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Courteney Cox Net worth

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Courteney Cox Net Worth, Biography & Lifestyle: Courteney Bass Cox (previously Cox Arquette is an American actress, producer, and director with a net worth of $150 million under her belt?

Did you know that American actress Courteney Cox is one of the highest earners among the Friends leading casts?

You’ve read that right.

And this film star is still a household name earning more even after the famous TV series ended. 

The product of hours of research, we’re thrilled to give you the details of Courteney Cox’s net worth, earnings, wealth, and some intimate details!

Today, we’re going to be diving deep into

Courtney’s career and we’ll be looking at:

  • Her shift from Architecture to show business;
  • How supportive her family was;
  • Courteney’s rebellious phase;
  • How she grows her money;
  • The Friends cast member lovely home and car collection
  • Lots more!

It’s a career as legendary as Courteney Cox herself and we just can’t get over just how resourceful she is in making her money grow even if she’s already super-rich!

You won’t want to miss this.

Play start…

Who Is Courteney Cox?

Courteney Cox Net Worth

If you’re one of the millions of fans of the TV series Friends, you’d most probably know Courteney Cox as one of the 6 leading superstars Friends cast. 

But aside from being the Friends mother hen, Courteney is also famous for many other things, as well.

The American actress was born into a fairly affluent family headed by her businessman father, Richard Lewis Cox.

Aside from being born into a rich family…

Courteney is also the family’s baby, being the youngest child. 

And we know how spoiled kids usually turn out.

Courteney was a bit of a rebel in her younger days but she was also quite an accomplished student.

In her last year in high school, Courteney decided that she wanted to do modeling. 

After studying Architecture for only a year for college, the future superstar dropped out of school to pursue a career in modeling. 

It got better for Courteney.

In fact, she was signed up by Ford Modelling Agency, a very prestigious agency for aspiring models. 

Numerous magazine covers then followed, such as Tiger Beat, as well as Little Miss.

Eventually and gradually, Courteney’s career just shot upwards when she was also signed up to do commercials for a few famous brands such as Maybelline, Noxema, Tampax, and New York Telephone Company.

Then her first big break came.

It was in the 1984 music video of Bruce Springsteen’s Dancing in the Dark that the jet black-haired beauty became more well-known.

She went on to make some good and not-so-good movies such as Misfits of Science, Family Ties where she played Michael J. Fox’s girlfriend, Mr. Destiny, and Ace Ventura: Pet Detective with Jim Carrey. 

But then, everything changed…

…for the best when Courteney was cast as Monica Geller in what would be a 10-year long TV series Friends

She was supposed to be cast as Rachel Green, but Courteney was drawn to Monica Geller more. The Rachel Green role then went to the actress Jennifer Aniston. 

With Matthew Perry, Jennifer Aniston, Matt Leblanc, Lisa Kudrow, and David Schwimmer, they went on to become one of the most recognizable Hollywood actors and actresses in the past few decades. 

At that time…

The women of Friends cast were the highest paid actresses in show business, and the most famous household names, too.

Friends ended in 2004 but Courteney’s career didn’t.

She starred in the horror and comedy Scream franchise, with the first movie released in 1996.

Courteney then went on to play the character of Gale Weathers in the Scream franchise for 3 more films. This series helped propel her name to more unimaginable heights, not only garnering her positive feedback from movie critics…

…but also a husband too.

You’ve read that right!

It’s in the Scream films that she met David Arquette who’d soon be her husband… and ex-husband, as well. 

Soon, Cox starred in more would-be household names such as Dirt and Cougar Town which gave her a Critics’ Choice Award as well as Golden Globe nominations!

After her breakup with David Arquette, the two are still amiable friends and business partners for their own production company, the Coquette Productions.

Hmmm, quite cute.

