John Oliver Astrology Birth Chart
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John Oliver Astrology Birth Chart FI

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John Oliver Astrology Birth Chart, Horoscope: Who wouldn’t know John Oliver?

He’s known for his late-night talk show Last Week Tonight With John Oliver.

The television host and comedian is known for his boldness in front of the camera stating satire jokes over societal issues in politics.


But do you know that this guy is a Tauresean? 

Well, that explains why he has a very honest personality. 

In this article, we’re going to be looking at:

  • John Oliver and what it’s meant for his career so far;
  • How his Zodiac sign impacts his love life and other relationships;
  • Interesting Facts about John Oliver’s Zodiac sign;
  • Lots more…

So if you’re curious about how the stars are guiding the comedian well, sit comfortably as we start the show.

 Birth Chart for John Oliver

A natal chart is composed of ten planets: two luminaries, the Sun and the Moon, three fast-moving or individual planets in the date of birth, Mercury, Venus, and Mars.

There are also two slow-moving planets, Jupiter and Saturn, and three very slow-moving planets, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto.

Given the date of birth of John Oliver, April 23, 1977, and his place of birth, Erdington, Birmingham, United Kingdom, the sun sign is Taurus. 

The earth sign is dominant in John Oliver’s natal chart. This means that Oliver is highly honest, stable, unwavering, and pragmatic.


John Oliver Astrology Birth Chart

We can always see Oliver being bold and honest on TV screens, never leaving a vital issue shadowed.

People who have a natal chart like Oliver are intelligent, dedicated, hardworking, and stubborn.

These traits are amazingly evident in John Oliver! 

The ruling planet is Venus – the planet of love. Having a Venus ruling means that Oliver values fairness and honesty.


That describes Oliver!

As a matter of fact…

Oliver uses his platform well in tackling social issues. 

This brings out his honesty and will to change something he is upset about. 

He is very logical and analytical, which we can see in his creating intelligent jokes out of a big issue, making it a milligram less heavy and easy to grasp.

John Oliver’s birth chart reflects all the celestial bodies in the sky when and where the comedian was born.

The houses’ designation is centered around Oliver’s birth time and starts with the rising sign (seen as a pink-colored line from the graphic’s center to the left). It continues anti-clockwise.

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What is John Oliver Zodiac Sign?

John Oliver Zodiac Sign

John Oliver’s birthday is on April 23, 1977, in Erdington, Birmingham, United Kingdom – a Tauresean! 

People who have birthdays from April 20 to May 20 have a zodiac sign of The Bull, Taurus.

John Oliver’s age is currently 43 years old. 

Guided by the sign of the Bull, Taurus likes serene, bucolic, and soothing environments.

Hmm, it seems like they want a calming headspace, huh?

A Taurean’s character also involves steadfastness, a high volume of patience, and strength.

As a matter of fact…

The trait of having a “high volume of patience” is visible in John Oliver.

He has a good way of dealing with his bashers. He doesn’t care. He is always like, “Go bash me, and I will still preach!

In terms of relationships…

Taureans love to be in love. 

Hmm, sounds like a lover boy.

They like to be in candlelit dinners, long beach walks, 3 am vulnerable talks, and lots more. They want anything calming and serene.

This is why many people are looking for a Taurus partner. They’re just too wholesome to be with!

John Oliver Zodiac Sign

Interesting Facts About Taurus

John Oliver Zodiac Sign

They find ways to convert their intelligence into sarcasm

If you’re a softy, I think you can’t withstand a Taurus. If they think you did a controversy that’s worth being broadcasted, they will speak about it in the most funny and, well, uh, embarrassing way, of course, towards you.

What they speak is what they believe

One weakness of a Tauresean is that when you say something against their beliefs, they tend to be uncomfortable with it. They will feel attacked and could be very emotionally hurt.

The “I-said-what-I-said” type.

Asking for a second time for a Tauresean to discuss an earlier topic will be a pain in the head. They won’t repeat that whole same statement twice. If you don’t listen, they don’t care. That’s it.

