 

Mother: Maria Victoria Henao Esobar

Manuela Escobar Net Worth

Maria Henao also changed her name to Maria Isabel Santos Caballero. She is a traditional woman and a full-time mother. She braved many things after her husband’s death, including keeping her children safe and sound from everyone who wanted to kill them.

Brother Juan Pablo Escobar

Manuela Escobar Net Worth

Manuela’s older brother Juan also changed his name to Juan Sebastián Marroquín Santos. He is now an author and an architect in Argentina. He also made a controversial documentary entitled The Sins of My Father. 

At 16 years old, he was deemed to be the heir of his father’s drug cartel. Later, he had a change of heart and completely renounced his father’s violent example. 

Manuela Escobar Scandals & Controversies

Found and Arrested

In Argentina, Manuela’s mother Maria established a thriving real estate business. Eventually, one of her associates found her true identity. Both Maria and her son Juan were imprisoned. It was only Manuela who was spared because she was too young.

Her mother was released after 18 months due to a lack of evidence linking her to her husband’s crimes. Juan was also released for lack of evidence.

How Manuela Escobar Spend Her Money

I know you are curious. How do the filthy rich spend their money? Unfortunately for Manuela, she is not as rich as her family used to be.

There are no known activities or purchased properties of the ever-elusive Manuela. However, a few photos of her have surfaced, and they are often in beach locations. She looks fashionable and trendy.

Manuela Escobar’s Houses As a Child

Little to none is known on Manuela’s current assets. However, as a child, she lived the life even real princesses can only dream of.  It is said that Pablo Escobar owned more than 800 houses, including those he had given away.

You heard it right…

More than 800 houses!  The Colombian government seized at least 20 helicopters, 32 yachts, 142 planes, and 141 homes and offices.

The most famous one is called Hacienda Napoles, a 7,000-acre property with its zoo, runway, and expansive estate. It has now been converted into a theme park.

Manuela Escobar Net Worth

The Escobar family also owned islands, mansions, and villas around the world. In the Caribbean Islands, there are villas where they used to entertain friends.   These are now left to rot

Manuela Escobar Net Worth

Fun Facts About Manuela Escobar

  • She was homeschooled.
  • She lived in forced seclusion because rival cartels wanted to kill her family.
  • She was the tail of the Escobar lineage. When her father’s mistress got pregnant, they had the fetus aborted so Manuela would be the last living child.
  • She had never been interviewed in any media.
  • Manuela changed her name to Juana Manuela Marroquin.

5 Financial Freedom Lessons From Manuela Escobar

  1. Live below your means. 
  2. Work for honest money at all costs.
  3. Protect your assets. 
  4. Track your net worth. 
  5. Have an emergency fund. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much is Escobar’s Family worth? 

They estimated that the Escobars had amassed around $30 Billion in 1993. This amount is now equivalent to around $64 Billion in 2021.

What is the Net Worth of Manuela Escobar?

Reportedly, she is worth P10 Million in 2021.

What happened to Pablo Escobar’s money?

They were all confiscated by the government, including all his known assets.

Summary: Manuela Escobar Net Worth & Biography

So there you have it, I’m sure you’ll agree, Manuela has an extraordinary past that she keeps running away from. She is intent on keeping her privacy and live a quiet life.

My biggest takeaway from this is that one can live the life of the filthy rich, but true happiness lies in living in peace, surrounded by goodness and kindness. I’m sure there’s a lot we can learn both from Pablo’s mistakes and Manuela’s quest to carve her destiny despite her family’s history. 

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