10+ Best Last Week Tonight Episodes:
John Oliver [TOP PICKS]

John Oliver Top 10 Episodes

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Best Last Week Tonight Episodes: You must’ve heard about John Oliver. The witty comedian making satire jokes over countless matters – and one of the rising stars in pop culture.

Yeah, right!

He has a very “woke” personality, and he can roast you if you have made a controversy.

He’s famous for his late-night show, Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, now in Season 7. His discussions with the current political and societal issues are a top tier. He’s one of the best television preachers of all time!

Today, we’ll do a little throwback as we bring back the best shows Oliver has made, including:

  • Last Week Tonight with John Oliver’s Best Episodes
  • His Most Controversial Political Stands
  • Lots more…

Buckle up, grab your favorite chips, and take a look at John’s Top Must-Watch Episodes List of Last Week Tonight With John Oliver airing on HBO.

Let’s get started…

Last Week Tonight: Abortion Laws

John Oliver Top Episodes

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John Oliver is against the closing of abortion hospitals in Texas. In this episode, he pointed out the need to have the woman rule and decide about what she does with her body.

He disagrees with most people, saying, “Abortion is important to protect women’s health.” Well, the idea of having an abortion is far more than that. 

This kind of issue needs a spotlight – all thanks to John Oliver for making this happen.

As he quoted, “Abortion cannot be just theoretically legal; it has to be literally accessible.”


Last Week Tonight: Donald Trump

John Oliver Top Episodes

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Donald Trump has been a broad subject of the satire comedian’s talk shows.

In this episode uploaded in 2016, he reiterates the qualities of Trump that people must be mindful of, stating…

“His words are inconsistent.”

He dislikes Donald Trump and thinks he just brings chaotic and unwise decisions.

You thought politics is a boring topic, huh? John Oliver proved you wrong. It turned out pretty entertaining and, at the same time, informative.

Last Week Tonight: Net Neutrality

John Oliver Top Episodes

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Oliver supports net neutrality – it’s the idea of having equal communications provided by Internet service providers.

In this episode during the fifth season of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, he argues internet regulation proposals by the FCC. He says having these regulations will only hinder net neutrality.

This is one of the videos that one wouldn’t think to be funny. John Oliver pulled off this TV segment, to say the least.

Last Week Tonight: Sex Education

John Oliver Top Episodes

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Another subject you thought would be boring, right? Oh no, you’re mistaken…again.

Oliver addresses this issue well in this video. He points out specific points why sex education is important.

He tackled ideas why a child must learn sex education.

Today’s population is growing too fast. We have an increasing number of teenage and unwanted pregnancies – this issue must be addressed and taught in schools.

Last Week Tonight: Transgender Rights

John Oliver Top Episodes

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To this day, people are still uncomfortable with the presence of transgender people – it’s still a bit of a touchy subject.

All these years, there has been a tug of war of opinions and claims about transgender topics.

In this episode, Oliver lays down his points about transgender rights. He entertainingly educates in this video.

He’s one of the brave media personalities who openly talk about these issues.

Transgender people? There’s nothing wrong with them.

Last Week Tonight: Death Penalty

John Oliver Top Episodes

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Now, here’s another touchy topic – the death penalty.

Seems too broad and complicated?

Hmm…Oliver makes it less heavy discussing it.

In this episode, he discusses the unconstitutionality of having the death penalty. He claims the death penalty is one thing we want…

… but having it existing in the law is way UNNECESSARY.

In this show, he quoted, “The death penalty is like the McRib. When you can’t have it, it’s so tantalizing. But as soon as they bring it back, you think it’s ethically wrong. Should this be allowed in the civilized society?”


Last Week Tonight: LGBT Discrimination

John Oliver Top Episodes

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The LGBTQ Community has long been fighting for their rights. Most people aren’t open to this kind of talk. They’re the ones who can’t accept the community of rainbow colors.

This video is one of the most wholesome segments.

In this episode, Oliver says there’s nothing wrong with LGBTQ people. Here, he discusses crucial facts about laws and religious beliefs – stating the limits.

In this show, he quoted, “This is just equality.”

Last Week Tonight: Edward Snowden on Passwords

John Oliver Top Episodes

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Edward Snowden is the most trusted VPN provider in the world since 2019.

In this video, the VPN provider highlighted the importance of having strong passwords. He suggests that it must be uncommon and hard to guess.

In this interview, Edward quoted, “I think the best thing here is to shift your thinking from passwords to passphrases.”


Last Week Tonight: Government Surveillance

John Oliver Top Episodes

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This episode talks about the Patriot Act Reauthorization.

Oliver discusses section 215, stating secret government surveillance and government checks should be made for state protection purposes.

He says this is a blind check and is extremely broad.

Last Week Tonight: Mental Health

John Oliver Top Episodes

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There’s always been a stigma for the issue of Mental health which some people may be uneducated about. There’s less attention when people talk about this issue – calling it either overreacting or just a phase.

Well, it’s not.

The satire comedian, John Oliver, hasn’t let us down. In this video, he talks about the importance of being open to the issue of mental health.

And that is an excellent topic that must be addressed.

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Conclusion: 10+ Best Last Week Tonight Episodes: John Oliver [TOP PICKS]

It really needs a brave soul to create bolder segments. I really like how Oliver puts his cleverness through a satirical joke It’s a John Oliver thing that we can’t keep up! 

You thought those above-mentioned issues would make a boring talk show? Nah, Oliver made it more interesting. 

He’s just lit from the topics of Space Geckos, Climate Change, World Leaders, wow! This is the kind of host we need to make a noise on screens.

Which of the Last Week Tonight’s above segments do you like the most?

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