Profession: Actress, model, director, and producer
Worth: $150 million
Date of Birth: 24.05.69  4 years old
Gender: Male (Gay)
Current Occupation: Actress, model, director, and producer
Eye Colour: Blue
Zodiac Sign: Gemini
Religion: Episcopalian
No. of Children: 1
Favorite Color: Hot pink
Favorite Food: Grilled steak
Place of Birth: Bethlehem, New York
Language: English
Nationality: American
Relationship Status: Divorced
Smoking/ Drinking: She was smoking from age 13 but she gave it up upon marrying David Arquette

How Much Is Courteney Cox Worth

Courteney Cox net worth is still fast rising at $150 million!

Did you know?

With the $300 million Jennifer Aniston’s net worth, Courteney Cox is the 2nd highest-paid among the Friends cast with Matthew Perry’s net worth that’s around $120 million.

They’re followed by David Schwimmer’s net worth, then Lisa Kudrow’s net worth, and lastly, Matt Leblanc’s net worth at $80 million. 

From the highest to the bottom, I’d say all of them are winners!

Courteney Cox Net Worth Year By Year

YearNet Worth $
2011$75 Million
2012$75 Million
2013$75 Million
2014$75 Million
2015$75.5 Million
2016$120 million
2017$120 million
2018$120 million
2019$120 million
2020$120 million
2021$150 million

Courteney Cox Career Earnings By Year

YearNet Worth $
2011$40 Million
2012$45 Million
2013$50 Million
2014$55 Million
2015$55 Million
2016$90 million
2017$90 million
2018$95 million
2019$98 million
2020$98 million
2021$98.5 million

Courteney Cox TV Shows

q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B00AFUFBT0&Format= SL160 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=topnotch096 20&language=en US

Family Ties

A series about an ex-hippie family consisting of Steve and Elyse Keaton, their son Alex, daughters Mallory and Jennifer, and the youngest Andrew.

q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B000N8GL34&Format= SL160 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=topnotch096 20&language=en US


This 10-year long TV series follows the personal and professional lives of the 20s to 30-something group of friends in Manhattan.

q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B000MEACNY&Format= SL160 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=topnotch096 20&language=en US


This series is about the editor-in-chief of a glossy magazine called Dirt Now and her photographer as they explore the world of celebrity journalism.

q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B003SQVI54&Format= SL160 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=topnotch096 20&language=en US

Cougar Town

Running for around 6 years, this series is set in the fictional town called Gulfhaven in Florida. It’s about a woman in her ‘40s called Jules Cobb.

q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B07WDR2GCQ&Format= SL160 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=topnotch096 20&language=en US

Modern Family

Modern Family focuses on 3 types of families in Los Angeles. Courteney appeared in the Modern Family episode called “The Prescott.”

Courteney Cox The Entrepreneur

Ever wondered how Courteney Cox’s net worth was maintained even after all these decades?

Well, turned out Monica Geller knew a thing or two about investing her hard-earned money instead of letting it all go or sleeping in her bank account. 

One of her first investments back in the 1980s was “flipping houses.”

Her former co-star Robert Duncan McNeil once revealed that even when Courteney wasn’t famous still, she loved buying houses, remodeling them, and then selling them out. 


Remodeling and redesigning houses increase their values tenfold!

Now it makes sense, considering Courteney has a background in Architecture. Seems like she didn’t really lose her love for designing homes!

But that’s not all. 

Courteney has also been the owner of the Coquette Productions that’s shared with her now ex husband David Arquette.


The exes are still friendly towards one another and are still working side by side in their production company.

The Young Courteney Cox

The Young Courteney Cox

Courteney as a child and teen would be what you can call an archetypal middle-class daddy’s girl. 

Born into an affluent family with their very own business at hand, Courteney is the youngest- the baby- out of four children.

She was closer to her father, Richard. 

So it’s understandable that her parent’s divorce when she was just 10 years old, was one of the most impactful events in her life. 

As a result…

Courteney rebelled against her parents with the goal of making everything hard for her mother and her stepfather.

