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Chris D Elia Height, Weight, Age, Body Measurements: Born on March 29, 1980, was Christopher William D’Elia. He spent his childhood in Montclair, New Jersey, before relocating to Los Angeles, California.

Chris D’Elia is an American comedian, TV producer, podcast host, music video director, writer, and actor.

When did he know he wanted to be an actor?

His father and mother, Bill D’elia and Ellie D’elia were actors who influenced him to pursue his acting career. 

This fact made him try acting in La Cañada High School at the age of 14.

Later on, he’s best known for his character as Danny Burton in the NBC sitcomUndateableand Henderson in the psychological thriller Netflix original show You. 

But wait.

We won’t talk about Chris’s net worth, age, or biography in this article.

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Anyway, we’ll dig through the body statistics of the podcast host and see his best and worst looks throughout his acting career.

We’ll also spill more about Chris D’elia:

Instead, we’ll zero in on Chris D’elia Vital Stats, including:

  • Chris D’Elia height
  • Weight
  • Shoe size
  • Hair Color
  • His looks
  • And many others!

Apparently, as a well-known celebrity, he had been seen wearing both clever and questionable outfits on the red carpet. 

How bad could they be? Find more about this scoop in a few…

For now, I bet you’re excited to know more about Alex Miller from the NBC sitcom Whitney and his tall figure and fit build.

Let’s also unleash Chris’s statistics and how he pulls his everyday casual style and his go-to formal event looks.

What are you waiting for? 

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Chris D’elia Vital Stats

Chris D’elia Vital Stats

How Tall Is Chris D’elia?

How Tall Is Chris D’elia?

Chris D’elia’s height is 6 feet and 2 inches (189 cm).

Yes, the former American stand-up comedian from Los Angeles, California, towers most of his peers like Charlie Puth, Penn Badgley, and Bryan Callen

Fun fact! The Army of the Dead star’s statuesque height came from his European heritage…

This fact means Chris D’elia is of Italian American and Polish descent.

How Much Does Christopher William D’elia Weigh?

Chris D’elia weighs 84 kilograms or approximately 186 pounds.

These numbers are the fruit of The Good Doctor character’s fitness journey wherein he trains as much as he can without limiting his food intake. 

However, Chris D’elia spilled that he continues to work on his weight because he wants to look muscular.

What Are Christopher William D’elia Other Measurements? 

Christopher William D’elia has a chest to waist ratio of 44-33 inches (112 and 84 cm respectively), while his biceps measure at 14.5 inches (37 cm). 

Chris D’elia Favorite Sneakers

As an avid sneaker dude, Chris D’elia shoe size is 13.5 (US). 

Chris D’elia Favorite Sneakers

He loves wearing his Air Jordan, which he wears often, but the color never fades. 

Chris D’elia Favorite Sneakers

In Complex, the stand-up comedy star of Live at Gotham Comedy Club shared that he bought five sneakers to add to his collection. 

Chris D’elia Best and Worst Outfits

Chris D’elia Best and Worst Outfits

Aside from being primarily topless on his Instagram page, the NBC sitcom star likes to wear brightly-checkered pattern shirts. 

One Instagram post features the Bad Girls from Valley High star in a Burberry long-sleeve polo. He even went to red carpet events wearing only casual checkered shirts and denim pants.

In 2018, he wore a red-and-blue checkered polo shirt and a pair of red-and-black Air Jordans on the red carpet of Sicario: Day of the Soldado. 

Two years before that, Chris D’elia attended the premiere of Bad Moms, in an olive checkered cardigan, with his former wife, Emily Montague.

Wherein the press saw the Comedy Central star rocking suits and shiny shoes.

One of his best looks was when he walked the red carpet for the 2012 Golden Globe Awards. 

He wore a sleek set of suit and pants, with a classy black necktie hanging against his white undershirt.

Another look ( a semi-formal bleached shirt and pants) from the No Pain star happened at the Ice House Comedy Club. 

With the former stand-up comedy star’s shoulders and height, he could pull off the suits effortlessly!

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Some Of The Best Chris D’elia Movies?

Here’s the rundown of Chris D’elia’s acting career…
In 2004, he starred in the movie Almost as Mark. The following year, he did two movies: Bad Girls from Valley High and Crazylove, respectively. 
In 2013, he was in a documentary called Funny: The Documentary, which follows the careers of a few developing comedians such as himself. 
His latest film, Life in a Year, was released in 2020.

What Is Chris D’elia’s Ethnic Background?

His mother, Ellie D’elia, is of Polish and Italian descent, while his father, Bill D’elia, is an Italian American mix. 
When he was born on March 29, 1980, his name Christopher William D’elia turned into his nick name Chris. 
Big thanks to his European genes, he has an eye color of brown or hazel, which changes depending on the light that comes through his eyes.
The stand-up comedian and ex of Emily Montague share his dark brown hair color with his parents.  

Where Is Chris D’elia’s Birthplace?

His birth place is Montclair, New Jersey. 
His age was 18 when he finished high school from La Canada High School, where his acting career began. Discover more about his biography and net worth on Bouncemojo.

What Happened To Simone Rossi and Chris?

Many bashed the New Jersey actor because of the sexual allegations coming from five women, including Simone. The influencer eventually posted her conversation with the stand-up comedy actor, which revealed his email address and contact information.

Conclusion: Chris D elia Height, Weight, Age

In the end, Chris D’elia proved to us that his body statistics are the fruits of his workouts and genes. 

Yes, genes…

He wouldn’t have his tall stature or brown hair and eye color if it weren’t for his European heritage. 

His maintained weight is also the result of his balanced diet and workout regimen. 

Although he hates gym rats, the brother of Matt D’elia still wants to weigh more to have a more muscular body. 

So, what’s your most surprising Chris D’elia vital statistics? Is it his height? Or his weight? Feel free to share with us on Twitter, and don’t forget to tag us!

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