Jordan Belfort Height, Weight, Age Body Statistics [UPDATED]

Jordan Belfort Vital Stats

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Jordan Ross Belfort is a well-known author, former stockbroker, motivational speaker…

… and a convicted law offender. 

Curious? I know, I am too.

But, not to burst your bubble – we won’t be discussing those things today. We’ll be taking a good look into Jordan Belfort Vital Stats instead, specifications:

  • Jordan Belfort Height
  • Jordan Belfort Age, Weight, Body Statics
  • His ways on how he kept his shape
  • Does he really put Windex on his food?
  • And many more!

Prep yourself as we begin in 3, 2, 1.

Jordan Belfort Vital Stats (2024): Height, Weight, Age, and Vital Statistics

What is Jordan Belfort height? 

Jordan Belfort’s height is 170 centimeters (66.9 inches) or 5 foot 7 inches tall. 

What he loses in height he makes up in confidence…
Here’s an image of Jordan Belfort height who’s slightly taller than the woman beside him.

Fun fact: The average male American is said to be about 5 feet and 9 inches (69 in or 175 cm).

Jordan Belfort Vital Stats
Source: Flickr

What is Jordan Belfort’s Weight?

Jordan Belfort weighs 67 kilograms (147.7 pounds) or 10 stone 5 pounds.

If you’ve been following the Wolf of Wall Street’s journey since the 1990s, then I’m sure you’ve noticed how Jordan’s weight hasn’t changed through time.

I’m sure you’re now curious how he was able to keep his physique.

Well, the secret to Belfort’s figure is (surprise, surprise!) calorie control.

Some of his friends say the businessman sprays some Windex on his food so he won’t bother to eat it.

Yes, the Windex glass cleaner! Yikes!

Not only that…

… when he was in prison, he preferred to eat only the tomato sauce out of a macaroni bowl and leave the macaroni. There were even moments when he lived off Gatorade alone for his sustenance. 

Talk about too much diet!

Aside from those, Belfort also enjoys working out – hence the shredded physique he has until now.

That’s an impressive diet and lifestyle you have there, Jordan! I wish I could be as disciplined. I mean, it’s hard just not finishing one box of donuts.

jordan belfort Vital Stats
Source: Flickr

How old is Jordan Belfort

Jordan Ross Belfort was born July 9, 1962, which makes him 62 today – Wow he has a life and a half…

What are Jordan Belfort’s other measurements?

Since then…

… Jordan’s chest and waist size have been the same – his chest size is still at 41 inches, while his waist circumference is measured at 33 inches. 

In another story, the former stockbroker has a shoe size of 9.5 inches.

Fun fact: Jordan Belfort loves sneakers. He even prefers his casual kicks over black formal shoes whenever he dresses formally.

Jordan Belfort Vital Stats
Source: twitter.com

How Jordan Belfort Styles Himself

Jordan Belfort Vital Stats
Source: Wallpaper Cave

Due to his line of work (before as a stockbroker and now as a motivational speaker), Jordan Belfort is often seen in formal wear; hence the suit and polo in the picture above.

Besides that, he also prefers a comfy attire when he’s not working. He fancies simple shirts, jeans, and sneakers.

Conclusion: Jordan Belfort Height, Weight, Age

Now you’ve reached the bottom part of our Jordan Belfort height and Vital Stats article. Did you enjoy letting yourself in on his lifestyle and body measurements?

I mean, for inspiration purposes, I’d assume you would.

Which of his vital stats surprised you the most? Did he surprise you with his diet? How about his oh-so-professional style?

Mine would probably be his weight! I’m amazed at how he’s able to keep his figure throughout these years.

Well, if you wanna know more about him, you can check out our articles on his Net Worth over at BounceMojo.com.

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