As the actress shared:

“You have to blame someone for the divorce, and I thought my dad was the most fun person in the world,” 

Nevertheless, Courteney did fairly well while studying at Mountain Brook High School.

The Young Courteney Cox

In her final year there, Courteney had a brief taste of working as a model and it became her main goal ever since then.

Soon enough…

Courteney left the good ‘ole Alabama to study Architecture for college to drop out only after just one year to focus on her modeling career. 

Courteney’s teen modeling career began to rise slowly but surely and soon, the young dreamer was scoring endorsement deals left and right!

The Young Courteney Cox

Courteney Cox Family & Relationships

Courteney Cox Father – Richard Lewis Cox

Courteney Cox Father - Richard Lewis Cox

Born on the 28th of January, 1931, Richard was a native of Birmingham, Alabama. 

He was a successful businessman even when Courteney was a child. 

Richard was so close to Courteney and actively supported his girl’s goal of becoming an actress from the very start.

So unsurprisingly…

Courteney was devastated when her parents divorced. She rebelled against her father and against her mother.

After the divorce, Richard then moved to Panama City, Florida, and continued doing business with first-class swimming pools and further growing his riches.

Richard passed away in 2001 due to cancer.

Courteney Cox mother – Courteney Copeland Bass

Courteney Cox mother - Courteney Copeland Bass

Yes, Courteney shares a name with her mother- not only that but her ageless beauty, as well!

Courteney Bass has always been a housewife. After raising 4 children with Richard Lewis Cox, she also had to handle 5 more stepchildren from her second husband’s prior marriage.

After her divorce from Richard…

The mum Courteney married another businessman named Hunter Copeland. 

Courteney Cox Step-Father – Hunter Copeland

Hunter was Courteney’s step-father and the second husband of her mother.

Hunter Copeland was a former director of the Alcohol and Drug Abuse Center.

He introduced Courteney to his nephew, Ian Copeland, a famous music promoter and Courteney’s future sweetheart.

Courteney Cox Ex Husband David Arquette 

Courteney Cox Ex Husband David Arquette 

Courteney met her future husband on the set of Scream.

David is a former wrestling heavyweight turned entertainer.

After 3 years of dating, Cox and Arquette tied the knot. 

As a matter of fact…

One episode of the TV series Friends was dedicated to their wedding!

In 2010, after an interview with Ellen Degeneres saying that Courteney and David “had changed,” the two separated ways after 14 years of marriage.

Cox and David established the Coquette Production company when they’re still married and still run it together amiably up to this day. 

Courteney Cox Child – Coco Riley Arquette

Courteney Cox Child - Coco Riley Arquette

Born on June 13, 2004, Coco was welcomed into the world when Courteney was 40 years old and shooting the last season of Friends!

Jennifer Aniston is Coco’s godmother.

Imagine having Jen as your second mum!

Showing an aptitude for the entertainment industry just like her parents, Coco is already starting her acting career by starring alongside her dad in “Just Before I go.”

Now that you’ve got a peak into Courteney’s personal and professional life…

…we’re going to be taking a deeper dive into how she spends her money- including her houses, cars, and other luxuries, as well as her philanthropic endeavors. But before that, let’s take a look at her career and earnings first, with a little dash of controversies. 

How Courteney Cox Spends Her Money

Aside from buying and flipping houses to sell, the 2nd richest Friends cast doesn’t seem to be as luxurious as her snapping net worth.

Read on to see the basic but golden assets of the series Web Therapy star.

Courteney Cox Home

Courteney Cox Home

Courteney spends huge chunks of time of her life in her private retreat in Malibu, California. 

This fabulous home mirrors her love for home designing with its own huge swimming pool and several tennis courts all overlooking a beautiful view of the sea. 


Famous English musician Ed Sheeran revealed that Courteney let him live in one of her cottages when he was working on his album from 2013 to 2014!

Courteney Cox Cars

Turned out, Courteney doesn’t only love houses but cars, too!