Needs a big step on admitting their mistakes

Since Tauruses always believe in their “truth,” “it will take an eternity before you can make a Taurus be convinced they are wrong.

Family Expectations

When a Taurus misses someone, they don’t message first but they can miss you for a whole lot of years trying to figure out “Why aren’t you replying.

Last Week Tonight Television Host Love Compatibility

John Oliver Wife

The American comedian is married to Kate Norley. 

Norley was an Army combat medic, but now, she works as a veteran rights advocate for Vets for Freedom. 

Born on May 25, 1978, Kate Norley is a Gemini… 

Gemini is an air sign. 

People who have the air sign are curious, disciplined, and quick-thinkers.

They are very mature in terms of decision-making.

Because of that, the Taurus and Gemini relationship of Oliver and Noley is quite solid! 

According to the star ratings, these signs, when together, creates a strong mental focus, and they too are courageous. The trust they put in each other is superb – they’ve got a great bond! 

Well, this is true – Oliver and Noley have a sense of teamwork as their interests intertwine them well. 

As a matter of fact, 

…they have the same heart reaching and helping out the poor.

The compatible Star Signs for John Oliver’s zodiac sign are Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn, and Pisces. These signs will bring out the best relationship with a Taurean.

The least compatible signs are Leo and Aquarius; they don’t have that much in common.

Other Famous People Who Are Taurus

  • Jessica Lange
  • Andie MacDowell
  • Miranda Kerr
  • Jack Nicholson
  • Queen Elizabeth II
  • Kelly Clarkson
  • Al Pacino
  • Carol Burnett
  • Jessica Alba
  • Penelope Cruz
John Oliver Zodiac Sign

Know More About the  John Oliver’s Zodiac Sign

Love lifeTaurus is naturally romantic. They prefer meaning dates. As a matter of fact, John Oliver and Kate Norley had the cutest story before they became a couple. They met when Norley, and her crew, hid Oliver from the security convention. After that, they started dating.
CareerA Taurus has a meticulous and pragmatic nature. They suit well in areas that require good surveillance, which we can see in John Oliver addressing social issues; keeping an eye on the possible anomaly.
Friendship Taureans prefer a friendship that is unique, generous, and natural. They don’t have time to deal with fake people.
Family For a Taurus, the family is everything. They are very loving and protective at the same time. This can be seen in how John Oliver raised his two sons.

15 Facts You Need to Know About John Oliver’s Zodiac Sign

  1. Taurus is a night owl.
  2. They want to be alone.
  3. Taureans can be extremely mean when provoked.
  4. They don’t like to talk about anything personal unless you have a close relationship with them.
  5. They love cuddles!
  6. A Taurus rarely opens up their doors to someone willing to enter their lives.
  7. They remember things that happened 10 years ago clearly.
  8. A Taurus is slow to anger.
  9. They laugh most of the time.
  10. When they critique something, they don’t sugar coat; what you hear is the truth.
  11. They solve their problems on their own.
  12. Taureans are willing to sacrifice everything for their loved ones.
  13. Once they put their trust in you, they can hardly see betrayal.
  14. A Taurus wants attention from their loved ones.
  15. Taurus likes efforts when you mean something.
15 Facts You Need to Know About John Oliver’s Zodiac Sign

What is John Oliver Birthstone

John Oliver Birth Stone

The natural sparkling gem, Diamond is John Oliver’s birthstone. 

This stone is believed to be bringing clarity and strength to the wearer.

The word diamond comes from the Greek word “Adamas,” meaning “invincible” or “unbreakable.”

The exotic gem is widely used in earlier times and even today. 


… its beauty never fades.

Conclusion: John Oliver Astrology Birth Chart, Horoscope 

All of the Taurus characteristics mentioned proved to be the best description of John Oliver.

He is one of the most incredible Taurus in the field of media.

If you want to know more about the television host, actor, and comedian John Oliver, checkout BounceMojo’s Biography, Net Worth, Top List, Memes, and Quotes all about him.

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John Oliver Zodiac Sign

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