Courteney Cox Cars

She reportedly has a collection of inconspicuous cars but her most favorite is her Jaguar S-Type!

Courteney Cox Cars

Courteney Cox Career

To say that Courteney’s acting and TV career is always booming would be an understatement.

Seems like everything the Friends cast member touch becomes gold!


The Friends cast were paid a measly $22,000 per episode on the first season. 

Fortunately, the squad realized their values and they demanded that they be paid $100,000 per episode prior to the second season or else they won’t resume filming.

Suffice to say…

…the Friends cast led by Jennifer Aniston, Matthew Perry, Matt Leblanc, Lisa Kudrow, David Schwimmer, and Courteney, got what they wanted. 

And long after the TV series ended, they are still making $20 million every year from Friends!

I can just wish.

Aside from that, Courteney also has numerous endorsements under her belt.

In fact…

She never really runs out of endorsement deals- and most of them are big deals such as with Pantene, Coca-cola, Avon, and Head and Shoulders among many others!

Oh and let’s not forget her other earnings from her TV career

Courteney Cox Scandals & Controversies

In 2011, when Courteney and David Arquette were still technically married, she was seen with Cougar Town costar Josh Hopkins frolicking on the beach. 

The actor denied the allegations saying there were many of them in the picture but the press only published images that were cropped to show only the two of them.

“It’s not like a terrible story to have out there. It’s not like I’m so upset about it. I mean, she’s really hot, but it’s just not true.” Josh said.

Courteney Cox Philanthropy

Courteney Cox and her ex-husband David Arquette were active with charities.

In fact…

Courteney is the founder of Omnipeace, a fashion brand based in Los Angeles that donates 25% of its overall profit to efforts promoting education, human rights, peace, and ending poverty in Africa by the year 2025.

She also supports charities related to AIDS and child abuse.

Fun Facts About Courteney Cox

  • Courteney revealed that her English ancestor had royal relations. He was Thomas Lord Berkeley, who supposedly looked after Henry III.
  • The Monic Geller star also said that shooting the iconic fountain scene for Friends was an unpleasant experience. 
  • She once underwent laser eye surgery to correct and even out her eyesight.
  • Courteney has her own lipstick named “Cece” by Cargo.
  • Her ancestry includes English, Irish, Welsh, Scottish, German, and distant Swedish.

5 Financial Freedom Lessons From Courteney Cox

  1. Chase after your passion as early as possible.
  2. Follow your guts and instincts.
  3. Maintain great relationships with your colleagues.
  4. Spend just enough for your comfort.
  5. Always expand your horizons. 

Top 3 Quotes From Courteney Cox

  • “I don’t have time for superficial friends. I suppose if you’re really lonely you can call a superficial friend, but otherwise, what’s the point?”
  • “If I like myself at this weight, then this is what I’m going to be. I don’t have an eating disorder.
  • “There’s no doubt that motherhood is the best thing in my life. It’s all that really matters.”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much is Courteney Cox’s net worth?

Her net worth is $150 million.

Who Is Courteney Cox’s Husband?

Her first and only husband to date is David Arquette, whom she divorced in 2013.

What did David Arquette play in friends?

David Arquette appeared in the Friends episode “The One With The Jam” as Malcolm, the former boyfriend of Ursula who stalks Phoebe by mistake.

Summary: Courteney Cox Net Worth & Biography

You’ve just been served the most exclusive bits of Courteney Cox’s personal life as well as her entertainment career!

I’m sure you’ll agree when I say that she is one fierce and independent woman who has her eyes fixed on the prize!

Imagine being so professional that you’re still working alongside your ex-husband even after a divorce!

Now that’s a power woman.

I hope you enjoyed this article as much as we did in creating it. If you want to know more about this legendary Friends cast member, do check out her bio and quotes articles on Bouncemojo.com.

Don’t forget to put that Bounce in your Mojo today.

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